Megan’s Milk and More

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This is pure fiction and fantasy. The characters and events in this story are based off of real people. Enjoy!


Megan was brushing her brown hair as she prepared to head out to the mall. It was one of her friends’ birthdays soon and she needed to buy her a gift.

Megan is a young lady, now 21, living with her older sister, her husband John, and their baby Bradley. She had always been self-conscious about her body and appearance as she was not blonde like her older sister and was not blessed with large enough breasts to compare to her. She was filling in the right places though due to her many visits to the gym, and thanks to John, her lactating breasts had gone from a B cup from when they met, to a D.

She had the past of having found John hot when they first met and wondered about his and her older sister’s sex life. Little did she know that upon sneaking in a peek at them one night, that they were an adult nursing couple. She watched lustfully through the ajar opening of their bedroom door as John slurped and suckled Madison’s large breasts and pink nipples. It moistened her womanhood and made her own nipples erect just watching, until of course her noises at the door revealed her clandestine watching.

After some time of being fully interested and involved with their play, she convinced John that she wanted to give him what her older sister was giving him too, so they induced. John would suckle Megan 3 times a day and along with her bra size increase came her natural nectar of nourishment. After some time, she realized that she had to cool down with John as she almost got a pregnancy scare after them fucking unproctected after one nursing session.

She figured it would be awkward to explain that to the kids, and even though she loved and craved John’s cock even more so than Madison, she knew she had to back off just a little from her older sister’s husband. They did remain nursing whenever they could though, even though John had both girls to suckle from and Megan had invested in a pump as well.

Enough background…

Here she was getting ready to head on out. “Fuck” she whispered under her breath as she realized that she would have to miss a quick pumping from her dual-electronic pump in order to make time for the mall before rush hour.

Nevertheless, she assumed she could power through it and have enough time to make it back home to either pump or hope that John would be home to suck on them. She prepared herself for the worst and added some nursing pads to the inside of the cups of her black, sexy lace nursing bra. It was one of her surprises for John a while back after they had gone to dinner together. She remembered how she made them park far from the entrance and straddled herself on his lap facing her. She had unhooked her dress and let the straps fall to either side revealing that same bra. “Have your appetizer now before dinner babe” she teased him as he wasted to time removing a breast and latching on.

Back to her reality, she put on a tight tee and some short-shorts and got her purse ready and headed out. “John’s such a fucking big ass baby” she thought to herself out of consciousness as she giggled to herself at how often they nursed. Not once had she imagined her gift of milk for anyone but John, and this was all about to change.

She made it in time to beat traffic and arrived at the mall where she browsed through places like Forever 21 and H&M for her friend’s gift. She knew her breasts were filling but she felt sexy and confident that way, and it seemed to be noted by several guys just wandering around as they approached her to ask for directions to another store in attempt for her number. She giggled at their attempt and dodged their attention once the number came into question.

She even decided to try some stuff on just to see how she looked. Since she was a small girl, she didn’t have to worry about sizes in tops, but shorts and pants certainly came in small despite her toning ass she was getting. After all, she was only 5′ 4″ with large breasts and ass. She tried on a few tops and loved the ones that had a v neck or low cuts because she noticed all the cleavage she was getting that she did not once have. She also paraded in her booth in front of the mirror in just the black bra she had on. “I’d fuck me hard too” she jokingly thought to herself.

She felt very confident as she stared at her cleavage and the way her breasts fitted the bra, not too loose but certainly filling the cups.

After her fun, she got everything back on and paid for the top and cheap jewelry he found for her friend to go along with it. It seemed that all her fun and attraction came to consequence as her nipples began to tingle, itch, and even feel a bit like they were inflamed. She felt the beginning of dampness and wetness that soon began to grown amongst her areolas and knew her engorgement’s consequences were about to take a toll.

She made it back to her car in the parking lot and saw that the interstate was bumper to bumper so there was no way she could head home without waiting at least another hour and a half.

