Life Long Affair


It had been ten years since the last time, they needed to feel unbridled erotism and sex. At the time she was not yet fifty and he was fifty-two. They were in great shape for fifty somethings.

Sitting outside on her patio on the warm spring morning, Lynn let her robe fall away from her torso to expose her legs and thong undergarment. Her freckled cleavage was exposed, the nipples were covered by little of the robe. Her strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail protruding out of the back of her hat. Titling her head back slightly, she moved her white tipped nails down her cleavage towards the throbbing lips of her cunt. As she was edging closer, she thought of him and his magical tongue spreading the petals of her opening, as he nibbled and licked her tiny clit.

Clay had finished his morning workout and was heading to the shower. His wife was sleeping as was always the case. The shower in the basement allowed him to take his time, think of how he wished his wife were more like her in terms of sexual intensity. He had added ten pounds since the last time with Lynn. He worked out daily and was in excellent shape for a now sixty something. As he pulled his clothes off, he reached for the iPad to read one of the stories he had authored in Literotica about their time together.

His cock grew to seven inches as he read part of the story where he opens her petals with his tongue. He placed the iPad on the vanity, so he can watch a short clip he took of them, as he lathers the pubic area he has been shaving since their last time together. It accentuates his length, and she would ask him to keep it neat, for when she reached the bottom of his seven inches if it was not the hair would tickle her nose. His cock spasms slightly as he relives their moments together.

He finishes shaving his balls and cock, while reaching for the coconut butter he lathers his left hand with the butter. The clip is to the point where she has reached orgasm from the tongue lashing he has provided to her vaginal lips and clit. His cock in the video is at full length, as it is at the moment. He runs his hand down the shaft thinking of her canal enveloping his cock, as he drives it into her. It was always like a glove even after three sons.

Lynn is rubbing her cunt through her thong, thinking of his broad hair covered chest, and how his lips tasted with her juices after her orgasm when they would kiss. She picks up her phone knowing she should not do this to them again, and sends a text. “I am nearly naked sitting on my patio, thinking I might do lawn work in my string today. By the way, I have kept my strawberry blonde landing strip cut perfect for you.”

Clay is interrupted by the sound of a text message. His phone is laying outside the bathroom, near the workout bench. Thinking it could be one of his friends asking for a round of golf, he washes his hands of the oil. As he walks toward the phone with his cock needing release, he grabs it and punches in the security code. Seeing the number, he is brought back to the first time they met in college, the first time they had sex, their affair and what she does to him emotionally and most of all sexually. He reads the message and latches on to the last few words, “I have kept my strawberry blonde landing strip cut perfect for you.” His cock is twitching thinking of how if felt the last time he came inside her.

She is back! Again! It has taken him the last ten years to get past her, and yet he knows he has never really gotten past her, them. He partially collapses on to the bench, naked. Lucky for him his wife is sleeping, and no kids are around, they are long gone.

As he tries to ignore the text, knowing he should delete it. He hears another text message sound.

Lynn is not going to stop now, not after telling him she would never talk to him again, and not having had sex like they have had every time they see each other in the past ten years. Her next text is, “Hi Clay, since I know you a creature of routine, I am guessing you have finished your morning workout, and are ready to shower. I remember when you used to shower after your workout and wake me with your hard cock in the small of my back. Your cock always felt good in one of my openings, mouth or cunt. I know it felt good for you.”

He reads it and as part of the Lynn reflex he strokes his cock, and thinks of her openings, the feelings and orgasms, lust and raw eroticism. He is trying to hold back. So, he puts the phone down and heads to the shower. He is hoping to think about something else in the shower.

Lynn needs, no wants him, and has always had the upper hand in their relationship. She decides on her next move. She heads to her bedroom, strips her clothes, finds the baby oil and coats her body in it. She runs her fingers through her dripping cunt, finds her string bikini and puts it on. Her yard has a high fence around it for privacy purposes. She heads outside and lays on her chaise, connects her phone to her selfie tripod, sets the timer and takes a picture of her glistening body. She reviews and whisper to herself Gaziantep Anal Escort perfect. She sends the picture.

Clay steps out of the shower, his cock is aching for release. So, he decides to do what he has been doing most of his life, take matters into his own hands. He has become very adept at providing himself with extreme pleasure, and writing erotica has enhanced his pleasure.

