Little Bo Peep

Dawn. The first light of day was entering the suburban bedroom of distressed young Jessica Thompson. The pretty teen had tossed and turned her way through the night, her mind filled with images of her shameful behavior the previous afternoon.

“How could I do that?” she wondered. “It just seems like when Kenny gets his tongue in my mouth and his fingers in my pussy I lose control of myself!” Jessica replayed the encounter again and again. He’d caught her sunbathing nude, which was bad enough, but then he’d felt up her tight young pussy and got her all excited. The next thing the fresh young brunette knew she was being fucked right there in the back yard! Oh but it was what came next that truly troubled Jessica. While she was in a swoon after Kenny took her to orgasm, Her rough and ready boyfriend had licked her asshole! Yes, licked her never before touched little asshole and then forced her to masturbate while he did it! And…and she had to admit it was so sinful it had excited her at a darker part of her feminine core than she’d previously been aware of.

That was Jessica’s only explanation for her loss of control. The next thing she knew Kenny’s brother Jimmy…J.J. to most kids in the neighborhood, and his friend Jason were watching her inexcusable behavior and even photographing her degradation. Now, there was photographic proof of her lewd performance. Pictures that were now captured in young Jimmy Jacob’s cell phone! Jessica knew she had to get those photos cleared from her neighbor’s phone and the sooner the better.

Jessica’s parents weren’t due home until tonight and she knew she had to act fast. Distraught and overcome with worry, Jessica had little idea of what to do. The only thing that she did know was she had to confront her boyfriend’s brother and right away.

Jessica, of course, knew Jimmy…well, she knew him a little. Jimmy went to public school and so they didn’t hang out in school. Mostly They knew each other from childhood when the Jacobs boys would hold neighborhood “Carnivals” that were actually kind of fun.

Jessica put on a flowered tee shirt, white panties and dark blue shorts and went downstairs to fix some breakfast. She’d figure out something, she decided.

Meanwhile, not far away, young Jimmy Jacobs lay in his bed wondering how the day would play out for him.

“Maybe I should take a good look in the mirror.” He mused. “Since my face won’t look like this after Kenny gets through with me.” Jimmy rolled over and sighed. How did he ever get in this mess? The lad chuckled as he realized it wasn’t at all hard to figure out how he got in the mess…it was how to get OUT of the mess that worried him.

Jimmy had loved Jessica Thompson since the first time he’d laid eyes on her. It was Halloween… several years ago. He no longer went trick or treating feeling it was “For little kids.” So his parents left him in charge of handing out the candy. Midway through the evening he heard a knock and opened the door to find Jessica…dressed as little Bo Peep standing there before him, holding out her loot bag!

“Trick or Treat!” She’d smiled. Jimmy took in the sight before him and was speechless. Little Jessica Thompson, whom he’d only seen in church and around the neighborhood stood before him dress as frilly and girly as anyone he’d ever seen! Then his mother appeared and was similarly delighted with her outfit.

“Why if it isn’t Little Bo Peep!” She gushed. ” Why Jessica that’s the cutest little costume…let me get my camera.” Jimmy’s mom proceeded to shoot a few pictures of Jessica as she turned and posed for the camera. Jimmy found himself wondering if Jessica was wearing frilly little Bo Peep panties to complete her outfit. His cock began to stir at the thought.

In a flash, Jessica had her candy and was gone but Jimmy had her image burned into his subconscious for the rest of the evening. Mrs. Jacobs got the film developed and Jimmy found the pictures almost as captivating as little Jessica herself.

Jimmy was born with the talent to draw and he found himself sketching a likeness of his neighbor from the pictures his Mom had taken. It was the best one he’d ever done. So good that even his parents began to recognize the lad’s talent. So good that his asshole brother began to tease him mercilessly about his crush on Jessica.

“You should be ashamed of yourself little Bro!” Kenny started. Nice catholic schoolgirl and you’re all ready to fuck her! Young Love…” He sang, “First love…filled…with true…emotion! Haw Haw!”

“Shut up Kenny!” Jimmy fired back. But he said nothing more. His big brother routinely kicked his ass and there was no use in carrying this any further. Maybe if he ignored him, Kenny would forget about it.

But he didn’t. And year after year, on Halloween, Kenny would crow about his little brother’s anticipation of Jessica’s visit.

“Is your little girlfriend coming over tonight Jimmy?” He’d say suggestively. “Are you two gonna make out? Hmmm? Gonna stick your tongue all down her Cami Halısı throat?”