“Fuck, I had a feeling this was going to happen” she said to herself as she checked the time on her phone. “Guess I’m going to have to do it here” she pouted as she rolled her eyes. She reached for her purse and pulled out a single manual hand pump. The small bottle was already attached to the bottom of it and she proceeded to loosen the snap in between the cups of her bra from above the fabric of her tee as she looked around to see if anyone nearby was watching. No sign of movement, and all of the cars around were lifeless. She took a deep sigh as she shifted the suction nozzle of the pump below her tee, under the left cup and onto her breast. She began a warm-up, massaging her breast lightly as she began the cranking of the pump with her other hand.

She tried to picture John at her breasts lustfully sucking it, and had very little success. It just wasn’t the same, and without much practice, the manual pump would soon get her palms tired. It was fastened well onto her nipple and it was drawing a few drops but nothing that was helping preventing her engorgement. Meanwhile her other breast was craving the same attention and began hurting more than before.

At last, her palm got very tired of cranking the pump and as she removed the nozzle, and observed the little bottle, there was barely a few drops collected at the bottom. Her breasts still in pain, she checked the time and now panicking, she was running out of ideas.

The pain grew, feeling like a heavy weight on her chest and she began to lightly cry and whimper. She had no idea what to do, and wanted John’s mouth on them more than ever. In defeat, she rested her forehead on the steering wheel and held her chest in the fold of her arms as she resumed her desperate crying.

She prayed mentally that this pain would be over and that time would skip an hour ahead so that she could make it home to nurse John or even use her electronic pump.

It seemed like the pain was pressing against her chest when suddenly she heard a knock on her side window and nearly jumped in fright. She quickly without looking up, and surreptitiously, hooked her bra back together in the center before unfolding her arms to look up.

It was a young male about her age, maybe younger. Brown hair that looked severely uncombed, almost as if he’d just gotten out of bed. He was very skinny, white, blue eyes and was dressed like he was on a movie date, typical polo tee with jeans and sperry shoes.

She was confused and lowered her window as she pulled herself together emotionally. “What?” was all that she could get out of thought.

The boy hesitated a little and awkwardly stammered in a very soft voice, “I noticed that you were crying, umm…are you okay?”

Megan wanted to shut this kid away and resume her slice of Hell in silence, but something within her, maybe the pain itself, motivated her to spit out “No I’m not…”

“My name is Tim, umm…I was sitting in the passenger seat of this car” he pointed to the one exactly next to her door, “anyway, can I help you in any way, and you seem really upset?”

Megan’s thoughts were playing tug of war amongst themselves in her head whether one was scram! Or no thanks, I’m good, and at the very back of them was, will you empty me?

She sighed a little, and then wondered. “Where you watching me?”

Tim swallowed, as he indeed had. He had his seat reclined in his dad’s car as he wanted to nap for a little. Once he saw Megan, whom he found extremely attractive, she silently observed her getting into her car and watched intently as she fiddled with her chest and what looked like a pump?

Tim’s throat dried a little as he lied, “no, I decided to help when I heard you crying.”

Megan looked at him like he was trying to sell her fake products, and took another stab at him with “are you lying to me?”

Tim got very nervous now and stammered a little. The truth was that he excitingly watch as she massaged her chest and worked up something and once he saw when she observed the bottle and saw drops, he couldn’t believe it. To add more to this kid Tim, he had never been breastfed as a baby. It was just him and his dad for his whole life and since he discovered about adult nursing at 15, he knew it was for him. Never had he had the opportunity to do so but here, at 18, and being one of the least popular guys at school, he finally was a few feet from some milk.

“No. I saw you come into your car” he spat out defeated and ashamed.

Megan felt a little satisfaction in revealing his lie, and then her rage came back on as she asked, “did you see all of that then?”

Tim’s cheeks began to go pink, and wished he could hid somewhere as he looked down and asked “all of what?”

“Don’t play stupid with me” Megan responded in annoyance.

“Look, I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, I just wanted to help you out because I saw how you were in agony. Yes, I did see the whole thing and I just knew that you were probably not comfortable seeing as you are in pain hunched over and all.” He explained still very softly and calm.

