Lustful Art Ch. 04

Female Ejaculation

I met Janelle a few months after I met Elle when my prize student invited me to come over to her Mom’s home and meet her. This stunningly attractive woman had almost been selected to go to the Olympics one year, but she just missed out. Janelle once had the body of a well gifted athlete and yet she’s very humble about her outward appearance. She’d been lifting weights all winter to get herself back in shape. She called me because she’s looking for a trainer and since I’ve been having this on and off love affair with Lisa, I decided to give her Lisa’s number.

Later that day I called Lisa and she told me to plan to be home when she would arrange for Janelle to come over for her first training session. Lisa wanted me to hide in her condo and shoot the entire scene surreptitiously if possible.

?Janelle is only 42 and has a fabulously attractive, well toned body. She has shoulder length dark blonde hair that almost covers the tops of her extremely firm 38DD tits. Somewhere along her life she must’ve felt the need to get breast augmentation surgery, and they did a superb job! Her biceps and back muscles were very noticeable in any attire she wore, but she was not overly masculine like many women who’ve been competitive in athletics can be. She’s got to be a very popular item of discussion around the real estate office, where she works now.

I received a call from Lisa around 11pm the night before Lisa was due to meet Janelle and Lisa had already gone out and bought a hidden camera with an FM transmitter which would send the video and audio signal across the way to a recorder she wanted me to monitor in my kitchen. I agreed, but since Elle was still my student and if Janelle found out what was going on we could all get in a heap of trouble. We’d figured that if Janelle played along, everything would work out.

The next morning, Lisa had to hide the sketches of Elle she had been working on for obvious reasons and I offered to hold onto them. Lisa was not going to hide her wondrous body one bit this day. She decided to only wear her skimpy bikini with a top that had just a bit more fabric to hold those lovely 53H hooters in place so she could work out. It was a Saturday morning and Janelle had told Lisa she was planning on taking most of the day off, but she may have to leave after only a few hours of training if her office called her. We made a test of the video system and it worked fine, I watched as Janelle was lead into Lisa’s weight room as the two ladies met for the first time.


“Please come in Janelle, this is my workspace, I do my training here and my art inside,” Lisa said taking Janelle’s coat. As the coat came off, Lisa was aghast at how beautiful this woman was.

The young mother had decided to wear her cotton work out pants and just a tube top which gave Lisa a great view of her well developed upper body. It appeared that Janelle had decided not to ware a bra. Lisa is SO lucky, but oh so well endowed too, I thought as I watched them together.

“This is a very cozy place you have here Lisa, I’m very impressed with your taste and your art is very tempting to look at!”

“Oh, Im glad you like it!” Lisa offered Janelle some bottled water as Lisa showed her around the room. “I’m also in Pilates, Janelle so I instruct you on some of the good, toning exercises that program offers you too.”

“Hummn,” Janelle said, spying Lisa’s strong legs and ample bust from behind her.

“Why don’t you tell me what you are looking to develop so I can customize your training regimen?”

Lisa asked her, noticing that Janelle’s toenails were all painted similar to her own.

“Well, you mentioned Pilates on the phone and I know nothing about that, why don’t you show me that first.

I really need some good abdominal work and my inner thighs seem to be getting bigger these days,”

“Ok, lets have you lie down on the mat here, on your back and we’ll do some leg lifts and crunch type exercises,” Lisa said as she motioned for Janelle to lie down.

Janelle was no stranger to working with trainers as an adolescent but she hadn’t had help since her college days and things had of course changed since then. As Lisa knelt next to her she could smell her fragrance and was getting very aroused by lovely firm breasts and luscious arms. Lisa had a way of seducing a woman which was second to none in the world and knew exactly how far to push her sexuality Antep Bayan Escort on a model or an athlete.

