Liz and Dan’s Honeymoon

Elizabeth was the 3rd of 5 children born into a strict Methodist family. Her father was a drinker and her mother was the one who kept things together in the family. As Liz grew up in the 50’s she learned all the skills young girls of the day were expected to learn. Cooking, cleaning, and general homemaking was the way of the world in the 50s.

Liz grew into a lovely blond haired senior in high school, her thoughts started to wander to boys. All she wanted in life was a husband, a home, and a bunch of children to love and cherish. As fate would have it, she would meet her future husband while walking down a country road. Dan was 22yrs old and fresh out of the Navy and the 17yr old blond girl had all the right curves [36-26-36] and an innocence about her that drew Dan to her. While Liz was head over heals for Dan and thought of him constantly, her parents thought differently. While Liz’s family came from a well to do family and always had the best clothes, food, and cars, Dan’s family were dirt poor farmers.

Dan joined the Navy at 18 to get away from the dire poverty his family lived in everyday. His father died of a heart attack when Dan was only 7yrs old, leaving his mother to provide for three young children. With no insurance money and little money in the bank, his mother had to make payments to the undertaker for the burial of his father. To make ends meet, Dan’s mother went to work as a seamstress at a local clothing mill and made barely enough to feed her three young children. Living in an old farm house that let the wind blow through with little hindrance, made life terribly rough in the winter. To make matter worse, within a year of Dan’s father dying, their house burned down. To her dying day Dan’s mother insisted the neighboring farmer burnt the house down hoping they would leave the homestead. The family was then forced to live a small shed while enough lumber was scavenged [from the demolition work being done in the city where Dan’s mother worked], to start building another house.

Despite her parents objections, Liz and Dan dated and within a year and a half of meeting on that country road, they where married in August of 1964. After the elaborate church ceremony and reception, Dan and Liz left town to honeymoon in Old Orchard Beach Maine. It was the fairy tale wedding and marriage Liz always dreamed of. Dan, due to his years in the Navy on tour in the Far East, was experienced in many ways of pleasuring a woman. The whores of Japan, Hong Kong, Manilla, and Hawaii taught him well. Liz, on the other hand was raised in a religious household where premarital sex was forbidden. She had hardly kissed a boy before meeting Dan and her wedding night would be her first time with a man. That night would completely change her way of thinking about men and let loose a sexual monster that Dan could hardly control.

The first thing Dan did upon arrival at the motel, was carry his new bride to the bed and start removing her clothes slowly and tenderly. He had waited 18months to sample this small town blond bombshell and he was going to enjoy her. Dan slowly unbuttoned her blouse and marveled at the sight of her full teenaged tits hidden by the white fabric of her bra. He then reached behind her and undid the clasp while he planted a deep long kiss on Liz’s lips. As he broke their kiss, Dan got his first look at the tits he had only groped through sweaters and coats. They were pale and heavy and filled his hands with more to spare. The 36C sized tits had reddish colored, plum sized areolas with nipples the size of Dan’s pinky finger. They were breasts made for sucking, fondling and kissing and acted like a magnet for Dan’s mouth and soon had his lips all over them. With Dan’s hands kneading Cami Halısı her tits and his mouth sucking on her nipples, Liz was soon overtaken with a rush of heat cascading through her body. Her hands were busy running over Dan’s head and back as he devoured her tits like a starved dog eating it’s first meal on weeks.

Once Dan had Liz’s nipple hard as iron and sticking out an incredible ½”, he laid her down on the bed and started removing the knee length skirt hiding the grand prize of the evening. After the catch and zipper were undone, Dan pulled the skirt over her hips and down the formally forbidden thighs until it was just a lump of fabric. As he threw the skirt to the floor, he got his first glimpse of her womanly crease. There hidden behind white lace panties was a nicely furred patch of mousey brown hair. As Dan took in the sight of Liz’s nearly naked body his cock started to grow. He climbed between Liz’s milky white thighs and leaned over her, planting a kiss on her lips as he placed his hand over her womanhood. Liz wraped an arm around Dan’s neck and pulled his face tighter to her moist lips while her other hand reaches for his waist.. Dan breaks their kiss and moves his lips to her right breast while Liz pulls at his clothes in an increasing urgency . The sucking of 1st the right breast then the left ,while Dan inserted his finger between her labia, brought more tingling sensations cascading through Liz’s body. The anticipation of what is to come is almost more than she could bear. Dan continued planting kisses down Liz’s body until his mouth is at her panties.

