Midnight had come and gone. Megan still had no relief from the humidity. Her dark brown hair felt heavy and thick. It stuck to her bare back and shoulders. She cursed herself for not getting a shorter haircut for summer. Her family’s country farmhouse was quiet for the night in the lonely, still field of corn. There was no breeze, just a wicked damp heat that would not lift. The only light that Megan could see were each of the nightlight candles in the windows. She paced at the end of her darkened driveway, pulling at her pink stripped tube top and black shorts, which stuck to her like wet leaves. Alexis had told her to wait there, and Megan knew Alexis was up to something good. It had seemed as though she was waiting all night for her.

Finally she saw the bright headlights in the distance and the blue car pulled into the driveway. Megan climbed inside and was immediately blanketed by the air-conditioner, which Alexis had set at full blast.

“I need my gloves and scarf in here,” Megan said, hugging herself. She felt her nipples immediately get hard as the air found its way to them.

Alexis smiled. “It’s better than the house, right?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

The two girls looked at one another in the darkened car, exchanging a familiar knowing glance.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” said Alexis. “I was waiting for something to…”her voice trailed off and Megan couldn’t hear the rest of her sentence. Bayan Escort Gaziantep She didn’t really care anyway, she was thankful to be out of the heat of her house. Alexis looked sexy in her jean cutoffs and white tank top with her black lace bra showing through.

“Thanks for doing this, I was dying in there. Living in a historical house is great, I mean the house is beautiful, but this no air conditioning is tough.”

Alexis fixed her shoulder length blonde light blond hair, pushing it behind her ears. She took her hand off the steering wheel and then placed it on Megan’s knee. Each girl leaned in, as if in perfect symmetry, creating a small slice of heat in the cold car. Their lips touched, gently for a moment. But the gentle kisses soon paved way for the exploring hands and tongues.

“Bend over the seat” instructed Alexis.

“What? I can’t do that. What if someone saw us?” Megan looked around.

“Out here? You live on a farm, no one is out here. Your driveway is a mile long, we’d see the headlights in time anyway. Bend over…and pull your shorts and panties down”. Alexis said, unable to hide the small smirk on her face.

Megan knelt on the seat, slowly pulling down her black shorts and pink panties. She slowly leaned over, positioning herself so her body was between the drive and passenger’s seats. She felt enclosed and exposed. It was hard to move between the two front seats and this excited her. The leather of the seats was cool and rigid against the sides of her legs.

Alexis took her time, admiring Megan. She let her fingertips slide up the back of Megan’s smooth tan legs. She her slit open, inspecting, letting Megan wonder and wait was coming next. The heat inside Megan was building, with each deep breath she took. Alexis’s fingers were pulsing, and pulling at Megan’s skin. It was heat upon heat and soon the car began to fill with a sweet smell of woman. Megan shivered occasionally as a blast from the air conditioner would pass upon the backs of her legs, up her thighs, across her ass, and up her back, like a slithering snake. Up Alexis’s fingers went, as if following the gusts of artic air, closer and closer to where Megan needed to be touched, but never reaching it. She continued to circle like a shark going after its prey.

Alexis licked her fingers, the sound overpowering the gentle hum of the air conditioner. She let the wetness on her fingertips mix with the wetness dripping from Megan and slid her fingers easily inside, her thumb resting on Megan’s clit. Megan arched forward, gasping, her head turned and she looked back, staring at Alexis and biting her lip.

Megan returned to the bent over position, her thick dark hair spilling over the leather seats, feeling more open and exposed, as if she were a pierce of art on display. Alexis continued to admire the slick skin, touching its rosy color. Megan’s lips felt like day old rose petals, slippery yet firm. She returned her thumb to Megan’s clit, tapping it softly. Alexis felt Megan begin to move back against her fingers and thumb and she leaned over her friend, licking the small of her back.

“Spread your legs more,” Alexis whispered, her hot breath slicing the coldness of the care. Pieces of her light blonde hair fell into her eyes, bit she didn’t seem to notice.

Megan felt something cold, placed right before her opening. Before she could think of what it could be, Alexis replaced her fingers with the object. Megan felt bumps and ridges. She felt filled, spread wide. It was large, thick, and solid. It was icy and crisp, it made her get so wet, that she began to drip down her legs. She shivered repeatedly. She shook, mostly from pleasure, but also from the shock of the raw cold. Megan looked down and noticed the large green piece of produce. A cucumber. She looked back at Alexis, who was now working the chilly vegetable in and out slowly. Megan pushed her body down on the cucumber, taking it deep inside of her.

She enjoyed the mixture of her warmness and the cucumber’s coldness, and she let herself go in moan after moan. Her body pressed against the leather seats, squirming, as she came. She sighed loudly with her hair in her face. Alexis stroked Megan’s hair.

“So that’s why you were late?” Megan whispered.

Alexis grinned. “Yeah I had it in the freezer before I left. I wanted to make sure it was extra cold.”

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