Maggie’s Revenge Ch. 02

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In case you have not read Chapter 1 of Maggie’s Revenge you should know that my wife found out about my hot, young girlfriend, Marie. She was coming into town for a fantasy weekend and my wife saw her hot tits when my cell phone rang. I was busted big time.

I came clean with my wife and told her everything about my relationship with Marie, who is also married but she is hot and nasty and gorgeous. She could be my daughter but we have had some fabulous experiences together and this weekend we were going to have hot sex and then I was going to help her fulfill a gang bang fantasy with older men (some of my pals).

Maggie told me she would forgive me if I agreed to bring Marie to the hotel and let my hot wife, Maggie, be totally in charge of the weekend. In Chapter 1 I describe in detail how my wife made us watch her getting fucked hard by two hunky studs with large cocks and then by a handsome and large black gentlemen with an even bigger cock. Chapter 1 ends after two days of fucking and sucking without letting me climax.

After Maggie had been royally fucked over the last two days she left the hotel room and allowed her lovers to release the restraints that had bound Marie and me for two days. We were made to sit in straight back chairs, bound and naked while Maggie had hot, steamy sex with her three lovers.

Maggie left the room with her clothing and wine in her bag. She told me to have a good time as she had a “couple friends coming to our house that evening.” I was left in the hotel room with the lovely and very talented Marie along with the three men previously described.

As Chad released our restraints Marie and I went straight to the bathroom where we used the facilities and quickly grabbed two of the white, terry cloth robes from the closet. We grabbed a quick embrace and deep kiss as I apologized to her for my wife’s punishment. Marie was quick to tell me not to worry. She smiled that sexy smile and told me she thought we could still have a lot of fun. She did not have to depart Atlanta until Sunday. I told her I had already called off the older guy gang bang we had planned.

Marie looked at me and asked, “Could I fuck these guys that are here?” I laughed. Marie is ALWAYS horny.

I told her that should be no problem but I desperately needed relief and wanted to be first in line when she dropped her robe. She readily agreed as we returned to the main room.

Marie and I went into the main room of the suite where the 3 men were idly talking and waiting to see what might happen next. Michael Gray, the large African-American man was still under the sheets resting from his magnificent performance with my wife.

I said to no one in particular, “Well, what do you guys think about my wife now?”

They all laughed and Michael said, “That lady is a freak. I don’t think I have ever been with a woman like that.”

The two studs with model good looks and very well equipped genitals laughed as well.

Jason chimed in, “Wow, I agree with Michael. She is one nasty lady….world class slut.” Chad shook his head and simply smiled thinking about his serious fucking of my wife.

Jason looked at Marie and then me and said, “What now?” We all looked at Marie.

I smiled and addressed the question while looking at Marie. “Well, gentlemen, we have this room until tomorrow morning and Marie does not have to catch a plane until Noon tomorrow. So if Marie is up for some fun and I think she is, we can continue the party. However, we need some food and alcohol so someone is going to have to get us some supplies that will get us to tomorrow morning.”

We quickly made a food and liquor list and Chad and Jason agreed to go to the store to get supplies. Michael grabbed a couple of twenties from his wallet and handed them to Chad. “I’m in……….just make damn sure you bring back some good scotch.”

With that Michael, still naked, climbed back in the bed and he grinned at Marie and invited her to join him. She smiled sexily and said, “Thank you but I have to take care of Jack first. Once I do, we’ll have lots of fun……………….I promise you.”

Michael looked at me and said, “Why don’t I go take a shower and let you guys have this bed for a little while.”

Michael left the bed headed for the shower. I dropped my robe and pulled the sash on Marie’s robe. She jumped into bed and gave me a deep, wet kiss. We were both so horny we are aching for the touch of each other’s bodies. She felt so good and I groped her lovely body like a teenage boy in the back seat of Daddy’s Dodge.

When I reached between her legs I could feel the heat and wetness emanating from Marie. She is always so hot and horny and after the last 24 hours or so, she was on fire. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it hard. I quickly inserted two fingers into her hot pussy and she came within 15 seconds.

