Lisa’s G-Spot Is Found

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My boyfriend William and I are getting closer and closer each week we are together. I give him what ever he wants and he does the same for me. We recently tried some new things that allow me to be closer to him than ever.

William sat in the front room of his house as I walked through the door. He smiled and called me over to him. I bent over and kissed him on the lips. He held me close and then pulled me so I ended up sitting on his lap. He slowly started to unbutton my blouse, as a good girl I lifted my arms for him to take my shirt off. I felt him reach around me and unclasp my bra and again I lifted my arms to let him take it off. I felt him working at my pants so I just stood up and unbuttoned my slacks and let them slide down my legs. I now stood in front of Will in just my panties.

“Do you want me to take these off too?“ I asked.

“Yes I want to look at you.” Will said.

I slowly hooked my fingers through the sides of my panties and slide them down my legs and stepped out of them. I now stood naked in front of William for him to see.

He took me by the hands and had me kneel in front of him. I thought that I was going to strip him and take his penis into my mouth, but he had different ideas. He had me slide forward so I straddled just his left leg. He pulled me forward so that I was now up against his leg. He lifted his leg so that his foot now touched my vagina. I instinctively started to pull back but he pulled me even closer. I looked into his eyes, and put my hands over the top of his leg. He started to move his leg so my clitoris was rubbed by his leg. I started to move a little as he continued. He stopped moving and looked into my eyes.

“You can continue to hump my leg, Lisa” he whispered.

He wanted me to masturbate on his leg… I started to blush a little as I looked into his eyes.

“Will, I really need to pee, you didn’t give me a chance to when I walked in. “ I said to him.

“That’s OK you can continue with what we have started.” He whispered.

I continued as he instructed me, and could feel myself getting more excited with each thrust of my hips to his leg.

I could also feel the need I had to pee. I was hoping that I could hold my pee until after we finished what ever he had on mind, but wasn’t sure I could.

I continued to hump Williams leg, until I looked up at him and he smiled at me. “William, I really have to pee, please let me stop” I whimpered.

“Lisa, I want you to cum for me, and if you pee while you are doing that, it’s ok.” He said to me.

I continued to hump him and moved closer to what I knew would be a wonderful orgasm. I felt Will take my face in his hands and lift it so I looked into his eyes. I could tell my face was flushed red with excitement, and I was panting heavily.

“Will please, may I cum?” I said in a clear voice.

“Yes my Lisa, you can cum for me, but I want you to look into my eyes as you do. “ He said.

I thought that would be easy, but as I looked into his eyes, he smiled gently at me, but I became more self conscience that I was masturbating on my boyfriends leg, yet I moved closer to my eventual orgasm. I continued looking into Wills eyes and he smiled at me. I could feel the rush between my legs and whimpered to Will, as my orgasm washed over me. I was now flushed red with excitement as I rubbed harder and harder on his leg. Then I felt the rush to have to pee, “Will let me up I have to pee..” I cried out. He held me close and I started to wet as I finished my orgasm. I could feel the pee coming from me, and looked down to see that I had soaked Wills leg. Will smiled at me and pulled me forward so I was pulled up his leg.

“I am still pee’ing Will..” I whispered. He continued to pull me until I was straddling bahis siteleri his thigh now. I continued to pee until I was done.

He and I stood up and he picked me up in his arms. He carried me to his bed, and laid me down. He moved to the foot on the bed and I bent my knees and spread my legs for him to look at me. He pulled me to the foot on the bed and took a warm wet cloth and wiped me so I felt clean again. He then took a dry cloth and wiped me dry. I watched as he picked up a can of baby powder off the table and tapped some between my legs. Then he picked me up and slide a diaper under my butt. He set me back down and continued to put the diaper on me. He used the tapes on the sides of the diaper and it was on. Then he picked up what looked like a pair of plastic panties slipped them over my feet pushed them up my legs and again picked me up, and slide them in place. Will leaned forward and put his arms around me and helped me to my feet.

“Now my little baby, how does that feel?” he said..

“Well I haven’t worn one of these in 20 years but I guess its ok..” I said.

We walked into the TV room and settled down to watch a movie. Will sat at the edge of the couch and I sat down on his lap. We watched a beginning of the movie and the door bell rang.

