Michelle’s new interest part 1


THREE Michelles New Interest Part One

After Michelle and Sally discovered the attributes of a neighbor’s chocolate Lab Luka the story continues after Michelle’s adventures are captured in a journal.

Michelle’s New Interest. FOUR OF TEN

After my experience with Sally and Luka I was in quite a state. Physically I was a wreck, red and sore; mentally not much better. My brain was disgusted and my body was on fire, passions I have never know before. I decided to lay low for a while and just recuperate. I focused on my job and learning all I could about my newfound interest. I read everything I could find, entered web forums and a few
Sites as well. I was relieved that so many other enjoyed similar experiences and easily shared them. I began keeping a journal, first recounting my introduction to
Sally and Luka. I wasn’t sure what would be in store.
I was also avoiding Jim just to get my head straight. It’s not that I didn’t want to be with him, six foot five and a foot long hot dog, a true geek god, Adonis. He is everything I ever wanted.

I talked with Sally on the phone several times comparing notes on sites we’ve found and how Jim met Luka. We’re supposed to get together later.
When Sally arrived she a party bag with ribbons and stuff all over it. Surprise! She squealed as I opened the door. I poked my head outside looking to see if she had Luka with her again. No Luka, it was just as well I wasn’t totally ready for that.

Sally’s big surprise was a dog dick shaped dildo. More like a double ender with a tennis ball in the middle. I was more leery about continuing a sexual relationship with Sally than the dog. There was something about the dog not being able to talk back or to others. She is very nice and absolutely gorgeous. I wondered why she wasn’t hooked up with some guy. When I asked her she said,
“It’s not like I’m totally gay, I just haven’t found the right one yet, and besides one dog is as good as another.”
We both began to laugh. Sally also had a DVD with her and said,
“You gotta see this.”
The only DVD player I had was a lap top computer so I fired it up. We chatted and laughed about silly stuff at first then she explained how this site she fond a store dedicated to the weirdest stuff she has ever seen. I think both of us have had our sexual adventures but it has been restricted to who we were doing rather than a theme or fetish. I guess one could say sexually sheltered.

As the disc began it was obvious that it was European, Dutch or German and no subtitles. At first it was funny with music like a cartoon but then the family got undressed and started having sex, Mom & Pop and Sis and Bro, then they all switched, a family orgy out in the fields with the animals. Pretty soon they started running around screwing everything in sight. I didn’t know men could fuck chickens! It was still funnier that hot.

Then it cut to a different woman in a old time milkmaid outfit in a hay barn with medium sized shorthaired dog. Instead of milking the cows she started milking the dog. This dog’s dick looked much longer than Luka’s. As the milkmaid was swallowing as much as she could and holding the dog’s dick with one hand, she hiked up her dress with the other and of course didn’t have any panties on. She began to work her own very hairy crotch with one hand while holding the dog’s dick in her mouth with the other.

She was sitting on some hay bales and just when the dog really starting humping her mouth she quickly put the dog’s dick in her pussy as she rolled back on the bales pulling the dog with her. The dog’s front paws landed under her armpits and her legs hanging over the edge. The dog went wild humping like crazy. She wrapped her legs around the dog’s butt and met every thrust. All I could hear was heavy breathing and some groans from the computer. Sally had one hand in her crotch and the other on one of those great tits. She looked at me and said,” God, this makes me hot.”

We leaned toward each other and kissed tenderly. I sat on the arm of the over-stuffed chair and leaned against her while we both watched the DVD and gave our clits hell. We all Sex hikayeleri came together, Sally, me and the girl on the screen. We began to laugh as we caught our breath. We continued to watch the man fuck cows, goats and an old sheep dog. A horse impaled the woman and the kids mainly fucked each other, the boy fucked a sheep and a pig fucked the girl. We were hysterical about the pig’s corkscrew dick. “I]m not sure about that. I told Sally,
“This is enough for me, I need to get some things done today.”

Handing her the surprise bag back and began to straighten up my place. I assured her it was nothing to do with her, I just had stuff to do and riding that dildo wasn’t one of them. I mentioned that Jim was having some folks over Saturday and that she was welcomed to join us. Sally had only met Jim once very briefly so this was a good time to meet everyone.

Jim lived in Ft. Lauderdale and that was a long drive for Sally especially if we would be partying. I arranged it so Jim’s roommate would go home with is date and Sally had a place to stay if she wished.

I’ve never spent much time with Jim while with his friends. He had this lobbying thing for some big utility company so he was always wining and dining big shots for his company. His friends were old school buddies and they got together to watch sports and drink beer, not my favorite activities. plus this was a guy thing, no dames.

