Loving School

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I have always enjoyed showing others what I knew, maybe being a big brother helped, also moving during my school years changed my life. My family moved from Ohio to Georgia, then Florida, and I found out that not all schools are the same, northerner’s were much more advanced than their southern counterparts. I was forced to sit out

2-years of middle-school (Grades 7-8), having already covered the subjects. YES, I got to work in the school’s front office, run messages, escort students in/out of the school, still wasted time. Best part was working in a student counseling program, headed by a therapist, but run by kids – helping other kids feel better, cope with problems, just get along, it was great! Another example of me helping and teaching…

My Father was great and from a young age I was his number-1 “gofer (Go for this, go for that…)”, as soon as I could identify tools and parts, he gave me a full-time job. Sure OSHA and safety rules today would forbid what I did, but I was never hurt, had fun and learned a lot. I knew “hands-on” many professions, construction (brick/block & wood), plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tool & die, machining, welding, never an expert in any one trade, but good enough to accomplish the job and pass most inspections.

I was asked in high school what I wanted to do with my life, I knew lots and nothing was new or exciting, until I was introduced to electronics by an retired old war-horse, turned teacher, Mr. Dudley. He showed us vacuum tubes (hot, slow and huge) then turned us onto semi-conductors (did everything tubes did, faster in much smaller packages, with no heat and at low voltages).

WOW, welcome to the future, Buck Rodgers WAS REAL!!

This was the time of Star Trek, Star Wars, aliens were real and mostly friendly – we saw them on our TVs and movie screens each week. I was hooked, I was a full fledged NERD and GEEK! I desired the new modern, wild technological and wired future, with robots and space ships!!

My dream came true when in my area a Vocational Center offered a co-school program to teach commercial/industrial electronics, I signed up the next day!

I had to complete my “high school” basically in 2-years and VoTech training in the last 2-years – GREAT, future here I come. It was even better when after 6-months a commercial computer company, ModComp donated a real machine to the VoTech Center. FANTASTIC! I had my hands on a real computer, the same electronics that ran huge steel plants, were in colleges and universities. These same computers flew in outer space on the NASA Space Shuttles and JPL rocket shots and space flights. I learned well, my first job was at ModComp and I enjoyed working there for many years.

With this passion for the future, having limited knowledge of new technologies and a desire to teach others, besides ModComp, I took on teaching part-time. Florida teachers are made up of fully educated and trained men and women, along with business or trade professionals adding in real-world experiences and practical knowledge. The K-12 classes were given to the trained pros. Vocation Technical programs was where the business pros worked. Who better to learn from than the guy or gal that just finished doing the same job or task, 8-10 hours every day for several years, who left the job just 30-minutes ago?

I greatly enjoyed seeing the “light going ON” behind some student’s eyes as they understand the concept or idea of a subject!! Another bit of fun was when I walked into a class full of students, went to front and stated: “Remember this for the test, but forget it as you will never use this in the real world, business or the trades!”. Wish someone did this for me in school, all that wasted time and effort, besides displacing other much needed and more important subjects or studies.

Most of my students were young adults wanting to learn or older people, displaced due to technology or mechanical advancements, needing new skills. 90% were males, as women had not learned the secret, high tech did not need brawn, just brains, thus applying technology to girls even more so… Sorry guys, some of us are very limited in the brains department, you got them, just do not use them much, or they are abused with alcohol, drugs or sex.

Now the other VoTec instructors were another matter, most were young men and beautiful women, the smart girls already in the tech sector, but most ladies were attached or damaged from abuse by past bad boys.

Why are girls so attracted to bad boys, then assume they can make them better???? NEVER WORKS and the girls get hurt every time – don’t do it ladies, stop yourselves!! YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF, YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE OTHERS…

God’s best task was making women, his greatest work and a wonderful gift to man! With each female I interact, I treasure them each, feel so lucky being with them and thank God again and again.

Working on computers and introducing new people to electronics and technology was fun, enjoyable work Avrupalı porno but took up a lot of my time. All work and no play, makes Jack a tired and dull boy. But I saw no way to change anything or schedule my time for more pleasure or time off.