Dan hooked his fingers under the elastic and slowly unveiled the gateway to heaven. As he removed hers panties, Liz quivered with nervous energy and soon felt something touching her where no one else ever has. Liz knew nothing of oral sex and Dan has had a lot of practice while touring the Far East. What Liz felt was Dan’s talented tongue parting her fur covered lips and working up to her hooded love bud. When Dan’s tongue came in contact with her clit, Liz let out a gasp and grabbed a handful of his hair. As Dan buried his tongue deeper into the dripping folds of her womanhood, Liz grabbed his head and pulled it as hard into her as possible. As his nose was buried against her clit, Dan drove his tongue as deeply into Liz’s love tunnel as possible. The pressure against her clit and the sensation of Dan’s tongue doing circles inside her sent Liz over the edge. In a kaleidoscope of energy and emotions, Liz experienced the first orgasm of her life.

The feeling running through her body was more than Liz could imagine. Her muscles tensed up, her back arched, and Liz let out a guttural groan as she lost control of her body. With each contraction of her sexual organs, wave after wave of woman honey squirted out of her. Dan had a hard time keeping up with it and soon had his face covered with her sex. Dan has had a lot of women in his day, but Liz is the first to ejaculate for him. It’s more than Dan can stand and he needed to get inside of Liz before she came down from her sexual high. He tore off his shirt and got his pants off as quickly as possible while leering at Liz and thinking of what was to come. Once his underwear was off, Dan’s raging hard cock was unveiled for the first time to Liz. She’d heard the other girls talking about a man’s penis but she was sure the one before her was above average in size. Liz reached out and grabbed a hold of it and couldn’t get her hands around it. Even with both hands holding it, Dan’s cock was longer than her grip [she would later measure it at over 8 inches long and nearly 2.5 inches wide]. Liz was a little scared of it’s size and wondered if her virgin pussy Cami Halıları will be able to accept it.

Once Dan had stripped of his clothes and had his bride’s hands wrapped around his cock, he positioned himself to enter the prize before him. Dan took hold of his cock and rubbed it along Liz’s drenched pussy. She shivered with anticipation as she imagined what it would feel like as the penis entered her for the first time. Dan placed his cock between Liz’s furred lips, he leaned over her and kissed her. As he looked into her blue eyes, Dan rotated his hips forward and felt the warm wet tissues of Liz’s labia part and her vagina stretch and then stretch even more as he started to enter his bride. It didn’t take long for Dan’s cock to reach her barrier and realize he had a virgin under him. He explained to Liz that it will hurt when he breaks her maiden hood, but the pain will decrease as she gets used to him inside her. He asked Liz if she’s ready, and Dan forced his cock forward, braking Liz’s hymen and didn’t stop until his cock was against Liz’s cervix. It was the tightest pussy he’s been in since he had the 70 pound daughter pimped out to him by a hungry family in Sasabo Japan. Liz’s womanly recesses squeezed and gripped Dan’s cock like a vice while the tissues of her vagina quivered and twitched continuously as it tried to accommodate the girth of his cock. As Dan slowly withdrew his cock from her, Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and put her heels in the small of his back. A new look spread across Liz’s face as she felt her vagina relax while Dan’s cock retreated from the innermost depths of her body. The look was of a woman in heat wanting to get fucked hard and fucked fast. Dan knew the look, and he readied himself to assault Liz’s pussy.

When just the tip of his cock was left inside Liz’s bleeding pussy, He felt pressure in the small of his back. Liz wanted the long wide cock back inside her and she began pulling him into her body as hard as she could. Time after time Dan’s cock plowed into her cervix and with every trust his public bone would hit her clit. Liz once again felt the never ending waves of heat and electricity flowing through her body. Her body was again having a wet and wild orgasm as squirt after squirt of her woman honey coated Dan’s pubic hair and thighs. The sight of Liz’s honey splashing against him drove Dan nuts. Faster and harder he pounded her pussy and soon felt pressure building in his balls. He sat up, grabbed Liz’s ankles, and bend her legs back towards her head. This allowed Dan maximum penetration into Liz’s soaking wet pussy and allowed him to get the tip of his cock past the entrance to her womb. 1,2,3,4, thrusts later and his balls let loose with their special delivery. As Dan felt the cum surge through his cock, he held his cock against her womb and sent stream after stream of seed into her baby factory. After six long violent pulses of cum had coated her Womb, Dan collapsed on top of Liz and kissed her neck. Liz had her legs wrapped around Dan waist and was exhausted from all the energy her body had expended during the last hour. As they lay together coupled in the most intimate fashion, Liz noticed Dan’s cock is still quite hard inside her.

