Lydia’s Grey Heaven


Lydia was twenty five when she first met Ed. Within the hour they were hiding in the shrubbery and she was sucking him off. Nothing odd about that except that Ed was seventy, stooped, sagging and covered with age spots.

‘Lydia loves the wrinklies!’ that’s what all her friend say. She even became an aged care worker to be closer to them. And when all the other nurses find the sexual harassment unbearable, Lydia is bending over in the shower for the old guys.

But Ed was different. He was mobile, not in the least senile and turbo charged—with the aid of enormous quantities of little blue pills. From that first moment, Ed took every opportunity to pound Lydia to the bed or he fucked her in cars or on the beach. They narrowly avoided getting charged with indecent exposure after doing it in a park, on the swing-set, fully naked, on a Wednesday, at midday.

Ed was also hung like a blue whale; ten inches straight and thick. You know that old adage about snow on the roof, fire in the chimney; this old bugger was packing napalm. Every morning he would bend Lydia over the breakfast bar and stick it up her arse till she would beg him gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları to stop. He nearly split her a few times.

And although Lydia was the biggest fuck fan since Linda Lovelace, Ed was sometimes just too much. There is nothing that makes you think twice about a man like being woken up at three am, on a night you have a cold, to find someone jerking off over your face. Lydia couldn’t keep up. What with Ed and the three gentlemen she was humping on her job, there were times she just couldn’t sit down comfortably.

Then one day, Lydia came home to find a naked grandmother sitting in her lounge room. The woman was fucking herself with a giant vibe; groaning too, louder than the porn on the television in front of her. Lydia was a little stunned and stood watching for a moment, becoming increasingly aroused. Eventually she offered the old duck a hand (or more correctly a tongue). As she went face down in those grey pubes, she discovered she liked pussy, almost as much as she liked dick. Just as she was thinking there was nothing like running gaziantep escort bayan telefonları her young tongue down that dry gully, she heard a cough. The old woman’s moaning was picking up; she was clearly about to come. Lydia was determined to get her first woman off there and then and she wasn’t stopping for anything or anyone, but she nearly choked on the labia she was licking when a monster dick suddenly invaded her arse, pounding, pushing her face into the old lady’s snatch with each thrust. Then abruptly there was a hand on Lydia’s head and with shudder the woman came, just as it seemed the dick up her arse did likewise. When the prick was withdrawn, Lydia turned to see Ed, flabby stomach hanging over his shit covered dick and above his saggy balls, smiling like a perverted tomcat.

‘This is Gladys, my wife.’ he said, gesturing. Gladys smiled looking dazed but happy.

From that day on it was never just Ed fucking Lydia. Gladys was in it too and the threesomes went on for hours. They were running through two, three tubes of lube a day just to kept Gladys gaziantep escort bayan videoları from getting friction burns from the huge dildos, vibes and not to mention strap-ons that she insisted Lydia screw her with, all whilst Ed was giving in to Lydia with that unreasonably large cock of his.

Pretty soon Lydia diversified at the nursing home too. She would go down on any old woman who would let her get away with it and she gave orgasms to women, who at seventy five, eighty, had never even had one before. At Christmas and on her birthday and Easter, Lydia received huge baskets of chocolates and goodies from her charges. She was the most popular carer in the home.

All was good in Lydia’s life and she was so happy. She moved in with Gladys and Ed, pretending to his family to be hired help. Her friends all agreed that she was glowing though they begged her never to tell them why. Nobody ever wants to know when young pussy puddles for old spunk.

Eventually everything ends though. Ed grew bored. It was kind of inevitable. One night he dragged a young man home and demanded Lydia service him. Lydia refused, she explained she only went with the elderly; Ed got rough and in the struggle, fell and broke his hip. That was the end for Lydia and Ed, but she still sees Gladys on the sly. Plus she’s still got all her old folks to keep her happy. And the great thing about a nursing home is that you never go longer than a month without fresh meat cause beds are always opening up and the pay is fabulous for an attendant who’ll ‘put up with’ sexual harassment…

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