Laura’s Sleepless Night Ch. 05


Cassandra kissed Laura tenderly on the corner of her jaw.

“We’re not done yet…”

“I’m so tired…” Laura had a half-smile on but also looked half-asleep. She wasn’t feigning her fatigue.

“Oh, I think you’ve got it in you …”

Cassandra once again slowly began laying kisses on Laura’s sweat-glazed body, savoring the salty taste and her smooth skin. She began on her jawline, then her neck. She ran her tongue along the outline of Laura’s collarbone with produced a shudder, and then again reached those perfect breasts.

Her tongue danced with one erect nipple, then another.

By now she had begun turning her body so she was positioned perpendicular to Laura, who was laying on the bed, softly sighing at each kiss.

Cassandra took her hands, kissed each finger. She took special attention to kiss Laura’s engagement ring, lifting it to her mouth and softly licking it while staring up at Laura’s face. Laura could only shake her head and moan. Her will was too defeated to even think of how wrong it looked. Right now it was the sexiest thing in the world to her.

Then came Laura’s stomach – flat, toned. Cassandra thought to herself that she could lick an ice-cream sundae off of it. She settled for ticking Laura’s belly button with her tongue, making her giggle and squirm. They turned to gasps when she planted soft, wet kisses on her hips.

By now she was lying across Laura rather than next to her, her head resting on her hip. She reached out and rubbed the inside of each of Laura’s thighs. Her breathing had becoming noticeably faster again and her sex, inches away from her lips, was glistening as it had been all evening.

Laura watched as Cassandra lifted her feet up, as if laying on the grass outside playfully daydreaming about something. Using her arms to brace herself, Cassandra began repositioning her body so she was now lying next to Laura, but backwards. She hoped that she would figure out what she was getting at.

Still kissing her hipbone teasingly, Cassandra gasp when she felt Laura gently lift one of her legs, knee still bent, and position it on the other side of her body. Tired just moments ago, she was now showing Cassandra that she knew exactly what she had in mind.

And so placing her arms on each thigh, and in the position, Cassandra took the initiative, again lowering her face to her lover’s mound. Laura gasped and placed her own hands behind Cassandra’s thighs. Cassandra obliged by relaxing her hips as Laura slowly pulled them to her face and took a long, slow lick. Cassandra moaned against Laura’s clit. It began.

It was a long standing fantasy of Cassandra’s to engage in a “69”, and something she regretted not trying with her previous lovers. They were usually quick, dirty lays, like she thought Laura would be (she still couldn’t believe her luck), but Laura’s willing submission to her fantasy caught her by surprise.

Both girls were soon moaning into one another as they took one another with their mouths. Laura’s hands had moved to knead and rub Cassandra’s butt while Laura felt hands roughly grope at her thighs and fingers tease her swollen outer lips. There was no longer anything gentle about this, no sexual technique involved – Cassandra was far more skilled, but for both girls, this became little more than carnality at its basest level. It was a feeding frenzy.

Again the room filled with the smells of sex, and sounds of two women’s muffled moans masked by the sounds of lips smacking in their most intimate areas. For Laura, it was as unleashed as she’d ever felt. She tried to “beat” Cassandra, tried to make her cum before she did, but fighting what Cassandra’s tongue was doing to her party made the task harder.

Still, she nearly Bayan Escort did.

A lot of “Unnnfs” and “Ohhhhs” blended as each girl’s hips bucked violently into the others face. They held onto each other tightly, until each reached the breaking point. For Laura, it was feeling two fingers corkscrew into her and push up hard against her pelvic bone – it was Cassandra’s favorite finishing move, and she relished doing it inside Laura’s hot, wet, tight sex. Before tonight, it had been impenetrable to all but Laura’s fiancée. Cassandra had ended that.

As Laura began screaming into Cassandra one of her arm spasmed, responding with a hard slap on Cassandra’s ass. It was enough. Seconds after beginning to drink Laura’s orgasm, Cassandra herself could only incoherently moan loudly into her as she came again onto Laura’s tongue. The two women rode each other with every remaining ounce of their energy.

It felt like an eternity, and yet it didn’t feel like enough for either of them, but they finally released their grip on each other. Cassandra’s feet, which had been twitching frantically, fall back onto her headboard. Laura’s hands rested gently on her behind, and both girls lifted themselves off each other. They laid there, on bedsheets soaked with sweat and cum, exhausted, panting, catching their breath.