Megan was glad he confessed, and was now willing to be friendlier with a clean sheet of honesty. However he continued still calm, still standing in front of her door at a safe distance,

“Look my dad came to the golf shop here and I have no interest in that, in fact golf is the most boring thing in the world. Anyway he’ll be in there forever and I just want to say that since I never had a mom, I was never nursed as a baby and I saw an opportunity when you got very frustrated with not being able to succeed pumping. I was only just wondering if maybe I could I don’t know, umm, uh…” he let out without thinking and choking up at the end.

“Wait, are you about to ask me what I think you’re going to ask me?” Megan interrupted.

She continued, “look, I don’t know you Tim, and I’m sorry that you weren’t nursed as a kid, but I don’t just hand out my breasts to strangers like that, so…”

Tim rebutted, “I know and I can respect that but you should know that I am only looking to help you out. I don’t know if you have a baby or not, but it seems clear to me that you don’t have a baby with you anyway and I am a fan of adult breastfeeding and all I’m saying is that you and I know you have at least an hour to wait with all that pain and even then, with more traffic even as you leave the mall area. I’m just saying, we can help each other.”

Megan struggled to think as the pain in her chest kept its course and she knew he was right. She didn’t want to suffer mastitis and knew that she was down to this last resort. She was faced with a stranger and had no other choice but to give in to the pain and the oddity that she was about to face.

She turned to him again and looked him up and down. Tim looked ashamed, defeated and downright embarrassed. “Tim, how old are you?”

“I’m 18, I go to Lincoln High, and I’m accepted to basically all major colleges in the state so far” he silently responded.

She looked around to see if any other invaders had watched them, and so far nothing.

“So you say you’re aware of adult breastfeeding, do you have any idea how to even suckle?” she continued.

“I’ve done some research but never applied it, but I promise to be very respectful and gentle and won’t hurt you if you give me a cha-” he began before being cut off again.

“Well that’s not too good, but say I did allow this once, how do I know you’re not lying about everything in order to get yours?” she questioned sternly.

Tim took out his wallet and showed her his driver’s license, which read, “Timothy Andrew Williams, born July 17 of the year 1997, Male, Blue eyes, Brown hair…”

Megan could read this kid up and down and knew immediately that he was certainly not the smooth or popular kid in school. He was far too skinny and quiet, and he seemed like a very smart kid, and not to mention very kind. Sure he was awkward, but he was sure he knew what he was going to do and she was out of any other options. It wasn’t like she could get John to get to the mall anyhow, he was across town leaving work in the same flow of crappy traffic.

She sighed one more time as the pain in her chest sent a chill across her body. She handed back his wallet and asked for his phone. He gladly gave it to her and she locked it in her glove compartment. She unlocked the car doors and quietly said, “Tim, go ahead and have a seat in the back.”

Tim’s heart was leaping in joy but his stomach was also feeling very nervous, not that he would get sick but this was all coming in so fast and he was going to enjoy it all. He opened the door of the back seat and climbed in. It was an SUV so that entire back seat was all one seat. Megan then slowly joined him after she retrieved a blanket from the trunk and shut it.

She made sure to relock the doors once both of them were in the back seat and then sat comfortably. As she began to wrap the blanket around her shoulders.

“You will respect my rules, you hear me Tim?” She asked sternly again.

He nodded and listened, still very nervous. “You won’t touch me elsewhere aside from my chest, you will only have permission to suckle and focus on suckling, I took your phone away because I don’t want any pictures taken to show off to your bros, and you won’t waste my time. Is that understood?” she listed out.

“Yes” he said a little choked up from nervousness as he nodded and blinked fast.

“You sure your dad won’t be back for a while?” she reassured.

“Mhmm…he always spends a crap ton of time talking to the other men and the sales clerks at the golf shop about how he almost went pro and all” he confirmed.

He did a nervous giggle after what he had said and waited for her cue.

“Relax, please, and when you’re ready just lay on my lap” she ordered.