“That will be Tammy and Mark” William said. “I’ll go put something on over this..” and I pointed to the diaper. “No need for that, and Will ordered me to stay put.

Will went to the front door and let the two of them in, and they all came into the TV room where I was dutifully sitting topless in a diaper on the edge of the couch. I had taken a blanket from the back of the couch and covered myself in it, but I still felt very self-conscience.

Tammy looked at me and said “Hi Lisa… what are you and Will up to?”

I opened the blanket so she could see what I was (or wasn’t) wearing.

“Will is having some fun with me.” I said.

“Well don’t feel bad, and Tammy unzipped her jeans to expose to me the same plastic pants I had on. She too was wearing a diaper that Mark had put on her.

“He does this a lot” she remarked.

“He takes me out places like grocery stores and then makes me pee into my diaper, while I am walking down the aisles. No one really knows what is happening except Mark and I, but it is very embarrassing to walk along pee’ing into my diaper. He usually checks me like you would check a little baby, he puts his hand down the front of my jeans inside the diaper and checks to see if I am wet. If I am, which I usually am, he takes me into the guys bathroom, and makes me get up on the baby changing table, and he changes me.” She said.

“Have any guys come in while he is doing this to you?” I asked.

“Oh yes, it happen s a lot, they tend to watch for awhile and the go on with what they were doing.” She said. “I usually am really embarrassed, but there is nothing I want to do about it. “ She said to me.

“Mark has not let me pee this afternoon, so I really have to go, but he told me to wait until he says it OK, so I think he has something planned.” Tammy said.

Just then we heard both Mark and Will call us out into the living room.

“Tammy did you need to use the bathroom?” Mark asked.

“Yes Mark, I’ll be right back.” She said and started to turn.

“Wait just a minute little one” he said,

“ I think you can show all of us how you pee, can’t you.” He said in a very straight forward voice.

She stood in the middle of living room, and looked into Marks eyes, she started to blush a little, and then the unmistakable sound of her pee’ing into the diaper.

“Mark I am done… will you check me please.” Tammy said out loud.

Mark took Tammy in his arms and his hand made its way radissonbet down the front of Tammy’s jeans and then inside her diaper. I could see Mark fingering her and the blush on her face confirmed that he was pushing his fingers into Tammy. Then I saw Mark whisper something to Tammy, and she spread her legs apart more for Mark. I saw his hand move lower and expect that he was fingering her anus too. He removed his hand from down Tammy’s diaper and laid her on her back on the couch. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down her legs and then off. He pulled her socks off, so now she laid in her shirt and diaper.

Mark untapped the diaper from her sides and started to open the diaper, front first. “Mark, are you going to do this with everyone watching?” Tammy asked.

“Sure, how do you expect Will to learn how to change Lisa, if he does not watch?”

Mark pulled open Tammy’s diaper to expose her to us. The diaper was full of urine and was stained a little. Mark lifted Tammy a little off the couch and pulled the diaper from under her. He rolled the diaper into a ball and taped it shut.

“Lisa will you toss this into the bin for me?” and Mark handed me the diaper. I took it into the kitchen and put it in the wastebasket, and went back into the living room. Mark now had Tammy lift her legs over her chest so she was completely exposed for all of us. Mark took a wet cloth and wiped Tammy’s vagina. He gently opened Tammy and cleaned inside her vagina as far as he could easily. He then took another cloth and wiped her anus. It was clear that Tammy had absolutely no hair between her legs. She looked beautiful.

Mark then pulled out a very small dildo from the bag that had a new diaper, and licked the dildo. He open Tammy slightly and then slowly and carefully pushed it into Tammy. She shifted her hips a little to allow Mark to insert the silver shaft in more easily. He took a new diaper, lifted Tammy and slid it under her. Then used the tape closures and she was covered. Tammy got up and put on her jeans again, and then sat down beside Mark.

“What was the little silver thing you put in Tammy?’ Will asked.

“Its something I picked up a few weeks ago. It is a remote controlled vibrator. I have a small box in my pocket that I can press and the vibrator starts up, here let me show you.” Mark pulled a small black box from his pocket. We watched as Mark pressed the button and Tammy sat watching. It took about 20 seconds and Tammy started leaning towards Mark, then she put her arms around him and kissed him. She slowly started to spread her legs a little and we saw Marks hand go right between her legs to her crouch. She started to push a little as he moved his hand up and down her. We could hear Tammy begin panting as she clearly became more excited. Mark continued rubbing Tammy until we heard her whisper to Mark, that she wanted to cum..