Considering that problem, one of the other VoTec instructors asked for help, me being me I said: What can I do? Seems she had a young lady in her class that had a poor basic education, specifically math, could I help her?

ME: “Sure no problem…”

We made plans and scheduled for the girl, Meg, to stay after her class with Eve my fellow instructor. I showed up at the allotted time and we began. I walked over introduced myself to Meg, sat down and was asking her what the trouble was? I got confused as she did not respond and looked very confused… Eve walked in and immediately explained everything, Meg, real name Margarita, of Spanish history had trouble understanding English. This was a big problem as I could never totally converse in any language but English, even that was bad. So real quick this whole deal became much more complicated, but not impossible…

As this was going to take much longer than, what I had assumed would just take an hour or so explaining some math… I sat back took a deep breath and tried to explain that this might take some time, maybe a lot of time, so I suggested that we reschedule for a later date that I, maybe we all had, more time to devote to success? Eve translated this to Meg, I saw her face fall and get upset. I stopped her and with my poor Spanish and stupid signing tried to convince her that I was not saying NO, just later… Finally she understood, still upset but agreed that this was going to take some work.

So now, where and when, Eve was sharing an apartment, Meg lived with her family, but I owned a house and lived alone – bingo-bang’o, it was my house.

Now when, seemed like Sunday was the next day we all had nothing planned, and the afternoon seemed the best time, so we exchanged phone numbers. With hugs all around we parted friends and took off with our lives.

It was a long time before Sunday came around, but I was busy with work, teaching and YES, cleaning my house… Living alone I found out I piled a lot of things, in lots of places, just a mess. Same with dust and dirt, not until I cleaned did I notice how dirty everything really was or much dust had collected on top of everything and across the floor, but it collects so very slowly, little by little over time, that I never noticed.

After cleaning, then I noticed that my house was not real pretty, so I went shopping for pretty things, colorful flowers, pictures some new plates and glasses, even some pillows and rugs. I got home with lots of things that I liked, but never needed before “the girls” and happy that was now in my house.

Now I started to worry about what I could offer these ladies as they came over to my house??? Juice, soda, wine, champaign, coffee or tea, which one is proper, correct or “hip” at this time??

Why do women do this to men, why do we do this to ourselves, we work so hard to impress the ladies, strut and fluff, fight even kill for women… At times we males are more animalistic and not that civilized or the high and mighty version of refined humans, we are supposed to be evolved into…

Well whatever the reason I had fun and it gave me somethings to think about other than work, along with other things to do besides being by myself.

FYI… I got everything that I thought that the ladies might like or want, with several versions and flavors of each item – just in case.

Sunday finally came, I was very excited, but not sure why, there was very little between any of us, except school or training.

Eve showed up early, saying she wanted to be available if any translations were necessary. She was overwhelmed with all that I had to offer, she even had trouble deciding which she wanted.

Meg showed up on time and was happy Eve was available, so a quick hi and how are you (Hola y, cómo estás), a few quick drinks and we settled down to work.

As I was not sure what Meg knew or did not know, I had prepared a few simple tests, to see exactly what her knowledge level was. This took several hours, progressing from basics to more advanced activities. Meg was very smart, answering many of the problems with no trouble, such that I began to think this was a waste of my time. Not until tackling word problems did Meg show any troubles. She also had troubles with formulas or calculations necessary for processing to prepare materials or medicines necessary in her nursing profession.

Meg was smart enough, just her poor language skills impeded her efforts. So Eve decided that what Meg and myself needed most was English and Spanish lessons. Why me??? Eve’s logic was that while Meg learned Spanish to English, I could just as easily learn the other way, and as our knowledge expanded we could work on the mathematics Video porno at the same time. So started our weekly special school meeting between the three of us.

After a few more hours, Eve finally gave us a break and as it was late I suggested ordering some take-out food, pizza, Chinese or Mexican if Meg knew a place. Pizza was the easiest so soon three pies were being delivered. Good food, friends and a few drinks really brought on a good time, but we still worked on our language skills.

