Michaela Gets It Done

* All characters are 18 or over.
* This is a story of two bisexual girls but Literotica only has a Lesbian category. Sorry.
* The story is fiction. All characters, places, events and information are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.
* I welcome constructive criticism but flaming and insulting comments will be deleted.. Thanks.


Michaela stood in line at the counter in the lunch room, located on the first floor of the building in which she worked. Her coworker and office manager, Edwena, stood behind her, ready to give her order. Kyle, the young man who owned and operated the little restaurant was working behind the counter and gave Michaela a broad grin when he looked up and saw her in front of him.

“Hey, Michaela! How are you doing today?” he asked, cheerfully.

“Hi, Kyle. I’m what you say in America, fit as a fiddle,” she said sweetly with her cute Swedish accent.

“Fit as a fiddle, ay? Well, can I be your bow?” he said, laughing loudly at his own joke.

Michaela laughed, too, though she didn’t get the joke at all. She filled her tray with a tuna sandwich on wheat bread, some carrot sticks and celery sticks, and an ice water to drink.

“Is that how you keep such a sexy figure, eating healthy like that?” Kyle asked jokingly.

“I was taught to eat healthy food all my life. You know, in Sweden we eat a lot of things fresh out of the sea and from our own garden. You Americans live on fatty hamburgers, greasy fries and sweet drinks and wonder why you are all overweight,” she quipped.

“Aw, come on, I don’t eat that much fast food,” he said defensively. “I was wondering, would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow night? Sure, I’ll go out with you. My address is:”

She gave him her address and phone number and waited for him to write it all down.

“Call me if something comes up and you can’t make it,” she said.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be there!” he affirmed.

Edwena heard the entire conversation and smiled at Michaela as she sat beside her at her table.

“You’re going out with Kyle tomorrow night? Congratulations, I hear he’s quite the choice of eligible bachelors,” Edwena said happily. “For a twenty- two year old, he is doing quite well”

“Well, but it’s only a date, you know. He hasn’t asked me to marry him.”

“Ah, but a trip around the world begins with one small step,” she kidded. “Well, since you’ll be on a date, I think I’ll call your Momma and see if she wants to come visit us tomorrow night then.”

“Oh, yes, I’m sure she’d love that,” Michaela smiled. “She loves being with you and your husband. She always has a spring in her step the next day.”

Michaela knows that ‘visit’ is a code word for a threesome. It was Michaela who introduced Edwena to girl/girl sex, though she didn’t have to seduce her. It was mutually agreed upon and it was Michaela who took part in Edwena’s first threesome with her husband, Eldon.

“We love your Momma. Sylvia is always a welcome guest at our house. But, hey, we still enjoy a visit with you from time to time. Don’t you forget us now that you’re busy dating.”

“Oh, I could never forget about you, Edwena. I’ll still come and visit you now and then, but until then, there’s always break time in the bathroom if we both happen to be in there in the afternoon.”

“Now that you mention it, I will have to go to the bathroom at break time this afternoon. Will you be there?”

“Yes, I’ll have to go to the bathroom this afternoon, too,” Michaela smiled.

“Good. My pussy is getting wet just from planning it.,” Edwena whispered.

That afternoon just before break time, Michaela was well caught up on her work and since she did need to pee, she left for the bathroom a few minutes early. It was empty so she went into the center of the three stalls and locked the door behind her. She hiked her dress up and got her hands underneath. She tucked the hem of her dress under her chin and looked down at her panties. They looked so good stretched tight over her mound and puffy pussy lips, she gave herself a few proud pats on her pussy.. Like Edwena, her pussy was getting wet from anticipation.

“Be patient, little puss. Someone’s coming to play with you in a few minutes,” she said to herself.

She pulled her panties down to below her knees and sat down on the toilet. It took no effort for the pee to flow. She let out a sigh of relief as her pee gushed out from between her butterfly lips, making the familiar spraying sound. She spread her lips wide open when the stream ended to closely examine her self appreciatively. Her pussy was good looking she thought, lips not too fat or too thin, inner lips just trying to poke out from between her outer lips, bald except for a strip of hair above her slit. It took so long to get hair down there when she was a kid she didn’t have the heart to shave it all off now that she was grown up. She flushed the toilet and started to pull her panties up but then changed her mind. She pulled her bursa escort bayan panties off her feet and sniffed her scent in the gusset. She smiled as she detected the familiar womanly scent of an excited pussy then wiped her pussy lips with the gusset to add a little more scent to it. Dropping the hem of her dress, she exited the stall and stuffed her panties in her purse. She ran a comb through her long, light blond hair while smiling at herself in the mirror. The door to the bathroom opened and Edwena walked in.

