Laura’s Smelly Sex Games

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It was one year after the events described in “Laura’s Sweaty, Smelly Awakening.” Laura and Alec were now married and Laura had been fully converted into Alec’s fetishes for female smells, sweat, and feet. In fact, the shared smelling of Laura’s shoes, nylons and panties had become a staple of their sex lives. In general, Laura had discovered a latent bisexuality and, along with it, celebrated and encouraged Alec’s fantasies about being with other women.

Laura and Alec decided to take a summer trip to Chicago. Laura got in touch with a young woman, Erin, who she had known briefly from a previous job. Erin was living there and Laura thought that if she and Alec stayed at her place instead of a hotel, it would save them money. But, more importantly, Laura also knew that the situation would be full of erotic possibilities. Recently her fantasies had revolved around exhibitionist situations where she and Alec explored their fetishes in a more public, confrontational way.


They arrived in Chicago on a hot morning in July. Laura had told Erin that they would not be at her place until the early evening, and she and Alec decided to spend the day walking around the shores of the Lake. Laura was wearing her famously smelly black leather shoes (without socks), tan shorts, and a blue t-shirt. It was 90 degrees in the afternoon, and by the time that they got to Erin’s apartment building around five o’clock, they were both tired and sweaty.

Alec had never seen Erin. When she came to the door to greet the couple, he saw that she was quite tall (taller than he was), long-limbed and Nordic looking, with blue eyes and medium length blond hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt, tight jeans hugging her full hips, and old pink flip-flop sandals.

Both Alec and Laura immediately noticed her long feet, almost twice the size of Laura’s, and her toes with chipped red polish. Erin brought them into the apartment, consisting of a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen with a small dining table directly off of the living room.

The living room had a futon and Erin said that they could sleep there. Laura told Erin that they would like to stay with her until Monday morning, which the blonde woman was fine with. In general, Erin was easy going and matter of fact. Certainly not the type of person who would complain about the behavior of the people staying with her — and this was something Laura planned to take full advantage of in pursuing her and Alec’s kinky designs.

Erin said that she was about to make some pasta for dinner and that it would be great if they joined her. Laura and Alec eagerly accepted Erin’s invitation, as it would allow them to enact the rough plan that they had agreed on earlier. Erin went into the kitchen, leaving Laura and Alec to drop their bags near the futon.

“So what do you think? She’s attractive, uh?” Laura said in a half-whisper, with a sly smile on her face, before adding “I bet you were looking at her feet.”

“They’re really nice,” Alec said.

“They’re really big…I wonder if that makes them smell more,” Laura pondered in her typically child-like way when she was curious about something.

“How are yours doing, by the way?” Alec asked.

“So hot and swampy in these shoes, it feels like I’m stepping in a puddle whenever I walk…they must really stink.”

“We’ll soon find out, and so will Erin,” Alec said mischievously.

The coupled kissed. “You’re sweaty and smelly all over,” Alec said.

“Well I didn’t take a shower yesterday, remember? And in this heat I get all ripe….I didn’t wear any deodorant today. Look at my pit stains.” Alec hadn’t noticed, but since they entered the apartment Laura now had visible sweat patches extending under the arms of her t-shirt. “Do you think Erin will notice?” asked Laura lifting up her arm.

“I hope so,” said Alec, as he bent down and sniffed Laura’s moist armpit.

Her arm still raised Laura then turned and bent her head down to smell her own natural ‘perfume.’ “God, I smell like a pig,” she whispered sweetly in Alec’s ear.

“I love it,” Alec said smiling.

Laura moved closer to him, “I also haven’t washed my pussy in two days and I’m wet now.”

“We’ll see about that too…,” Alec said eagerly.

Full of anticipation, the couple went and joined Erin in the kitchen. Laura asked if she could help with preparing anything and Erin said that things were all set with the pasta and salad and that the two could sit down. After a minute Erin came and set the food and a bottle of wine on the table. She sat on one end, with Laura and Alec sitting side by side on the other.

Erin asked about their day and Laura told her about all the walking she and Alec did in the heat. “Wow, that was a lot of walking with your bags in the sun, must have been pretty hot,” Erin said.

Laura looked at Alec, smiled and said “yeah, it was — I’m still kind of sweaty.”

“Oh, sorry, Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort I forgot to show you the bathroom…I’m sure you want to wash up before eating. It’s right there around the corner, just go ahead,” Erin said helpfully.