There was little Jimmy could do without risking another black eye so he just did the best he could to bare it.

After high school, Jimmy enrolled in some art classes at nearby Pierce college and was doing very well. His instructors seemed to sense that the young man was actually quite talented and could make a career of his art, if he applied himself. Jessica now worked part time at a local Wendy’s hamburger place and Jimmy would ask his friend Jason to go through the drive thru a couple times a week just to get a chance to see her. Maybe even talk to her…a little.

“Some conversation…” Jimmy thought to himself as he laid in bed that day. “Yeah, I’d like a number one combo with a coke.”

Jimmy was painfully shy around women and Jessica just seemed out of reach to him. She was just a…a dream. He’d put the sketch of her dressed as Bo Peep up on the back of his bedroom door to keep Kenny from making fun of it and piling on the rude comments.

Then…The unthinkable happened. His brother went in the goddam Wendy’s one day and recognized his heartthrob. He’d managed to strike up a conversation with Jessica and she’d given him her phone number! What it was about his shithead brother that women found attractive was a mystery to Jimmy.

“The asshole drives a garbage truck, picking up dumpsters all day. He rides a stupid motorcycle that isn’t even a Harley, he’s got this stupid tattoo of a growling bear which is just there to cover up the name ‘Gigi’ which was his first girlfriend’s name. He’d arrived for a date a bit early one day and discovered her in bed with another guy. End of affair with Gigi.” Jimmy mused to himself.

But then it started: First a date with Jessica which her parents wouldn’t let her go on when they saw Kenny on his motorcycle. Then Jessica was sneaking around to meet her “Bad boy” lover. Every time Kenny saw jessica he would come home and tell his brother the gory details: He kissed her. He frenched her. He felt her up. He took off her panties. She gave him a hand job. Finally…he took her virginity one night when her parents weren’t home.

“I fucked your little girlfriend Jimmy!” He’d taunted with a sneer. “She’s got a tight little pussy too! At least she did until I got through with her!” At that point, Jimmy finally threw a punch at his big brother. A punch that landed harmlessly on Kenny’s shoulder. “Oh…Wow! You’re gonna defend her honor now aren’t ya you little twerp!” With another derisive laugh, Kenny headed up the stairs to his room.

Jimmy had cried that night. It just wasn’t fair! He’d never loved a girl like he loved Jessica. But his idiot brother had taken her precious virginity. All of Jimmy’s dreams had crashed to the ground when he heard his brothers sickening blow by blow description. How she’d tried to prevent him from removing her panties. How she’d tried to jerk him off to save herself. How she’d yelped when he got her. Then a bunch of bullshit about how she begged to be fucked harder and harder. Oh, I’m sure.

And then…stupid as it might sound, Kenny had offered his brother a chance to see little Jessica all naked! And, fool that he was, Jimmy fell for it.

“She always sunbathes nude Jimmy.” Kenny explained. “I’m going over this afternoon about three so give me a few minutes and then, here, take my phone and maybe you can get a few pictures to jerk off to!” Of course Kenny just had to twist the knife. But, unable to resist the opportunity to see Jessica naked, Jimmy reluctantly accepted the phone and listened as Kenny showed him how the camera worked.

Just as he was about to leave, his oldest friend from school, Jason had unexpectedly showed up. Knowing it wouldn’t be right but unable to think of any alternative, Jimmy just took him along to Jessica’s house.

Jimmy Jacobs honestly thought he might get a chance to see Jessica sunbathing nude. He didn’t want her to see him, that was for sure! He’d never been in the Thompson’s back yard and wasn’t sure what to expect but with his knucklehead friend Jason with him he knew it would be difficult to go undetected. So he just opened the gate and asshole Kenny calls him out right away. Invites them over and makes a big deal of how he hadn’t ever seen a naked girl “Except in magazines!” The fact that it was true made it even more painful. As they moved closer, Jimmy was shocked to see his big brother’s penis buried in Jessica’s pussy! It took a moment for him to comprehend what he was seeing but there was no mistaking it. Kenny was sticking every centimeter of his cock into Jessica’s willing young vagina. And she was going for it too!

Jason bumped Jimmy’s arm and mumbled something about the camera and Jimmy realized he was supposed to photograph the sinful act taking place right before his horrified eyes.