Although I was eager for relief I could not help but move between Marie’s legs to get a taste of her sweet pussy. She always tastes great and loves to be Avrupalı porno eaten as much as I love to eat her. I invested another few minutes in oral sex before climbing on top of Marie and pounding her hard and fast. She was ravenous. So was I. Watching all the action over the last couple days had made her as horny as it had me. It did not take long for me to climax and I spewed violently into her love box. I felt like my brains were exiting through my cock and I came for what seemed like minutes. Marie clutched me with her arms and legs like I was the last man on Earth. Although it lasted only a few minutes it was an epic fuck and orgasm.

As I rolled off of Marie, Michael returned to the room wearing nothing but a bath towel. The towel was wrapped around his shoulders allowing his impressive cock to swing menacingly in front of him. His cock hung halfway down his leg and was at least 6-7 inches long in its flaccid state. Marie looked up admiringly knowing that she was about to sample her first big, black cock.

Michael looked down on Marie and me still panting under the sheets. “Is this a private party or could you use some help here?” He could tell that Marie was all woman and he could not wait to enjoy her luscious body.

Marie raised the sheets and said simply, “Join us.”

In case you did not read previous stories about Marie you should know that she is about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, 115 athletic pounds with 34 C breasts and a shaved pussy (actually it looked more like she waxed it but I never asked). Marie is always hot, horny and wet and is definitely multi-orgasmic. She is 26 years old, married with no children. By any measure Marie is one very sexy woman.

Michael dropped the towel and climbed into the king sized bed. Marie eagerly embraced him and as they kissed deeply she grabbed his impressive cock with her petite little hand. It was already growing in length and girth.

Michael and Marie embraced hotly as Marie continued to stroke his enormous cock. Marie could not resist. She moved down to take his cock as deep as possible. I suspect that there was a bit of competition going on after watching my wife take most of Michael’s cock down her throat. She quickly slurped the head and moved down his cock slathering it with her wet mouth. Michael groaned loudly and gave in to the moment.

Marie moved her body and her head into a position to take a maximum amount of cock deep in her throat. I could not believe she had almost the entire cock in her mouth. Only about one inch of cock remained and her lips were being tickled by Michael’s thick black pubic hair. Marie seemed determined to take it all and make Michael cum as soon as possible. Michael grimaced as he was just as determined to save himself for a ride on Marie’s lovely pussy.

It was so hot watching that big, black cock sliding in and out of Marie’s mouth. She was so slutty and sexy and lapped at Michael like his cock was an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. After watching them for a while I was getting hard again. Michael pulled Marie up from her position between his legs. She kissed him deeply and climbed on top of him. She positioned her sopping pussy right over Michael’s incredibly large cock. She slowly eased herself down as she guided it into her with her manicured hand.

Just as Marie was beginning her journey on the ebony love stick there was a knock on the door. Chad and Jason had returned with supplies and trousers full of hard cock. They quickly arranged the supplies and began disrobing as Marie screamed and climaxed her way to full insertion of Michael’s throbbing phallus.

Once Marie reached the bottom of her ride she stopped and momentarily collapsed on top of Michael. It was impressive seeing his chocolate shaft buried balls deep inside the sexy Marie. Since she was on top we all had a wonderful view of her completely bald pussy stuffed with big, hard cock. Michael’s dark skin coupled with Marie’s creamy white and almost perfect skin made for a most erotic contrast and soon Chad and Jason were naked and rock hard.

Marie performed like a porn star and could simply not get enough sex. Michael fucked her furiously and I think she was determined to prove she was a better fuck than my wife. After all, she had watched Maggie perform magnificently for several hours producing dozens of orgasms. That made Marie both horny and competitive although she never said it out loud.

Soon Marie had a large cock in every orifice of her body. Her orgasms came one after the other and seemed to never subside. She also loves to talk dirty begging the men to fuck her harder or faster or deeper. This only spurred the testosterone (and maybe Viagra) fueled men to greater sexual heights.

Michael came with a fury deep in Marie’s lovely pussy. Chad soon filled her lovely ass with spunk and Jason came long and loud in her mouth. We spent the afternoon kissing, sucking, fucking and cumming with only short breaks for food or beverage. It was an unbelievable fuck fest Video porno and Marie got her wish for a weekend gang bang although this was not exactly what I had planned. Marie would occasionally make a trip to the bathroom to take a break and clean up but otherwise there were not many breaks in the action.

