Michelle, ma belle – Pt. 2


Part two.. Enter Shelly —

So, last time I had written, Michelle had made it clear to me that she wanted to continue our relationship in this manner. She sat down with me a few months after our first night of sex and told me “I know you’re feeling guilty about this but I wanted you to know that this was my choice. I’ve wanted this for the past few years. You’ve always been so kind to us and treated us like your own flesh and blood.” I shook my head and replied “You may think you want a sexual relationship with me, but you don’t. It’s not right. I’ve had serious feelings of guilt since we started. I really do feel like I’ve taken advantage of you.”

She smiled at me and took my hand and said “Well, you haven’t taken advantage of me. I want it to be like this. Will it always be like this? No. I do plan to have normal relationships with boys my age. But for now, this is what I’m comfortable with. Its what I want.” Later that night, she actually slept in her own room for the first time in a while. I was relieved on many levels. Two weeks later, school started.

Michelle would be in the 10th grade this year, which meant that she was starting high school. Her first few days of school were chaotic since she was transitioning to a new school, and meeting lots of new friends. She came home at the end of the first week and was totally overjoyed. She had made several new friends. One of which was going to be coming over Saturday for a few hours. She actually went upstairs and cleaned her bedroom.

Shelly arrived right before noon. Her parents came to the door with her to meet me and my wife. The frumpy woman saw that we didn’t have guns or axes in our hands and decided she would make a hasty exit. Shelly and Michelle went upstairs giggling and snickering. I was relieved because I knew that she would be focusing on something else and I would be free to get a few things checked off the honeydew list. A few hours later, they both came downstairs and talked quietly to Kim, my wife.

Later, while the dinner was being prepared, Kim told me to set an extra place because Shelly would be eating dinner with us and staying the night. It wasn’t until she sat down at the table that I got a real good look at her. She was about 5′ 5″, very light complexion and bright red hair. She also had the largest, roundest breasts I had ever seen on a 16 year old. She had to be at least a C cup and was probably even bigger. Her ass was heart-shaped, and begged to be spanked. My cock drooled as I sat down at the dinner table.

After dinner, both girls disappeared back upstairs and weren’t seen for the rest of the night. I started to breathe easier. I felt that things might actually be returning to normal. The normalcy even continued for a few more weeks. Michelle seemed to be doing well in high school, and had made quite a few friends. She had even gone to Shelly’s and spent the night a couple of times.

Toward the end of October, Kim was going to be out of town for 5 days. She would fly to Chicago once a year to attend a convention for an online MUD that she played. For those of you that don’t know what a MUD is, its an online text based role-playing game. MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon. MUD’s have been around the Internet since the late 1970’s. And, while she was gone, I would be taking vacation from work, which would leave me with one less thing to worry about while having to keep up with 3 kids.

Before her mother left, Michelle had approval from Kim to have Shelly over for the weekend, which was a 3 day weekend due to a teacher service day on Monday. To my further surprise Michelle had talked to her grandparents and had also arranged for her younger sisters to spend the weekend with them. OK, so it was me and the two teenagers. Fine.. I could handle it. Or so I thought.

Friday morning, Kim left and I got everyone off to school on time. The grandparents would be picking up the youngest two from school, and Michelle and Shelly would arrive home around 3:30. They went straight up to Michelle’s room the moment they got home and stayed there even when the pizza arrived for dinner. I was pleased because I was able to sit downstairs Sex hikayeleri and watch a couple of movies for the first time in a long time.

During the first movie, both girls came downstairs and watched part of it with me. I had a hard time focusing on the TV though.. Both were laying on their stomachs with their legs parted. I could see in the dim lighting that they both had panties on, but they were tight and left little to the imagination. I didn’t see much of the movie until they decided they were going back upstairs.

At about 11:00 or so, Shelly appeared in the family room and sat down on the couch next to me. The room was darkened because I like watching movies with all the lights dimmed. So, I didn’t notice that she had next to nothing on. She sat down right next to me on the sofa and started watching the movie. After a few minutes, she moved closer and leaned on me. As she did so, she took my arm and draped it around her. That’s when I discovered that she was wearing a half-shirt and no bra.

I asked her “Where’s Michelle?”. She replied almost lazily “Asleep. I’m not tired so I thought I’d come down and watch the movie with you. You don’t mind do you?” All I could muster was “No” in a hoarse voice. She settled in even closer at that point, pulling my arm down around her waist, where I could feel the thin strap of her panties. She kept lowering herself down while holding my arm in place. I could feel one of her heavy breasts resting on my hand. She sighed as I cupped it in my hand and hissed “oh yeah”.

