Lily Finds Happiness Ch. 02

Double Penetration

I was woken by something pressing against my lips. I was lying on the edge of the bed I shared with Cathy and Steve, face turned towards the edge. I opened my eyes to discover that it was Steve’s cock touching my mouth, and without saying a word I opened up and excitedly took him in.

He filled me with the warm manliness of his length and I loved the silky feel of his cock sliding through my lips as he pumped his hips. I swirled my tongue around, sucked the head of his cock and was filled with pure sexual euphoria. I love sucking cock.

Steve began to moan and the speed of his thrusting increased as he fucked my mouth. I felt Cathy stir in the bed next to me, clearly awoken by the sound of Steve’s moans. She rolled over to spoon me from behind and caressed my breast, thumbing my nipple in circles.

“Oh fuck!” Steve cried as he released a load of thick, salty semen into my mouth. I swallowed it, relishing it’s delicious taste. As he withdrew his cock and began to relax, Steve smiled down at me. “Good morning, Lily.”

“Good morning,” I smiled back up at him. “I love waking up like that.”

“It’s a beautiful sight to enjoy first thing in the morning,” Cathy said. I rolled over to face her and we kissed deeply, her lips soft on mine, while her tongue explored inside my mouth, clearly searching for her own taste of Steve’s cum.

“You ladies have fun,” Steve said as he gave us each a quick kiss. “I think I’ll go fix us some breakfast.”

Steve turned to go downstairs and Cathy turned over, so that she was straddling me. I grabbed her perfect, large breasts in each hand and savored the feeling of their weight. Though they sagged a bit with age, to me that made them all the sexier. Cathy reached to play with my tits too, tweaking the hard nipples on my perky, medium-sized breasts.

“I loved watching you suck Steve off this morning.”


“There’s nothing sexier than watching your escort bayan bursa husband enjoying pleasure, especially when it’s with a gorgeous young girl like you.”

“I think most wives would be jealous of their husband with a younger woman,” I said while we continued our breast play.

“Well most wives wouldn’t get to climb in bed with that same young lady afterwards. And besides, it’s not like I don’t get to enjoy Steve and his cock plenty myself.”

“I’m so lucky I found you,” I told Cathy truthfully. “And I want you to enjoy yourself with me this morning too.” I slowly dragged my hands along her body, over her soft stomach, towards my favourite part of her body. I ran my fingers through her thick bush and then circled two fingers around her wet opening.

She sat up straighter and I pushed two fingers inside her waiting, wet hole. I enjoyed the feeling of her silky smooth cunt, as I began to stroke her g-spot. I gently guided her hips with my other hand and she moved so she was straddling my thigh. I lowered my hand so it was resting on my thigh and she thrust her hips, grinding her clit into the palm of my hand, while I continued to stroke my fingers inside her.

I knew she wouldn’t last long and sure enough, Cathy exploded into orgasm. Her head rocked back and she gasped and cried into the air, as she greedily rode my hand through her climax.

After she was finished, she smiled and relaxed on top of me, kissing me deeply and pressing her breasts into mine.

After laying together in bliss for a moment, Cathy rose and we decided to go downstairs to see what Steve had cooked up for us. Although I hadn’t gotten off myself, I was still feeling satisfied and happy. With Cathy and Steve, it wasn’t a race – there would always be time for more sex later. And their pleasure really was my own pleasure too.


It had been a couple of months now that I had lived with bursa sinirsiz eskort Cathy and Steve. Most of our lives at home revolved around sex, as that was the favourite activity of all of us. I was still going to college and classes, and studying hard. I didn’t really party or socialize like most of my classmates did, but I really wasn’t into that. I guess there are lots of kinds of people, and I suppose my interest in spending all my time fucking an older couple wouldn’t be what everyone would want. But I can’t imagine that if more young people had a chance like this, and could admit to themselves that they wanted it, they wouldn’t be as happy as I was.

And I mean, it wasn’t just the sex:

I loved talking to both of them. We connected in every way.

I loved that we spent so much time naked.

I loved that they took care of me – letting me live with them for free, doing most of the cooking – although that was really just a bonus. I would still want to be with Cathy and Steve without any other benefits. Hell, I’d’ve payed them if I’d had to.

I loved that we talked so easily about sex, including making all kinds of fun plans. I wouldn’t have ever imagined talking so comfortably about what I wanted, what my fantasies were, what I wanted to do with them.

I loved feeling secure in my future with them. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be with for as long as possible.

I loved that they felt like this about me too.

I just simply loved Cathy and Steve.


After our breakfast, Cathy began to clear away the dishes and Steve and I went naked into the living room, where we had a large couch with a lounge section.

“Alright you,” Steve said, “let’s get you good and fucked before you head out to school today, shall we?”

I felt a twinge of excitement in my stomach. I lay down on the couch and Steve escort bayan climbed on top of me. I felt his weight pressing down as he kissed me, and I thrilled at the exciting, slightly dangerous feeling of being trapped under man.

As we kissed, Steve ran his fingers between my legs and found his way through my lower hair to my pussy, now positively dripping with excitement. He slowly inserted two fingers inside me, then swiftly drew them out and twirled his newly wet fingers around my clit. I let out a gasp at the sudden pleasure.

He moved his hand away then, and replaced it with my own, encouraging me to touch myself. I was more than happy to oblige and enjoyed the familiar pleasure of my hand on my clit.

Steve pushed his sizeable cock inside me, and I let out another moan of pleasure. I was filled, I was whole, I was enlightened, I was blissed. The combination of myself stimulating my clit, and Steve’s cock thrusting away inside me made all thoughts go away.

I continued to ride the waves of sexual euphoria, knowing Steve could carry on for ages and I was not yet near coming. I let myself pay attention to all the sensations. The noises of our thrusts and moans, the scwelching sound of Steve’s cock in my overly-wet pussy, the slapping sound of his balls hitting me with each enthusiastic thrust. The taste of his mouth on mine, the smell of his breath, the sheer masculinity of it all was consuming. The feeling of his hand gripping my breast, roughly massaging it. And the feeling of his cock in me, oh his cock – that feeling was everything.

We stayed like that for ages, thrusting and rubbing. I was vaguely aware that Cathy, having finished the dishes, had arrived on the couch beside us. She watched, which I know she loved. But I wanted more, I wanted her to be a part of my orgasm too, which I could feel building ever closer.

I pulled her hand over and had her replace it on my clit. Steve continued to fuck me and mere moments after Cathy took over rubbing my clit, I felt my release. My back arched up, my head rolled back and I let out a cry. At nearly the same moment, Steve moaned too, and we came together. Steve pumped semen into my body for the second time that day, which made me so, so happy.

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