Lisa and I

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My name is Shelly. I am 22, never been married, and have always been a very sexual person. Even at an early age I would sleep nude every chance I got, run around the house naked when I could, and even swim naked when I had the chance.

I haven’t married yet because I am extremely picky about guys. I do not let them know my sexual side, either. I don’t want a guy chasing me for that reason. I want a great relationship with someone whom I could spend my life with. Then I will surprise him about my sexual side. That has always been my plan. I don’t even dress in a way to entice guys. Don’t get me wrong, I do not dress like a prude. I dress cute, but nothing that hints at sex in any way.

By the time I was 17, I had a job that paid better than most teenagers have. So, when I graduated from high school at the age of 18, I found an apartment so I could live on my own. I wanted the opportunity to do what I wanted, especially in regards to being naked. I lived in the same town as my family, in fact, only a few miles from them.

When I got my own apartment, I came across a website online where I could get on cam and play. At least that was a way for me to express my sexual side without anyone knowing me. It was an extreme turn on for me to play on cam. So, it fulfilled that side of my life, until I could someday meet Mr. Wonderful.

When you are playing online, it does not take you long to learn everything about sex, and what people love to try, including what guys love. Guys open up a lot online when they can be themselves. They reveal their hidden sexual thoughts that they may not ever tell a woman because they are afraid a woman might reject them if they did. My personal opinion is every woman needs to spend about a year online talking with guys, then she will be prepared to handle any man sexually. (plus she will know what she loves to do sexually)

So, from age 18 until now, age 20, I had talked and played on web cam with many, many people who did not know me. I would come home from work, clean house for about an hour, fix supper, then get online until bedtime. I slept naked, and walked around the house naked every day. I considered myself a home nudist.

At work I began to develop a friendship with a female co worker of mine, named Lisa, who was slightly older than me, age 26. We would get together from time to time for a coke, or maybe even go out to eat, or even go to the mall together. She had been married and already divorced, and was rather bored with life. She had no children during her short marriage. She just wanted a friend to do things with. Our personalities blended well.

One day, after we had been friends for several months, I invited her over to the house for supper, and afterwards, we had a long talk. I opened up to her about my being a home nudist, which then led into sharing my strong interest in sex. She admitted to me that sex was something she was not good at because she grew up in a rather naïve home. She said that had she known more sexually, she might have been able to save her marriage, because it was something that her husband complained about a lot. She said she never understood that side of him, and therefore that was an area of their marriage that he was extremely unhappy about.

When I realized she did not know much about sex I found myself sharing with her all the things that I had learned that men and women like to do sexually. She was totally fascinated by all that I shared with her. She finally said “How did you learn all of this?”

I said “Well, are sure you really want to know?”

Lisa said “Yes, why not?”

I said “Are you really sure, because it might change your view on what type of person you think I am? It is something I have never told anyone, nor do I want people to know.”

Lisa said “I am not a gossiper. I am not going to tell anyone. Besides, I like you, you are my friend and even if I ever get mad at you, I would never do anything to hurt our friendship. You are the first person in my life that I have ever felt like we can talk about anything. So, tell me how you learned so much about sex. I want to know.”

I then began to tell her how I get on webcam and play around sexually on it every day. She was quite shocked, but was also very fascinated at the time. She was very attentive to all that I told her, although she said to me “I don’t know how you do that. I could never do something like that.”

I explained to her that it was my way of releasing my sexual horniness in a way that no one knows who I am. I even told her that I usually orgasm many times while doing it.

Lisa and I talked until the late hours that night. She admitted that she had never had an orgasm. When she was married she just mainly tried to take care of her husband, although she did not feel bursa escort she did a very good job with that.

I think I “broadened her horizons” about sex in a major way that evening. I know I certainly educated her about all of the sexual possibilities of life. She ended up staying overnight because it was 2 am by the time we finished talking, and she did not want to drive home that late at night. She slept on the couch.

