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As the moving truck pulled away, I stood in the front yard surveying my new home, a small ranch that had been on the market for a while. My dog ran around the yard sniffing and rolling in the bushes. It was a fixer-upper and had been reduced in price a few times. While I was aware it was on the market, my interest wasn’t really piqued until it really came down from the initial asking price. The neighborhood was good, the location was semi-secluded without being in the sticks and I finally made my move to speak with the owner. We haggled a little but I had pretty much made up my mind that this would be a fine place for me for the next few years. So we came to an agreement and I began the paperwork process. Within a few weeks, I was moving in.

While I moved the boxes and all my stuff inside or into the garage, I noticed a few curious looks, from behind drawn curtains of my new neighbors, but no offers of help came. I really didn’t have that much stuff, so I finished dragging things in quickly and then went inside to begin the unpacking.

After what seemed like an hour or so later, I had a good rhythm going with emptying moving boxes and stashing the contents roughly where they would go in the room. The doorbell interrupted me, and I realized I had a good sweat going, but was more-or-less presentable, so I answered.

“Hi there neighbor!” said a trim man and his cute wife, both apparently in their early forties. His hair was thinning but he still had a full head, in jeans and a polo shirt. She was slim and similarly dressed and carried a small baking pan topped with aluminum foil. “Welcome to the neighborhood,” he continued cheerily.

“Hi, thanks. I’m Jerry,” I said, wiping my hands off before extending it to shake his.

“I’m Tony, and this is Phil,”

“Hi, Phyllis actually, but Phil is just fine. We have some lasagna, since you must be starving and, to be honest, the local take-out places aren’t so great!” She raised the pan in salute and I asked them to come in.

“Please don’t mind the mess,” I said, referring to the debris blown all over my living area, like a tornado had touched down to devastate only my downstairs. I took the still-warm pan from Phil and showed them my basic layout as I moved towards the kitchen. Basie, my basset hound ambled in from the back yard where he had been playing and exploring while I was unpacking with a couple multi-syllable woofs and yelps through the pet door. I made introductions but Basie went right over to Phil.

“Oh, isn’t he precious!” she cried, bending over to play with Basie’s long floppy ears. “It must be near your supper time too.” After a generous sniff or two, my hound could not have card less about Phil, since he had scented the lasagna on the counter and began his song-and-dance routine to get at the food. I checked my watch and time had slipped; I must’ve been in a groove with unpacking as it was much later than I had thought and both Basie and I did need to eat.

“Wow! I guess this will come in really handy,” I said gesturing towards Tony and Phil’s gift of food. I’ll have to find his kibble although he’ll be awfully upset if he doesn’t get the pasta. He loves pasta”

“Oh, we had a beagle that loved kiwi fruit,” Tony said. “Aren’t they funny with what they’ll eat?”

“Do you still have him?” I asked, looking for a potential pet friend for Basie to keep him socialized.

“No, unfortunately Abby passed a few years ago, and Maddy, our daughter, hasn’t brought herself to get a new pet. They grew up together so it was pretty traumatic for her.” Tony explained. Maddy, he said, was their eighteen-year-old daughter who had not joined them to visit, since she was still at field hockey practice at the local high school. We chatted briefly about family, and since I had no kids and was divorced, there wasn’t much input from my side of the story.

Once we finished, Tony and Phil excused themselves and I thanked them for the food as I showed them out. Tony and I spoke quickly about the renovations I was going to be doing and offered help if I needed it. They headed back to the larger split level home one house down across the street.

Once they were gone, I found Basie’s chow and a dish and fed him and grabbed a fork for myself and ate directly from the pan. Ah, bachelor life. No need to pretend about things like plates, table settings or even manners for that matter when the meal was right there for the taking. My hound got a few bites of lasagna, but no more despite his vocal protests and mugging for sympathy. I went back to work for a while before taking him out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Getting back from our stroll, the sun was almost down, but there was that early fall glow and there was still enough light to see a car idling in front Phil and Tony’s house with a teenage girl leaning into the passenger’s side window, if I was correctly judging the attractive pair of legs in medium length gym shorts. Basie pulled at the leash, since Uzun porno he loves attention, and made a beeline for the car with a jingle of his ID tags.