“Hi. Is it clear?” she asked

“We’re alone,” Michaela replied.

Edwena walked up to her and put her arms around her. They kissed tenderly for a minute then broke apart and looked at each other.

“I’ve been so wet all afternoon thinking about this, god, how you turn me on,” Edwena exclaimed. “Every time I got up from a chair I had to look to see if I was leaving little wet spots behind.”

“No panties today?”

“Today and every day,” Edwena said. “I quit wearing panties even though my skirts are short enough I could accidentally flash pussy at someone. That’s okay, if that happens they’ll just have to like it is all.”

Michaela reached under Edwena’s skirt at the same time Edwena reached under her dress.

“Sssss! You’re not wearing panties either!” Edwena exclaimed.

“I was but I took them off just now for you. You feel different somehow.”

“I shaved my pussy lips, I only have hair on my mound now.”

“Yes, you feel more naked down there now. Let me look at you?”

Edwena stood with her back to the door and raised the front part of her skirt, exposing her newly shaved pussy. She watched Michaela’s face as the young woman stared at her cunt lips. She became full of passion as the young woman took in the sight with adoration in her eyes.

Michaela drank in the lovely sight of Edwena’s lovely legs with stockings and garter belt surrounding a beautiful pussy, a pussy with a coal black patch of hair on the mound and bare, smooth pussy lips swollen with desire. She slid her thumb up and down over the patch of pubic hair and down onto the moist crevice of the swollen pussy lips. She brought her face closer and lightly kissed the musky slit of the newly shaved pussy, giving it a quick lick with her tongue. Edwena’s pussy looked, felt, and tasted so beautiful she didn’t want to stop but she knew she had to.

“Dear, we have to get off and get back to work. There’ll be time for love making at home.” Edwena said softly.

“Yes, I know, but you are such a beautiful woman, I just can’t help but adore you.”

The next four or five minutes were spent in steamy mutual masturbation as the two women stood facing each other, hand under the others skirt, fingers dancing in the others wet pussy making wet, slurping noises as their pussies hungrily and greedily welcomed the invading fingers. The room was filled with echoes of whimpering and mewling words of love and passion until, almost simultaneously, they experienced a knee weakening orgasm apiece. They smiled, kissed, rinsed and dried their sticky hands, and left the restroom as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Michaela sat at her desk, acutely aware that she had not put her panties back on as the drafts of air moved across her bare pussy lips under her dress. The sensation was exquisite and she now knew why Edwena went without panties most of the time. Each puff of air reminded her how daringly exposed she was under her light dress. The constant awareness of her nakedness under her thin skirt kept her on the edge of being horny all the while.

Edwena had to reach behind her for something and rolled her office chair back to reach it instead of getting up. She spread her legs apart sufficiently that she flashed pussy in Michaela’s direction as she reached down. Seeing a surprised expression on the young woman’s face, she realized what she had just done and smiled to herself as devilish thoughts entered her brain.

Michaela noticed the movement at the desk next to her and glanced over to see Edwena with her legs spread apart, leaving her pussy in full view. It was a beautiful sight to behold but they were at work, after all, so she had to look away from the tantalizing sight and immerse herself in her work. She noticed movement again in the corner of her eye and looked over at Edwena once again. The beautiful woman was facing her with her legs spread wide apart showing her stockings, lovely thighs, lacy garter belt and a hairless pussy with a patch of luxurious black hair on the mound.

Edwena held her legs wide open knowing that her pussy was in full view to her young coworker. When Michaela looked back again, she put her hand on her bare pussy lips and rubbed herself wantonly. She smiled and winked at the young woman who didn’t look away this time but watched intently as Edwena played with herself.

Michaela couldn’t believe what was happening before her just an aisle width apart from her. The eroticism coupled with the danger involved was a terrible turn-on. She looked around bursa bayan escort and then turned to directly face Edwena , slowly spreading her legs and raising her dress up high to mid thigh. She could feel her nakedness and brazenly put her fingers to her own pussy lips to massage herself in a circular motion. She realized now that she had started something that can only end in one way: she was on her way to another orgasm.