It got later and I was concerned that the girls NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!! To give us all a break, I turned on my big screen and logged into the on-line movies, then asked the girls which movie they wanted to watch, they had fun with all the possibilities. While they tried to choose, I made up some coffee and pulled out some sweets I had picked up at the bakery.

We all had fun, watching a Spanish language movie, as Eve and Meg provided translations, it got to be real funny after a while as they started to ad-lib new lines and stories for the movie. Very confusing, but lots of fun among the girls and an enjoyable release for a lonely man such as myself. It was some time later that both girls called it a night, bid me a goodnight (buenas noches) and took off. It was very enjoyable, I had fun and looked forward to next week.

This became our thing, meeting each week for lessons, language training, movies, good food and drinks among friends. Not every time did we order take-out, Meg surprised us one day with great Spanish dishes which she cooked in my kitchen. Also found out that I did not have any of the proper tools, pots or pans needed for even the basic chief/cooking efforts. Meg also brought along several drinks from Mexico, so the tiempo de fiesta really took off that night. That was our first sleep over, not all night but very late into the night or early in the morning. The girls passed out on my couches, I fell asleep in my recliner, maybe not the best sleep, but everybody was fine and drove home safe.

Next week, we all agreed that only Sundays, before holidays were allowed to be fiesta nights. We still maintained our weekly lessons, meals and having fun, but only 3-day weekends was anything special allowed. Washington’s Birthday, 4th of July, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving where all really fun Sundays!!

As time passed we had fun but it was also became upsetting as Meg finished her VoTec training and graduated with high marks and was soon working full time in a local hospital. She was having Buenos tiempos, using both her Spanish and English helping heal and care for people, without language barriers.

As Meg was busy, Eve and I tried a few Sundays by ourselves, but the spark was not there, or maybe we were too self-conscious of being alone to really enjoy our time together. I did not think there was any romance between us, nor any “man/woman” pressure on each of us, I was just assuming we were good friends… It was obvious that there was something there, maybe from Eve, even if I did see, feel or understand it. I felt bad, wanted to fix our relationship, even if I did not know what that was? I knew we enjoyed each other’s company and looked forward to our Sunday’s together, but it was awkward and difficult, so much so that other things interrupted or postponed several of our Sundays. It was a very sad day, those Sundays alone in my house, without Eve or Meg.

Somehow Meg found out about our Sundays falling apart, or she missed them herself? I got a call about 2-weeks before New Years, the next 3-day weekend, in very good English she explained that she had that Sunday/Monday off and wanted to celebrate all we had accomplished and our successes… I quickly agreed that YES a fiesta fantastica was a great idea. We quickly made plans, she told me what foods, drinks, snacks and sweets we needed, but mega-marts don’t stock some items. Many were unique to the Spanish, so we planned a shopping trip together, Meg as my guide to the special Cuban or Mexican sections of South Florida. We had a great time, tasting great specialities and único foods, I never ate before anywhere. We got much more food and supplies than were necessary, but it was all so good, it was impossible to choose just one item over another.

I even caused an crisis, as I was introduced to Expresso, great coffee, but in very little cups, so I ordered more and more, a “REAL CUP SIZE”, not until I heard the locals saying: “Loco americano tomando demasiado café”, did I start to think something was wrong. Also found out that their coffee was very dangerous, because I could not sleep for almost 2-days. Meg enjoyed that, not laughing at, but with me all the way home.

I was very excited for the upcoming party, and looking forward to sharing time together with my two best girl-friends (wonderful friends that were females) and the joy and happiness that happened whenever we, three, were together. Never did find out how Meg got Eve to come over but they showed up together – that was when the party started.

Meg and I cooked, her showing me what to do to prepare all the special Spanish dishes. I also opened all the unique foods, drinks and made special mixers, that with 2-days ahead of us we started to disfruta todo al maximo. The music was loud, we were dancing, cooking, eating and drinking it was un tiempo maravilloso.