When we were about 20 yards away, the owner of the legs pulled herself out of the car and turned to look at me questioningly but more at the dog who was ambling towards her. She was cute and athletic looking, in a typical teenage athlete way in shorts, t-shirt and dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, holding book bags and a field hockey stick. She melted seeing the loveable slobbering wreck that was my dog. “Oooooooh look at him!” she squealed, kneeling down to prepare herself for Basie’s arrival.

“Hi, I’m Jerry. I just moved in across the street,” I said with a wave. Basie was happily grunting as she scratched his head and chin at the same time. “And sorry about the drool. His drool, not, uh, mine.” I added as an afterthought. Her grin was wide and easy.

“Oh, he’s fine, aren’tcha boy! I’m Maddy and this is Todd, my boyfriend,” she said with a cute toss of her head.” I wave to Todd and said hello. He did his teenage best to size me up and nodded. “What’s his name?” she asked, as Basie shook his head sending slobber everywhere, including a wet rope onto Todd’s car door. Maddy squealed with delight at my sloppy hound. He was a natural ham, and loved attention, especially from women. He was a magnet for both attracting women and attracting attractive women. She began patting his head and then rubbing his chin.

“He’s Count Basie, but answers to Basie when he feels like answering,” I said. “Again, sorry about that, with the drooling thing.”

“So you moved into the Watkins place?” she had found the spot on his chin which makes Basie sit still, or as still as his rambunctious self allows, and rubbed him, calming him immediately. “I thought that was never gonna sell.”

“Yeah, just in today. I met your folks earlier. At least I think it’s your folks,” I replied and kneeled down and offered her a small rag to wipe up the mess on her sneakers where Basie scored a direct hit with some slobber. A surprised look crossed her eyes at the gesture, and she smiled very genuinely, but answered “No thanks”, before I moved on to cleaning my pooch’s face and a bit on Todd’s car door while he was calm and distracted. A bit closer and I noticed that there was something about Maddy up close that may not have been model-attractive, but was very magnetic and alluring. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but I stood back up before I found myself staring at her. I had to be twice her age, and didn’t want to come across like a lecherous perv after meeting the neighbors for the first time.

“I’m gonna go babe,” Todd spoke for the first time.

“Yeah. OK,” she said coolly and snapping back to where ever she was before. Basie continued to get his due attention though.

I stood and told Todd “Nice to meet you” as he grunted and pulled away. I knew the type too well to let it even bother me. Turning to Maddy, I tried again “And it’s nice meeting you as well, Maddy”. She stood, leaving Basie sitting still as if she were rubbing his jaw and flashed the smile at me again for a brief second.

“Nice meeting you Jerry,” she said before turning towards her house as I gently tugged his leash to wake him back from his daydream. Maddy turned back on her heel “I can babysit for you if you need to. Need me to. If you need me to.” she stumbled a little.

I looked up from the hound and smiled again. “I’m not married, Maddy. No kids.”

“I can dog sit if you need me to,” she got it in one that time. “I could use the money. College coming soon, and…”

“Sure, Maddy. I’ll let you know when.”

“OK” and she was off, bouncing towards her house.

Wow, that was odd. And unexpected. And I need to be very careful with that.

And that was how I met Maddy.

Weeks passed, and the weather stayed warm until later in the fall before the weather got slightly cooler. I met more of the neighbors, and all in all, they seemed like a good bunch. I made some minor repairs outside and got a repaint of the exterior done over a few weekends. Tony even helped a bit, and by helping, I mean he brought a cooler of beer over and we drank most of it while getting surprisingly little painting done. The big-ticket items I considered for next spring were a new roof and some tile work on the short drive way and the house would be back in fine shape.

On Thursday night, on the late side, Basie waddled to the door and began a low moan and groan routine like he wanted a walk. We had gone earlier so I was a bit surprised, but he was somewhat insistent. So, I stepped in some shoes, grabbed a poop bag and let him out without the leash. It was late and there was no traffic. And Bassets aren’t known for speed or endurance, or at least this one wasn’t, so it wasn’t like he was a flight risk.

A short walk, we turned back around, and sure enough, when I Öğrenci porno wasn’t looking, Basie bolted. Whatever possessed him to take off also gave him a bit of stealth because he wasn’t howling; I could just make out the jingle of his tags to track him.