Dan also noticed his cock is still semi-hard. It’s a talent he’s had since he lost his virginity to a tiny Chinese girl in Hong Kong. He started moving his hips back and forth inside Liz’s flooded pussy, and soon his cock was hard as iron again. Dan had plans for the next load of cum to be deposited into Liz’s body, and it would be the second cherry lost that night. Dan pulled his cock out of Liz, rolled her over on her belly, grabbed her wide sexy hips and pulled her to her knees. Once Dan had Liz in position, he rammed his cock back inside her messy pussy. With every thrust of his cock, Liz’s body was rocked forward making her 36C tits swing to and fro. As Dan plowed his cock harder and harder into Liz’s velvety pussy, he started working his thumbs into her ass. Little by little, he loosened up her browneye for his next conquest. When Dan withdrew his cock from Liz’s quivering pussy one last time, he took aim and drove the tip of his cock into her virgin ass. The sudden intrusion of Dan’s cock in her ass made Liz yelp, and try to pull away.

The girls in Liz’s senior class never said anything about getting fucked in the ass and she didn’t exactly like the feeling. Little by little, she felt Dan’s cock stretch her ass beyond anything she had ever felt and cries of pain soon filled the room. As she struggled to get out from under Dan, he told her to relax and it will soon get better and start to feel good. As Dan tightly held her hips, Liz felt his cock travel further and further into her forbidden orifice, until she finally felt his balls come to rest against her pussy. Having 8 inches of man meat stuffed in her ass had Liz grabbing the sheets and groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Liz couldn’t believe it, but her body started to accept the intrusion into her bowels and her sexual juices started to flow for the third time that evening.. As Dan moved his cock in and out of her tight ass, waves of heat and electricity started running through her body with an ever building explosion waiting to happen. In and out Dan drove his cock into her ass and her groans of pain soon became moans for pleasure. Instead of fighting the intrusion into her ass, Liz now started rocking her hips back against Dan’s cock. When Dan noticed her fucking his cock, and the change in her voice, he took one hand and started rubbing her clit. Within a few minutes of Dan massaging her clit, Liz exploded in another drenching orgasm.

The sight of Liz shaking and quiver through another orgasm as her ass was wrapped around his cock, had Dan close to his next ball draining experience. As the pressure in his balls built, Dan pulled his cock out of her ass and grabbed a handful of Liz’s silky blond hair while turning her to face him. Before Liz had time to protest, Dan shoved his cock past her lips and hit the back of her throat. With two hands full of her hair, Dan started fucking her face as Liz struggled to breath with each penetration to the back of her throat. It only takes 5-6 thrust to Liz’s tonsils for Dan to feel the torrent of cum raise through his cock. As it made it’s escape from his meatstick, Dan pulled Liz’s mouth as far down it as possible. Liz felt blast after blast of warm fluid enter her throat and she had difficulty swallowing it quickly enough. Finally, after 5 long ropes of man seed had made their way to her stomach, Dan released Liz’s hair and pulled his saliva covered cock from her mouth. Because of the intensity Dan’s assault on her throat, it took Liz a few minutes to gather her senses and get the slimy residue of cum and anus out of her mouth. She was completely worn out, and sore from the 2 hours of nonstop fucking her virgin body has withstood. Within 30 minutes, she was sound asleep and dreaming of the events of the evening, and wondering what is to come in the next few days.

Dan and Liz spent the week coupling in every position possible. Dan’s years of fucking in the far east was used to train Liz in the acts of fucking ans sucking. By the end of the honeymoon, Liz was fucked over 50 times and had turned into a perfect slut. Anything Dan wanted to do, she let him. Her appetite for sex and Dan’s big cock was never ending and showed no signs of letting up. Dan knew he had a special woman that couldn’t get enough sex and he planned on taking advantage of her. He would use her body for financial and career advancement, while seeing what her sexual limits were.

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