Cassandra finally found the energy to bring herself back up, face to face with Laura, where they stared into each other’s glazed eyes and kissed without a word. They both knew now that they had had enough, and drifted off together, still with each other’s scent and flavor on their bodies and lips.

A few hours later, it was Laura who awoke first. She felt tired, dehydrated, but relaxed. Her mind raced a bit – it was off of its sexual narcotic – and it was fueled further by waking up next to Cassandra.

“Cass, Cass…” She whispered, trying to awake her sleeping seductress. She half-succeeded.

“Mmm-hmm?” Cassandra mind was barely awake, still in a haze.

“I need to use your shower.”

“Go ahead…”

Laura silently got up and looked around the apartment, naked, for her discarded clothes and undergarments. There was a slightly darker spot on the front of her jeans, but aside from that bit of laundry, a shower would wipe away any sign of Cassandra when her fiancée returned tonight.

Finding two bath towels she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting the hot water running all over her body, washing off a night of sex.

Cassandra had, by now, sat up in bed, and hearing the running water in her bathroom, had one final trick up her sleeve.

Cassandra’s shower was loud, so when the door to the bathroom opened, Laura heard nothing. She was something, however, when the door to the shower slid open and Cassandra stood there, naked, except for one difference: a black rubber strap-on hung from her waist, slightly longer and thicker than she had seen in person before. She gasped and almost jumped back in the shower at the sight of it.

“Thought I’d join you..”

“No, I – “

“Shhhh..” Cassandra smiled and put a finger over Laura’s lips, stepping in and sliding the glass door shut behind her. “We can clean up together…” Despite Laura’s vocal objection, she didn’t stop Cassandra from wrapping her arms around her and kissing her. Laura’s body glistened, her hair slicked down from the water. The phallus slid between Laura’s legs, against her mound as their bodies pressed together.

Cassandra brought her lips close to her ear and whispered as Laura shut her eyes.

“Did I eat your pussy better than your boy does…be honest.”

Laura nodded. “Yes…”

“Good…now I want to fuck you like your boy does.”

Cassandra gently put her hands on her waist and turned her around so Laura was the one now facing the shower door.

“He’s not the only one that can enjoy this…” she whispered into her ear from behind, as she playfully smacked Laura’s wet rear. It was round and perfect, and gave Cassandra this idea the night before. Cassandra pushed her up gently against the shower wall, Laura’s hands bracing her against it.

Cassandra took the phallus in her hand and rubbed it against Laura’s pussy from behind. “You want this, don’t you? Tell me you want this.”


“Say it…say it to me.”

“Oh God…”

“Hmmm?” Cassandra pulled back a couple of inches away from her.

“Fuck me…”

As the hot water poured over them, Cassandra took the invitation, sliding into Laura inch by inch. Laura’s knees nearly buckled immediately at the size and she let out a deep groan, but Cassandra’s strong arms wrapped around her, holding her up. When she was completely inside, she held Laura there for a moment, savoring the moment.

Then she began.

Cassandra slowly began to roll her hips. It was hardly a natural act for her – she had only used the thing, once, for a one-night stand with a divorcee housewife – but she was trying her best to make Laura forget that it was a woman that was thrusting into her, and doing it as well as any man ever could.

“Unnnh, unnnh, unnnh.” The vocals were accompanied by sound of wet hips smacking into Laura’s wet ass, as Cassandra took her from behind in the shower.

“Oh Laura you’re so fucking hot, but you know that don’t you…I wonder if he knows how lucky he is to get to do you like this…like I am.”

“Unnnh God Cass…”

Cassandra knew from fingering her earlier that Laura was being stretched right now, which only made it more enjoyable to listen to her sounds as she took her. Cassandra gained momentum and began to fuck her harder, slamming against her ass with her hips, shaking the frame of the shower glass. Laura’s moans and whimpers echoed louder with each thrust. The only shame, Cassandra thought, was she couldn’t taste all the cum being washed down her thighs by the water..

When she reached her peak rhythm, and had Laura quivering and screaming, she knew it was time. Cassandra reached around with one hand, strumming Laura’s clit as she penetrated her.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!!” Laura screamed, as she nearly nearly collapsed, but with her last thrust inside her Cassandra held her tight and Laura’s hands pressed against the glass door. She felt her walls desperately squeezing against the material of the strap as her legs nearly went limp. She was breathless, hoarse, exhausted as she came for what felt like an eternity, her heart feeling like it was going to explode out of her chest.

