Love One Another

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It had been a fairly long dry spell for me, Arnie Spellman. I was just not in the mood for another one-night stand. In reviewing what I really wanted, I decided that it was time for a long-term relationship even if it meant having to get married. My old drinking buddies had been taken off the market for the most part. I was 25 years old and had a good job. There were girls I had dated in the past that might have become more serious, but I was not ready then.

I did continue to go out to the Dragon’s Cave, a local bar, grille and dance place. It was more out of habit than anything else. I had come here many times looking for a brief fling prospect, so I wasn’t expecting anything else. Then she came in. Her most striking feature was her nose. It was very sharp, angular and pointed. Kind of like some cartoon characters have. Together with her blazingly bright blue eyes and dark curly hair, I thought her face was amazing. Her figure was not that much. Tall with slim features. Small breasts and ass but her torso was set up on some long, athletic legs. I watched as she glided, not walked, across the floor to a table. It was an entrance like one would imagine a ballerina making.

She was not alone. Another girl, not quite as attractive, was with her. I sat and watched. Shortly after drinks arrived at their table, the guys started coming around. She reacted to the offers to dance in the same way with every guy who offered. There was a polite smile and a “No, thanks.” It did not seem to irritate her. Her partner, however, took every offer and didn’t seem to mind leaving her alone during the dance. Several guys tried to sit down with her, but she asked them to move on.

I thought my chances were slim, but she intrigued me too much. I went over to the table. “It seems you don’t want to dance. I would like someone of substance to talk to. May I sit down.” This time she smiled a little broader and nodded agreement.




“No, L-E-E. Simple like me. I guess you could say that I’m simple with substance.” The smile got even wider.

“There’s nothing simple about how you look to me. We’ll see about the substance part. I think there’s a lot more behind the pretty face. Did you know you can usually tell the intelligence of a person in their eyes?”

“So, do my eyes indicate that I am intelligent?” She leaned towards me and opened her eyes wide.

“I can’t say. I can’t make it past noticing how beautiful they are.”

“Nice bullshit, but still bullshit.”

“I’m not very exciting, Lee. Do you mind telling me about yourself? Like, what’s the deal with not dancing?”

She spoke in a deep whisper-like voice, “I don’t mind telling you about myself, but I won’t say too much tonight. That will come in time if I don’t bore you with what I do say. I’m here mostly for my sister. For some reason she thinks she is not attractive enough to get a guy on her own. She asks me to come to get, as she calls them, my left-overs. I don’t like to dance because too many guys here think I have a ‘DO TOUCH’ sign on me.”

“Ouch! Sounds like a real lack of self-confidence on your sister’s part.”

“You don’t know the half of it. I’ve tried to assure her that she can get guys on her own, but she begs me, and I can’t turn her down.”

“Does it work for her?”

“I guess. She usually goes home with someone or some THING.”

“She leaves you stranded?”

“I always drive us here in my car. That’s why I don’t drink much.”

“Do you ever meet someone here you go home with?”

“I’m not saying. Are you offering already?”

“Why, Lee. I hardly know you.” We chuckled.

“Arnie, I go slow in relationships. I’m a believer in ‘speed kills.’ If you don’t want to take your time for us to get to know each other, you might as well move on. No hard feelings.”

“Lee, to tell you the truth, I’m tired of short-term relationships even though I have enjoyed them, and I think most of the ladies have also. I think it would be refreshing to take the time to really get to know someone interesting.”

“With substance.”

“Yeah — with substance.”

We sat and talked for over an hour about a variety of topics including sports. Neither of us had much to drink. Her sister, Mel, would periodically come back to the table. She didn’t seem to appreciate me being there as it cut down on the amount of men being attracted to the table. As the night went on, Mel got plenty of dance offers and drink refills. Eventually, she came over, got her purse and said, “Don’t wait up for me.” She left with a guy who had his arm around her waist.

Lee announced, “Well, time for me to go. Thanks for the conversation, Arnie. I enjoyed talking to you.” She got up to leave.

“May I walk you to your car, for safety reasons, of course.”

“As long as you don’t mind me having a cannister of pepper spray in my hand, for safety reasons, of course.”

“No problem.”

