Man of the House Pt. 02

Cock Shot

Warning: This is a twisted and dark fantasy about a nudist tribe. It contains extreme ideals and is generally insensitive. Please do not read if you are easily offended and you’re not into incest and bisexual sex. Mother-son, father-son, and son dominate mother and father. I warned you, so don’t waste your time. It is for a particular audience, so again, if that’s not you, no shame in turning back now. If it’s not your thing, well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes. I’m not the best at writing. Please give me constructive criticism if you have any. I’ll update this story’s mistakes, so if anyone is interested in helping me, then knock me down.

All characters are 18 or older. Now enjoy.

“Mom, stop teasing him. Dad, ride this cock like mom rides mine in reverse.”

“Honey, you’ll love the view. Your dad has a jiggly bubble butt just like mine.” Mom said and then started riding me while she kept dad’s hair in her palm so that he arch his back to show off his curvy figure.

“It was your plan, to keep dad’s shoulder-length hair, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. I love fuck him in doggy style while holding him by his hair.” Mom replied. “You should try out his ass before mine.”

“Haha, my cock will rip both your asses apart. If you two want it inside your ass then practice with this smaller one. Enough talk now starts bouncing.”

My mom was doing great, but I was thinking about my father. After locking him, I wasn’t feeling good. After all, he’s my father. But watching him riding the dildo was totally shocking for me. I saw mom pegged him all the time, but that dildo was so small. Now, he’s riding that 7inch dildo like a champ.

“Wow, dad, you are leaking precum.”

“Son, I think it wasn’t a good idea to give him that big dildo,” Mom said.


“Your father is a squirter,” Mom replied.

“Yes, I know. I saw him do that.”

“Just imagine, if he squirts that much taking his tiny dick inside his ass, then what’ll happen with that dildo.”

“Ahh, uuuh, yesss, yess, I’m cumming,” Dad was screaming and shaking with ease. Holy fuck, he totally ruined my bed sheet.

“Omg, he’s still squirting.”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about,” Mom replied.

“You’re right, now squirt on my cock, first.”


The next morning, I opened my eyes and saw my mom giving me a very sensual and passionate blow. The feeling was awesome, but according to our tribe, you shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of you. What my mom was doing, actually, that’s how the manipulation starts. If you can’t control your urges, then soon you’ll lose your alpha position.


“Mmmm, slurrp, mm, slurp, mm, uhh,” Mom kept blowing my cock and I was so close to bursting inside her mouth.

“Mom!” I barked.

“I’m sorry, son. When I woke up, I saw your morning wood. And I couldn’t control myself,” Mom apologized. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“I’ll punish you later, but now finish what you were doing.”

She leaned over my cock to tease my tip, but I gripped her upper neck and pushed her down until her nose poked my groin. Her throat was so tight and warm. I was fully inside her throat, about to cum while her throat muscles were massaging my cock head. I enjoy feeding the girls my cum while they deep-throat me. I love to watch them when my dick is fully inside their mouth and holding their gag reflex only for my satisfaction.

“Lick my ball, mom.”

Then, I pushed a little more, holding her head with my strong arms. She used her tongue to lick my balls. Sometimes, I love to fuck their face with rapid thrusts, and in between when I push my dick till their lips touch my balls, and then I hold it in like that for some time. I can’t wait to feel my dick pulsating the walls of her throat when I’m cumming.

“I’m cumming, mom.” I think she won’t need breakfast today. Then I let her go and she took a deep breath. “How was it, mom?”

“Feeling you have an orgasm, feeling your swollen erection pulsating, and knowing you were busy ejaculating inside my throat felt so incredibly erotic and kinky. But I barely tasted anything at all, I mean, I enjoy the taste of your cum and the fact that it’s better when it’s a little less thick and clumpy,” Mom replied.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Mom asked.

“Do what you like. Where is dad? I told him to sleep with us last night.”

“He did. Now, he’s cleaning the basement,” Mom replied.

“Did you send the pictures of his chastity?”

“Yes, I did. You don’t know how much they appreciate your decision. Your grandfather says he’ll be the sponsor if you turn him into a sissy,” Mom replied.

“Cool. But I’m not thinking about that. Now go make some breakfast for me.” I spanked my mom’s bubble butt to encourage her to make breakfast faster.

Then I went downstairs, wearing a safety work gown. The basement is full of tools and old furniture. What do you guys think of us, savages? Dad was doing great. He sorted out the small junk first and gathered it to one side.

“Let me help you ofise gelen gaziantep escort with that.” I took heavy metal junk from my father. “Do you have some plans for our basement?”

