Learning To Eat Cum 5

Angelik Duval

Learning To Eat Cum 5

A week had passed since my cum eating weekend. Lynne and I had both been away working so had not seen each other all week.
After a bottle of wine we went upstairs to her bedroom. She told me to take off my clothes and lay on the bed. Once again her last instruction over the weekend had been not to wank. She looked at my balls, assessing whether I had been good and had not played with myself. Despite dirty texts and lewd suggestions from Lynne every evening I hadn’t ejaculated all week; my balls were heavy and my spunk needed releasing.
Lynne smiled; ‘Well done’ she said, ‘You’re going to shoot so much spunk when I finally let you erupt’. And she seductively removed her blouse slowly and next her bra. Her breasts were firm and her nipples were hard. She climbed on the bed and begged me to suck her tits. I hungrily licked each in turn and once covered in my saliva she pulled away and then moved down to my now hard cock. She took each nipple in turn and rubbed them over my knob end. A small drop of precum dribbled out of my cock onto her tits. ‘Mmmmmmm, sexy’ she said; and then she returned her tits to my mouth. Her nipples smelt and tasted of my cock, the aroma was fantastic and I licked the white precum into my mouth. ‘I did wonder if your eating so much spunk last weekend had put you off it; but obviously you love it you perve, and it gets me hot’.
With that she dropped her skirt and knickers. ‘Eat my cunt and arse’ she ordered. And she sat on my face, firstly pushing her sweet pussy lips against my mouth but then shoving her tight arsehole against my tongue. She moaned as I tried to open her arse open, her pussy juiced flowing down my chin. I was getting really turned on eating her bumhole. I moved my finger to her arse, it was now fully lubricated with her pussy juice and my saliva and I slipped my finger deeply in easily. Again Lynne moaned. I had never had her arse before but I knew it was going to happen now as she climbed off my face and knelt on the bed with her arse sticking up in the air ‘Fuck my arse hard’ she said. Her hole was still open from my finger and I pushed my knob gently against her arse. She pushed back and I saw my knob slowly disappear Sex hikayeleri into her arsehole. She was tight but she loosened up as we got into a rhythm. ‘Fuck it’ she said ‘Go on, come in my arse, and then you can eat it out’. This took me over the edge and my cock swelled and I shot wave after wave of hot cum deep into her arse. Lynne cried out load and shuddered with her own orgasm.
I pulled out and my cum poured out of her arse down her inner thighs. ‘Go on’, she said, ‘You know you want to, and I want you to’. And with that I started to lick my spunk from her legs and moved my way to her arse, stuck my tongue in and devoured my cum.
As we lay next to each other I asked if Lynne had ever been with another woman. ‘No’ she replied ‘but I’ve always wondered what it would be like. You have done so much for me over the past couple of weeks that if you wanted me to I am willing play out your fantasy; what would you like?’ ‘I would love to see you eat my cum out of another woman’ I said without hesitation.
‘Ok’ she replied, ‘but to get me up for that I’d want another man as well; how about we try and find a couple who would be willing to play this out?’
Lynne saw my cock twitch showing my approval. She parted her legs ‘I can see your ready again, fuck me’. I eased my cock into her wet pussy. She continued talking dirty thoughts about how she was going to suck a woman’s tits and then eat a cunt for me. I thrust hard and shot my creamy sperm into her.