“No, that’s ok, I think I’ll eat first,” said Laura firmly.

“Uh, ok,” Erin said, surprised that Laura didn’t want to wash, as her face was shining in the light and beads of perspiration were visible on her forehead. She must sweat a lot Erin thought to herself, before suddenly realizing that, sitting there next to her, she could actually smell Laura.

As if reading Erin’s thoughts and continuing a conversation, Laura said “yeah, I tend to sweat a lot.” She put her hand on Alec’s thigh, before she looked at Erin and said “and sometimes I forget to put deodorant on – you know when you’re in a rush in the morning.”

Surprised by Laura’s conversation Erin forced a smile and said “umm yeah, I guess so.”

The three began to eat in silence. A minute or two later, emboldened by her sense of Erin’s mild discomfort, which Laura found intensely exciting, she decided to push the envelope even further. “But my big problem is my feet,” Laura said, in a half-joking, half-confessional tone, and then paused, looking right at Erin.

Trying to meet Laura’s look and be polite, as was her nature, Erin asked “your feet?”

Laura felt Alec’s hand stroking her thigh as she answered, “Yeah, I think I have a bit of a problem with foot odor, especially when I wear leather shoes without socks like today.”

As illustration, Laura swiveled in her chair and extended her left leg out to the side in front of Erin, who followed it with her eyes. Laura waved her shoe a little before reaching down and taking it off. Erin was still watching as Laura wiggled the pudgy black-painted toe nails of her tan, petite foot. “It feels good just to let them breathe a little…but let me know if you start to get overwhelmed, by the smell, I mean,” Laura said, pretending to be considerate.

Erin, who by now was already starting to get more than whiff of Laura’s foot and shoe stink, as both Laura and Alec could tell from her facial expression and the way she instinctively crinkled her nose, didn’t know what to say, other than to take it as a kind of joke and answer “ok.”

Alec, clearly turned on by the dynamic between Erin and his wife, began to rub Laura’s bare leg again and wondered if she would continue. Another minute of silent eating and then Laura, hoping that Alec was as excited as she was, turned to him and said “remember that time on the train last week?” Alec nodded, happy that Laura was bringing up this true story.

Laura looked at Erin and said “we were on a train and, actually, I think that I was wearing these same shoes without socks, like today…anyway, there was this middle aged couple sitting right across from us. We had been walking all day and my feet were hot and sore and so I kicked off my shoes. I guess I’m used to the smell, but I also had a bad cold and my nose was all stuffed up, but they must have been pretty funky — my feet, I mean. I could tell that the couple were noticing something as they kept squirming around in their seats and the woman kept looking at me and then down at my feet, as if saying that I should put them back on.”

Laura paused and then continued, “of course if she had asked I would have, but she seemed like it was kind of beneath her to even ask me too, you know?, and her really condescending attitude annoyed me. So they kept squirming until after awhile they got up and giving me disgusted looks, sat somewhere else down the aisle. It was only after they left and I smelled my shoes at close range that I realized how raunchy they and my feet were!” Then with mock surprise and anger, Laura turned to Alec and said “you should have told me how bad they stunk!”

Alec playfully shrugged his shoulders and Laura continued with made-up desperation, “I’ve tried to wear odor eaters in my shoes but they don’t last long and are kind of uncomfortable, so I’ve decided just to accept it as natural, you know? I mean Alec is used to it…but sometimes if I’m around other people I just check to make sure — I know that people have different levels of tolerance, I mean unless it’s really bad, like it must have been on the train!”

Then, looking down at her feet thoughtfully, she added “although I guess it was just as hot toady and I walked even more so maybe they are just as bad.” Again pretending to sound genuinely concerned, Laura turned to Erin and said “but really, tell me if it’s too much and I’ll put my shoes outside the door when we come back after a lot of walking, I mean I won’t be offended or anything. Oh, and I won’t wear nylons because that will really set them off — just ask Alec!”

Embarrassed by Laura’s confessions and wondering why she was talking about all of this unpleasant personal stuff at all, especially in front of someone she really didn’t know that well, let alone while they were all eating, Erin blushed and was at a loss for words.

