Lindsey Gaps My Ass Ch. 02

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It had been about a week since Lindsey had fucked my ass, and every thing went on as normal. After it was over, I worried we wouldn’t get along any more and things would be awkward. However, things went just as it was before, but now instead of watching TV and playing video games, we talked about sex, and even more things we wanted to experiment with.

I had a lot of time on my hands to think about what I wanted to do, since I was laid off work for the winter and Lindsey was still in class. I spent a lot of time surfing the net, and knowing how big I could go opened up whole new doors. Strap-ons really caught my attention after seeing a dildo I could not refuse. It was 12 inches long about 2 inches wide, black, and include a harness and free bottle of lube, how could I resist. I placed the order and it would arrived two days later just in time for the week end. I also way really intrigued by gang bangs, the thought of multiple guys abusing my ass, using me as there own personal sex toy made my ass sweat and cock stand straight.

I was still a sleep when Lindsey arrived home from school. The package I ordered was sitting by the door; she picked it up along with the mail and set it on the kitchen counter. After sifting though the mail she turned her attention to the box. “There’s a box here for you” She yelled up the stairs. I awoke still groggy and dazed, but snapped too once I figured out what she said. I raced down stairs but stopped half way. Lindsey was standing on the lower landing of the stairs with the massive cock swinging between her legs.

“Well, well, well.” She said lifting the cock, which nearly touched her breasts. “Looks like you have been a busy boy. Why don’t you go upstairs and wash up, I’ll fix some dinner, and after we’ll discuss this.”

I loved how she talked to me; it was like I had been a bad boy and needed a spanking. I went up stairs washed out my ass, and took a quick shower. Lindsey had made some spaghetti, and had it set out on the table when I came down. She still had on the dildo as we ate, it stuck up above the table and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. After dinner we did the dishes.

“I’m going upstairs to get changed and make a few phone calls, you just stay here.” Lindsey said walking towards the stairs “I hope you’re ready.” She continued up the stairs while I moved into the living room and parked myself in front of the TV. I could hear Lindsey up stairs on the phone. After about 15 minutes she sauntered down the stairs, wrapped in her skin tight latex pants and bra. The cock swung low between her legs and it made my dick shoot straight up.

“I have a present for you too” Lindsey excitedly said. I wondered what could kocaeli escort be better than having her fuck me in the ass, but it had to be good because she was pretty energized about it. She pulled out a bag from the closet, and threw it to me as she walked over and sat down. I first pulled out a new pair of fake breasts, which were mush larger than before. Next I pulled out a French maid’s uniform. It was a two piece, with a black latex top and skirt. Lastly I pulled out a curly, red wig. I was a deeper shade of red; it hung about shoulder length, and had nice flowing curls.

“Now put it on.” she commanded, “I don’t pay you to stand around.”

I threw my cloths off and put it on as fast as I could, the fake breasts filled out the top very well, and the skirt slide right over my slender hips. I put the wig on, adjusted it, and I was ready. Lindsey got up and walked me to the mirror in the bathroom. Now not to honk my own horn, but I looked good, better than the cheerleading uniform, and the hair brought it all together. Lindsey had told me before that I had very feminine features, and I guess she was right.

“Let’s go.” She said motioning me back to the living room. I arrived, and was quickly pushed to the floor. “Now suck me.” She commanded. I took the long black dildo and slowly began to suck the head, Lindsey moaned as if she could actually feel it. I took the cock further into my mouth. She started thrusting her hips; it slid deeper down until I began to gag. It only made her go faster. Soon I couldn’t take it. I threw the cock from my mouth, to catch a breath, she quick stuffed it back in. I took it as deep as I could and gagged again.

“Aw the little girl can’t take it; I’ll have to punish you now. On your knees!”

I spun around and bent over; Lindsey lifted my skirt and rubbed some lube around my awaiting hole. She worked me with her fingers to warm up, I was pretty loose but not enough to take the strap on. I should have known better. The head of the cock was pushed against my puckered ass hole. I put my head down on the floor so I could use my hands to spread my cheeks more. She went slowly but it still hurt, I knew once it was in the pain would subside, but I was about ready to climb the walls. Finally my ass wrapped around the cock and it slid in. I let out a sigh of relief but it was short lived. Lindsey had waited a long time to fuck a guy in the ass, and couldn’t wait any more.

I moved back onto my hands and looked back at her, she gave me a smug little look, I could tell she was trying to hide her enthusiasm, so I just dropped my head and she started pounding. Lindsey fucked my ass raw. She was going almost 8 inches deep with full strokes. I winced with every stroke, each time going deeper and deeper. My fake tits bounced along with the rhythm, it was doing all I could to hold back my cum.