Now people that don’t own Bassets think they’re dumb: they’re not. They’re very smart, just independent with a very singular focus when they choose to exert it. At those times, they won’t come when called, or obey commands unless you can break their focus, which is usually scent-based. “Basie!” I called out, far too loudly, and then looked around guiltily. “Basie!” I adjusted the outdoor voice to a loud stage whisper and set off in direction of the last place I heard him rustling through the hedges.

He had moved in to the neighbor’s yards and I slowly tracked, pausing to listen for him. When I finally got close, her was in Tony and Phil’s yard by the sound of it. Following by ear, I crept alongside their house towards the back yard, passing by a low small window that was both open and lit. I glanced in as I walked past, did a double take and completely walked past the window before I processed what I had seen. I then backed up and snuck a peek around the open window.

The room was small or just seemed small since it looked like at least a queen size bed sat in it. Definitely Maddy’s room, since there were posters of athletes and male models on the walls but it wasn’t overly pink or frilly like I might’ve expected. But the most noticeable item inside was Maddy, nude on her knees and sucking on very long, thin cock attached to a light skinned black boy. She was turned away from me, so I was at about a 5 o’clock position; not quite behind her but I could see his face but not hers. He was definitely enjoying it, as he held a camera-phone on her as she worked him. I could see that she had already developed a fantastic hourglass figure of narrow waist and flaring hips and her ass was full and round. From what I could see from the angle I was at, she had maybe a big B or smaller C cup, not huge but probably more than enough for her frame.

She pulled her mouth off and said somewhat icily “I told you already, Todd!” Whoa! Unless this kid’s name was Todd too, there was something funny going on. I then watched her bury a good 5 inches of what I guesstimated to be an 8-inch cock in her mouth before she pulled back off, leaving a long bridge of drool from her lips to the end of the cock in front of her. “No! It’s not that.” Her right hand rubbed the boy’s knob before sliding down the spit-soaked rod and giving him a very firm hand job and getting a surprised grunt of approval. I realized that while her left hand was hidden from my view, she must be talking with her boyfriend Todd on the phone in that hand while she was blowing this boy. Oh, naughty, naughty Maddy!

My cock was rock-hard in seconds as I spied on my nasty neighbor. “Because Todd, you know what I expect. And if that’s not OK, then you go with whatever skank you want.” The cock smoothly disappeared into her mouth again, but she didn’t stop until her nose was against his washboard abs. A soft wet choking sound squeaked out but she held her place for at several seconds before pulling back just as easily. “Well?” she gasped slightly as she caught her breath “Don’t make me angry with you. Just do it. You really do love me, don’t you?” she finished sweetly. I could see just the tip of her tongue swirl around his cockhead. That was enough for the boy and he started to jerk while attempting to hold the camera steady and remain quiet while orgasming. Neither of which he was totally successful with.

Maddy, for her part, never broke character and quickly latched on his spraying cock, sucking down his juice. It was over pretty quickly; after what looked like a few squirts from him, she pulled back again and with the tip of his dong barely out of her mouth, she responded to the phone “Nothing. Just having some sausage soup.” It looked like she was rubbing the wet tip on her lips like she was applying his cum as gloss. “You’re imagining things!” A quick kiss on the pisshole and she ended the call with “Look, you’ll do it or don’t bother.” And with that she disconnected and put the phone at her side.

“Can you go again?” she asked, looking up at him while her pumping hand was working again. “I wanna fuck before my ‘rents get back.”

“Ya, sure thing. Just do that for a minute or two. I’ll be diamonds,” he told her, though he rocked a bit on his feet as though he was lightheaded.

“Good,” she said, and lifted his rod up to suck on the balls buried underneath while she pumped him firmly. Oh god, she was incredible. What a nasty little bitch she was, and I couldn’t be more turned on by her. I was both uncomfortably hard and uncomfortable with her being my neighbor’s teenage daughter. It was all so wrong that it made her lewdness all the hotter for me. What forbidden fruit this girl was!