Both Laura and Alec enjoyed Erin’s obvious embarrassment. It was a kind of perverse game to bring this relative stranger into the world of their fetishes, whether she wanted to be or not, knowing that Erin wasn’t even aware how her presence was slowly stoking their lust for each other, how they were taking advantage of her for their own sexual pleasure. Undoubtedly, this was Laura’s main motivation, but she also thought, less selfishly, that by pushing the boundaries of what other people (especially women) thought was acceptable in these ways, she could make them realize how artificial these boundaries were.

Laura began to rub her bare feet on the thick carpet, enjoying the feeling on the bottom of her soles. She was very moist between her legs and needed some direct stimulation right now in order to relieve the sexual itch that had been building up all day and had grown considerably since she started the conversation. Pretending to have something wrong with her contact lens, she excused herself and went into the bathroom.

Erin didn’t mind Laura leaving, as the smell of her feet and shoes had begun to hang in the air around the table and she wondered why Laura didn’t just wash or something. To change the subject, Erin asked Alec what he did for a job and in the middle of his explaining it to her, Laura called out “Alec, could you get my contact lens solution out of my bag and bring it to me.”

Alec excused himself and went into the bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he saw Laura leaning against the basin, her hands shoved down the front of her shorts, rubbing her clit vigorously. She had what Alec called ‘that horny look’ on her face, where her small nostrils flared, her eyes narrowed, and the side of her mouth curved up in a kind of tight grimace. “God that was so hot,” she said, still rubbing herself, “I’m so horny.”

“So am I,” Alec said moving closer to her, “I can’t believe you kept talking about that stuff and playing with her like that.”

“Smell and lick my feet,” Laura said, and Alec who wanted to do nothing else, dropped down to his knees in front of her as Laura extended her left foot and he took hold of it.

Alec pressed his nose to the bottom of his young wife’s damp sole. Some of the vinegary sweat had worn off leaving behind the salty cheese-like aroma he loved equally. He ran his nose, and then his tongue, up and down the bottom of her smelly foot before taking all of Laura’s toes into his mouth at once.

“Shit, I can’t wait anymore,” Laura moaned, pulling her foot away and pushing her shorts and underpants down to her ankles. Alec, still on his knees, was now staring at her shaved mound, where a little dark stubble was beginning to grow back over Laura’s brownish-pink pussy lips. He could smell that she hadn’t washed her lower regions in a few days. Laura took his head in her hands and pushed his face into her crotch, whispering pleadingly, “eat me out, eat my dirty pussy.”

Alec thought he was in heaven as his mouth and nose dug deeper into Laura’s smelly snatch. He was taking her salty nectar on his tongue – when it was this ripe and ‘fishy’ Alec and Laura jokingly called it her ‘clam chowder’ – right there in another woman’s bathroom, as she sat outside eating dinner! Her excitement mounting, Laura stuffed a washcloth in her mouth to try and stifle her moans, although part of her wanted to be overheard. As she climaxed on Alec’s probing mouth, she couldn’t help moaning loudly.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Erin heard the unmistakable moaning coming from the bathroom. Although the couple was acting very strangely to that point, Erin had thought that there behavior was weird but ‘innocent.’ Now, after hearing Laura, she realized there was some kind of sexual dimension involved.

Erin got up and began to clear the table. After a few minutes, Laura, who was now freshly sweating and smellier from her bathroom orgasm, walked barefoot into the kitchen. She apologized for not helping Erin clean up. Erin played along politely saying, “did you fix your contact?”

Laura smiled and replied “oh, yeah, it was really itchy and I needed to get it out,” savoring the crude allusion she had made.

“Here, let me help you dry the dishes,” Laura said, taking the opportunity to stand next to the much taller woman, as Erin handed her the dishes, hoping that Erin would get a whiff of her smells. Laura didn’t have to worry about that, as Erin felt surrounded by Laura’s odor — a mix of sweat, feet and sex. Erin thought maybe she should bring up the subject of washing again and told Laura that she left two towels for her and Alec on the futon.

Laura thanked her and Erin said that she had had a long day and was going to go into her room. She also told Laura that she had to get up early in the morning, but that she would try and be quiet so as to not wake them. Alec came into the kitchen and he and Laura said goodnight to Erin, who went into her bedroom closing door behind her.

Still in Erin’s kitchen, the couple moved against each other and Alec’s tongue pushed into Laura’s warm mouth, sweet from the wine she had drunk, as he squeezed her ass. But Laura could taste something else: “I can taste my dirty pussy on your mouth, which reminds me, I still have that surprise for you,” she said. They went into the living room and opened up the futon, making the bed with a sheet Erin had left.

