Memoirs of an English Student Ch. 02

In this short tale I am going back to the start when Beth and I first stayed together at University. We got it on at last and after months of trying to plan, seduce and a lot of dreaming it just happened! Just like that!

I met Beth at Sixth Form College. We hit it off instantly and were soon doing everything together. Our background and upbringing were very similar but our personalities couldn’t be different, she was fun and outgoing where as I was a shy and awkward teenager who thought too much about everything in my life to the point that it was holding me back.

The move to university was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to get away from my parents, the farm and the shitty little village I was brought up in and move to Manchester. Beth and I had secured a room together in the halls of residence and three months in things were going well. Beth and I became very close and I learnt everything about her from her non-stop talking. Beth was into guys, all she talked about was guys but I had learnt that she had played with girls a few times and the stories she told did nothing but make me hungrier for her. I couldn’t let it show but I had become crazy about her and her guy stories were starting to hurt a little. I was doing some weird shit like wearing her underwear and sleeping in her hoodie when she went home for the weekend so I could smell her. She always smells of soap. I am a weirdo I know!

It is December and soon we would be going home for the holidays, I got back to our room and took off my woolly hat, wet jeans and hoodie, my blonde bob misshapen from my hat I and was just lounging about reading in my yellow cotton panties, socks and vest which was pretty much what everyone did in the halls, boys and girls strutted about the landings and communal rooms cooking and doing laundry and trash runs in vests, pants and shorts. The heating in the building was on all the time and the higher you were in the building the hotter it was. Our room was on the eighth floor, fourth from the top so was very warm. It was not a big room at all but functional, on the far wall was the window and on each side wall was a single bed, wardrobe and a chest of drawers. My drawers had the TV on top; hers had our make-up and hair products, clips and bracelets. The walls had concert posters stuck up and photos of drunken nights out.

Beth comes tumbling in. I hadn’t seen her for nearly two days as she stayed out. She too is rain soaked and stripped herself down shoving wet denim into the laundry basket and leaving on her white Lycra top and bursa escort boy shorts. After towelling her long black hair and putting it into a ponytail she joined me at the window and we shared a cigarette. She talks at a thousand miles an hour telling all about her night and some guy who works a local café that she spent it with, pausing only to blow smoke straight out of the two inch gap the open window provides, so not to set off the smoke alarm and evacuate the building! I finished the bottom half of the cigarette and we both sat on her bed, I sat cross legged in the centre and she sat with her back against the wall knees pulled up, still talking but watching the news on my TV.

I would pretend I wanted to know all the gory details and Beth was usually proud to tell you all about her conquests. She had been talking about this guy, what she said, what he said, what she ate, what music was playing blah blah blah.

“Sooooo” I interrupted “How was IT?” I reached over and pinched her bottom rib.

“Christ Annie!” she snapped frowning “You are such a fucking pervert!”

After a short pause and smiling she said “Well if you must know it went a bit like this” and she sprung up onto her knees and grabbing my ankles she uncrossed my legs and lifting them up high sent me onto my back and then she parted them wide and jumped between my thighs. I let out a little scream and began giggling and squealing as keeping hold of my ankles she began humping my crotch, her pubis crashing against mine causing a glow to build up inside me. She tried to make her voice deep like a Mans and was crying out”Oh god Beth you are so tight, oh that feels so fucking good! Yeh come on baby!”

I was screaming, grabbing her waist and pretending to try and throw her off. When she was tiring of this impersonation and stopping I just suddenly blurted out “I wish it was us fucking Beth”thinking that she would just laugh but she just froze solid. She just stared at me, looking horrified, for what seemed an age. I started to panic inside. There was nothing but silence “What?” I cried.

“Oh my God!” she said quietly, still with my ankles by her shoulders “What the fuck was that…Was that some kind of…Invitation?”

She let go of my ankles and dropped down onto her elbows her face now only inches away, her grey eyes staring into mine, darting from one to the other. A cheeky smile started to appear and I felt my tension lift as I was so scared of messing everything up between us. Still smiling sexily she said softly

“So bursa ucuz escort little Annie wants a piece of the action does she…thinks she can have a bit of Beth does she…and what about this sweet little nun’s pussy down here?”

