Longing for Chelsea Pt. 02

Author’s note: Thanks for the positive feedback on the first part of this tale. When I started it I wasn’t even sure it would have a sequel but now I can see it as a short series. This second part is probably more sensual than outright sexual and it serves mainly to advance the plot – but I hope to reward my readers’ patience in the next instalment. As always comments and feedback are very welcome.


Mary woke the next morning to the unfamiliar sound of magpies warbling in the trees. It was going to be a hot day. She pushed off the covers, threw off her cotton nightgown and stretched – luxuriating in the soft bed and in her nakedness. The bedside clock said 8.20 and the house was silent. She knew David had early calls to make and perhaps Chelsea had gone with him. Her thoughts turned almost immediately to yesterday’s erotic encounter with Janet Deane. She still could not believe her luck in meeting Janet in this “one-horse town”. The brunette in her mid-forties had such a hot body and Mary’s hands slipped between her legs thinking about the taste of Janet’s slick cunt and the possibilities of their next encounter. But inevitably, fingering her clit triggered mental images of Chelsea.

Her daughter-in-law – well, technically her step-daughter-in-law – was an older woman’s dream. At 22, Chelsea had what Mary considered to be the perfect body. She was about five feet six in her bare feet with a slim shape that was toned and still retained the tan of her former beach-side life. She had blonde hair – cut quite short since she’d moved to the country – and a lovely face with even, white teeth and deep blue eyes. But as usual, it was the young woman’s breasts that aroused the sharpest pangs of desire in Mary. Chelsea’s A-cup breasts were so goddamn perky and Mary longed to see them naked. She imagined her nipples would be petite and tight like the rest of her body.

Mary dipped her fingertips into her now sopping pussy and brought one hand up to anoint her own nipples with her nectar. She rolled, pinched and then flicked them in turn, making them hard and tingly. By lifting her breasts and bending her neck she could easily suck on her excited nubs and taste her own wanton desire. Her other hand was busy delving more deeply inside her – flexing and stretching her cleft. She moaned at the pleasure now vibrating through her body and the thrumming of her fingers made her gasp and give an involuntary cry… then she heard something. A creak of floorboards outside her door. She froze – straining upwards with her heels dug into the bed and her ass off the mattress.

Then she heard what sounded like a slight shuffling of feet and she glanced down to see the shadows of two feet at the bottom of the door. Someone was standing there. And listening.

A rush of excitement shot through Mary. Could it be Chelsea out there listening? Options flashed quickly through her mind and she bit her bottom lip. Dared she? Oh yes she dared! She resumed her masturbation – quietly at first then with louder moans and gasps – using one hand inside and the other on her swollen clit – all the while watching those shadows on the floor. The thought that Chelsea might be hearing her sent her excitement through the roof and the sounds of Mary’s ecstatic moans were soon joined by the creaking of the bed as she squirming and bucked. She used her upper arms to squeeze the generous cushions of her breasts together as she desperately finger-fucked herself and it wasn’t long before she reached a shuddering climax, crying out in abandon before collapsing back into the mattress. She breathed deeply as her heart rate slowed and looked over to the door in time to see the shadows move quickly away in the direction of the kitchen. Mary pondered the implications of this. Critically, the listener had not departed till her performance had climaxed – literally. If it had been Chelsea – and Mary was convinced that it had been her – this might prove to be the opening that Mary had been seeking. A small rush of sexual adrenaline coursed through her as she contemplated the possibilities.

Half an hour later, showered and dressed, Mary entered bursa escort the kitchen to see her daughter-in-law hunched over a newspaper crossword puzzle. Chelsea was still in her white cotton nightgown and had a cup of coffee in front of her.

“Good morning,” said Mary brightly. Chelsea returned her greeting without looking up. Her whole demeanour was clearly tense and Mary was now convinced it had been Chelsea listening at her bedroom door. “My, I slept so soundly last night. It must be this fresh country air. Is there any more of that coffee?” asked Mary standing at the other side of the table.

“Oh of course,” replied Chelsea, still not meeting Mary’s eye, and jumping up to pour a cup from the still-steaming percolator. Mary looked keenly at her young daughter-in-law. The light from the kitchen window made Chelsea’s nightgown slightly translucent. Mary detected white bikini panties beneath the nightie but could see no sign of a bra-strap.

Chelsea’s hand was shaking slightly as she placed the coffee cup on the table in front of Mary. “Would you like some breakfast too?” she asked, with a slight nervous strain in her voice. Mary was worried by Chelsea’s apparent anxiety. Was she dismayed at what she’d heard through Mary’s bedroom door? Or aroused? Mary hoped fervently it was the latter.