His hands trembling, Jimmy tried to figure out the camera and finally managed to shoot 4 shots before Jessica triggered her boyfriend’s Cami Halıları orgasm bringing the encounter to a close. The two interlopers quickly exited the backyard and made their way home.

Now…lying there alone, Jimmy knew he had to do the best he could to make things right with Jessica. Even though it meant he would probably suffer the consequences physically. He’d heard his brother curse early in the morning when he’d discovered the phone charger in the kitchen had somehow come loose and now his phone was dead. He’d heard his brother’s motorcycle fire up and ride away. Now, it was time to put his plan in motion.

Jimmy showered and put on his usual summertime attire, sweatpants and an undershirt and plugged in his brother’s phone. It would take a while to charge…then he would proceed to Jessica’s house to apologize and delete the photos. There was no other way. Yes, messing with Kenny’s phone was taboo and deleting the photos would only infuriate him further but it had to be done…whatever the physical cost.

So Jimmy waited. He heard his parents leave for work and knew it was time to tackle this most difficult task. He was nervous. Of course he was nervous! Why hadn’t he just got nervous earlier and gone over to see Jessica and introduced himself and tried to make friends? Oh, it was too late for that now. No, there was simply no other way. He had to do this and he had to do this today.

Jason took Kenny’s phone and was about to open the front door when…the doorbell rang. The muscular young man was startled but opened the door to find…Jessica! And the pretty brunette was not smiling.

“Jessica…I…I was just going to…” Jimmy was clearly not ready for this.

“Yes…you were just going to come over to my house and spy on me again is that what you were going to say Jimmy?” Jessica shot back, not giving him a chance to finish. “That was just so…so awful of you! I don’t really know you well at all but I never thought you would be involved with something like that. I should call the police…I really should! Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just get you in big trouble Jim. One good reason!”

Jimmy was quiet for a moment and considered saying “Because I love you” but he knew that wouldn’t fly right now. So, instead, he was honest.

“Jessica…I’m sorry. I…I’m truly sorry. I was wrong and I know it. There’s more to this than I can tell you but I was on my way to your house to delete these pictures and tell you how sorry I am.”

Jessica wasn’t appeased. Her blue/green eyes smoldered as she assessed her neighbor. “Oh sure! Now you’re sorry. Now that you’re caught!”

“Honestly Jessica, I have my brother’s phone right here and I don’t exactly know how to got those pictures off of it but…but here it is.” He offered.

“It’s not your phone?” Jessica wondered. “What were you doing with Kenny’s phone?”

Now there was no way out and so Jimmy’s choices became plainer. “I…I don’t have a job, I don’t have a car and I don’t have a phone. Kenny wanted me to…to take those photos and…” Tears began to well up in the teenagers eyes as he realized this beautiful girl before him would end up hating him forever because of this.

He offered the phone to Jessica and she looked directly at him before taking it. “Don’t know how to delete photos…honestly…everyone knows how to…” Jessica quickly moved into camera mode and found the salacious photos that showed her debauchery from yesterday. She deleted each lewd photo and then…then she saw the proceeding picture. It was a nude shot but…but not of her! It was…it was Cheryl Nelson from her school. Cheryl had her legs open and was clearly enjoying making a slut of herself! Jessica clicked through the photos, one after another until she came upon Blonde haired Julie Hopkins who worked at Wendy’s. Julie had Kenny’s penis in her mouth! Next was a dark haired girl that Jessica didn’t even recognize. Sadly, she came to understand that she wasn’t exactly his “One and Only” as he’d led her to believe.

Now it was Jessica who had tears welling up. She’d come here this morning full of spit and vinegar and now, it turned out that she was just another little piece of ass to her so called boyfriend. How could she have been so stupid? Jimmy was trying to explain about his involvement but Jessica realized that poor Jimmy was also being played for a fool. In that instant, Jessica saw Kenny for exactly what he was: A lousy piece of trash who didn’t care two cents about her or even his own brother! She didn’t know what to say now. She began to quietly sob.

Jimmy realized that Jessica now understood her situation and he reached out for her. Jessica moved to meet him and suddenly the two lifelong neighbors were embracing. “Jimmy…I…I’m sorry.” Was all she could think of to say. “Listen…you won’t tell anyone about this will you?”

“No…no of course not!” He insisted.

“How do I know?” She asked seriously. The pictures were gone but Jimmy and his friend Jason had obviously witnessed the whole thing. And what about Jason?