“Nope,” Dad replied.

“Then why are we cleaning this one?”

“It is for you. I thought after your 19th birthday, you can have your personal sex dungeon,” Dad replied.

I heard mom call us for breakfast. I said back that in a minute. “Is there any chance that you are upset that I defeat you?”

“No, son. Why am I going to upset you? I am glad that you defeated me. I disgraced this house. Every single alpha male mocks me,” Dad replied. “Now you’re going to increase our house’s glory and honor.”

“I talked with your dad. He wants me to turn you into a sissy and find a new house for you.”

“What do you think?” Dad asked.

“I think that’s one way to expand our house. You have a great figure and you’re young compared to other sissies who have children my age.”

“Your grandfather has decided to turn me but your mom ruined his plans,” Dad replied. “Son, you’re the man of the house now. You can do anything you want.”

“Okay, we’ll finish the rest of this junk later. Let’s eat first.”

After finishing breakfast, we three were watching a movie while I was playing with my cock. This time I gave her permission to do that. Suddenly someone knocked on our door. “Dad.”

Dad opened the door and it was an old friend and his sissy father. Wow, his sissy father changed a lot. The last time I saw her, she wasn’t that appealing.

“Hey, long time no see. I invited you to your house on my birthday.”

“That’s why I’m here,” my friend replied. “I brought a gift for you.”

“You’re giving me your sissy father as a gift!”

“Close. You can have her for now,” my friend replied.

“Bro, you came at the right time, I was about to pound some pussy or mouth. I’ll use her mouth first. Sissies are good with their mouth.”

My friend spanked his sissy father’s ass so hard that the sound echoed. She kneeled right there and crawled toward my cock. That was scorching. I looked at my father and thought I should turn him too. If this sissy can be this beautiful and sexy, my father will be the sissy queen. All the thinking and her mouth on my cock were heavenly. I grabbed her hair and pulled out my cock from her mouth. She was doing too well.

“Wow, how long do you keep her hungry?”

“Just the driveway distance,” my friend replied. “You won’t need any lube, she always keeps it well lubed.”

I throw her on the couch on her back. Then, bend her in a half by pinning her legs beside her ears. “You removed her nuts?”

“The chastity is irritating for the skin. And extra hassle to keep clean,” my friend replied.

“Why did you also remove the sack skin? You could use that for a new vagina.”

“I’m not investing a single penny in her,” my friend replied.

Another shocking scene right there. Yea, we use our family members like sheep. Hey, don’t blame him. His father always had a choice to leave the tribe. Yes, you heard me right. If you don’t like this madness, then you go away somewhere else. Nobody forced anyone until you gave them permission to do so.

“Whatever, I don’t care about sissy’s nuts. I have only one use for this tiny little thing.”

“It’s a good handle.” We jinxed and then laughed out loud. After 20 minutes of good fuck I came deep inside her sissy pussy. “That was a good fuck. Thanks, bro, I really enjoy your gift.”

“You locked your father’s dick too. Are you turning him into a sissy too?” My friend asked. “You’ll get a great amount of money if you find a new house for him.”

“Not yet.”

“Here take the wedding invitation card,” my friend handed over the card.

“One more?”

“No this time, I’m giving away,” my friend replied. “If you want you can fuck her once more. It’s her wedding.”

“You became the man of the house last summer and now you’re giving away your father.”

“After taking over from my brother, I changed a lot of things in our house. It’s still risky to keep my brother in the house. However, my father is getting old, so It’s better to give her away. You know not every house is rich like ours.”

“I know but tell me more about your brother. His cock isn’t big like ours but a fucking fat one.”

“Yes, bro that’s the problem. He’s an alpha male. If I don’t play my card right, maybe he’ll challenge me in another way,” my friend replied.

“I wish I had a brother like him. My mom doesn’t get enough attention.”

“Why aren’t you attracted to your mother? Don’t mind, if you don’t then I’ll take her any day you give her away,” my friend said.

“Nah, I just don’t spend enough time at home.”

“Wait a minute, you need an alpha man? I know, no one will give away their fighters. What about I give you my brother?” My friend asked.

“A fighter like Lucas, I don’t have that much money to spare.”

“Hey, I won’t charge that much. Just tell me how much dowry you gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort can give me,” My friend said.

You guys are thinking, why am I buying a man like him who can challenge my throne? It’s simple: you can’t challenge your house’s alpha male if you don’t share the alpha male’s blood. So here is the politics: if you think that you’ll lose your seat to someone, then give them up before they challenge you.