“Just some toast would be lovely thanks,” she replied. She enjoyed watching Chelsea move about the kitchen. That nightgown was too damn loose to give her any decent glimpses of Chelsea’s body – yet it did have a scoop neck… so…

When Chelsea was seated again over her crossword, Mary rose casually and went round to look over her shoulder. As she’d hoped the loose nightgown had ballooned open slightly and Mary was rewarded with a heart-stopping view of one smooth, petite breast. She swallowed hard and tried to control her voice when she placed a motherly hand on Chelsea’s shoulder and said:


“What?” asked Chelsea glancing up.

Mary smiled. “Fourteen down: ‘Peerless’ – six letters. The answer is ‘perfect’.”

“Oh,” said Chelsea. “Of course, thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” breathed Mary with her eyes still fixed on that pert breast and it’s lovely coral bead.

This time when Chelsea glanced up she clearly saw the direction of Mary’s gaze and looked down to see her exposed breast and quickly clapped a hand to her chest. “Oh,” she exclaimed in confusion and embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I – uh – I wasn’t thinking.”

“Oh nonsense!” chided Mary gently. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about, especially not with me. Besides…” said Mary and reached down to take Chelsea’s hand away from her chest. “You are absolutely beautiful and should never be ashamed of your lovely body.”

And with that, in the most natural way in the world, Mary slipped her hand into the front of Chelsea’s gown and cupped it over that perfect breast. The feel of the impossibly silky skin and tiny hard nipple sent electric sparks from Mary’s palm to her own nipples and down to her clit. She briefly squeezed the warm, firm orb, gently pinching the nipple between her thumb and the edge of her palm. It was over in a second and she withdrew her hand leaving Chelsea stunned and even more confused.

“Oh my! Mary!” she stammered.

Mary stifled her own excitement and merely laughed in a casual way. “Oh, I’m sorry my darling, I didn’t mean to shock you. But you’re just so lovely and you deserve to be admired.” She bent to give Chelsea a companionable kiss on the cheek then retreated to her own side of the table. She desperately wanted to slip that nightgown down to Chelsea’s waist and give those gorgeous boobs the kind of loving they deserved. But she knew she had gone as far as she dared – for now. She didn’t want to frighten the young woman. And from the evidence she could see now at the front of Chelsea’s nightgown – two tiny points of arousal – she had clearly excited Chelsea as much as she had shocked her. But the young woman was still bright red.

“Oh look at you!” teased Mary. “What a pretty blush. Surely it’s not the first time you’ve been touched like that?”

“Oh escort bursa – uh – n-no,” Chelsea stammered. “At least not –um…” But she dried up in confusion.

Mary laughed, now feeling fully in charge of this flirtation: “You mean never by a woman?”

Chelsea smiled prettily. “Well, yes. But also never so…” She stopped and looked down at her paper. “Never so gently,” she finally whispered.

“Oh, I see,” replied Mary, fixing her with an inquisitive eye. “Is David never gentle then?”

“Oh no – I mean – um – he is but …”

Mary smiled and raised a finger to stop her: “Sshhh – I know exactly what you’re going to say. His father was exactly the same – quite gentle but shall we say not very sensual? Perhaps not very skilful? In bed?”

Chelsea’s deeper blush told Mary she had guessed correctly. “Oh my dear I am sorry for you. But perhaps you can guide him. Couldn’t you tell him how you like to be touched?”

Chelsea’s eyes bulged in alarm. “Oh Mary, no. I couldn’t! We never – we never talk about such things.”

Mary reached across the table and took both of Chelsea’s hands in hers to give them a warm squeeze. “Well my darling, now you can talk to me!”

“Oh Mary can I? Really?” There was clear relief in Chelsea’s question.

“Of course. I’m sure there’s a lot I could – um – teach you.”

“It’s just that – well, there’s so much I don’t know – you know, about how to please David.”

“Well,” said Mary. “I think you need to learn something more important first.”

“Really?” asked the doe-eyed Chelsea.

“Yes, my beautiful young girl. You need to learn how to please yourself!”

Suddenly they heard David’s car pull into the attached garage. Damn him, cursed Mary to herself. “But let’s talk more about that later,” said Mary and rose to leave the kitchen. But before she reached the door Chelsea said:


She turned to see Chelsea also standing and looking at her expectantly. “Yes my darling?”

“Do you… do you really think I’m beautiful?” The shyness and blatant need in Chelsea’s words made Mary’s heart melt and her pussy swell. She stepped forward to close the gap between them and took Chelsea’s face in both her hands.

“Oh you sweet thing,” she said and placed a soft kiss on Chelsea’s lips. “I think you’re the most beautiful – the most exquisite – and …” she let her hands slip deliberately down to cup each of Chelsea’s breasts and squeeze them through the thin material, “…the most desirable young woman I’ve ever met.” And with that obviously sexual overture left hanging in the air, she spun away and left the kitchen just as the door from the garage swung open.

Maddeningly, for the rest of the day her son-in-law lingered about the house – frustrating Mary’s desire to be alone with Chelsea. And Chelsea was completely constrained – giving Mary no clue as to how her daughter-in-law felt about their earlier conversation. The remembered caresses of the morning tormented Mary, forcing her to twice seek the solace of masturbation – once in the toilet, stifling her orgasm to prevent David from hearing, and again that night when she bathed before bed.