“Mark darling, please may I cum” she whispered.

Mark pulled her away just a little, looked into her eyes, and said “Yes Tammy, cum for me now.” Marks hand moved to the top of Tammy’s diaper and then down between her legs again inside the diaper. He helped Tammy have her orgasm and then held her close as she came down from her orgasmic high. With his other hand I saw Mark press the button on the black box again. The sound of humming that had come from Tammy was now gone. Tammy’s face was flush red from her excitement, and Mark picked her up again and laid her on the couch. In one move he unclasped the diaper and opened the front of it. William looked directly at Tammy vagina and was about to say something but I said it first..

“Tammy, what happened.”

As Mark, William and I looked at Tammy we could see a semi clear liquid slowly oozing out of Tammy betsalvador and the diaper was wet where it had touched her.

“When I have an orgasm and am really excited like just now, I sometimes ejaculate. It sort of feels like pee’ing but it is different. Mark loves it when I do, he has taken me their a number of times. Its wonderful, I feel really good after I do.” She said.

My William had a gentle smile on his face and I know the wheels were turning, but he didn’t move to do anything so I knew he was saving something for later.

As it got late Mark decided Tammy had enough and they said their goodbyes and headed for the door. We all kissed each other and they left.

As soon as the door shut, Will turned quickly and pulled down my diaper. It was still clean so I asked what he wanted me to do. “Step out of the diaper darling, and go sit on my exam table.”

Will had bought an old OBGYN exam table at a open air market and had put it in his bedroom where he and I could play on it. I sit up on the table as instructed. Will walked in carrying something that he put on the table. He pulled the stirrups out and as I laid back he lifted my legs into then. He pulled me by the hips so I slid on the table towards the end, which opened my legs wider. He sat on a small stool and looked at my vagina. He picked up what ever he had brought into the room and started opening it. I felt him open me gently and I felt what I thought was his penis going into my vagina. I felt him inside me, and started to move my hips towards my William. Then I felt him open my anus a little and he pushed a very small tube into me. Then I felt as he squeezed something into my anus. He had injected some kind of lubricant into me. Then I felt him slowly insert something into my anus. He pushed both of the things into me and I let a groan escape my lips. I had closed my eyes earlier and opened them to see William looking down on me. But he still had his clothes on.

“Will what did you put inside me” I asked.

“I have a package of wieners, and you have two of them in you right now.” He said.

Will moved to between my legs again, “Lisa, squeeze darling.” He whispered.

I bared down as William asked and could feel both of the wieners inside me.

“Again darling.. “ and I did as I was told.

I really tried to bare down and squeeze.. “Augh.. I groaned.” I could feel the wieners move inside me. “Again darling” and I bare down and I could feel them move.

William took hold of the one inserted into my vagina and pushed it back in and I bare down on my own and pushed it out. Then I really tried to bare down and the other one came out of my anus.

“Good girl “ William said. “Very good girl.”

I saw him bury his head between my legs and he began licking me. I came almost immediately. I pushed my hips towards Williams mouth, and then I felt him pushing something back into me. I hopped it was his penis, but it was a curved dildo. As he pushed it in, it touched my g-spot… and I froze….. I had never felt anything like that before. He slowly turned it on and it vibrated against what I thought was my most sensitive point in my body. I pushed and pushed. It felt like I had to pee very badly, and I knew that if I did William would understand, and hold me.. so I continued to push, then he turned the vibrator on high and I lost it. I felt myself pee’ing and pee’ing but it felt very different then anytime before. As William pushed the vibrator into me he could make me spray more, and I whimpered, “push darling, push” and he did. I sprayed him with something that I had never seen come from me.

As I came down from my high, I felt so close to William, and then I felt him licking my vagina. His tongue was going deep into me and cleaning me. He moved down and licked my anus clean. I just about lost it again, but contained myself, and whimpered to William…

“I love you with all that is in me.”

William picked me up off the exam table, helped me close my legs, and took me to bed… Ohh I love this man.

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