Then reaching back in-between our thighs gave my outer pussy lips a big single pinch through the cotton.”Does this want some?”

My face must have been a picture, all shocked and frozen. I really couldn’t speak. Beth smiled widely now, she was loving this the little control freak and I was starting to relax a little, she lowered her head and began pecking my lips with tiny kisses, when I tried kissing her back she slowly and very erotically kissed my bottom lip, drawing it inside her lips and giving it a gentle bite.

Next thing I know we were full on kissing. Our tongues twisting together, lips are getting bitten. Beth moved breathlessly kissing down my left cheek to my lower Jaw and on to my neck. I pulled my knees up and wrapped my legs over her hips and wound my pelvis upwards reminding Beth where her hand was, she begins massaging and gently pinching my pussy through my panties. The feeling is amazing, much more intense than touching your-self and soon I am nearly delirious with emotion.

Next Beth pulled away rocking back on her knees she pulled off my briefs, then parting my thighs with her hot hands her face was disappearing down between my legs. She begins kissing up the inside of my left thigh, her hand massaging my right. Quickly she reaches my neat blonde bush and kissed this too. Beth using her thumb massaged my outer lips and I could sense that I had become wide open, hot and slippery. Beth slid the tip of her tongue down onto my swelling clit and flicked it, but this was too intense and I gasped and begin backing up the bed clawing at the covers, I was about to shove her forehead back when she changed tactics and grabbing my hips to keep me still she switched to attacking my clit with the wet flat part of her tongue massaging my bud around and around. This felt so heavenly and I quickly started to melt, settling back raising my knees and placing the soles of my feet on her shoulders and again winding up my pelvis to meet her tongue. I looked down and she stared back with those dreamy eyes.

“Don’t stop Beth please, Dont stop honey” I begged and less than a minute later I erupted into a fast intense orgasm with colours exploding behind my eyelids, I held her head and clawed behind her ears as the waves of pleasure rush through bursa elit escort my body. A minute later I came around in a daze. Beth was sat up on her knees grinning madly and stooping forward she gave me a big single kiss on my lips.

“Stay” she said “It’s my turn now, but don’t stress Annie, I will make it easy for you sweetheart”

Getting up she pulled down and kicked off her little white shorts. I just lay there watching as she climbed up on the bed, looking like a giant, her feet struggling to balance as she stood on the mattress. She stumbled across and stopped with her feet on both sides of my shoulders. I looked up at her as she squats down lowering her pretty trimmed bush to my lips, she leaned forward placing a hand on the wall to steady herself. I kissed her pussy all over then stick out my slippery tongue into her slit. I could smell her sweet pussy below and soap from her soft pubic hair buried in my nostrils. Feeling my tongue she bucked her hips back and forth, pulling my bleached blond hair gently with her free hand. I stiffen my tongue up feeling it slide quickly from her clit to up deep inside her hot hot hole feeling it contract and suck upon my probing tongue. Next she pressed down and began riding my whole face and her pussy is taking over my senses as her clit rubbed my nose and her salty sweet juices ran down my chin. Looking up I watched her sexy neck and those pert boobies in Lycra. I reached round and dug my nails into her hard arse cheeks, setting her body off into orgasm. “That’s it baby that’s it!” she called out groaning and with one leg trembling she came on my mouth. I covered the area in sweet kisses as her orgasm subsided.

I was in mental heaven feeling overjoyed that I was actually useful to someone and given someone such pleasure, the very best pleasure a human can feel. I had been given therapy through sex!

After trying to get her legs to function and clambering off me avoiding standing on my head or hair, she settled down beside me on the bed. We moved up and shared a pillow, she spooned me from behind her arm reaching over cupping a breast. I couldn’t believe what we had just done, an epic adventure on my part. I had made love for the first time with a girl, my best friend.

We talked half a sleep about what we had done and what to do now. I told Beth that I had wanted to do that for such a long time and she told me off for waiting so long. Beth then setting the boundaries and as I had decided that she was my mentor I agreed to everything she wanted, after all what did I know? Beth didn’t want a relationship with me solely. She needed Men in her life and probably also other girls and although it gave me pain in my heart she was right…we were young and the time to have fun was now and it was all out there… waiting for us to take it.

The End

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