The night began mildly with light chatter and every kind of drink and a few joints going around in the corner. Most everyone was paired up prior to arriving. Jim invited a neighbor Don, who was a little older than everyone else and he was working on Sally from the start. Sally was kind of “getting to know,” Jim who was okay with that for a while but soon I became a little concerned.

The food and the drinks flowed and everyone was having fun. After a while the crowd began to thin and people made their way home except for a few couples. We all were in the kitchen passing a joint, laughing it up when the conversation focused on sex and soon it was getting pretty graphic. Jim pipes up about bestiality web sites and others chime in with more laughter and tongue in cheek comments.

Jim’s roommate Rick invited everyone into his room to see what Jim was talking about. Rick’s room was a converted two-car garage love pit. A bed in the corner a few chairs and a sofa day bed plus some work out stuff and a plush carpeted space big enough to park a car in. He had a projector hooked up to his computer so he could watch movies the size of the two-car garage door. I didn’t take him long to get to a site I was familiar with, Rick mentioning Jim had told him about it.

The odd thing was this was the gay part of the site with guys getting fucked by dogs and horses and doing a little fucking themselves. I took a few minutes but Rick finally got to the part where Brazilian women were being pumped by donkeys and horses. It was incredible how they could take so much of them.

The laughter settled and room became quite as we all watched. Rick switched from cut to cut and the breathing was getting loud. He settled on this petite blond with a Great Dane. Several of the pairs had their hands in each other’s pants and kissing wildly with at least one eye watching. A few moans were getting louder as a couple were doing it doggie style in the corner while watching the women on the screen fuck the Dane while standing up.

The dog had its front paws on the petite woman’s shoulders and she straddled his dick, it was like they were dancing. The image was so strange because of the projector and the screen size the image of the dog was actually eight feet tall with a two and half foot long dick squirting cum everywhere. It seemed that Rick often had mini orgies not full blown swapping, just couples doing what they wish to each other in front of the “Big Screen.” I guess this was the signal; several others began to shed their clothes and get into the groove.

It wasn’t long before everyone but me was totally naked. As I looked around Jim, Sally and the neighbor Don were gone. I was busy kneading my pussy so it wasn’t rocket science that Sikiş hikayeleri I didn’t notice as my orgasm boiled over. There were several couples in various stages of attaining climax but there was no interaction between them, not group sex, just a group having sex.

I heard hushed laughter and whispers coming from the living room. As the noise got louder in the next room; in came prancing, two pretty good-sized dogs. Nothing special, a mixed Shepard mutt and some sort of hound and they did what most dogs do, sniffed butts and took a few licks. The room broke into a riot of laughter but soon got down to business as one girl had the Mutt’s head between her legs licking away and wasn’t sharing it with anyone. Others moved toward the walls leaving plenty of space for those who wished to partake. Jim had the hound on lying on his back on the floor reveling what was becoming very huge dick. He didn’t look like he was hung very large but boy did he grow.
Sally was soon helping out and Jim was telling her to “suck it”
She responded “You suck it” and he did.

On his knees bending over the hound Jim was giving it all it was worth. It was obvious this was not the first time he sucked dick. I moved up behind him and massaged his great balls and brought that huge dick to life. In no time the hound was shooting giz all over the place.

Sally and this other girl took over guiding the dog to this other girl’s pussy while she was on all fours. Slowly others got involved. Her date lay on his back and scooted in front of her so he had good access to his cock while Sally worked on her tits.

Don was behind Sally working her pussy with his hand. The gal with the Shepard between her legs was joined by another girl and started giving the dog a hand job. It wasn’t long before everyone was giving it a go.

Jim picked me up in the air and I came down on that massive dick while he was still standing. Buried to the hilt inside me I had my legs wrapped around his waist while he walked across the room as I pumped away. This is one of my favorite positions. We made it to the day bed where he laid me on the edge and really went to work on me.

As delirious as I was, I could see ghostly images of the two dog’s getting a work out with Sally as the ringleader making sure everyone was in on the action. All of the sudden Jim really started pounding the shit out of my hungry pussy. As I started coming I saw Don who was just slightly smaller than Jim behind him pumping madly in Jim’s ass. I think Jim likes rocking in the middle position.

There was some kind of ruckus as Rick had become tied with the mutt.
One of the other women had been strapped spread eagle to this chrome work out machine, which is like five machines in one with various arms and foot levers with a seat in the middle, the hound was licking her pussy while two guys rubbed her tits.