Edwena only meant to shock and tease the young woman at the desk beside her but was now at a point of no return She knew she would have to see it through to the end now. Her hand began moving furiously on her pussy lips, working toward a coveted orgasm. It was only a few wonderful minutes until her goal was reached and she struggled to remain silent as an orgasm washed over her.

Michaela watched Edwena in the throws of an intense orgasm and felt her own orgasm approaching. Edwena wasn’t noisy when making love anyway, Michaela knew, but she could tell she was trying to be as quiet as possible when she came. Edwena kept her legs open, leisurely stroking her pussy lips as she came back down to allow Michaela to look at her until her orgasm cruised through her body with Michaela trying to be as quiet as possible.

The two women straightened up their clothing and turned back to their desks. At that moment, someone came into the room and walked down the aisle between their desks and went into the next room.

“We can’t keep doing this, that was too close,” Edwena muttered. “We’ll have to get together a couple of nights through the week to keep us from getting carried away at work.”

“That’s fine with me,” Michaela agreed. “You’re so sexy I can’t keep my hands off of you for very long, and you the woman who thought she wasn’t sexy enough to keep her husband interested in her.”

“That was before you came along, you sweet, sexy, cute and cuddly Swedish girl. You opened my eyes to a lot of things, especially how exciting sex between two women can be. I’d never dreamed!”


Michaela hurried to the door as quickly as possible when the doorbell rang. She opened the door wide to find Kyle standing there with a big grin and a bouquet of flowers.

“Hi, Kyle! How are you doing tonight?” she said, trying to sound very American but her Swedish accent made her sound more cute than convincing. “Come on in for a second while I say goodbye to Momma. She has a date tonight, too.”

“Really? Well, if she’s as pretty as you, she probably has plenty of boyfriends,” he said.

“Oh, no, she’s going to see some friends tonight, Edwena and her husband, Eldon. You know her from work,” Michaela said.

“Yeah, the sexy, dark haired gal with the nice legs on her.”

“That’s the one, horny boy. Maybe you should have asked her out instead of me.” Michaela chuckled.

“Nah, you’re the one I want, that’s why I asked you out. Besides, she’s married.”

“Sometimes that doesn’t make any difference,” Michaela smiled.

“Yeah, I know, but I’m not the type to push for that.”

Michaela walked away chuckling to say goodnight to Momma and to put her flowers up.. She dropped the flowers in a vase of water then tapped on Momma’s door and pushed it open to put her head inside.

“Kyle is here, Momma, Do you want to meet him before we go?”

“Oh, ya, I’ll come and meet him. I’m almost finished here,” Momma said, spraying hair spray on to her blond hair.

Kyle rocked back and forth from toe to heel while he checked out the super clean and neatly kept living room, waiting for Michaela to come back. Soon two women were walking in towards him. He was stunned by the sight of the beautiful woman at Michaela’s side.

“Momma, this is Kyle. Kyle, this is my mother, Sylvia Swenson.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Swenson,” is all he could say at that moment.

“Ya, it’s good to meet you too, but please: Sylvia, not Mrs. Swenson. Ya?”

“Okay, ya, I mean yes, – Sylvia,” he stammered.

“No need to worry what time you get home, Dear. I’ll probably be out late myself,” Sylvia said to her daughter.

“Okay, Momma. Have fun,” she said, closing the door behind her.

They walked to Kyle’s convertible parked at the curb. He played the gentleman and held the door for her to get in. Kyle got behind the wheel and held onto the steering wheel for a bit.

“Dang! Why didn’t you say something to prepare me for that?!! Your mother looks like something off of a Hollywood red carpet! She’s fucking gorgeous!”

“I noticed you were a little speechless there. Were you a bit intimidated by her?” Michaela teased.

“Fucking Aye!” he exclaimed. “Now I know where you get your good looks from! She’s another you with an added twenty years.”

“I’ll tell her of the compliments you gave her.”

“No! Don’t you dare. I’ll have to face her again, you know!”


The movie was a Western which had Michaela on the edge of her seat.

“Is this what this country was like in those days?” she asked.

“Nah, bursa merkez escort that’s Hollywood. They tell stories, not history,” he explained.

They shared a box of popcorn and held hands during the movie. After the movie was over they were discussing what to do next as they walked to the car.