“You sure? You’re taking away the blood right off your brother. What if now he challenges you?”

“Hey, that’s my responsibility. Just give me the numbers,” my friend replied.

“Okay, don’t blame me after I buy you from your brother.” I texted him the dowry amount. “Is it enough.”

“For you, It’s more than enough. Let’s fix the wedding date. How soon do you want it to happen?” My friend asked him.

“How soon can you arrange everything?”

“If you want I can do it tomorrow,” my friend replied.

“Then tomorrow it is. I need to go now, there are lots of things to do. Do you want her? She can stay here today,” my friend said.

“Nope, take her with you. Let her spend some time with her son for the last time.”

“Good idea. But I’m pretty sure Lucas will spend every single moment using both of her holes,” my friend replied. “See you tomorrow.”

“Son, you’re buying a fighter just for me?” Mom asked.

Okay, before I answer that question to my mom, I think you guys are thinking, what is a fighter? It’s simple. If you want to make your house stronger, you need strong fighters like Lucas. Lucas is tall, with a broad shoulder. Actually, he’s taller than me by 5 inches. He’s a bull; you won’t even want to stand beside him because you’ll look like a wimp. Lucas has a very good heart. He can take the throne anytime he wants. But the problem is, if he wants to take it back, then he has to hurt his little brother. I’m so happy that my stupid friend gave away Lucas.

I know I still haven’t explained what a fighter is. You guys will find out soon. Keep patience.


After the wedding ceremony, we all went back to our houses. Don’t tell me you guys want to know about the wedding. Watch some cult movies. I promise you won’t ask me twice. But I’ll tell you what happens after the wedding. Actually, it depends on the alpha male. I already said that before. But this time I have to decide because I’m the alpha male here.

“Lucas, the last time I saw your cock was smaller.”

“Haha,” Lucas laughed.

“So, tell me what you want for the wedding night?”

“Can I have it if I ask?” Lucas asked.

“As long as it’s not my ass you want to plow,” I said sarcastically.

“Then you can offer me others,” Lucas replied.

“How about my mom’s or dad’s?”

“Can I have both?” Lucas asked.

“Aaaa, aa, sure. But don’t hurt them.”

“Thank you. You’re so generous,” Lucas said.

“It’s okay, just don’t do anything I didn’t tell you to do. Alright?”

“Yes, sir,” Lucas replied.

“And one more thing: I don’t spend too much time at home. So when I’m not at home, you take charge in my absence. You can have sex with them anytime you want. You don’t have to ask me every time, just don’t interfere when I…”

“Thank you, sir. I’ll keep it in my mind,” Lucas replied.

“For tonight, you can sleep in my room. You’ll find lots of sex toys there if you need one. Good night.”

“Good night, sir,” Lucas replied.

You won’t have to worry about someone’s devotion if you treat them with kindness. The night was wilder than my first night with my parents. He fucked them all night long. I knew in the morning I couldn’t find a ruined hole in the house, so I left the house before they woke up. I could use Lucas’ holes, but it wouldn’t be wise to wake a bear. I know you guys are thinking, you own him. What’s the problem? Ever heard the word politics? Yes, it exists here too. If your house shares secrets like sharing market info with your enemy, then you’re screwed.


I came back home for dinner with my family. When I entered the living room, I saw my mom cooking and my father bouncing on Lucas’ cock on the couch. I could see my father’s ass gripping Lucas’ cock. Now I understand why Lucas’ brother said that.

“Hey, mom.”

“Damon, how was your day?” Mom asked.

“Great, yours?”

“Your father is still having a good day,” Mom replied.

“Are you jealous of him?” I stood behind her and put my fingers on her pussy. “Wow, You’re dripping wet. How many times has he fucked you?”

“Last night, three-time. But today only once,” Mom replied.

“You want to feel my cock right now?” I rubbed my hard-on on her back.

“Ohh yess, shove that hard cock inside my dripping pussy,” Mom replied.

“Why are you naked in the kitchen?”

“I’m just cleaning some dishes,” mom replied.

“I want to tease you first, mom?” She sighed deeply in her throat and stood still over the counter, just feeling my fingers touch inside her wet pussy. She leaned back gaziantep ofise gelen escort against me slightly and laid her hands on the counter.

“Ahhh, uhh,” Mom kept moaning.

