MarynWood: Jenny Cleans Up

Without warning the door opened again, interrupting the silent conversation I was having with Joaquin. Jenny, the beautiful, bouncy, blonde, bare-breasted nurse, came strutting in with a wide smile on her face.

“I just can’t wait to see the recording of THAT one!” she cried excitedly, her nipples standing out obviously.

I must have paled in shock but quickly recovered, willing to give up modesty in favor of further pleasure here – here at MarynWood, where I was a “patient”.

She walked up between my legs and leaned down, inspecting my pussy closely.

“Oh, my….you are a mess – Joaquin must cum like a horse!” she giggled and I blushed, especially when the naked Joaquin winked at me from across the room.

She ran one acrylic-adorned nail down my slit and drew it away as I shivered, raising it to her lips and sucking bursa escort it in, then licking the remaining white fluid away.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, and then dropped to her knees between my spread, restrained legs. She kissed the inside of my thigh. ” I always wanted Joaquin,” she breathed, “but he’s yours – yet…if I could only taste him…”

She leaned her head down, cupping her hands around the underside of my thighs, and pressed her lips around my pussy opening. I felt her tongue slide inside and I groaned

squeezing my eyes shut tight, and reaching my hands down between my legs to grip her bouncy blonde curls, pushing her head against my wet cunt. She plunged her tongue inside continually, lapping at his cum and my juices, her upper lip pressed against my sensitive clit.

Across the room I heard a soft moan, and I squinted escort bursa my eyes open to find Joaquin holding his semi-erect cock in his hands, eyes staring at my groin and Jenny’s head buried in it. He gently stroked himself with one hand, the other one splayed across his chest.

Jenny leaned back and began lapping at my entire slit, running the flat of her tongue up and down it. I wiggled my hips and cried out, feeling her seek out and swallow every drop of Joaquin’s cum.

Finally she began tonguing my clit, flicking the hard tip back and forth across me, making my muscles twitch. My hands convulsed in her hair and my clit became swollen and hard. It almost hurt as she began sucking, pulling so hard against me that I thought I would piss in her mouth, but instead I came screaming and bucking against my restraints, my vision bursa escort bayan going white and my very toes curling at the tidal wave of tingling pleasure.

She lapped me one final time, from the bottom of my slit to the top, and then leaned back on her heels. She slowly, sensually licked her lips, then stood up. I noticed a trickling trail of shiny fluid running down her thigh. She saw my gaze and smiled wickedly.

“Oh, yes…I’m a squirter, Alice.”

I didn’t know what to say. She ran her finger across the trail of juice and then fed it to herself. I found it incredibly erotic, and my nipples hardened.

I glanced at Joaquin, and I noticed small streaks of milky white liquid were dripping down his chest. His eyes were closed, and he looked like a sleeping angel. Jenny spoke again.

“I’m going to take off your restraints now, Alice. You’ve had a long day so Joaquin will show you to your dinner and your room so you can get some sleep.”

I nodded, disappointed at the day coming to an end, but knowing I was too exhausted to continue my sweet captive torture.

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