I slid my hand up and felt her erect nipple and, rubbed the palm of my hand over it slowly. This made Shelly whimper a bit and move closer into me. I had both of her lovely firm breasts to choose from. I tried for a while to give both even attention. Her nipples only seemed to get harder as I played with them. My cock had been steadily growing ever since she sat down next to me. By now, it was poking out the leg of my shorts begging to be touched.

Shelly lay her head down on my leg and rolled onto her back, giving me full access to her tits and snatch. After running my hands over her fun bags, I let my hand slide down her flat stomach to her panties. She murmured “Mmmm-hmmm” as I lifted the band and slid my hand over her wet slit. She was sopping wet, and offered no resistance as I parted her lips and slid my middle finger inside her. She said “So, did you like our show earlier?” In a shocked voice, I said “That was for me? I thought you guys were just watching TV.”

Shelly said “No, Michelle told me that you and she have done it a few times and that she was sure that you would be interested in doing it with me too.” I said “Well, I’m definitely interested, but I think it would be a bad idea if we did. I think your parents would have something to say about this, don’t you?” She snickered “My dad wouldn’t mind. He’s been trying to get in my pants since my 14th birthday. But, I’ve never given in to him.” I asked “So, why me? Why pick me over your father?” She said “Michelle told me that she went to you. That you weren’t chasing after her, and that you were gentle and caring. Plus, she told me you had a vasectomy. I don’t want any children yet, I just want some sex. And, I see how you treat everyone around here. You’re nice. My father is an ass hole. I’d probably give into him if he weren’t such a jerk all the time.”

I didn’t know what to do next, but Shelly took action for me.. She started moving her hips up and down. My finger started rubbing up and down over her partially opened slit. Her first groan told me she was really serious about this. So, I slid two fingers into her as far as they would go. Her legs spread open as wide as they would go. Shelly then rolled over and felt part of my cock peeking out of my shorts leg. She quietly took the head in her mouth and ran her tongue over it and moaned which sent chills up my spine. I lifted her head up and took down my shorts. While I did this, she took her panties off and lifted her shirt off. I went straight into a 69 with her.

I started out by tongue-fucking her slowly, and then picked up the pace. She really went to town Sikiş hikayeleri on my meat. She actually deep throated me all the way to my balls in one move. I was astounded. I figured if she was going all out, I should too. So, started sliding 2 fingers in and out of her snatch and started on her clit. I highly recommend licking the alphabet. It drives women crazy. Shelly was no exception. Especially when I did E and T. After a few minutes, she pulled my staff out of her mouth and said “I want your cock in me now.” in a breathless voice.

I told her “Sure, but from behind. I want to see that luscious ass get pounded.” She gladly turned around and knelt down on the floor with her juicy ass waving in my face. I slid into her from behind with no problem. She gasped as I entered her and immediately started pushing back to meet my thrusts. I started pumping her as hard as I could from behind. She was groaning louder and louder as she was trying to push harder to get my cock deeper in her. Her pussy was tight, hot, and her juices were dripping as sloshing sounds came from her wetness. I could feel her tense up all of a sudden as the first part of her orgasm hit. It hit her so hard that she pulled forward and went rigid. I could see her buttocks tense up as her hips were quivering. She then reached down and slid a finger inside her warmth.

As she lay there quivering from the after effects of her orgasm. She kept a wet finger in her snatch. She then got on her hands and knees and said “I want you in my ass. I really want to feel it. My cock was still rock hard and was in dire need of more attention. So I slid the head up and down her lips, gathering as much wetness as possible. To my surprise, she had already been lubing her bunghole with juices, and even had a finger inserted to get the show started. As she pulled her finger out, I put my tool at her back door and pushed. I slid in to her slowly, going in just a bit at a time. Slowly pumping deeper with each stroke.

It was then that I noticed that something was sliding into her snatch. She had pulled a dildo out and had managed to squeeze that in after I had my cock in place. I don’t know why, but it really turned me on to think that this girl liked having both holes filled. I really started pounding her, with my nuts slapping the end of her dildo on each stroke. It was so tight, the dildo in her made it feel incredible. I didn’t last long before blowing my entire load. I tried staying buried in her as long as possible, but as I went soft, my cock popped out, and cum started drooling out her ass.

Shelly was spent too. She lay down on the couch for a moment and caught her breath. She said “Oh, we have got to do that again. I’m glad I’m here for the whole weekend. I can’t wait to tell Michelle how good it was.” She then got up and walked upstairs in the nude. I just sat down on the couch bewildered. Where were girls like this when I was in high school?? Sheesh.