“Honest Jessie…” Jimmy began. “I won’t tell anyone and…and neither will Jason.” But Jessica didn’t even know Jason. He was an X factor in this equation. He had probably already blabbed to all his friends about this. How did she know he didn’t already have the sexy photos sent to his camera? It was easily done.

“Jess…I’ll do anything to make this right…anything!” He insisted. Jessica brought up this business of his friend Jason and Jimmy, of course, said he’d make sure his buddy wouldn’t spread this story around. But she wasn’t satisfied with his assurances.

After considering the situation for a few moments, Jessica addressed Jimmy.

“Jimmy, what if I took naked photos of you?”

His eyes widened at her suggestion. “What?” He had heard her but really couldn’t believe what she’d said.

“if I have nude photos of you and this gets out I’ll post your naked butt all over the internet.” She threatened. “And I’m serious.”

Jimmy knew there would be a price to pay for his involvement in this affair. But this wasn’t something he’d even considered. He was not an outgoing person and he knew what people would think of him if she actually went through with her threat.

He considered the situation for a moment but, with a sigh of resignation, Jimmy agreed to Jessica’s plan. OK, it did make sense. At least she seemed to understand that he wasn’t the instigator of Kenny’s plan to photograph her and if she held the trump card she could, hopefully, keep Jason from making trouble. Jason would never make trouble for Jimmy…his best friend for life, but Jessica didn’t know that.

“Right here Jessica? I mean…anyone could walk in or…”

“Is there somewhere more private?” She asked.

Jimmy led Jessica up the stairs to his room. The willowy brunette smiled as she saw his private sanctuary. An Arcade Fire poster caught her eye.

“Arcade Fire! I love that band!” She couldn’t help but say.

“Oh, they’re the best!” Jimmy responded. “I saw them at Coachella a few years ago and they were just so good!” He proceeded to regale her with a description of the Fire’s captivating set which finished with Win Butler stage diving into the joyous crowd.

“That must have been so cool!” Jessica smiled. “If you don’t have a car, how did you get there?”

“Oh, Jason and I went together. His parents let him use the Toyota any time he wants. It really comes in handy.” Jimmy didn’t add that Jason also paid his way in the concert since he was usually broke.

Jessica found herself looking at Jimmy in a whole new light. She noticed his sketches on the walls of his room. They were really quite good. “Are these…did you do these drawings Jim?” She asked.

Jimmy just nodded. He somehow had this talent to draw and had always had it. He preferred drawing to a lot of more popular activities that people his age seemed drawn to. A loner by nature, Jimmy could work on his art with the radio playing and it didn’t seem like he was really alone. It was time to face the music. Jessica seemed to think that it was necessary for him to get undressed in order to make sure that he and Jason didn’t tell the world about her nude photos. Kenny was actually more likely to blab about it, but there was nothing Jimmy could do about that.

So, he quietly closed his bedroom door and pulled off his undershirt. He then dropped his sweat pants baring his youthful body to his friend for the first time. But Jessica wasn’t paying attention. Instead her gaze was focused on the back of Jimmy’s door. Where the now aged drawing of Little Bo Peep was secured with thumb tacks.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed. “Is that…is that me? I remember that costume! I told my mom I wanted to go as Bo Peep and she and I sewed that costume together. Oh, that’s so cool! Where did you…how did you…?”

“My Mom took a couple of pictures that night. I did the sketch from the pictures.” Jimmy was in the uncomfortable position of standing there nude while his secret love was admiring his art work. She finally glanced at him.

And she was impressed! My goodness! He was so…so manly! Not like his brother at all who was chalky white and kind of bony to look at. No, Jimmy was taller, more muscular and…and his penis! Wow! Hanging down from a wiry growth of dark brown hair, it was long and thick and his balls were the size of a baseball. Jessica looked up to meet Jimmy’s gaze and he had a slight smile on his face. He could tell his brother’s girlfriend found him attractive.

At a loss for words, Jessica simply took out her cell phone and clicked a picture of Jimmy standing there in front of the door…the little drawing of Bo Peep in the background. She was a bit embarrassed now to be doing this but, she had to admit, she was also excited to see Jimmy’s nude body. Only the second she’d ever seen. She impulsively clicked a photo of his drawing of LIttle Bo Peep.

“Could you lie down on the bed Jim?” She asked. Jimmy was glad to comply. He laid down on his belly, his elbows on the mattress and his head on his palms. Jessica loved his cute buns! Why…He was a doll! “OK, now roll over please…”

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