Over the course of the next week, Lisa and I talked by phone a lot and she would ask me lots of questions about nudism, or sex. I could tell that she was really thinking it through. Then, all of her conversations would end with “But, I don’t know about the webcam thing. I just don’t think I could do that.”

About 10 days after our first conversation, she told me she had started being a home nudist, and even started sleeping nude. She also said that she was now starting to masturbate, and was trying to explore her sexual side. She then asked if I would be comfortable with her and I being nude together. She said that it sounded like fun to her. I told her that I had always wanted to try being nude with someone else, but was extremely picky about who I might do that with, because, again, I did not want people knowing about my sexual side, and then telling others about it. Lisa assured me again, that she would never tell anyone.

I made arrangements with Lisa for her to come over to my house that evening at 6 pm. I had several button up men’s shirts that I like to wear when I play online, so when she arrived, I gave her one of them and told her to go strip down and put only the shirt on with nothing on underneath. I knew this would be easier for her and I to work into being naked together. I knew it would help to “break the ice,” so to speak. Then we could both get nude a short time later, after supper. She didn’t hesitate. She immediately went to the bathroom to change while I changed in the kitchen.

She came out a few minutes later. The shirt tails of our dress shirts went down to about 5 inches below our ass and pussy. Lisa had a very excited look on her face when she came into the room. She said “I love this. I feel like I am learning a new side of me that will be good for me. Thank you for being such a great friend to me so that we can be nude together, talk about sex together, and just be totally open about this stuff. I want to learn everything you know about nudism and sex. I think it will be good for me to learn to enjoy my own body, plus maybe it will help me have a great sex life in a future marriage.’

Lisa paused for a second then said “I absolutely love your idea about not letting a man know about your sexual side until you are sure your personalities are a good match. That makes total sense to me.”

The mens dress shirts we were wearing were somewhat see through. Hers was a white shirt with light blue stripes. Mine was an all white dress shirt. If you looked carefully, you could barely see our nipples through the material of the shirts.

Lisa said “I was looking at myself in the mirror with this on. These are sexy looking. I like how you can almost see our tits. I am betting a guy would love these on a girl.” Then she said “I am going to buy me a couple of these mens shirts to wear around my house when I am home alone.”

I started making some sandwiches for supper while Lisa and I stood and talked. I explained to her about sensual sex, and how that the art of enticing a person is almost more important than the actual sex itself. I then reached over to her and started unbuttoning her shirt. I said “It looks much more enticing when you can see part of the tits. It makes the other person want to see more.”

I unbuttoned about 4 buttons, then I said “There. Now do mine.”

Lisa did the same thing I did to her. Then I laughed and said “Let me show you what you can do in these shirts.”

I had her sit down in a kitchen chair. I leaned forward so that most of my tits could be seen hanging down inside of my shirt. I was about 2 feet from her face. Lisa watched with a high level of interest and smiled the entire time I was putting on a show. I then turned my back to her and opened the refrigerator door, leaned way over and acted like I was getting something out of the lower part of the refrigerator. It gave her a total view of my ass.

I then stood up, and turned to her and said “See what I mean? What do you think?” Then I added “You can even spread your legs when bending over and give them an open view of your pussy from behind.”

She was smiling. She said “That is so hot. I love it.”

I said “Your turn. Do what I did. I am going to start making you comfortable with being sensual.” Then I traded places with her and I sat down on the kitchen chair to watch.

Lisa hesitated like she was unsure of herself. But, at the same time, I also read her body language and it told me she wanted to do it. I said “I will help you. Just do the same thing I did, okay?”

Lisa did it as I gave bursa escort bayan her tips on what to do, and cheered her on. When she bent over like she was getting something out of the refrigerator I was cheering like a guy at a strip club. I said “Woohoo, baby, that is so hot. I love your ass.”

Lisa was getting into this new side of herself. She spread her legs, and bent over again, which gave me the full view of her pussy. I urged her on with a “Mmmmm, that’s it baby, entice those boys. Make them enjoy seeing your pussy.”

She started moving her hips some as she was bent over. I said “Mmmmmm, go for it, girl. Do what you know will turn them on. You need to get confident in doing this. Confidence is a turn on.”