Saturday, both girls acted like nothing happened. After lunch, they wanted to go to the mall so I drove them over and dropped them off with instructions to be waiting for me at the food court at 5. I picked them up at 5 with no problems. Both of them were giggling and snickering to each other in the back of the van, so I couldn’t hear what they were discussing. Dinner was pretty uneventful too. They trooped back upstairs to Michelle’s room afterwards and I went about cleaning things up.

About an hour later, I heard Michelle call to me from upstairs. I went up to see what was going on, and both girls lay there, naked on my bed. Michelle said “Come on, we’ve been talking, and you’ve been so good to us today that we’ve decided to reward you. Come get us..” As I approached the bed, Michelle leaned over and started licking Shelly’s nipple. I noticed one small change in that both girls had completely shaved all pubic hair off. Neither one had a particularly thick bush anyway, but now it was gone on both girls.

I said “So, that’s what you’ve been up to..” Shelly said teasingly “Yeah, we had a great time shaving each other today. I’m surprised you didn’t hear Michelle when I did her.” I also noticed Porno Hikayeleri that arrayed on the headboard were two vibrators and a remote control egg. “Well, looks like we’re set for the night” I said teasingly. Both girls giggled, but thats all they could manage at this point as they had moved into a 69 and were really starting to get into it. I sat back for a few minutes and really enjoyed the show. Shelly had grabbed one of her nipples and was seriously twisting and kneading it. I picked up one of the vibrators and set it on high speed and slowly slid it into Michelle’s drooling hole.

After that, I completely stripped and rejoined the action. I slowly moved the vibrator in and out of Michelle while Shelly nibbled on her clit. Michelle had her face buried in Shelly’s snatch and was quietly moaning her approval. Shelly then took over on the vibrator, as I picked up the egg. I placed the egg on Shelly’s clit and set it on low, while putting the head of my cock at Michelle’s waiting mouth. She took most of it at once and started working her throat muscles. I was trying to focus on Shelly’s clit with the egg, so I upped the speed a couple of notches. Shelly moaned out loud “Ohhhh, yeahhh”. Michelle was moaning too, but my cock was halfway down her throat, so really I felt it.

Shelly’s juices had really started flowing, so the egg was covered making things slick and smooth. Michelle was really going to town on my cock, trying to get it deeper down her throat. I was in heaven. I then reached over and grabbed the vibrator and slid it into Shelly’s shaved snatch and got it instantly covered in slick, sweet juices. I then pulled it out, slowly slid it in her bum, and turned it on high. The vibrations from both on her nether regions was too much. Shelly started bucking after only a couple of minutes of this. She could barely keep her mouth on Michelle’s bald beaver. But, it didn’t matter because the vibrator embedded in Michelle was doing its own magic on her.

Both girls started shuddering and moaning uncontrollably. Shelly fell over on her side and lay there moaning and driving the vibrator in and out of her ass. I then pulled the vibrator out of Michelle and mounted her. I wanted to feel her orgasm. As I slid in, it seemed to intensify. We fucked like animals for the next few minutes. It was incredibly tight as the walls of her pussy contracted and rippled rapidly. Shelly’s orgasm subsided, but Michelle was still groaning and exhorting me to go deeper into her. I knew I couldn’t but I tried anyway. Then, I could feel that familiar sensation. I was beyond the point of no return, so I quickly pulled out. The first jet hit Michelle’s stomach. The second one hit Shelly’s face. Shelly had moved her face over when she realized I was about to spray come all over. As I continued spraying spooge, some of it hit Shelly’s face and tongue, some hit Michelle’s stomach.

I couldn’t hold myself up anymore after that.. I lay down on the bed and rested while both girls greedily lapped up my cum. We all ended up sleeping in the bed together that night, but we were all too worn out to do anything but sleep.

Sunday night was more of the same. I was really getting worn down by now. I was able to bring both girls off with my tongue. It only seemed to fuel their desires. Sunday night ended with me blowing my final load in Michelle’s sweet pussy while Shelly cleaned everything out with her tongue.. I told both girls that I’d need a day off to rest.. They both snickered. I woke up Monday morning to having both girls sucking me off. They already had me at full attention and were well on the way to getting a warm treat. Both girls kissed each other after I finished and swirled the protein snack around their tongues, sharing and savoring it.

Fortunately for me, Shelly’s family picked her up Monday afternoon. She thanked us for a great weekend and left with a big smile on her face. I told Michelle after they were gone, “I’m worn out. I hope you’re not expecting anything more from me today.” She simply replied “I’m kinda worn out too. Shelly and I were at it for an hour or so each day up in my room before we asked you to join us”

I sat down at my desk and answered email for the first time in a couple of days. I then realized that Kim would be flying home Tuesday night. Wow, where had the weekend gone?
I sure wish I knew…

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