Me and Jenny


It was a sunny monday afternoon at college and I was sat in the library trying to get some coursework finished in time. “Is anyone sitting here?” I hear a voice ask. I look up and there is a beautiful girl of about 18 stood next to the table holding her folder. She has long blonde hair and big brown eyes. I shake my head and she sits down. We start talking as I help her with her maths work, and I find out her name is Jenny and she is in my year. Before I even notice, the library is closing, and we have to leave.

“I know this probably sounds a bit strange, but would you like to come to my house to watch a movie? I have wine” Jenny says.

“I suppose I could” I hear myself saying. We walk back to her house, which is actually only around the corner from my house, and when we get there we go straight up to her room. We decide to watch notting hill and quickly get through three bottles of good white wine. I get up to go to the toilet, and notice that I am actually quite drunk, and I can see that Jenny is looking pretty worse Antep Bayan Escort for the wear herself. When I sit back down we decide to put on another film, and settle on the exorcist of Emily-Rose. Before the film has even started, Jenny is hiding behind me, snuggling into my side.

“You aren’t afraid of scary movies are you?” I giggle. Jenny says nothing, just shakes her head. I wrap my arms around her and give her a big hug. She lifts her head and gazes at me with her huge brown eyes. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I find myself leaning down and giving her a quick kiss on the cheeks. Blushing I look away, muttering how sorry I am, but Jenny takes my face and kisses me deeply. I lean in so we are passionately kissing, and my hand finds it’s way to her right breast. I started to fondle her large-ish breast, and moan as Jenny leaves my lips, and trails her lips down my neck, kissing and nibbling it as she went down. She lifted my t-shirt up over my head and began kissing my breast and flicking my nipple with her tongue. I could feel myself getting wet, and decide to take her summer dress off. I undo the zip at the side, and Jennys dress just falls down.

“Naughty, naughty, going to college without any underwear” I grin. I can’t believe that someone would go out with no underwear under their dress!

I trail my fingers down her spine as she continues to kiss my breasts, then bring them around, and begin to play with her clit. I think she may be even wetter than me, if that’s even possible. Jenny brings her lips back up to kiss mine, and starts to moan slightly into my mouth as I play with her some more. I lay her on her back, and lean my face in towards her warm area. I start to manipulate her clit with my tongue and slide my fingers inside her. I thrust them in and out, getting quicker and quicker, as she grinds on my face, and I lick harder and harder. Before long she has a strong orgasm, and I lick up all of her cum. I quickly move back up and kiss her so she can taste her own juices. She leans over the bed to her drawers, and pulls out a black silk scarf and rolls me over and sits on my stomach so that I am pinned down. She pulls my arms up to the head of the bed and ties them together to the bed. She then goes down and starts licking me. I feel myself getting warm as I get more excited, and it feels so strange as she is literally only touching my clit with her tongue. No other part of her body is touching me. She leans over to her drawers again, and pulls something out that I can’t see. She straddles me again, but facing away from me, and starts licking me out again. She pushes herself towards my face so I start to ferociously lick her clit again, then jump as something huge enters me. ‘So that must be what she got out of the drawer… a big dildo’ I think to myself, then let out a huge moan as she thrusts it inside me. I keep licking her out as she licks away at me, and feel myself getting hotter and hotter until… ohhh!

I let her come on my face as I have the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced. Jenny licks my juices up, then licks her own off my face and kisses me deeply, then wrapping herself around me we fall asleep.

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