It was then Jim had decided to introduce me to anal sex. He flipped me over on my belly a shoved his semi deflated dick in my ass. Even at half size it was like having a baseball bat up my ass. It took me several long slow sessions just to get used his big dick in my pussy; this was very different. The pain was unbearable and not getting better. After Jim blew his load up my ass I limped off to the bathroom stepping over spent smoldering bodies.

Sally was nowhere to be found. I cleaned up and headed for Jim’s room and passed out. I woke later with Jim next to me lying on his back while Sally did perfectly balanced squats on his pillar of a dick. The only place they touched was his dick in her pussy as she came down on it within an inch of his belly and back up so that his dick almost came out and back down again in slow even motions. They did this for about ten minutes before Jim came trembling hard. Sally dropped on him like a rock, picking up the speed rocking on his massive dick. The whole bed was shaking so hard that the headboard was banging the wall and vibrated across the floor as she came with a roar; she woke the whole house.

It took me a couple of days to get over Jim’s little party. I had huge bruises the shape of handprints all over me and my Erotik hikaye ass was sore. I didn’t much care for the Greek god Adonis’s technique. The images from the party crept into my dreams and all I could think about was that hound and the size of dick. He had the smallest sheath for such a huge member. I wish I had tried it.

Over time I made up with Jim and we were going to have a quiet dinner at my place. He wanted to get a “pet” and needed to know if I would I be willing to take care if it because he travels so much. I was interested but I needed input on the animal. He had been searching the Net and found a group that specializes in rare working dogs near Orlando. I couldn’t go with Jim so he went alone.

Several days later he called and said he made a deal with these people and if we didn’t like the dog we could bring it back. When Jim arrived he had the strangest looking dog I had ever seen. It had a body like a pit bull with soft curly wooly hair and a little head with a long pointed snout and two different colored eyes white and dark blue. Medium sized about 50 pounds. His tongue was so big it didn’t fit in his mouth. He was a Blue Heeler mix from Australia about three years old so Jim said.

Jim was so excited he had to show me the dog’s dick. It seems the sheath had been surgically altered so when flaccid it hung down and pointed toward ground rather than attached to his stomach like regular dogs. We sat he dog down and rolled him over on his side and began to get to know him. He knew what to do and that dick popped right out of sheath. I began to slowly stroke him and he was in heaven. A very thick but not that long with a smaller knot than larger dogs I’ve seen. Jim was talking about it like it was sports car. How the knot wasn’t big enough to tie real hard. I guess he has tried it out already, but today was my turn.

I stripped and got out some gym socks and a sleeveless sweatshirt.
Jim said, “you don’t need those, he has been de-clawed and his pads have been manicured, he has very soft paws.” All the better, I had to get a taste of the dick. I was going to take my time and enjoy every bit of it. I told Jim to sit down and stay there until I call for him.

I started to slowly work that dick in my mouth, I haven’t had time to do this before and I was going to take my time and explore every inch. It was amazing how big a smaller dogs dick could get, as big or bigger than Luka’s. I took all could get and as his knot grew I squeezed it until he blew his boiling load down my throat and I didn’t spill a drop. I was on fire. Okay Blue, it’s my turn. I laid on my back on the floor spread my legs wide and put my heels up against my butt with my knees in the air. This dog was on my smoking snatch is seconds flat. His tongue was wide, long and wonderful. As I was about let loose he began to nibble my clit at just the right moment. I came so hard I was bouncing on the floor and old Blue just kept pace as I rolled from one shaking orgasm to another.

In a flash he hopped between my legs and his front paws landed on either side of me on the floor while that marvelous dick hit home and in one stroke was buried to his balls. I could feel his balls banging on my asshole. He his head on my chest between my tits and stared at me right in the eyes as he pumped me like a machine. I began to come and buck but he just held on until his dick felt like it working its way into my cervix and exploded. His eyes rolled back into his head as he emptied those huge balls into me. I felt that giz pump shooting hot cum inside until it leaked out and down my ass.

Jim was sitting in the chair with his own giz all over him as he dumped his load on his chest. As Blues big dick slipped out of my pussy as he backed away with big grin on his face and his heavy dick almost rubbing the floor. His dick now hung off his belly down at about 45 degrees when we was fully exposed. The perfect angle for fucking people, his knot was the perfect tennis ball size. He came around to lick my face and I told Jim,
“Okay it’s your turn, lick my pussy and clean up that mess.”
Jim was on his knees almost in the fetal position with his chin on the floor licking Blue’s cum out of my pussy when old Blue did what he does best, mounted Jim.
I couldn’t believe this dog, he had so much energy and stamina he fucked us both several times that night.

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