Tim was so excited and nervous. He laid his head on top of her warm legs facing her stomach and chest. Megan carefully wrapped the blanket around his upper body and the back of his head so that no “lookers” would intrude.

Tim awaited excited looking up at her chest then glancing at Megan’s beautiful face. She slowly lifted the bottom of her tee above her sexy bra and just out of comfort, removed it. She slowly repeated the previous routine of unsnapping the clasp between the cups of her bra and adjusted Tim’s head to position before her right breast as it was the more accurate positioning for it.

She slowly pulled back the cup to reveal her peachy-tan skin. Her breast was very engorged, her dark areola and nipple already perked at attention, desiring emptying. Tim was so nervous he almost didn’t move. Here was his dream all along and he wasn’t all ready like he had thought.

He almost killed the mood by saying, “you know breast milk has lots of vitamins and can increase higher IQ if nursed on for a-”

Megan shushed him by guiding his head towards the nipple and with her other hand, lifting it up to his lips.

This shut him up and excited him more than ever. She wanted relief and the blabber-mouthed awkward kid was going to stall, nope!

Tim focused and allowed the nipple to enter and settle into the back of his tongue as he also took in most of the breast. He firmly latched and began to do a soft chewing, but not biting, motion while sucking. He began gently and at a few moments would increase his force by a tad bit. He was certainly practicing his research and Megan knew it too. “He’s good” she thought as she held his head to her breast. Her other hand had her middle and ring fingers working the breast he sucked on in a “v” in order to both pump and massage, and as well as to fulfill the nursing.

She looked down at him and saw his eyes were closed as he maintained his latch. She hadn’t achieved a let-down just yet due to nervousness, but was close and she knew he was getting the first few drops.

Tim kept his eyes closed savoring her nipple and feeling her hand feeding her breast to him. At times his tongue would brush the nipple almost sexually, but he kept sucking gently as he promised. His left arm was wrapped around her back in order to remain comfortable and to hold her close. He got confident, something he usually never is, and slid his right hand below the left cup and onto her breast.

Megan didn’t mind as long as he was both gentle and respectful. Megan did something she normally did with John in order to help her let-down be achieved, and with her own eyes closed while still feeding him her breast with her hand and holding him close, she bent her head down to whisper into his ear, “c’mon baby drink mama’s milk”.

This made Tim even more excited as he increased his pace and his suction force, and sure enough, Megan winced a little.

At first Tim wondered if he had hurt her but then felt a heavy collection of warm, delicious milk fill his cheeks and then meet the back of his throat. He gladly swallowed his first mouthful of milk and kept sucking. It would be a very strong routine for about five minutes, suck and swallow, suck and swallow. It was so much milk that he almost dribbled through a little. He kept nursing from her as his right hand worked her left breast, fondling it softly, kneading it a little, and making sure not to waste any precious milk. After a few more minutes of bliss, Megan looked around to see if anyone had spotted them or watched and the coast remained clear.

She looked down peacefully admiring Tim’s effort as he kept his strong latch and his eyes closed the whole time. She let go of her breast and prepared her other one by pulling that cup back. “Tim” she said. Tim’s sucking stopped and looked up, “yeah?”

“It’s time for the other one” she said softly. He readjusted himself in the seat as she scooted down a few spots for him to adjust for the left breast. She noticed he had a major hard-on and giggled a little. It excited her too as she let her walls down and sat posed slightly sexually for him to admire both of her breasts as she laid back down.

“Fuck, she’s so damn sexy” he thought. She wrapped the blanket around them again as he got started again, but this time without her help. He latched on carefully and resumed his suckling with his eyes closed and with his free arm, now his left, placed it upon her free breast, the one he had just nursed from. She resumed nursing him holding him close, and her let-down came about with no trouble at all.

Tim had enjoyed the entire experience. No longer did he feel like the loser that he was outside of this car; he felt like a champion. Megan did not regret her decision, she was finally relieved of her pain and didn’t have to endure it in the heavy traffic. She knew however that this was bound to end very soon.

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