He hears another text message alert, and opens the text. He shudders knowing she has his wife’s number and if she were to forward this to his wife, it would be final straw. His wife took him back the last time, she will not again.

Lynn is not done. She runs to her room, and finds the lace, thong, she wore for Clay during one of their hotel nights ten years ago. It is thin lace around the waist, thin lace up the crotch, and snugs into her ass, a barely there piece. Clay practically ripped it off her when she wore it. She is topless, oils her breasts, pulling on her nipples to ensure they are distended, and lays down on the chaise. This time she puts her legs on either side of the chaise, positions the selfie tripod, sets the timer and stretches her arms over her head.

She smiles, another perfect shot! Her 36C” tits with light pink distended nipples, shining body and lace thong stretched over her opening, will ensure he responds. Lynn sends the picture with this message, “Clay, if you were here now, I would being licking the precum from the slit of your cock, getting your prepared to pick where you want to put your cock, down my throat or in my cunt.”

Clay is beside himself and says what the hell, he replies, “Hi Lynn, should I send a video of me stroking my cock, sounds like you would rather stroke it for me? The years have been great to you, could you remove your thong in the next picture?”

Lynn hears the sound of the message, she has him. She responds, Clay, I know you golf on Saturday mornings. I know you can be here in three hours. I am heading to shave my legs and make sure my landing strip and lower lips are ready for your soft lips and tongue. I will be on the chaise when you arrive with my white tipped nails freshly done for cock stroking, and a fresh pedicure, so you can enjoy that view when you have my legs on your shoulders while you pound us both to orgasm. I am dripping in anticipation of an orgasm filled day.

Before she heads into the house, she opens her magical box kept near her chaise and pulls out the large black dildo. She pulls the thong down her long legs, spreading them on either side of the chaise. Little does see know her new neighbor, Zeus, the black bachelor; who is usually gone on Saturday; has spotted her from his bedroom which overlooks her patio, and above her privacy fence. He is 40, a former basketball player, and health club owner. His light brown skin, handsome features have been noticed by Lynn over the last few months. He is naked and his 9″ cock is throbbing, while he watches the black dildo slide into the strawberry blondes opening, shining from her juice.

Clay makes a reservation for eighteen, calls his best friend to tell him of the plan, and his friend agrees to cover him. He wakes his wife and tells her he will be meeting Mark for a 10:30 tee time. She tells him to have fun, and enjoy the day, as she has plans to shop, and then dinner with her sisters. He gives her a kiss, as she rolls over to catch another hour.

Clay heads to the walk in closet and pulls off his glove brand briefs and slides on his golf shorts. He pulls is golf shirt on, grabs some underwear and change of clothes, and drops them into his shoulder pack. His cock is growing thinking of Lynn, as he takes a peek at the last picture; the distended nipples and lace thong stretched tight into her opening.

Lynn has finished the first leg and is working the razor over the stubble of the second leg, Finished, she sits on the edge of the tub, lathers near her dripping opening and creates her own artwork, ensuring a small landing strip remains, the blonde hair is natural like her tits and everything about her body.

She jumps in the shower to rinse off, towels off and rubs moisturizer into her legs and the freshly trimmed skin near her dripping cunt. She applies her make up, loop earrings, puts her hair into a bun, and ensures small strands are running over the earrings, finishing with an anklet which has a tiny cock attached to the band. She opens her dresser drawer and pulls out a fresh white lace thong; a barely there garment; and pulls it into place. Standing in front of her floor mirror, she applies pink gloss lipstick, ensures her nails and toes do not need a touch up, and decides how to finish her look.

In her closet is her white lily flower, cover up. It is a lace, see through kimono designed to show off Lynn’s favorite swimsuit, or in this case her pink nipples, lace thong and long legs. It is near perfect, she makes it a ten by slipping on her lace plain flat peep toe sandals. All white, lace, pink lips and nipples to match her strawberry blonde hair, including her landing strip. She is ready, it has been an hour since she told Clay of her plans. She is confident it will take him less than two hours to arrive, she has an hour to wait.