After showing Janelle a few of the basic mat exercises to work on her abdominals, Lisa moved into the more advanced work and had to manipulate Janelle’s legs to get her into the correct position for the work. “Leg lifts and crunches are great for your abs as you know, and I must say you’re in good shape Janelle,” Lisa said a she observed and counted the repetitions for her new client.

“Whew, I need to rest for moment Lisa,” That’s a great exercise I hope I remember it!

“I’m going to take off my cotton pants, its getting warm in here for me now,” Janelle added.

I was watching all of this action from my kitchen with my clothes off so I could fondle my own clit and had gotten so close to orgasm before just watching both of these lovely women together. I was so glad we got all of this on tape so I could watch it again later too! I wondered how Lisa was comparing Janelle to her sexy daughter who she’d fucked only a few days ago.

“Sure, anything you need to do for yourself,” Lisa watched anxiously as she slid out of the cotton pants revealing a skimpy thong type of bottom.

“Right, so now we can work on your back exercises,” Lisa said as she moved her into rowing type of exercise machine. Janelle responded like a pro, breathing deep, and exhaling completely she worked herself tougher to try to keep her beautiful body in shape.

Lisa needed to get closer to her now and make sure her bottom was in the correct position so she wouldn’t pull any muscle groups that weren’t supported. Lisa put her right hand on her diaphragm and the other hand on her neck, under her pulled back light brunette hair.

“Ok, I’m supporting those muscles for you but I want you to relax your midsection and put your head back more into the device so you don’t hurt yourself”

“Ok, Ok,” puffed Janelle, as she did a few more reps for Lisa with her hands on her waist. Lisa’s hands slid up from Janelle’s abdomen and fondled her massive tits as she removed them. She was embarrassed for an instant, but decided to make a joke about it.

“Oops, I think I tweaked a nipple by mistake!” Lisa cooed.

“You’ve got a great body, Janelle. You must be very popular with the guys,” Lisa said, in a soft voice.

I was expecting Lisa to make her move earlier, but I guess she had to wait to see how it would playout. I watched as Janelle laid back in the semi recumbent position of the rowing machine, and caught her breath.

“Let’s just say my sex life is a mess right now, I don’t know what I want,” Janelle said.

It seemed that she was very aroused by Lisa’s presence. What would she do if she found out that Lisa had fucked her daughter in the same bed, would she be repulsed?

“How so?” Lisa asked

“Well first of all, you know guys just want a good fuck and then they leave you or cheat on you, I’m so over that!”

“Umnnn, yeah I’ve been there too,” Lisa admitted to her. Lisa could see she needed a rest from the workout.

“Do you want to take a break for awhile and talk Janelle, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just need to rest for a few moments, but I’d really love to see you work out!”

Lisa gladly complied and laid down on the bench press and pressed the 125 pound weights she had set up last night. Janelle ogled Lisa’s huge tits as they jiggled and watched her abdominals tighten as she lifted the weights with no problem. Lisa’s strong yet subtle arms were very attractive to her and

Janelle knelt down next to Lisa and caressed her own inner thighs and instinctively fondled her own breasts. She aroused her nipples to hard state as they poked through the tube top she wore as she watched Lisa finish her repetitions.

“Can I feel how tight your abs are now Lisa?’

“Of course Janelle, touch me wherever you want, I love being touched.”

Janelle ran her fingers around Lisa’s abdominals as she laid back resting, breathing hard from her pumping iron. The former athlete ran her hands down Lisa’s long firm legs and massaged her inner thighs. She continued down to Lisa’s calves and massaged them too. Then she lifted her left leg slowly off the ground and removed Lisa’s slipper and surrounded her grand toe with her sultry lips. Janelle sucked on Lisa’s big toe and made Lisa moan in lust for Janelle’s hot body. The young gorgeous mother circled her tongue around Lisa’s main digit and licked and caressed her calf and lower leg while Lisa squirmed on the machine. Janelle slipped her tube top over her head with one quick motion, revealing her immense tits with large pointed brown nipples. She placed her erect nipple on top of Lisa’s wet toe and massaged her tit against her foot.