She picked up the phone off the floor and instructed him to shut up and lay on the bed so that she could ride him reverse cowgirl style. She dialed her phone and climbed onto the bed. She straddled him grabbing his meat with her free hand through her legs. “Hi daddy,” she chirped as she slid down onto his very wet spear until it was buried deep into her hairless pussy. She groaned. “How was dinner?” If she had looked a little off to the side, she could’ve seen me frozen and staring at her putting on a show as she rode this stud with her hips rolling in a sensuous rhythm. “When are you gonna get back?” she asked, then moving the phone away to breathe from the effort. “Uh huh? OK. Dishes? Oh yeah, I’ll run it. Yep. Ok. Love you too.” She disconnected and tossed the phone aside. “Ten minutes,” she said to her lover. “But I’ll only need one,” and she exaggerated the bounce of her ass up and down on the stud and rolling of her hips, who seemed hypnotized as he was still filming Maddy working on him.

I would love to say that I got to see her finish him off, but Basie howled from the front yard, and my trance was broken. I think Maddy may have even seen me as I darted away from the window and ran as quickly and quietly as I could to their front yard, and scolded Basie for running off, running up to him like a thief in the nigh and giving him a playful tug on the tail and ran past him in my ritual of making him chase after me. He yelped and worked himself into a fury of stubby legs and stocky body rolling in waves after me in a chime of tags and howls in pursuit of me.

We reached my yard in a few dozen strides and I playfully turned and wrestled with him before laughing in relief of my narrowly avoiding being caught peeping into my nymphet neighbor’s window as she expertly milked a hung thug for multiple loads of cum. I could not believe that really just happened. I was still painfully erect in my pants, but I’m sure I had blown my opportunity to ever see anything like that again. Once inside, I gave my dog his chow and had a beer before heading to bed. Once there, I relieved my scrotal stress by reliving those few moments outside Maddy’s window.

Over the next few days, I saw Maddy a couple times in passing, but there was no glaring looks or change in her demeanor that I could notice. I got a wave and a “Hi Jerry” if I happened to have Basie on a leash with me, but it looks like my one time shot at being a peeper went successfully unnoticed.

The following Thursday I got home from work and pulled the mail from the box. Included among the bills and fliers was letter addressed “Jerry” with no postage or return address; an invitation for a neighbor’s party maybe? Whatever it was it was light. Opening it, the envelope was empty except for a small memory card inside. No ID or label and nothing else inside. I dropped it on the counter then reheated some leftovers and took the dog for his daily constitutional.

I saw the data card again as I fixed Basie’s kibble. I grabbed it and fired up my laptop while the hound inhaled his dinner. It looked like there were only two or three files and they were video files. What the hell? Live dangerously, so I clicked on one of them.

The screen came to life and it shocked me worse than if I’d stuck my fingers in an outlet. I actually yelled. It was a first person view of Maddy sucking a long slender light-skinned black cock in deep wet sighs. She seduced the camera man, and viewer with lots of teasing eye contact, a sexy smile, incredible oral skills. I immediately looked around my room, paranoia in full effect while wondering if this was some kind of sting or who was watching me. Silly and paranoid for sure, but faced with having something like this in my possession, I was in a lot of trouble. I realized it was video from the same kid she was with last week, and I knew I was in really big trouble. It was obvious that Maddie knew I had been outside her window. She knew and she was playing with me. She could tell her parents. She could tell the cops!

Onscreen, Maddy licked and sucked and swallowed like a veteran whore, and I was instantly erect. Basie continued his meal in the kitchen, oblivious to me, lapping up water and sounding like he was spilling half the dish on the tile floor. I found myself leaning towards the screen to somehow be closer to this vixen. Yet I had a pit in my stomach; I had to get rid of this immediately. I was facing jail if I got caught with this.

The phone rang. Fishing my phone from my pocket, I didn’t recognize the number.


Silence on the other end. Well, not quite silence but several seconds of deep breathing and soft, wet sucking sounds. Then a grunt farther away from the phone. A pause and then a wet pop. “Did you get it?” Maddy’s voice was a bit phlegmy and thick sounding, but it was definitely her. “I know you did,” she gently sang, followed by a wet kiss and more wet sucking and chewing sounds, not all that different from Basie in the kitchen. The two of them, the dog in real life wolfing down his food in one ear and her wolfing down something else (and I had a good idea what) in my other ear, over the phone were close to synching in stereo.

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