Alec stripped down to his underwear and lay down, while Laura rummaged through her knap sack. She brought out a zip lock bag with a pair of her black French-cut panties, holding them up proudly to Alec’s interested gaze. “I wore these to work everyday last week…so now there’s a layer on the crotch from my juices and also some dried pee.” Laura went and sat next to Alec as she opened the bag and he was struck by the fishy stench before she even pulled them out.

The panties were still damp with old sweat, and as Laura held out the inside for Alec’s inspection, he saw the hard yellow patch, making the crotch of the underwear stiff to the touch. As the sound of a television came from Erin’s bedroom, Alec’s face was buried in Laura’s soggy underpants, the heady smell of pussy mixed with stale urine filling his senses. “Hey, save some for me,” Laura said, and putting her cheek against Alec’s they greedily rubbed the dirty panties against their noses and lips, the crusty female crotch flavors coming to life on their darting tongues, while groping each other with their free hands.

It wasn’t long before their clothes were stripped off and they were lying naked on the futon. If Erin had happened to come out of her room at that moment to go to the bathroom she would have no doubt seen ‘all’ of them – which made things all the more exciting.

“Tell me how much I smell while you fuck me” Laura said, climbing on top of Alec and rubbing his hardening prick against her puffy slit. “You stink like a sweaty animal with your cheesy feet and sweaty armpits and fishy pussy and I love all of it…,” Alec said, as he shoved his cock into Laura’s juicy, wanting cunt. Squeezing him hard with her internal muscles, Laura said “I want to give you all my natural female stink and sweat and sex juice with Erin in the next room.”

“What if she comes out?” Alec said, finding what they were doing especially daring.

“Let her watch, it doesn’t matter, she won’t say anything….I think she broke up with her boyfriend awhile ago. Maybe she’s desperate and horny and will finger-fuck herself while watching us,” said Laura, now leaning back while Alec pumped her tight hole and rubbed her sweaty breasts. She lifted her arm and brought his face up beneath it, encouraging Alec to lick the salty folds of her armpit. Still thinking of Erin in the next room, Laura said “Mmm, I bet she’s a smelly bitch just like me…you want to smell her all over don’t you? You’d love to smell her feet and pits and pussy and compare them to mine, wouldn’t you?”

Alec, excited by Laura’s words, half-moaned in reply, “You know I do…don’t you want to too?”

“Of course, I want to smell ever nook and cranny of her tall blonde body,” Laura said, feeling Alec’s cock stiffen inside her. “Press my nose against ever sweaty, fragrant part of her.”

“What else do you want to do to her…would you make her smell your feet?” Alec asked eagerly.

“I want to lay her on the floor and walk on her with my little, sweaty feet…it would be so hot to rub my tan feet on her white thighs and soft pink breasts, then make her smell and lick my stinky soles and suck my oily toes…,” Laura said with relish, salaciously emphasizing every word for her and Alec’s enjoyment.

“That’s so hot, then what?” Alec asked, still fucking her hard.

“Then I want to make her smell my armpits and then my shoes…she’d be disgusted at first, but at the same time it would turn her on so much and she’d get so wet. Then I’d bury my face between her legs, like you did to me in the bathroom. I’d just rub my face in her crotch, soaking it in her woman juices, knowing that they were an uncontrollable response to my unwashed stink.”

Alec, overcome by lust for his perverted wife with her dirty talk, started to fuck her harder, as she grinded down on his hips, “Oh shit, you’re so deep…give me your hot cum, shoot it into me,” she moaned.

“You want my hot cum in your dirty pussy?” Alec said firmly.

“I have such a smelly, fishy cunt for you, I’m such a smelly whore…oh fuck, that’s it, give it to me, fuck me hard.” They rolled over, with Alec now on top of Laura. She pressed her dirty week-old panties against Alec’s face with one hand, rubbing her tits with the other, as he roughly spread open her legs as wide as they could go, thrusting all the way up that greedy, over-heated pussy. This second smelly exposure to Laura’s ripe underpants, combined with the moist, giving resistance of her tight, fleshy twat, as it milked and sucked and slurped his cock like a wet mouth, triggered an eruption of Alec’s thick cum into Laura, as she had her second orgasm of the evening.

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