I looked into the living room at my father, who was still bouncing hard on Lucas’ cock and gasping. I drove my pelvis onto her buttocks once again, pinning her to the counter. She arched her chin forward. I looked into the living room at my father, who was still bouncing hard on Lucas’ cock and whimpering. I drove my pelvis onto her buttocks once again, pinning her to the counter. Her hair shifted around her as she lowered her head. I continued to push myself against her, letting her feel my hardness on her bubble butt and her hair streaming down around her. I kept pushing up against her and letting her feel my erection against her bubble butt.

“You feel that big monster knocking at your door?”

My mom reached behind me and grabbed my stiff cock while I was still wearing my pants. She traced it, kept it in her palm, and massaged it up and down, caressing me through my jeans. My hips moved in time with her hand.

“You want to cum inside mommy’s womb, don’t you?” Mom asked. “Breed me, son.”

“If Lucas didn’t do it fast.”

“I didn’t let him cum inside my pussy. And he likes to fuck ass over pussy,” Mom replied. “Is he still pounding that sore ass of your father?”

I turned to peek into the living room once again and saw that Lucas had my father pinned to the ground and was breeding him like a dog. Meanwhile, mom slipped the zipper on my jeans down. I stood motionless as she did it and gave her something to play with. Then she grinned at me as she reached into my pants, then into the fly of my boxer briefs, eventually locating my cock. She gripped it in her hand for a time, feeling how firm and stiff it was, how it throbbed in her grasp like a live entity.

“He’s throbbing for you, mom. He loves you so much.”

“I can feel that,” Mom replied. “But what I most crave is your love, Damon.”

“If you get pregnant then I’ll make you my first wife.” Hey, don’t get shocked, just move on. You guys already know our rules which are fucking weird to you Readers.

“Then, don’t let Lucas fuck your wife,” Mom said.

“Okay, I’ll tell him to not penetrate your pussy anymore.”

“Is it weird that I want your baby right now, right here?” Mom asked.

“I’ll give you a baby. Now play with my big tool.”

Then she yanked it out of my underpants, throbbing wildly. She bit her lower lip and turned slightly to applaud its thickness and length from the base to the inflamed reddish tip. She continued to stroke it, grasping it strongly, and I felt my head shiver as her fingers slid beneath my cock slit.

“Still want to tease me?” Mom teased me back.

Mom then moved forward over the counter to give me a better view of her pussy. My fingers were constantly going back and forth, spreading her fluids throughout her pussy to calm all the spasms.

“You sure, you can take me without a proper warm-up?”

“I shouldn’t say this to you, but Lucas’ cock is thicker than yours. But still, you’re bigger and my all-time favorite.”

Then, my cock head was pressing against her pussy and spreading her open. She moved all the dishes in front of her to the side and stretched her arms across the counter, resting on her elbows.

“Push it harder. Today I’m a little extra tight for you,” Mom giggled.

She was still tight for my cock despite how moist she was, so I had to push hard to enter her. I repeatedly prodded her with my cock head, urging her to open up to my encroaching limb. She began pushing back till her pussy surrendered to me and the cock head sank into her. I raised her slightly to begin thrusting. Mom’s pussy tightened since all she ever took was my father’s pencil dick. But in a few weeks, I’ll permanently stretch her pussy.

“Fuck, ahhh, uhhh,” Mom took a deep breath and sighed, biting her lower lip, her legs straight, balanced on her tip-toes.

Then I kept sliding further and deeper into her, till my pelvis hit her butt cheeks and she sensed her pussy worn and stuffed by my python, perfectly stretched and loaded. She clutched me firmly and demanded I go deep into her womb.

“Can you feel where my tip is touching?”

“Then you know the place,” Mom replied.

Then I eased out of her and pushed back into her to give her time to adjust. I rocked back and forth artfully, my cock getting covered in her cream. I moved away from her, her pussy holding my gleaming shaft, till my cock head almost escaped from her and popped back in until my hips touched her ass.

Every time she felt the whole length of my cock drawn out from her, Mom felt worthless. She felt plugged up when I pushed her to her limits. She squirmed on her tiptoes to elevate her ass into the air, hoping to absorb me even more. She began to breathe more heavily as she focused on my slippery cock sliding slowly and deeply in and out of her.

“Hold still, just let me breed you.”

I started pulling more out of her each time, so she could feel my cock head coming out of her, then feel her opening widening around my cock head to take me back in as I pushed all the way into her. As I slipped in and out of her, my thrust made a wet, adhering sound. Our ass and crouch clapping sounds blend with Lucas’ and Dad’s. Mom tossed her head back, her hair flying over her back as I drove deep into her, pressing into her butt, pushing on her cervix, making her scream.

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