She finally began to catch her breath as Cassandra kissed her neck and letting her come down from the sensations as she helped support her.

“Are you okay to stand now?”

Laura nodded and Cassandra slowly withdrew from her. The bathroom had completely steamed up.

“I’m okay for now.” She smiled. “Finish cleaning yourself up, I’ll be in the living room.”

Laura could again only nod at her through the steam as Cassandra kissed her. She moved off the door and slid it open, allowing her out of the shower. Cassandra had a wry smile as if nothing had happened.

When Laura closed the door again she stood there for a few moments, she leaned back against the door, her legs still weak, shaking her head.

Finally, Laura emerged from the bathroom. Cassandra had wasted no time getting dressed in stonewashed jeans and a t-shirt – unusual for her, but not so much for what figured to be a lazy Sunday afternoon. She sat on the couched and smiled when Laura walked out, clad in one of her bath towels.

“Cass, did you see what happened to my, um…”

Cassandra stood up and walked towards her. “Your panties?” She reached into her pocket and pulled out Laura’s panties from the night before.

“How did you?”

“Oh, you didn’t forget. I just grabbed them on my way out of the bathroom. I figured I could have a memento for our night together.” She took two steps up to Laura and pecked her on the lips. “If you don’t mind, of course.”

Laura gave a sigh and disappeared back into the bathroom. Cassandra stepped back, smiled, and stuck the bunched pair of underwear into the back pocket of her jeans.

When Laura re-emerged she was wearing yesterday’s outfit, the tight designer jeans and the red-and-white-striped shirt. Cassandra smiled to herself knowing she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the stained denim this time.

“I suppose I have to say good bye, then…”

“I suppose so. I had a lot of fun, but it’s not – I mean, I’m engaged, and I don’t do this…”

“Do you want to keep in touch? I mean, not to do this, just as friends…” Cassandra asked innocently.

“O-Ok, but we can’t, do this or talk about this, right?”

“Our secret. Remember?”

Laura nodded. “Our secret. Thank you.”

The two got their phones out to exchange numbers and then kissed goodbye, although more like friends than lovers this time, and Laura left a bit hurried, perhaps to catch a train, perhaps to get away from her guilt, or perhaps before she stayed there longer and her fiancée returned to an empty home later.

Cassandra sat back down on the couch, smiling. She wasn’t sure if she would see Laura again, although time would tell. She certainly had fulfilled her fantasy. And if she could seduce someone like Laura…perhaps there was a world of possibilities she hadn’t even explore yet. Her mind continued to wander as she laid back and turned on her TV, tired and satisfied.

Laura, on the other hand had an uncomfortable time on the train ride home. She was tired and sore and wasn’t in the mood for mass transit. Worse yet, her guilty conscience struggled to reconcile with the feelings of pleasure she had felt hours before, and the feelings she had for her fiancée.

Even as she tried to put what happened the previous night and this morning out of mind, as she tried to get home and move on, something worked against her with every step: as she walked to the train station, as she sat on the crowded train, and then as she made her way to her car. It was the incessant friction of the denim between her legs, over her bare sex. Despite her best efforts, the dull ache between her long legs – a reminder of the shower – soon became one of arousal again.

She trusted Cassandra would keep their secret – she had no reason not to – but increasingly there was only one thing she had on her mind when she got home. She had to relieve this building arousal. Just as she closed the door to her apartment, her phone vibrated. It was a picture message from Cassandra.

She read it aloud to herself, leaning back on the door.

“Tried them on after you left. You have great taste! Thanks for the memories.”

It was Cassandra posing in her bathroom mirror, her jeans half down, wearing Laura’s panties.

“Oh damn you…” As if on Cassandra’s command, her free hand unbuttoned the top of her jeans and slid snugly into them. It all came back to her as she stared at the picture message, her fingers working underneath her jeans, with no panties to get in the way of their destination.

And as she slowly slid down to the ground against the front door, her legs spread and her hand tucked securely into the front of her jeans, she knew that Cassandra would’ve taken delight in seeing yet another dark spot grow on the front of her denim-clad crotch…

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