Finally Michael left to get home to his wife and kids. Jason drifted away around 7:00 PM and Chad turned out to be the Energizer Bunny. He simply could not get enough of Marie’s sexy body and mouth. We gave her double penetration, ate her to multiple orgasms and the grand finale featured me fucking Chad in the ass while he was fucking Marie in the ass. It was pretty hot.

We finally chased Chad away around 9:00 PM and Marie and I enjoyed a relaxing time in the Jacuzzi tub in the nicely appointed bathroom.

We ate some fruit and drank some wine before going to bed exhausted. We were both satiated and tired. It had been an extraordinary two days. We slept like babies until about 7:30 AM. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered what Maggie might be doing. It was only a fleeting thought as my body desperately needed sleep, which came quickly.

Morning brought room service and a continuation of serving the needs of the always horny Marie. She is incredible and no matter how many times she has been fucked or how big the cocks are, she is always tight, wet and tasty. I began the morning by spending 30 minutes with my head between her legs. She loves cunnilingus and it makes me feel great to bring her to so many wonderful climaxes.

We fucked in every position imaginable (again) and soon decided to have breakfast brought to the room. We had breakfast in our white terry cloth robes and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while talking about our weekend adventure.

As I sipped my morning Mimosa I asked Marie, “How did you like your weekend?”

She looked at me with a dreamy look on her face. “It was unbelievable, Jack………beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. Maybe the more important question is how did you like it? After all, it was your wife who orchestrated the whole scene and got herself thoroughly fucked.”

I considered her question. I really had not thought much about Maggie given my preoccupation with my very sexy young friend. However, once I took Marie to the airport, I knew I would have to face Maggie at home. I really did not know what to expect. I said to Marie, “I think Maggie had a good time but I’m not sure how she will feel after the weekend. Hopefully she had a good time last night and we can get on with our lives. I am kind of glad she knows about us and she seemed to like you.”

Marie seemed surprised. “Do you really think she liked me? How could you tell?”

Well, I know Maggie. She is not really the jealous type and she loves to fuck as much as anybody. It’s not like she didn’t have a couple hundred climaxes and she didn’t seem to mind us having our private evening together.”

We both laughed. Marie said, “Who do you think had the most orgasms this weekend?”

“Let’s call it a tie. You were both unbelievable and incredibly sexy.”

We finished our breakfast and got into the shower together. Predictably we used the hot, steamy water and aromatic soap to arouse each other yet again. We moved out of the shower nominally drying ourselves before Marie bent over the lavatory facing the mirror and begging me to fuck her doggy style. Her shaved pussy looks so damn good in that position. I quickly stuck my hard cock straight in to the depths of her vagina and brought her to 4 or 5 quick orgasms.

Soon I was ready to cum again. I could not believe how many climaxes I had over the last three days but I am sure I set a personal record with my performance. I didn’t have this much sex in my twenties and I was certain at my age that my sperm reserves had been severely depleted.

We embraced in front of the mirror and I regretted that I did not have my camera. It was so sexy seeing our bodies reflected in the mirror in a caring and loving embrace. I genuinely like this woman although in a few short hours we would both be back in our daily lives with our spouses. Neither of us had any intention of changing our marital status but when we get together, it is a very special connection (Perhaps a bit like the connection Maggie has with her lover, Gordon).

I drove Marie to the airport and kissed her goodbye. I suppose anyone who saw us kissing figured out the situation. Mature man plus young woman equals sex. We agreed to talk soon so that I could update her on Maggie’s attitude as well as planning our next outing.

I drove to our home in North Atlanta in a very reflective mood. On one hand it had been an exceptionally different weekend with me experiencing several new sexual adventures. Maybe I am bisexual. I am not sure but the experiences were not unpleasant although I would have never chosen them on my own without Maggie arranging for them to happen.

Marie continues to amaze me. She rolls with everything and is incredibly sexy and always horny. I fantasized about Maggie and Marie becoming friends and the three of us (or more) getting together again soon. Not sure how Marie feels as she likes to be the center of attention but it is worth considering. I would love to see the two of the having sex. I’ll have to suggest that to Maggie when we talk.