“Ohhhh, Janelle, yessss,” Squirmed Lisa.

Janelle hadn’t had enough yet and reached out and pulled off Lisa’s skimpy bottom, revealing her sparse pubic hair and her lovely fragrant pussy.

The horny mother went to her knees and plied Lisa’s firm legs apart and began sucking on her cunt immediately.

“Oh your mouth is SO fine on me, Janelle you’ve got such a really hot body too!” Lisa moaned.

“Suck my clit, Janelle take it in your mouth and suck it hard, I want you to feel my juices flowing into your mouth soon,” Lisa was in terrible need of a heavy orgasm soon. Janelle seemed to be triggering all of her lustful desires too.

While Janelle sucked on Lisa’s pussy, she massaged her ample tits simultaneously. Then Janelle placed her two fingers in Lisa’s cunt and fucked her pussy slowly at first then she got into it harder and harder with her right hand, as her left now tweaked Lisa’s growing clitoris.

“Yeah sweetie, suck my clit, make me cum!” Lisa whispered in husky voice to Janelle.

Janelle reached over and rubbed her stiff nipple on Lisa’s wet labia and her clit and then licked off the juices that remained on her breast. I love that type of contact too and watching this on that TV screen just made me

want to run over and get involved with both of them. But I knew Lisa wouldn’t want that, maybe it would happen another time, I thought.

“How’d know I’d love that? Ummnnnn,” Lisa cooed again.

Lisa smiled and they kissed passionately, tongues exchanged and they embraced one another, with Janelle on top, smashing her tits into Lisa as she still laid on the benchpress.

“Oh I love your tits Lisa, let me massage them for you, do you have oils?”

“Yes I’ll get them for us in a minute,” Lisa supported her back and leaned forward and the two women embraced and kissed again even more passionately. I was SO arosed by now I could barely control myself, watching all this on that small color tv set in my kitchen.

After they embraced, Janelle helped Lisa out of her custom bra and held those humongous tits in her hands as she leaned down and sucked heavily on her immense tits.

A while later, I watched as Lisa oiled up Janelle’s hot body and slid her slippery fingers all over the delicious Mother’s firm tits and legs. I watched all this unfold while I stuck a giant didlo up my cunt and fucked myself until my pussy was raw. I had already come twice and now my body shook with waves of lust as my juices flowed out of my pussy again. I was sitting on one of my stools in the kitchen and realized that I had made the top of it all wet with my cumjuices.

Meanwhile across the way, Lisa and Janelle embraced on the mat. Their large titted bodies entwined their oiled fingers found each other’s secret places as they kissed and hugged for a good long time.

Janelle seemed to enjoy Lisa’s body and I would guess it was her first time with another woman. Lisa wanted to go slow, but Janelle continued to surprise her with her lustful desires. Lisa showed the young mother her strap on cock and asked her if she’d ever done this before.

“This is strange Lisa, I found one of these in my daughter’s room just the other day, I wonder what she’s been

doing with it!” Janelle said staring at Lisa’s hot body.

“How old’s your daughter?” Lisa asked, playing dumb. She must’ve hoped that they would never find out that she’d been with both of them.

“She’s 22 already and in college part time, I think she needs be on her own soon,”

Before the session, Lisa had filled the balls of the anatomically correct strap on with a rum and cream mixture for a special effect later on. She loved using her toys and was hoping that Janelle wouldn’t mind them.

Lisa approached Janelle with the huge cock dangling from her lower abdomen and asked,

“Have you ever used one of these before, they’re great you know and we can do some much with them now,”

Lisa said as she massaged more oil into Janelle’s tits as they caressed each other once again.

“Oh yes, Lisa I want you to fuck me with your big cock!”

Lisa put more oil on Janelle as she watched intently and licked and suckled on Lisa’s tits. The seductive trainer asked her client to get comfortable by leaning on one of the machines while Lisa parted her pussy lips and entered her from behind.