So, she pulls out her collection of couples sex videos, which is only strawberry blondes, and either brown haired men or black men. She decides to watch the new one with the scene of the black pool cleaner, since she was using the black dildo on the deck. It will help her get ready for Clay. She starts the video, and fast forwards to the scene of the black pool cleaner applying lotion to the strawberry blonde MILF. The MILF is glistening as the pool cleaner pulls the tiny thong from her, as Lynn reaches for the black vibrator.

Meanwhile, Zeus has finished his shower and knows he has to figure out a way to get to know his neighbor, Lynn, the strawberry blonde MILF. He pulls on his spandex yoga shorts, and tight tank top, to show off his growing cock and muscularity. He decides to introduce himself with the offer of a free month membership to his health club, including a free massage.

Lynn is ready to apply the vibrator to her clit covered by the lace thong, when she hears the door bell. She smiles, whispering to herself, Clay is truly ready! She touches up her lipstick, tweaks her nipples and walks to the door.

Zeus has rung the door bell, and has adjusted his cock to ensure the outline is in view. Lynn opens the door, and moves forward to give Clay a hug. Zeus sees the blonde beauty in her white lace outfit, as she moves towards him. Lynn sees the large handsome black man, it is not Clay. However, she cannot stop her momentum, and hopes the man will stop her from falling. Zeus grabs Lynn, and catches her in his arms.

Zeus is holding Lynn, as he gathers himself, he pushes her to a standing position. He sees her pink lips, pink nipples and thong covered opening, and reaches out his hand to introduce himself. Lynn sees the muscular black man, with well defined pecs, lats, triceps and cock, and reaches out her hand to introduce herself. Zeus takes her hand, bends forward, kisses her hand and says I am Zeus. What is your name goddess? She smiles and says, Lynn.

She has fantasized about this moment often, “being taken by a black stud.” She knows Clay has written stories about her and a black stud, and being the camera man. It seems they will get their wish.

Lynn, I am your neighbor. I wanted to introduce myself and invite you to join my health free for one month. It includes one free massage. I apologize for catching you in your current state. I can come back later.

I appreciate the offer says Lynn, and accept. You must have been hoping for my state, as you do not appear to be dressed any more appropriately. She licks her lips as she eyes the snake growing in his yoga shorts.

Come in Zeus, as Lynn turns to walk to the family room, the video is to the point where the blonde is positioned reverse cowgirl over the black pool cleaners 10″ cock. The sound is up and moans come from the speakers. Lynn and Zeus watch the scene, as Lynn receives a text from Clay, “will be there in thirty minutes, my tongue and cock are ready to give and receive pleasure.”

Though Clay is seven inches and uses it well, Lynn knows she has to have Zeus, and his extra inches. My ex-boyfriend, and affair partner is on the way, Zeus. I am beyond ready for an entire day of sex, and having sex with a black stud is on my sexual bucket list. I know my ex has a fantasy to see me taken as well. So, he can record the scene, if you agree.

Zeus says he agrees, and Lynn asks him to follow her to the patio. She positions herself on the chaise adjusts the tripod, and asks Zeus to come closer. She moves him so he is standing facing the camera and next to her torso, while she is in a sitting position on the chaise. She runs her arm around his leg, allowing her hand and white tipped nails to be just short of his cock. His arm is draped over her right shoulder with his fingers inches from the nipple of her right breast.

She snaps the picture, and sends it to Clay with, “plans have changed.” Our fantasy is about to become a reality, and I need you to capture it and if you listen, participate. Clay hears her message, reads it, smiles and heads for Lovers Lane, their favorite adult store. He runs into the store grabs a couple of tiny men’s g-strings, edible strawberry lubricant, soft Velcro cuffs and the largest black dildo in the store. If Lynn wants to play, it is time he takes control.

While waiting for Clay, the two learn more about each other. She has three grown boys, has lived in the house for twenty years, divorced after her affair with Clay, craves sex, is 36C-24-35, and hopes she can fit Zeus.

Zeus is not married, owns the health club, is unattached at the moment, loves blondes, sex, is a masseuse, 6’1″, and his cock is 9 and three quarters, and uncircumcised.

So, Zeus our role play will involve you providing me with a massage, and I will ensure you receive an oral and envelopment massage. Zeus is sitting next to Lynn on the patio chair, as Lynn moves towards him, squats in front of him, runs her long fingers and nails up the inside of his thighs, licks her pink lips and whispers we might not wait for Clay.