She stood up, turned toward me, and said “Mind if I do more?”

I said “Go with it girl. If I have any tips to tell you I will tell you. Turn them on. Do it.”

She started acting like a stripper. I could not believe this was the same Lisa who was so naïve 10 days ago. She leaned her chest forward, about one foot from my face, allowing me to see her tits hanging down inside her shirt. She pushed her tits together from the outside of her shirt, and also rubbed on them on top of the shirt. She said “Tell me what you want.”

One of the things I had taught Lisa in one of our discussions about sex was how saying things like “Tell me what you want” is a turn on to some people. So, I guess Lisa decided to try that approach.

I had a totally surprised look, and then I smiled a big smile. I said “That’s it, girl. Keep doing and saying what you know would turn those guys on.”

She said a second time “Tell me what you want.”

I said “I want you to strip naked for me. I want to see your naked body. I want to look at every bit of your totally naked body. Then I want you to give me a lap dance.”

I added the last part about the lap dance because I knew she would never do it, and I wanted to push her buttons so to speak, to see how far she would take this.

She looked down and started slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

I then said “Look at me while you do that. Give me a sexy look. Keep eye contact with the guy. It turns them on.”

She did as I suggested, and gave me eye contact as she unbuttoned her shirt. I said “That’s it, hon, like that. Guys love that. It is like your eyes are saying things to them ‘I am doing this just for you. I am your personal play toy. I am here to turn you on.’ “

Lisa continued to unbutton her top until it was totally unbuttoned. She then slowly opened up her shirt so I could see her naked body. She had bigger tits than mine. My tits are a little more than a handful in size. (34 C) I am guessing hers were about 36-38 D. They sagged a little, but hung down very nicely. Her body carried about 15 -20 extra pounds but looked very nice, nonetheless. I could see where a lot of guys would love her body.

I said “Now let your shirt fall down off of your shoulders. Make me want to see your shirt fall to the floor. Make me want to see you get naked for me.”

Lisa kept up her little striptease act, pushing the shirt off of her shoulder and then letting it fall to the floor. There she was in my kitchen totally naked in front of me.

I said “Mmmmmm, girl, you have a hot body. I love your tits, and you are good at this. Now show me what else you can do. Keep it going, girl.”

To my surprise she walked over to me, straddled my legs, and sat down on my thighs. Then she said “Is this what you wanted?’ Then she got embarrassed a bit and started to laugh.

I corrected her quickly and said “Don’t get embarrassed girl. Keep going. Let your sensual side take over. I can’t believe you did this much. Go with it. Show me what you would do for your guy.”

She stopped her embarrassed laugh, and returned to her sensual comments She pushed her tits into my chest and said “Is this what you want. You want my naked body rubbing on you. Tell me what you want.”

I said “I want to feel your naked body on my body.”

She reached down and started unbuttoning my shirt as she sensually said “Well then, this has to go first.”

She finished unbuttoning my shirt, opened it up wide, exposing my tits, and then slid it off my shoulders, as the shirt fell against the back of the chair.

She then said “Tell me what you want.”

To be honest, I was loving this. She was actually turning me on, even though I was not wanting to acknowledge it. I answered her comment with “Do whatever you want to me, hon. I love it. Play with me and I will play with you.”

She pushed her body against mine and started rubbing her tits on my chest. I had a big smile on my face as she did it. She stayed confident as she said “You like this don’t you? You like my naked body rubbing on your naked body. Tell me.”

I smiled and said “Oh, gosh yes, I do. You can do this to me anytime you want to.”

“Oh, really? She said. Then continued with “Anytime I want to, huh?”

I said “Oh, escort bursa yes, baby. Anytime you want it. You have me so turned on right now.”

Then I caught myself in what I had been saying, and quickly said “I am your husband, and you have me so turned on baby.”

I reached up and started massaging her tits with both of my hands. She pushed her chest forward, tilted her head back, and closed her eyes as I played with her tits. When I looked at her facial expression I noticed she had an incredibly sensual look. I knew she was “lost in the moment” and totally enjoying herself.