I walked her to her car. Before getting in her car, Lee turned to me and asked, Bostancı Esmer Escort “Where do we go from here, Arnie? And no, that’s not an offer to go to my place or yours.”

“I would like to see you again. May I have your phone number?”

“No. I don’t know you well enough. Not yet, at least. How about meeting here again next week same time?”

“It’s a date.”

She reached over and kissed me quickly on the lips. Friendly, but less than passionate but above general greeting levels.

I’m not exactly sure what ‘smitten’ is but I was sure I got ‘smote’ or whatever the past tense is. We met again the next week and repeated our time together at the bar and again the next week. Same walk to her car. Same kiss. Same blue balls.

Mel had arranged a date with the last guy that picked her up which freed Lee and I to do the same. I took her to a nice restaurant, and we sat in the park across the street afterwards. We finished the evening with some Irish coffee. That night ended with a French kiss executed with passion.

When I picked Lee up for our next date, she had a serious look on her face. She asked, “Arnie, have you been with any other women since we’ve been dating?”

“I didn’t know you considered us to be exclusive.”

“I didn’t. There is a reason I’m asking. Please answer.”

“Well, I did go out once during the time when we were still meeting at Dragon’s Cave, but not since. Why are you asking?”

“Well, I went out once also, and it wasn’t any fun. I mean, I kept comparing him to you. What I want to say, or rather ask, is I would like for us to be exclusive for a while. I want to concentrate more on our relationship than keeping an eye out for other possible relationships. I hope I’m not putting too much pressure on you.”

“Does this mean a change in our physical relationship?”

“If you mean are we going to have sex, yes and no. I would like for us to be more intimate, but you must let me set the boundaries. You can’t get carried away and push me beyond what I want to do. But I don’t want you to think I am a ‘prick teaser.’ I have some very good reasons why I act the way I do. If you cannot respect that, we need to end it now. Can you be okay with that?”

Based on what she said, for some reason my mind flashed to a rape scene. I assumed she had been assaulted some time ago and that was why she wanted to take things so slowly. I abhor rape, forced sex, and even BDSM. My heart went out to her.

“Lee, if you’re asking me if I’m attracted enough to you to want to make love to you in any and every way possible, the answer is a big YES. If you’re asking if I care for you so much, I would agree to let you set the rate of progress in our relationship, the answer is an even bigger YES.” I was yearning to say the ‘L’ word but was afraid I would scare her.

Her face brightened. She leaned over and gave me the most passionate kiss yet. “Okay, we’re now exclusive.” I heard a big sigh of relief from her. After dinner, she proposed we go to a secluded parking place. Like I was going to turn that down. Once there, she reminded me, “Remember, you have to let me take the lead. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.” She took by hands and placed them on her small breasts. Her moans were so sexy sounding. Lee then took her top off and released her bra. Her tits were tiny but perfect. The raisin-sized nipples were surrounded by a small, light-colored areola. “Kiss them, baby.” I RSVP’d her invitation by taking her whole right breast in my mouth at once. Her moan volume increased. I sucked, licked, and tickled her nipples on both breasts for a long time.

As I was concentrating on her breasts, my dick was getting harder and harder. I was afraid of exploding in my pants. I assumed she was aware and wondered what she would do. I was happy when she chose to start undoing my pants. It took her a little while before she was able to free my six-incher into the night air. She looked pleased. “This is for you, lover.” Her mouth engulfed my penis like they were made for each other. After a few seconds licking, sucking and tongue swirling, we both became aware that I was not going to last very much longer. She looked up and asked, “Let me do this for you.” Back down on my dick she sucked and licked with great fervor. I screamed out as I unloaded the most glorious load I had ever felt. Lee took every single drop.

She looked up at me and asked hesitantly, “Would you let me kiss you now?”

I knew that many guys did not want to taste their own cum. I thought that was silly. After what she just did for me was worth a lot more than me worrying about eating some of my own cum. I kissed her as passionately as I ever had. Lee remarked, “I’m glad you were willing to kiss me. That tells me a lot about how you feel about us. It’s just not your own satisfaction that motivates you.”

“Speaking of satisfying you, my turn.” I moved as if to put my head between her legs. She moved quickly to stop me.

“Sorry, that’s not for you. At least, not for tonight. There’s more Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort we need to know about each other before we take that step. A lot more.”