Clay pulls into her driveway, and tosses the items from the adult store into his shoulder pack. His cock is already leaking in anticipation of seeing her again and knowing what the new plan may bring. He walks in and says hello, Lynn yells, we are outside. Walking past the family room, he sees the strawberry blonde on the screen stroking a huge black cock to orgasm. He notices the white tipped nails, freckled chest and shakes his head, it can’t be.

As he walks on to the patio, he see the large black first, and then Lynn lying on the chaise in all white lace; the cover up, the sandals and thong, accentuated by her strawberry blonde hair, pink nipples and pink lips. Clay goes to her and gives her a long open mouthed kiss, as she runs her left hand up his thigh and the opening of his shorts stopping short of his throbbing cock. She whispers, I can tell you are ready. He runs a finger over one of her nipples, as she shudders, and he whispers I see you are too!

Clay turns and introduces himself to Zeus, and asks them both what are the plans?

Lynn states Zeus is a masseuse and she would like to start with a massage. Before she can say anything, Clay states it will be a four handed massage, and the camera will be set on the tripod as a still. Zeus agrees, Lynn is outnumbered.

So, Lynn states Clay, you have a massage table in your exercise room, correct? Let’s head there and we can start the massage. The men follow Lynn up the stairs and applaud her beauty on the way. Zeus is asking Clay what is her best attribute and he says, it is hard to signal out just one. However, she is incredibly tight for having given birth to three boys. The friction and feeling she use to create on my cockhead was like nothing I have experienced, I am hoping it has not changed.

As they are about to enter the room, Clay asks her to wait on the table, as Zeus and him have to change. Lynn enters the room, and grabs a glass and some wine from the small refrigerator.

Clay opens the bag in the spare bedroom and pulls out the black g-strings, the flavored lubricant, the soft cuffs and black dildo. Zeus laughs and says I guess you are ready. It has been ten years, states Clay and this will end my marriage this time around, so I am going for broke.

Clay drops this shorts, take off this shirt and Zeus notices a relatively well toned body for a 60 something white guy, including well groomed pubic hair and a hard cock. Clay slides his g-string into place. Zeus drops his shorts and Clay sees the huge dick, cock head just starting to poke out from the sheath of skin. Zeus is cut, six pack abs, hard glutes and perfect chest, he slides the g-string in place. It is stretched by the large black cock.

Before they leave the room, Clay tells Zeus, Lynn can cum multiple times. The plan is to see how many times. I will be inserting the dildo at the appropriate time. Zeus agrees and says let’s go.

They enter the room, Lynn has removed her coverup and is seated on the edge of the table with her legs on either side, sandals and thong in place. She smiles as she sees the men in their g-strings. They approach and kiss her on the lips, move down to her chest, with each man kissing a nipple and each one dragging a finger across the opening covered by the lace thong. They state in unison, I think we have all waited long enough.

Zeus takes control and asks Lynn to lie on her stomach, as they will start on her backside. Each man takes some of the massage lotion Lynn has on the side of the table. Zeus asks Clay to follow his lead, and starts on Lynn’s back, and neck area. Each man takes a side of her body, and work there way down the back of the beautiful MILF. They work each of her arms, along the rib cage and the side of each breast, as Lynn melts into the table.

They move to her ass, and rather than remove the thong rub lotion underneath the waist area and to ensure it is not in the way of her ass, Clay pulls it into a string and into her ass and pubic openings. Lynn moans, as each man kneads her ass, and rubs a thumb over her anal opening. Zeus bends down and pulls air into it.

Spreading her legs, the men wrap their large hands completely around her calves and feet, and massage them deeply. They move to the front of the table, and ask Lynn to turn on to her back. Her nipples are rock hard and have turned to a dark pink from the light pink of earlier.

Clay helped her decide on which table to purchase when she remodeled the exercise room ten years ago, though he never had the opportunity to use it with her. So, he knows what the table can do. Laughing, he whispers to Lynn, I get to use the features of the table now. Lynn is about to say no, as Clay pulls the lever to slide out the arm and leg rests. As he does this, he pulls the cuffs from his bag. He plants a long kiss on Lynn’s lips while running his hand over her breasts, as Zeus straps her legs to the legs rests. Clay moves away and straps her arms to the rests, she is spread eagle.

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