Mischief on a Midsummer Night


The country night is so quiet but my fevered brain raced with thoughts of Bree, the little cock tease sleeping on the other side of my bedroom wall. Bree. A nineteen year old blonde knows what she does to a man’s libido, sauntering around my lake house in skimpy bikinis, teasing me with her great tits and a peachy ass, flaunting her firm teen body around me as she lounged around my house, tanned on my deck and diving into the lake. He replayed the scene of her lugging herself dripping from the lake, water dripping from the tips of her upturned tits. Even eating a hot dog became a tool of seduction for the twenty first century Lolita. Damn it. This summer at the lake was supposed to be time for me to bond with my estranged teenage daughter, Caroline who moved away after the divorce. The two of us in my little cottage by the lake, fishing and trolling around on my little fishing boat.

But Caroline surprised me by bringing her internet bikini babe friend and my idyllic vacation turned into a living nightmare. She is trouble with a capital T. She’s been here less than a week and I’ve already caught her giving a blow job to a high school jock pizza delivery guy. I wondered if she’s having lesbian sex with my eighteen year old college bound daughter, finding the two asleep spooned in Caroline’s twin bed, but I didn’t have the nerve to ask. I’ll just pass on the information to the ex-wife and leave it up to her. With a heavy sigh, I rolled my eyes thinking of how I made the biggest mistake of my life and had sex, more like a grudge fuck, with the girl gaziantep grup escort bayan as my daughter slept in the room beside mine. Her scent still lingers in my sheets, reminding me of my drunken indiscretion of succumbing to Bree’s slutty charms. And now, here I am, lying alone in my bed, worrying about what the vixen will do next. I hate her. I hate that I lust after a girl half my age. I hate that she’s my daughter’s friend and that her cunt has a waxed strip of blonde peach fuzz where I long to stick my tongue. I hate her.

Sleep had nearly over taken my slowing mind when I heard my bedroom door creak open and floor boards squeak under gentle footsteps. I turned over to see Bree, dressed in a t-shirt and panties, tip toe into my room. Her blonde hair shimmered in the moonlight as she softly closed the door behind her.

“What?” I whispered.

“Let’s do it again,” she said, crawling onto my bed. “Let’s fuck.”

I was mesmerized by the surreal way she moved towards me, couldn’t move or protest her action. All I could see were those hovering pouty lips coming towards my face, her shirt hanging low to expose her sweet tits. And when her lips met mine, they ignited the fire in my groin. He took her eager body into his arms, becoming lost in the sensation of her warm young flesh rubbing against me. Then the thought of Caroline waking in the bedroom beside mine and walking in on me stopped me. I drew back from her, ready to throw her out but instead, I got güneyşehir escort bayan out of bed and grabbed Bree by the hand.

“Come on,” I said.

I led her from the house, the two of us hurrying bare foot across the moonlit grass wet with dew to my parked car. Once we were behind the trunk and safely out of view, I released her hand. My hands plowed into her silky hair which I used to pull her pretty face towards me. I kissed her, short and sweet, as if to taste her, before planting a deeper open mouth, pressing my tongue into her yielding mouth. Every bit of my body tingled until knees began to tremble. I hated her so much. I pulled away to look in her close eyed face, her lips still pursed into a trout mouth until she opened her eyes to decipher my narrow eyed contempt.

I said, “You pretty little cum slut. Suck me like you did that boy.”

She gave me a sly smile as she knelt before me. She popped my dick from my pajamas to hold it in her warm, supple hands. She took my stiffy and slid it into her open mouth. My hands wound into her hair, my fingers wrapping around her silky locks as I thrusted in and out until I stuffed it down her throat while steadying her head by the hair. She gagged and struggled to back off but I held her there until I let go. My dick bounced in the muggy air as she withdrew to catch her breath and then took my throbbing erection back into her velvety mouth where her tongue wiggled under my cock. Her slurping became even louder as her bobbing head islahiye escort bayan sucked me with a practiced tongue. God, she was good, hitting the sweet spots with her eager tongue. I felt my balls tighten, threatening to spurt my load down her willing throat. I pulled out of her mouth and yanked her up from the ground, turned her around, and threw her ass up over the trunk of my car.

“This is what happens to little girl cock teases like you.”

I tugged her panties to her knees and they fell to the ground as she arched her back, popping her ass higher, making it easier for me to slide it in. Yanking down my pajama bottoms, I placed my hard meaty shaft into the sweet little gash I lusted after, prodded and pushed until I broke through her resistance until I was all the way inside her tight, warm folds. A gentle breeze hit my balls and naked ass as I thrusted into her, grunting in animalistic glory under the moon.

“Fuck me! Yes!” she cried.

I slammed my palm over her mouth to quiet her as I rammed her like a primitive beast. The car bounced from my exertions, squeaking under the weight of her body crammed against metal. She stood tippy toe as I continued my onslaught into her pussy, lost in total lust. I could care less if she cums, focused sole upon my own hot primal orgasm building in my loins. Looking down upon my dick disappearing between her firm cheeks with that triangle of white skin from sun bathing in her bikini sent me over the edge. With one last shameful thrust, I came, pumping my jizz inside her tight, limp body as I stifled a mighty groan. With one last shudder of my cock, I relaxed, withdrawing his hand from her mouth. She was still panting hard when my dick left her body. She eased off the car, pulled up her panties and staggered back into the house. Composing myself in the night air, I wiped sweat from my brow before shoving my sticky dick inside his pajamas. This can’t go on like this. It just can’t.

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