Marjory’s Farmhouse


The servants withdrew on her command. “You can go off now. We will serve ourselves. You can wash up in the morning.”

She finally had a guest at her upcountry farm. It had been in the planning for quite a while despite the fact that Horace wrote for her magazine quite regularly. She counted herself lucky to have found someone who had a very good grasp of cultural and traditional issues, and was a gifted writer to boot. Previously if she found a good writer they did not have much knowledge of the subjects she wanted for her magazine; if they were old enough to be well versed in cultural lore, they couldn’t write to save their own skin.

“This is very good, Marjory!” Horace said as he savoured the meal they had been served.

“Everything has come from this farm, except perhaps for the salt!”

“In the city you do not cut the image of a farmer at all. In fact I think I expected a small plot of ground in which your grew a few vegetables.”

They ate companionably in silence. “Have some more,” offered Marjory, uncovering the dishes for him.

He had had enough but he could not refuse. Still, she noticed that he used the tip of the serving spoon to take small quantities. She was grateful that he had taken care not to offend.

“We will just cover up the dishes here for the servants to clean up in the morning,” she said. “Let me show you to your room.”

“I will see yours first,” he replied with a cheeky grin on his face.

She giggled like a little girl, as she led him to see her bedroom. “It is acceptable,” the cheeky grin reappearing on his face. “Show me the other.”

He held her waist as they went down the corridor to his allotted room. He took one look at it and exclaimed, “This is far better than that first one. For one it is small enough to be cosy, the bed can take both of us as well.”

“What are you leading to,” she asked with a slight tremor gaziantep evi olan escort bayan in her voice.

“That you have my permission to go prepare for bed, but don’t you dare climb into that bed. Come here when you are done.” His voice held an authoritative note.

She lowered her eyes and agreed to his terms. In under ten minutes she knocked on the door.

“Please come in, Darling,” came the commanding voice.

She had hardly put one foot through the door before she felt herself grabbed, and a mouth at her lips, kissing almost as forcefully as a vacuum cleaner. She heard the door close behind her; he must have used his foot to push it. His hands were all over her upper body, massaging her with strength. He moaned into her mouth.

She was having difficulty believing that this was the same man she had been seeing back in town, and who had sat quietly making polite conversation at her table not so long ago. She felt him propelling her towards the bed, and lowering himself to it, taking her with him. Now he could assault her tummy area and thighs as well. Insistent fingers easily pushed her light nightdress up and soon he was fondling her thighs. In spite of herself, she felt her excitement growing and her panty getting damp. He moved one hand to her freed-up boobs and began squeezing and kneading them, while taking a nipple between two fingers. This heated her some more. She had known they would probably have sex, but his approach was quite unexpected.

Still when he pushed her back onto the bed, she went with him, realising too late that her legs had parted, when she felt him at her cunt, pushing the elastic of her panty aside. Soon a finger was in her, sliding along on her wetness which by now had increased. He inserted a second finger, fucking her with both. It was so sudden that she found gaziantep fetiş escort bayan herself quickly reaching her climax. She screamed in all the languages, some unknown even to her! He could feel the contractions of her inner muscles as she came all over his fingers.

“Wow, that was strong!” she said between gasps of breath.

“I could tell you were sexually ravenous. You needed that. Now we will be more leisurely.” He pulled off his clothes, taking time to hang them neatly in the closet, leaving only his white cotton briefs on. He climbed into the bed covering them both and set upon sucking her boobs. This required that he lift the nightdress up. She was left naked from the waist only in her white panty with very pale blue flower patterns.

“Might as well take this completely off,” he said while lifting her torso to get the nightie off her body. So both were now only in their underwear. He fell upon her boobs again. The nipples gathered together in the coolness of the room. He lashed one then the other in turn, noticing that her legs had started a dance on the bed in her excitement.

He cupped her mound in the palm of one hand running it up and down a few times before squeezing it a bit. A low moan from her throat was his reward. Then he lay a finger along her slit and pressed it into her folds.

“Oh my gawd!” she wailed. He clamped his mouth over hers, leaving one hand in duty at her tits. She was now getting triple stimulation. The hand at her cunt came to her tummy and explored the light fat gathered there and finished by running that hand along the groove at the bottom of her stomach that divides tummy area from vaginal mound. He had always stolen glances at that area; now he had full access to it.

She gave back by going in search of his cock. She found it sightlessly, grasping it around bayan gaziantep escort the stem. She rubbed it through the cotton of his underwear, feeling its soft hardness. As if by arrangement they both sought to remove the other’s underwear at the same moment. She lifted her hips off the bed, while he let her pull his briefs down his legs. It became a tangle of limbs and fabric below the knees but finally they were as naked as Adam in the Garden. He could smell her juices of arousal, causing his cock to twitch in anticipation.

He kissed her as he positioned his body over hers and held his cock against her flesh, ready to penetrate her. Helmet in slit he let it roam along its length, all the while spreading the wetness from within. He let go as he felt it burying its one-eyed head into her folds. She let her hips play a dance which only speeded up the entry of the cock into her, which she was greedy for.

She felt him driving gently deeper, filling her body with sweet pleasure from head to toe. He pulled back a little, only to drive all the deeper inside. Her muscles spasmed, squeezing him in her channel, which heated him more. He set up a rhythm of in and out fucking her in what he hoped was the style she had been looking forward to, since she had given him the invitation to come out into the country.

“Oh, so sweet, my darling!” he said with shortening breath as he increased his vigour. Her legs gripped his hips before her heels were on his buttocks seemingly pushing him further into her body; she wanted more and more of him.

“Take me, all of me!” she encouraged him in a voice getting more shrill with excitement. “Eeeiii! Where have you gone into now?” He pulled out, lay his cock along her clit as he continued stroking her insistently. Only a few strokes sufficed to bring her to the boil. She yelled into the night as her legs clamped tighter around him and her teeth sank into the flesh of his shoulder.

The pain seemed to spur him further and he too let go of himself. His sperm spurted from him into her depths at such pressure he thought he heard its whistle. Gradually they slowed their movements, savouring the very fine finish they had just given each other. He lay half off her in order not to squeeze the breath out of her with his weight while getting his breath back.

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