After cooking and getting all the goodies ready, Meg, Eve and I gathered and had a fantastically wonderful meal, we all ate too much, but everything tasted so great. It was not too long before we finished, cleaned up to a degree and was all laid out across my living room couches, lounges and recliner in food and drink comas, zoned out in joy. We started watching all the New Year’s shows and videos of all the dropping items each counting down the time towards midnight. As we recovered some, I pulled out the champaign and we each got a bottle to celebrate the coming year, along with our friendship, joy and happiness we shared. I lowered the lights, with just the big-screen flashing all the bright lights, fireworks and shows from around the country, it was a very exciting environment to be in.

As the time toward midnight came close, we all got up and were dancing, watching whatever was falling, fall… Then the final 10 countdown, we were all screaming, 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1… We each shared a kiss with the other at the stroke of midnight. But the kisses became longer, with more pressure, more intimate… We started hugging each other, feeling the other’s arms, shoulders, backs and hips… Holding hands we all kind of slowly melted down onto the couch, I ended up in the middle, with a lady on each side. We were rubbing backs, legs and slowly more intimate locations… I am not sure who’s clothes came off first, but nobody had tops on, just beautiful sexy bras.

Eve was fantastic, with great C/D-size breasts with a firm tone body, with a healthy weight, but a tight waist. Through her sexy lacy bra, I could see her very dark and very hard nipples – I could not take my eyes off them, I had to reach out and touch her. After touching I had to taste, so I slid her bra up so I could access her breasts, as I kissed and licked her nipple, the bra fell away, looking up I saw Meg was removing Eve’s bra and touching the other breast I was not kissing or sucking.

Soon Eve was moaning and running her hands over our bodies, grabbing Meg’s breasts in her bra and reaching to rub my hard cock in my pants. Soon Meg also lost her bra, now I could not get enough breasts or nipples in my mouth or licked with my tongue. Both girls fell together, side-by-side, so I could access all the tits I had ever seen or had in one place. Meg’s breasts were a but smaller, but with huge soft nipples but more upright than Eve’s, her skin was a darker shade, and she was much thinner, overall it was such a rush and they both se veía tan delicioso, I was out of my mind.

At some point both women decided I needed some attention, they yanked off my pants, underwear and I was pulled down between both girls, each stroking my cock with their hands. One girl started kissing me, the other dove down and took the head of my cock into their mouth – I felt an electric shock through my body, up into my brain, I saw lights and rainbow colors splash across my vision. At this same time a tongue burst through my lips into my mouth, swirling around and around driving me nuts. She wrapped my head in her hands and arms and she kissed me deeper and with more passion than I had ever known.

I broke my lip contact and started moaning a warning: I was about to cum, that woman stopped sucking my cock, some how the girls exchanged places – again I was being kissed deeply with passion and my cock was being given a great blow-job, not better but different, I could not stop again and exploded into someone’s mouth.

I lost all thought, my body froze and my mind went blank, all I could think about was que suerte tuve, not one but two beautiful lovely and sexy women (Dos hermosas mujeres hermosas y sexy) and I was in the middle… Finally becoming aware, I noticed that both girls were kissing, touching each other’s breasts, twisting nipples, moaning and groaning around me.

I coming to my senses, I stood up and reached and pulled one girl’s pants down, she lifted her feet so I could remove them. I stepped over and repeated my actions with the second girl, removing her pants as well. I fell to my knees in front of these super sexy women, una rápida oración de agradecimiento, and I reached out, slowly stroking her legs, moving to inside her legs and opened her sexy el coño, as I lowered my head, she pushed forward on the couch. With my fingers I spread her sex open, then dove in with kisses, my lips and tongue, she yelled with pleasure as I licked, nibbled and sucked, again and again. She was sweet tasting like apples, but with a tang like lemons, I knew I was doing good as she bucked up, grabbed my head and pulled my face deep into her la entrepierna as she screamed while an orgasm exploded within her body. Slowly after some time she released my head, opened her legs and allowed me to get up and move over to between the legs of the other women.

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