“But you haven’t orgasmed.”

“You got me real close and that’s all I want for right now. Please cooperate with me on this. I have my reasons.”

That was the first night we exchanged “I Love You.” I hoped she meant it because I sure did.

Over the next few months, we spent lots of time together getting to know each other’s political, religious, family and other points of view. Although our sex was limited to her parameters, it was wonderful. We matched pretty well on all levels. Our discussions were intellectual and sometimes emotional. I tried to bring up the subject of rape as subtly as possible, but she never would say anything.

I decided to talk to her sister, Mel. One day I called for Lee and Mel answered. I went for it. “Mel, I really care about your sister and I think she cares about me.”

“Oh shit, you’re going to dump her. You prick!”

“No, no. Nothing like that. In fact, just the opposite. I’m trying to get close to her, but there’s something major she’s not telling me. Was she assaulted or raped as a child or something?”

“You think it’s a rape she’s hiding from you? No, it’s not a rape. And no, I’m not going to tell you what. That’s for her to do. You guys seem to be getting close to the point where she will have to confess. Please, don’t overreact when she tells you. It will, however, test what love you do have. Please, be kind. That’s all I better say.”

“Good grief. What could it be if it’s not rape?” I thought and thought and suddenly it made sense. “Holy shit! Not wanting to dance. Small tits. No fingering. DAMN!” When I calmed down, I called Lee.

“What’s up, babe?”

“We need to talk.”

“This sounds serious. Is something the matter?”

“I think I know the real reason you want to go slow with me.”

“Are . . . are you breaking up with me?” I could hear her sniffling.

“No. I don’t know. Well, let’s just say I need to talk to you face-to-face before we go any further as a couple. Can you come over to my place?”

“Okay. Arnie? You know I love you, don’t you?”

“Yes, and I love you too.”

She came into my apartment with a face that had been crying. We sat together on my love seat. The silence was thick with tension. “What do you need to say to me, Arnie?”

I moved closer to her then I quickly drove my right hand under her skirt to the area between her legs and grabbed what was there. She gave out a yelp. I was able to confirm what I suspected.

“When were you going to tell me, Lee?

“Soon. I was waiting until I was sure you loved me. I was hoping that your love for me would be so great that you would accept that we are similarly equipped. I’m glad you know now, even if it means you want to throw me out. I would have preferred you find out less dramatically.”

“I don’t know what to do. I do love you, but I’m having trouble understanding how someone who supposedly loves me would hide from me that’s she really a man. That’s kind of a significant thing.”

“But you still wanted to see me even after you figured it out. You’ve the only man who has made it that far. Everyone else either stopped calling or called me horrible names. That tells me you might really love me. What do you feel about me now you know?”

“I must love you on some level or I would have never called you again. If anyone had asked me before I met you whether or not I could ever love a man like I have women, I would have laughed in their face. It’s not natural. I am having trouble believing it. Even knowing what I know, I still have trouble accepting you are a biologically a man.”

“But I’m not a man like you are. I am a woman in every way except my sex organs. I have taken medications to get me closer to my real gender and I hope to have a sex change operation soon. I think I might have breast implants after that.”

“But you’ve led me on. Pretending you’re a woman, isn’t that the same thing as lying to me.”

“No, it was out of caring for you and for your own protection. If you and I had broken up earlier without you knowing, your male ego would not have suffered. Just one more girl in a string of girls. If I had told you sooner and then we had broken up, you might have thought something was wrong with you for being attracted to a man. Arnie, there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with me except I have the wrong genitalia.”

I laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just remembered back to the times I made fun of queers and faggots when I was growing up. I even helped beat up some. Now I’m in love with one.”

“You . . . you mean you still love me even though I have a dick?”

“Loving you is not the problem. The problem is what kind of relationship can we have? We have to live in the real world, you know.”

“I plan to be whatever you want, especially after I have the operation. We’ll be able to Bostancı Evi Olan Escort have vaginal sex then. Until then, maybe we could try anal sex. I’m even going to get bigger boobs so you can titty-fuck me if you want.”

“I kind of like the littler ones. It feels good to be able to put a whole breast in my mouth at once.”

“What about kids? Do you want kids, Arnie?”