After about 10 minutes of hard fucking I herd the doorbell. I started to panic, but Lindsey didn’t even break stride.

“Come on in guys.” She yelled, still thrusting my ass. “We’re in the living room.”

My mind raced with who it could be, what was going on here? Just then 3 guys walked through the door, and gather around us. I looked up and immediately recognized them immediately. They had all played on my high school football team, it never thought they were gay, but I guess I was wrong. They were all very athletic looking and muscular, they ranged in height from about 5’8” to 6’3”, and from the rising hard-ons in their pants they were excited to see me.

“Well jump right in.” Lindsey said to them. “He’s all warmed up.”

“Hell yeah.” One of them grunted, and pulled me up. I was now staring directly at there crotches. They unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. Two were average sized 6-7 inches but one was huge, one had to be 2 inches around and 10 inches long. I had never seen anything like it, except on the internet. I looked past them at Lindsey who was sitting on the chair, she had that same smile as before, one slowly crept across my face also.

The guys moved in on me, they dropped their pants, so I reached out and grabbed two of them, and I guided one into my mouth. I sucked them like I had seen done on all the porno, I guess they liked it, I herd moaning coming from them as I moved onto the next cock. One guy undressed, and laid under me and started to play with my ass, it turned me on even more, I continued sucking and working the two cocks as the other guy rimmed my ass. His tongue felt amassing, like nothing I had ever felt before.

“Well are you guys going to fuck my whore? Or do I have to show you how it’s done?” Lindsey forcefully said from the back of the room.

“No mam.” the guys said. The guy rimming my ass got up, pushed me over so my ass was up in the air and placed the tip of his cock on my already sore ass.

“Fuck him hard.” I heard Lindsey yell.

He plunged his dick straight in my ass, and wasted no time. I could feel his balls slapping against my thigh, as he pounded me like a piece of meat. The other two cocks were still being forced down my throat, I felt like such a whore, and loved every second of it. Soon, the next guy moved in behind me and started fucking my now ravaged ass. He continued until he was about ready to come, and quickly pulled out. I was waiting for the guy with the massive cock to start next, but he stopped, and motioned me up. He laid down on the couch, and I knew what he wanted.

I got onto the couch facing him and positioned my ass over his awaiting member. His cock met my ass and with one quick thrust he was in. Before I had a chance to adjust another guy pushed me down, and the enormous cock disappeared. “Fuck yeah!” I herd Lindsey yell from her chair, I could do nothing but gasp. His arms wrapped around my neck and he pulled me down. My tits and cock pressed up against him, still holding me down, he started thrusting. The huge cock filled my ass with every stroke. When I felt like I couldn’t take any more, until one guy mounted behind me and lifted up my skirt.

The first guy stopped just long enough to let him push the second cock in, while not as big as the first, both of them stretched me out to full capacity. I started breathing heavy, as my eyes bulged out of their sockets in shock. After a couple minuets they stopped, flipped me over so my back was toward the bottom guy, and continued to double stuff my ass. The guy on top fucking me soon stopped, straddled us and shoved his cock in my mouth. I could taste a combination of cock and lube, and it was the sweetest taste ever. The next guy quickly took the second position in my ass and all three of them stuffed me like a turkey. This was my fantasy come true, someone using me to get off, it lasted what seem to be an eternity of orgasmic heaven, until they stopped and let me sit down on the floor as they stood around me slowly stroking their still hard cocks.

Lindsey finally got back into the picture after sitting back and reviling in the moment. She jumped over the back of the couch, sat down with her legs around me, and positioned my head between her legs facing up. She squished me between her latex thighs, then, three cocks were placed inches from my face. They immediately started jerking off, and soon, it was wave after wave of cum. She held my mouth open and forced me to drink as much as I could. The rest flowed out and onto her legs, and down on to my fake tits. I swallowed as much as I could of the warm cum. Lindsey let me loose and motioned me to lick the rest off of her legs, and I quickly lapped up the rest of the cum.

Right as I finished, two of the guys grabbed my legs, pulled them up and forward over my head, so my cock was inches from my face, I looked up at Lindsey, she smiled and started milking my cock. I couldn’t hold it back any longer; I shot the biggest load of cum in my life directly into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed it up, my legs were released, and I sat back on the couch beside Lindsey. I was short of breath and my ass was aching, and I couldn’t have loved it more. The guys left, and Lindsey and I spent the rest of the night searching the internet for more things to do to my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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