I arrived back home around 2:30 on Sunday afternoon. All appeared normal as there were no cars lined up for miles around the house. I pulled in to the garage where Maggie’s car was parked. Everything looked normal at least on the surface. I did not know what to expect inside.

I walked in to the house with my overnight bag and there was no sign of Maggie. I called out to Maggie and she told me she was upstairs in the master bedroom. When I entered the room I was a bit surprised to find Maggie in a silk robe and matching lingerie underneath. She looked sexy as hell and freshly showered and coiffed. She had on makeup like she was going out to a party.

“Wow! You look like a million bucks. Are you going somewhere?”

She smiled sexily and said, “No, dummy. I was waiting for my husband to get home.”

I was surprised but pleased as I sat my bag down and kissed her deeply. I also took advantage of the moment and coped a feel of her braless breasts beneath the slippery silk robe.

She asked me to go downstairs and bring up the pitcher of Bloody Mary’s she had made earlier. She smiled and said, “Thought you might like to talk a bit over a nice Bloody Mary.”

I retrieved the tray which included a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s, an ice bucket and two glasses. I returned to the master bedroom where we sat on the love seat in the parlor area. After I poured the drinks we sat facing each other grinning and considering who would talk first. I sipped the cold drink and asked, “Did you have a good time this weekend?”

She cooed sexily. “Oh, yea, I had a really good time.”

“Do you want to tell me about your activities once you left the hotel?”

She said, “Sure………….I had a blast!” I asked her to tell me more.

“Well, after I left the hotel I had a manicure and pedicure at my favorite place. Then I came home and took a nice, hot, soaking bubble bath. I relaxed with a little white wine and then David came over.” (David is a former boyfriend who is now married and living out of state.)

“What was he doing in town?”

“He was in town for a continuing education seminar and had sent me an email so I invited him to come over on Saturday afternoon. He had his wife with him so he was only available for a couple hours while she was shopping. He came over and we had a glass of wine and then we climbed into bed and relived some of our previous escapades. I have only seen him a couple times since we dated 30 years ago.”

I smiled and asked, “Well, how was it seeing him and fucking him after all these years?”

Maggie was relaxed and said, “After the events at the hotel I was still very horny and since I basically had a free pass with you fucking Marie, I thought what the hell and invited him to come over.”

“How long was he here?”

“He was here about 2 hours and we fucked almost the entire time. He is still a great fuck, maybe better than he was 30 years ago.”

“What happened after that? I am sure that is not the end of the story.”

Maggie grinned that sexy and slightly evil grin. “Oh, no, that is most definitely not the end of the story.”

After David left I took a hot shower and made some chicken salad. I never even got dressed, just lounged in my silk robe. Then Gordon came over around 7:30. He spent the night and we did some major sport fucking.”

Gordon is also married, a former Navy SEAL and Maggie’s favorite extracurricular lover. (Note that there are several other stories I have published about Gordon.) I was not surprised. “Tell me the details, please.”

Maggie asked for another Bloody Mary. I poured it and settled in for a long and sexy story.

“Well, Gordon got here about 7:30 and we had a drink in front of the fireplace. After one drink he moved close to me and we started making out. Once he found out you would not be home he knew we were in for a nice evening. We made out like a couple of teenagers and I found myself really horny again…………….hard to believe after the last couple of days.”

I am always amazed at my wife. Once this very proper Southern lady gets into full slut mode she is incredible…………….sexy, slutty and insatiable. I asked her to continue.

“So it did not take long for Gordon to get me naked and move his tongue to my clit. He knows just how to eat me and does it as well as you do. He made me cum a dozen times using his lips, tongue, mouth and fingers. I even squirted once and as you know, I don’t do that very often.”

I smiled thinking about the two of them on the sofa where I had watched them have sex more than once. “Go on, please.”

“We finally made it up to the bedroom and we climbed into bed. He took his time and kept on making me cum. I finally took him in my mouth and sucked him until he gushed in my mouth. I swallowed it all. He always tastes so good and, as you know, I love his cock.”

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