We spent the following morning trawling the internet searching for local couples who were interested in swinging. Eventually we found a couple who were new to this and equally as curious at trying this sort of thing; and they lived in the next town.
We decided to meet up that evening in a pub near their home just to discuss things and see how we got on.
We met Emma and Doug as they were ordering drinks at the bar. Doug was 6ft, short dark hair and pretty good looking; Lynne looked at me; I could tell she fancied him. I hoped Emma was half as good looking and as she turned round I wasn’t disappointed. She had blond hair like Lynne, a cute face and a pair of small pert tits; about 5ft 7.
We talked small talk for about Sikiş hikayeleri an hour but as the drink relaxed us we started to talk about sex. Doug placed a hand on Lynne’s knee and she opened her legs. She was wearing a really short skirt and it rode up and both Doug and Emma could see her pink knickers; I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his pants. Emma leaned over me to get a better look resting her hand on my growing bulge. ‘She looks hot’ Emma said, ‘I want to bury my head down there’ and she kissed me sexily on the lips.
That was all the encouragement we needed and we set off for their house. Doug got some wine and we sat down in front of the telly and Emma put some porn on. The action on the telly was pretty hot with women snogging each other and then sucking cock and swallowing cum. Doug and Emma were getting hot and started kissing and undressing; Lynne and I did the same. Emma stared at Lynne’s body and they both stood up and moved towards each other. The looked into each others eyes; both full of lust and desire. They kissed, their soft tongues melting in each others mouths. Emma caressed Lynne’s hard nipples causing her to moan and then traced her finger down to the top of Lynne’s pubic area. She ran her finger through the dark hair; ‘I love your dark pussy hair compared to your blond hair; I’m a natural blond’; and Lynne looked down to see a trimmed triangle of blond pubic hair above Emma’s cunt, but otherwise she was shaven.
Emma then pushed her finger into Lynne’s fanny. Lynne almost buckled at the knees; she had a woman exploring her most intimate parts. Emma kissed her again and then moved her mouth down Lynne’s body; she was still fingering her clit as she started to nibble on Lynne’s tits which grew erect in her mouth. Emma then knelt down and moved her mouth towards Lynne’s love hole. She could smell the heavenly scent of Lynne’s pussy and without hesitation stuck her tongue deep inside her cunt. Again Lynne moaned; she pushed her fanny lips hard against Emma’s mouth and cried out as she came. Emma hungrily lapped up the juices Lynne was producing.
Doug was wanking himself off at this site and as I went over to Emma to taste Lynne’s juices from her Erotik hikaye tongue Lynne took Doug’s cock in her mouth.
Emma’s mouth tasted fantastic, we kissed heavily and she pressed her cunt against my cock. We fell onto the floor and I thrust my cook into her fanny. She was soaking wet, her juices covering my cock. As Lynne sucked cock she looked at me fucking Emma. It was erotic to see Lynne with another man’s cock in her mouth. Emma writhed beneath me and I came deep inside her.
Knowing that I’d come Lynne removed her mouth from Doug’s cock; he was a bit disappointed as he had not come but that disappointment faded as both he and I looked at the site in front of us. Lynne was moving down Emma’s body towards her cunt which was full of my cum. She reached Emma’s pussy; looked at me with hot desire and extended her tongue and licked up and down Emma’s slit; I could see some of my cum on her tongue, she swallowed and then drove her tongue into Emma’s cunt. Emma moaned out in bliss as she reached her orgasm flooding Lynne’s mouth with mine and her juices. This was too much for Doug, Lynne was on all fours licking away so had her fanny exposed and he shoved cock inside her; thrust hard and shot his cum into her; he kept thrusting, how much spunk was he spurting into her?
The three of them lay exhausted. Emma stirred first ‘You can have the spare room up on the left; come on Doug I’ve got some more plans for you’ and they went upstairs.
‘We might as well stay the night as the offers there’ I said.
We found our bedroom. Lynne lay on the bed ‘That was so horny’ I said ‘did you enjoy eating a woman?’ Lynne nodded. I looked at her pussy, it was a mess, she had globules of cum on her pubes and some had dribbled down her thighs. ‘Clean me up Tony’ she pleaded
‘Eat Doug’s spunk, I love you with another mans spunk in you mouth’.
So I went down on her, licked the cum form her pubes and thighs before sinking my tongue into here fanny. He had shot loads of cum in there; my plan had been to collect it all in one mouthful and then kiss Lynne; but there was too much. So I swallowed what I could before collecting the next mouthful. I looked up at Lynne, my mouth covered in and full of Doug’s spunk. I moved up to her mouth and we kissed, our tongues swirled with Doug’s thick cum and we swallowed half each.
Aroused again I fucked Lynne once more before we fell asleep in each others arms.

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