“Ungghh, fuck my horny cunt Lisa, fuck me very hard!” Cried Janelle. The huge dildo slipped in and out of Janelle’s well lubed vagina as Lisa stood in back of her and reached her hands to fondle her new found lover’s swinging mounds of tits. Lisa tweaked them while she pounded the young mother’s pussy harder thrusting all the energy of her strong hips into her womanhood.

Lisa pulled it out suddenly and dove her mouth into Janelle’s hot pussy, licking her clit with abandon. It was a great site for me too. I stroked my own clit to another fabulous climax as Lisa tongued Janelle’s partially shaved mound deeper and deeper while she slapped her well lubed thighs for effect.

“Oh, suck me clit baby, make me cum on you, Lisa I want to cum SO bad!!”

“Janelle, I love your body dear, talk real dirty for me it gets me off too!”

“Oh Lisa I want to finger fuck my hot pussy now!” Janelle complied.

Lisa followed her and shoved both her index and middle fingers inside Janelle’s cunt as she kept licking her swollen clitoris.

“Oh, fuck, Oh fuck, I’m gonnna cum , oh, Oh, OH, OHHHHAHHHHHHHHRRRRHHHHHHAAHH!!”

Lisa gobbled all of her cumjuices as they flowed into her wanting mouth while she kept fondling the young mother’s tits and stroking her firm thighs.

A few minutes later they switched positions and Janelle strapped on the huge cock with its big load and fucked Lisa’s hot pussymound. Then she mounted Lisa’s chest and fucked those still well lubed knockers for awhile.

Janelle seemed to enjoy herself enormously and they kissed quite a bit, making me very jealous.

Lisa squeezed her hefty mammaries around the huge rubber phallus as she demanded that Janelle fuck her tits harder and harder. Janelle was getting off on it too and held onto Lisa’s arms as she heard Lisa cry out,

“Fuck my big tits Janelle, fuck me hard then shoot that big load all over me!”

Janelle humped her pelvis into Lisa’s lovely chest once again and then squeezed the sacs to unleash a torrent of rum flavored spunk all over Lisa’s erect brown nipples. Janelle licked up the spunky rum mix as she caressed her new lover’s body once more. Lisa reached down and sucked on the hard phallus drinking the last of rum mix and they kissed passionately afterwards.

Janelle went down on Lisa one more time too and made her scream in ecstacy as she found her weak spot and gave her multiple orgasms for a good few minutes. They held each other until Lisa realized how late it was and she asked Janelle if she was into a threesome if it happened. Janelle didn’t even pause and gladly welcomed any hot friend of Lisa’s. The two women went out of my view as they took a shower together, I’m sure Janelle and Lisa enjoyed each other in her luxury bathroom.

I came over to Lisa’s after I put in another digital tape into the recorder in my kitchen and timed it so that they had just come out of the bathroom a few minutes ago.

“I wonder who that could be on a Saturday afternoon, why Stacy, how are you doing?” Lisa was a terrible actress and she answered the door with a bath towel around her barely hiding her luscious tits. A few seconds later gorgeous Janelle came out of the bath naked and we all met and got into a fantastic threesome where Lisa and I took turns sucking and fucking Janelle. It was a fantastic time and when Janelle left for her home later on Lisa and I watched the video of the entire day and got off on it a few more times.


All things change and soon Lisa found a better job in another town and moved away but she had sold a number of her sketches and paintings to a few establishments around town. I miss her and although we’ve stayed in contact, its never the same.

I did hear from Janelle and Elle one day when Elle called me and let me know that two of Lisa’s paintings were hanging in a doctor’s office. Elle was stunned to find two erotic sketches of her and her mother in various stages of arousal. Elle was worried that her mother may find out about her and Lisa and would be angry. Instead, I found out from the former athlete who had also seen the works much earlier, she was satisfied to know that her daughter had matured and was not inhibited about her sexuality.


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