So it wasn’t till the next morning that Mary found Chelsea alone again in the kitchen – this time wearing a light kimono-style robe. Mary herself was in a white towelling robe, naked underneath. Chelsea was clearly nervous after yesterday’s kitchen encounter and moved about constantly – making inane small talk. Mary watched her patiently till the chatter subsided and the two women were standing facing each other on either side of the kitchen. They could hardly be more of a contrast – the young woman, at 22, petite, girlish and unconsciously elegant – and the older, at 49, full-figured with voluptuous breasts, a nicely rounded belly and sensual hips. The silence stretched between them and to Mary’s surprise it was Chelsea who first mentioned the sexual elephant in the room.

“Mary, I … I’ve been thinking about the things you said yesterday about … well you know, about … giving pleasure…” she averted her eyes. “… and taking it.”

“Yes?” Mary bursa escort bayan prompted gently.

And then it all poured out of Chelsea: her repressed childhood and up-bringing; her inexperience before marriage; David’s lack of attention in the bedroom; her suspicion that there must be something more – that she was missing out some how; and finally her overriding guilt at the wicked feelings she couldn’t repress – at the thoughts that plagued her daily and her desire for things she knew were sinful.

As she expressed these things she became more and more agitated, wringing her hands and averting her eyes from Mary’s close scrutiny. All the while Mary watched her, growing more and more excited by the possibilities opening to her and pondering just how naked Chelsea might be under her light kimono. Finally, when Chelsea’s confessions dried up, Mary smiled and said:

“Chelsea darling, would it comfort you to know that almost every woman feels the kinds of things you’ve just told me?”

Chelsea looked up in surprise. “Really? Do they?”

“Oh yes, and there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty about taking – and giving pleasure to others. Especially sexual pleasure. It’s entirely natural, you know.”

“Y-yes,” stammered Chelsea. “I know God gave us sexual feelings for a reason. But sometimes I feel that I want … um … that what I want isn’t … um … appropriate…” she finished weekly.

Mary’s pulse quickened at this crucial confession. “Tell me,” she asked quietly. “How did you feel when I touched you yesterday … here?” Mary placed a hand on her own left breast over her bathrobe. Chelsea blushed deeply and looked away.

“Oh Mary…” she almost whispered. “It felt wonderful.”

“Did it excite you?” Mary persisted. Chelsea glanced at her nervously, licked her lips and nodded briefly. “And did it feel – wrong?”

This time when Chelsea spoke she looked directly into Mary’s eyes: “No Mary … it didn’t,” she said with simple conviction. “In fact … it felt so right.”

Mary’s body was now throbbing with excitement. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and she felt the warm oozing of moisture in the folds of her sex. Mary paused for a moment then quietly asked: “Would you like me to touch you like that again?”

The sexual tension in the air was electric as the two women gazed at one another. The colour heightened in Chelsea’s cheeks but still she held Mary’s gaze. The silence stretched on for what seemed an eternity. Then, slowly, Chelsea raised her hands to the lapels of her kimono and drew them apart, deliberately exposing her naked breasts to Mary’s rapt gaze. Chelsea breathed in deeply making the perfect A-cup mounds lift. Her delicate pink nipples were tightly puckered. She let her hands fall to her sides again and lifted her chin, keeping her eyes locked on Mary. For her part, Mary feasted her eyes on the perfect mounds of Chelsea’s tits. Then, just as slowly Mary, pulled apart the sides of her own bathrobe, exposing her lush, heavy breasts to Chelsea’s avid gaze. Mary too breathed deeply and arched her back to make her breasts lift. She saw the pulse at the base of Chelsea’s throat beating madly and then, slowly, deliberately, she walked across the kitchen, closing the gap between them. She stopped only inches from Chelsea and, as she had done yesterday, she took the beautiful young woman’s face in her hands, tilted it up, and pressed her own soft full mouth to Chelsea’s waiting lips. The kiss was tender and soft and their tongues flicked briefly before Mary pulled back, looked down, and leaned forward, bringing the warm yielding flesh of her large breasts into direct contact with the taut firmness of Chelsea’s perfect tits.

The two women moaned in unison at the exquisite feeling of flesh on flesh, then Mary again captured Chelsea’s mouth in a deep, warm, wet kiss that lasted for long minutes. Finally Mary released Chelsea’s face, stepped back and brought her hands up to cup the impossibly lovely breasts presented to her. She rolled the nipples lightly, then more firmly, making Chelsea gasp. Mary’s pulse was racing in synch with Chelsea’s as she smiled at her. When she spoke her voice was almost hoarse with desire.

“And here beginneth the lesson,” she said, then lowered her head to let her wet mouth close over the petite orb of her daughter-in-law’s right breast.

To be continued.

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