“You mean your operation will allow you to have kids?”

“No. I wish. I meant we could adopt kids if you want to have some.”

Again, a long pause in the conversation.

“Lee, this is too overwhelming for me to deal with in one night. First, I realize my girlfriend is a boy and now I’m talking about raising a kid with two dads. Can things get any weirder?”

“Where do we go from here, Arnie? Is our love strong enough to make it work? I promise I will do anything to make it work.”

“Great questions. Wish I knew the answers. I think I need some time away to figure out what I need to do.”

“Can’t we do it together? I’m afraid of what you will decide without me. I don’t want to lose you.”

“You couldn’t trust me to tell me the truth about your sex. I guess it wouldn’t do any good to ask you to trust me while I think about it. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to trust me or forget about me.” Lee got up and left.

I couldn’t go to my usual sources of advice without ‘outing’ my lover. It soon came to me that my lesbian cousin, Linda, might be of help.

“Hey, Linda.”

“Arnie? Has someone in the family died?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s just that I need your advice on something.”

“Are you sure this is Arnie? The Arnie I know has all the answers and spends his time sticking his dick into any girl naïve to believe his line of bullshit. I can’t conceive what you want my dyke-ass advice for.”

“Will you talk to me or not?”

“We’re talking, ain’t we?”

“No, I mean face-to-face. Someplace private.”

“This ain’t no ‘I’ll fuck you into being a girl’ ambush is it?”

“Good grief! You have some screwed up imagination. You can bring Sheila if you want. For protection, you know?”

She got a good laugh. “A hundred-pound sissy girl is going to protect me. Good one. Okay, Starbucks in 30.”

“I said private.”

“We’ll sit in your car in the parking lot at Starbucks. Is that private enough for your ass?”

“Fine. See ya.”

I was waiting in the parking lot when Linda and Sheila arrived. We all got drinks and came out to my car.

“All right hotshot, spill and I don’t mean your latte.”

“I met a girl. A very special girl. The problem is that I found out she is a he.”

I thought they would never stop laughing.

“Okay, enough with the laughter. I really love her, him, whatever. If we become a permanent couple, I would like to know what to expect. What can I do to make our relationship work? What problems will I likely face different from hetero couples?”

“Shit, you’re serious, aren’t you? Well, it’s hard. Very hard. I assume when you said you ‘found out’ that means she has been passing for a girl. That means you might be able to keep pretending and no one would ever know. To be safe, however, you might want to move to where no one knows either of you. You two will have to decide on whether to tell the two families or not. You know from my experience that the family is split on whether or not to accept me and Sheila. You have to be able to say ‘Fuck you’ to any opposition and be able to live with it. Most important, regular couples have it tough without the gender discrimination issue. Her being a tranny doesn’t make it easier, for sure. Hey, I’ll be the best ‘man’ at your wedding if you’re interested.” She and Sheila laughed.

“I’m glad someone thinks this is funny.”

“Hey, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.”

“Thanks for the advice.”

“Good luck and take care. Bring her over sometime. I would love to meet her.”

“Fuck no. You’d probably try to steal her away from me.” My turn to laugh.

It had been two weeks since I had last talked to Lee. I called and she picked up before the second ring. “Arnie? Are we still okay? Please tell me we are.”

I thought of several smart-aleck responses but thought better of it. “We are.”

She screamed with delight. “When can I see you?”

“How about now? I am ready to tell you what I want to do.”

“Is two minutes ago too fast?”

“That will be fine. Hello?” I guess she left already.

Ten minutes later a car screeched to a stop in my driveway. Lee flew to the door which I wisely had open to prevent her from breaking it down. She was in my arms immediately. We locked in a passionate kiss. I had to pry her away to get her to sit down with me.

“Please hurry and tell me.”

“Lee, I have had to get rid of some old prejudices and I have had to agree to stand up against other people who still have those prejudices to come to the point where I can ask you to marry me.” I pulled out the little jewelry box and opened it to show the ring. “Will you marry me?”

She was crying but then looked at me and said, “What? I’m not worth getting on one knee for?” The smile broke out on her face.

I made like I was going on one knew but I pulled her down with me. “Say yes or I’ll get my carving knife and perform the sex operation myself!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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