“We could stop and get a pizza or some milkshakes,” he suggested.

“You know how I feel about junk food!” she scolded.

“Well, – we could go to your house and make love if your Momma ain’t home.” he said with a grin.

“I’ll tell you about Swedish girls, we’re broadminded, we’re uninhibited, but we’re not an easy push over. We do have rules you know,” she said sternly.

“Okay, okay, so what do you want to do then?”

“We could go to my house and watch TV and I’ll think about making love with you.”

“Alright, that’s a good idea!”

Just then his cell phone went off. He pulled the phone out of his pocket and answered it. Michaela could tell by the look on his face that it wasn’t a pleasant conversation.

“FUCK!” he shouted after he put the phone back in his pocket.

“What is it?” Michaela asked, stunned by his outburst.

“My stupid fucking sister has run away again!” he fumed. “Alright, I’ll take you back home and then help look for her.”

“But I live so far from here it will take so much time to take me home first,” she reasoned. “Why don’t we look for her together?”

“Well, alright then,” he grumbled. “This sure turned out to be a sorry date for you. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t hear me complaining, do you? Let’s go find your sister now, there’ll be other dates.”

“I sure hope so! I like you a lot, Michaela.”

“I like you too, Kyle, you’re a real gentleman,” she said softly. “Put the top down and we can look around better.”

After Kyle got the top down he drove up and down the streets he thought his sister might be on. They could look all around with the top down and could see everything quite clearly even at night like this.

“There!” Michaela pointed, thinking she has seen her.

“No, that’s not her, that’s some lady walking her dog.” Kyle said as he checked her out. “The last time she tried this, we found her on – – the BRIDGE!”

Kyle spun the car around and sped off in the direction of the big river that flowed through the heart of town with a long, high bridge going across it. He might have been driving a little fast but not recklessly. Michaela sat quite calm on the seat beside him.

“If it weren’t for the circumstances, this could be quite a romantic little drive along the river with the top down and the moon shining brightly on the water.”

“Yea, it is,” he reflected as he patted her hand and smiled.

He slowed down just a little to enjoy the drive some. As he approached the bridge he slowed down even more and spotted a lone figure standing by the railing in the center of the long bridge. He drove slowly as he approached the girl so he wouldn’t alarm her.

Kyle’s sister, Randi, stood looking down into the dark water far beneath her. Her back was turned to them and she failed to hear them stop behind her. She wasn’t aware anyone was around until Kyle grabbed a hold of her arm. She spun around to look at them.

“Let me go!” she said, yanking her arm back.

“What the hell are you doing? Do you want people to think you’re crazy so they can take you to a shrink and let him shoot you up with mind altering drugs then put you in an asylum because you’re not normal?!

“No,” she said defiantly. Who’s she?” she said, looking Michaela up and down.

“This is my girl – my date, Michaela. Michaela, this is my kid sister, Randi. I call her my kid sister but she’s only seventeen months younger than me.”

“You’re the baby of the family?” Michaela asked.

“No, I have a brother thirteen months younger than me,” she replied.

“Mom and Pop spaced us close together so they would have an early empty nest,” Kyle interjected.

“It’s a nice night for a moonlit walk on the bridge – or were you planning on jumping in the water?” Michaela asked. “You should call your Mom and Dad. Tell them we found her,” she said to Kyle.

Kyle made the call as Michaela looked Randi up and down She was a shapely girl, tall like her brother with lovely dark hair that framed her pretty face. The thing that spoiled her looks was her glasses and a lazy eye that made it hard for Michaela to tell where she was looking. But she was far from being ugly or homely looking.

“Why would anybody want to jump from this bridge?” Michaela asked. “The river is so far down and looks so dark and cold. A person could die jumping in that river.”

“I want to die!” Randi shot at her.

“I know you don’t really mean that,” Michaela said softly. “When you die you’re dead forever, you know. What ever is wrong now can be made right when you’re alive.”

All of a sudden Randi burst into tears and fell against Michaela, a crying, sobbing wreck. Michaela just held her close for a good five or ten minutes until Randi finally got cried out and calmed down.

“Kyle and I were on a date tonight,” Michaela said. “We saw an exciting movie then went for a romantic moonlight drive along the river with the top down. Why don’t you come along and join us? I think we were going to my house next to watch some TV.”

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