As I cupped one of her tits with both of my hands, I then started sucking on her nipple. She immediately moaned and said “Oh, gosh. I love that. That feels soooo good.” She then said “You have no idea how turned on I am.”

“Maybe I should find out,” I said, as I could not believe how much I was getting into this.

She confidently said back to me “Maybe you should.” Then, she had a nervous laugh.

I said “Don’t lose the moment, Lisa. Let yourself go. Say it and do it, no matter what comes out. You are learning about your sensual side. I will follow your lead. Nothing is out of line with me, ok? Pretend I am your husband.”

She said to me “I think you need to find out how turned on I am, hon.”

I reached down and felt her pussy in response to her last comment. She was very, very wet.

She responded with “Mmmmm, that’s it baby. Play with my pussy and keep sucking Mommie’s tits.”

She then started swiveling her hips on my lap like she was trying to rub her pussy on a cock. Then she said “You like this honey?”

I said “Yes, baby, you are so hot. Keep going.”

I continued sucking her tits as I heard her moan. I said “Do you like your husband sucking your titties?”

She closed her eyes and continued rocking her hips on my lap. I was massaging one of her tits with my one hand, while sucking on it. With my other hand I was still rubbing her pussy

She was grinding her pussy into my hand and then said “Gosh, that feels soooo good. I love you sucking my titties and playing with my pussy.”

I said “Just enjoy yourself, hon. You are learning how to be sensual, and learning how to use your body, and enjoy your body being played with.”

She had her eyes closed as she continued to rock her body on me. As I rubbed on her pussy and played with her tits, I also listened as her breathing got heavier and heavier. Next it turned into panting, and then making whimpering noises. I could tell she was about to cum. I whispered “Have fun, hon. Go with it and enjoy yourself. Cum for me.”

Within a couple more minutes she was having her first orgasm. I just held onto her body as it shook from the orgasm. I held on until she became limp on my body. She leaned her chest forward against me laying her face was on my shoulder. After her body finished shaking from the orgasm, she finally said “Thank you for that. That was absolutely wonderful. My first orgasm ever. I had no idea this would be so much fun. I hope I didn’t get out of line with you.”

“Not at all,” I said. Then I added “This is all part of learning. So, I am glad you got to use me as a husband to learn about yourself. I am very proud of you.”

I slid my shirt back onto me as I got up from the chair to finish making our sandwiches for supper. Without thinking, I started buttoning it back up. Then I noticed that she started to put her shirt back. I told her that she might as well stay naked now.

She said “But, you’re not naked.”

I said “Well, come over here and change that for me.”

Again, I wanted Lisa to start getting confident with her sexuality, so I pushed her a little to see whether she would strip me.

She did not hesitate. She immediately came over and unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off of my shoulders as it fell to the kitchen floor. Then she said “There. That looks much better.”

I smiled and said “Thanks. I am not sure why I even put the shirt back on, because I love being naked.”

Lisa and I took our sandwiches into the living room and talked while we ate. We would both occasionally steal glances at each other’s naked bodies. After about an hour, she said “I hate to keep bringing this up, but I have to tell you that I absolutely love this. I love having a friend like you that I can be naked with, enjoy talking about sex, and even play around and have an orgasm with. This is has been absolutely wonderful.”

I said “Well, I like it too. As you know, I have always been very sexual, but have never shared it around anyone except people on webcam who do not know who I am. So, this is new to me, but I love this too.”

Lisa then surprised me with her next comment. She suddenly said “I want to see you play on webcam.”

My thoughts froze for a moment as I was trying to process what she just said. It seemed like a long pause, then I said “Really? You want to watch me play?”

Lisa said “Oh, gosh yes. It sounds so hot to me right now. In fact, I might even let them see me naked, too.” She paused then said, “You said I need to find out more about myself. So, this would be another way for me to do it.”

I said “Okay. Well, my cam is in my bedroom. Let’s go in there.”

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