Molly at the Reception

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Recently I attended a friend’s wedding and reception. It was a wonderful event with an outdoor wedding and the reception at a local brew pup. It was a small group, the parents, a few aunts and uncles and mostly friends in the age group of 25 to 35. The lone exception was the in-laws of one of my best friends. They have a son that is our age and most of us have known them for years. They are more a part of our group than they are their own age group.

The party was a lot of fun, the DJ played great music and the booze flowed like water. It wasn’t long until I was feeling no pain and enjoying myself with the group of friends I have known since high school. My other half had “good reasons” why he couldn’t make it so I went solo. I loved dancing and flirting and really enjoyed being out this night.

The party was in full swing by the time my friend and I said hello to her in-laws. We were both drunk and she was hugging them and telling how happy she was that they were her “parents” and then I hugged then and said they were like parents to me too. We hugged and talked and I danced some more and drank some more. They were sitting quietly watching and I went over and got “Daddy” by the hand and led him to the dance floor. The music was loud and fast and he took me by the hand, held me tight and we moved to the beat. He led me around the floor, our bodies touching, and moving a lively pace. It was great fun, the music changed, slowed and we danced slower, he held me close and I looked at his eyes and sang to him. As our bodies moved, I could feel him growing in his pants. Of all the things I could have done, I did nothing, I lean against him and continued to sing and move with him. When it ended, I moved enough not to be touching and let his bulge subside.

I danced with his wife, with my friends and soon we were all out dancing together. The more I drank the more I hung on “Daddy” and he put his arm around my waist. We kissed, innocent kisses, we were all kissing, but I kissed him often. He watched me, held me and I flirted.

As the party was ending, they came to me and told me I was not to drive home, they insisted on taking me home. I had made arrangements, but mommy and daddy wanted me to go with them. We walked to the car, actually I staggered a bit, and I slumped into the back seat as they got in the front. I phased out and came back to reality when the car stopped and they were opening my door. alanya escort It wasn’t my place but theirs, but I didn’t care.

We entered their place and they led me upstairs, but rather than going into the guest room, we went into their bedroom. Daddy helped me remove my sweater and mommy unzipped my dress and then I saw my reflection in the mirror, black lace bra, black lace panties, garter, black nylons and shoes. Daddy was behind me, hands on my shoulder, rubbing it then, down my back until he unhooked my bra. It fell away, my small firm breasts cool in the night air, nipples hard as he stood behind and kissed the back of my neck. She knelt before me; pull down my panties, her fingers sliding over my thighs as she pulled them down.

Her hand slid up my leg as he stood close behind me, a hand holding my breast, caressing it, pinching the nipple. Her fingers were light on my leg, as it moved upward, the nails lightly moving over my skin made me tingle. As she unhooked the garter and removed it, he stepped away from me. Her hands caressed my skin as she rolled down my nylons; I was biting my lip and quivering at her touch. Then I felt him move behind me, I could feel his bare skin on mine as he stroked my hair, ran an arm around my waist.

He stroked my breast and nibbled my ear as she quickly removed her clothing. She was mid 50’s, still very pretty, with huge breasts. Her body was thick, not fat, but matronly and she looked at me smiling. Then she knelt before me and licked my pussy, “hmmm so wet” she murmured. His hands worked on my breast, his tongue my ear, as she entered my tunnel. My knees were weak and his arm around my waist kept me from falling. I was moaning and begging for more.

Daddy bent me at the waist and I could feel his hard throbbing penis as he pushed against me, slowly sliding inside me, moving with deliberate slow strokes. As his strokes increased, her hand found my spot, a finger caressing the clit and then she kissed me. Deep, passionate hot, her tongue driving deep inside me as she fingered my clit and he drove his organ in and out. Then in seconds, I erupted. Wave after wave washed over me, as I cried out in delight, begging for more, harder faster. Then together they slowed, soft tender kisses, him standing still, swollen and invading in my tunnel. She stroked my face and he stroked my hair, talking quietly to me as my breathing slowed and gained control again.

She told me to step away and face him, and I did. She told me to kneel and I hesitated and quickly felt her hand on my ass, the crack loud, the smack stinging, I jumped and cried out, more surprised than hurt. She looked at me and quietly said, “Do as you are told, on your knees”. The kind gentle woman was forceful and not to be disobeyed. I fell to my knees, the penis large and glistening. I was told to lick it, to taste my juices, to suck my cum from his cock. My tongue moved over the shaft, long slow strokes from base to tip. I worked the underside, the top, I licked it over and over and I could hear him moaning. With out prompting I kissed the tip, and used my lips to suck it in, I was moving up and down the shaft filling my mouth. She was telling me how good I was, how wonderful it was and he was moaning.

I took his rod to the back of my throat and stopped. His hands in my hair, he pulled me forward. I resisted, but they forced my head forward, his cock sliding down my throat. It hurt, I gagged, I panicked. He stopped still, but deep in me, she stroked my head and rubbed my neck soothing me, telling me to relax, to breathe through my nose, just relax. I was soon breathing fine, the gagging has stopped, but the tears rolled down my cheek. He began to move slowly, short stokes in and out. As I gained in comfort and we both grew in excitement, his strokes became longer and faster, increasing until he was slamming his cock down my throat, fucking my face with vengeance. Then he exploded, filling me with warm, salty cum, I swallowed but there was too much. He pulled out as I gagged, covering my face with his seaman. I caught my breath and quickly began to take him again, sucking his juices, his organ filling my mouth and I used my tongue to clean him. He pulled back looking down at me and she moved in, and began to kiss me, licking his cum from my face, tasting her man. She licked my face, a pool of juices on her tongue and then kissed me. We shared him.

She moved to her chair and I sat on the floor. As I sat there looking at them, I felt so wonderful, it had been such a good night. Making love with them and to them had excited me beyond my imagination, and I wanted to do it again and again and again.

He walked over and stood beside, stroking my hair, “Such a lovely little girl and so willing to please.” I looked up at him, smiled and said, “Yes Daddy, I love pleasing you, I would do what ever you asked me.” He kissed my forehead lightly and said, “Yes, but you must also please the Queen Mother. She is the ruling head and it is her that must be kept happy. You must show her the homage and respect due the queen.”

I understood his message and turned toward the Queen in her chair and moved a bit closer. I knelt before her, bowed my head low, resting my face on the top of her feet. She stroked my hair and said, “Please me little one, show me why we should keep you around. Be creative. Show me you can please me.”

I find feet exciting, erotic so it was easy for me to begin where I was. I kissed the top of her foot, took one in my hand and began to stroke. I used my tongue and my lips, moving over her foot, licking it, kissing it and sucking on her toes. I could feel her responding as I used my mouth and hands and we were both soon moaning. Sucking her toes, using my tongue on her foot, my hand slowly moving up the calf. Rubbing it, massaging it and then I felt his hand on my ass. He stroked it, rubbed it and played with my rosebud. As I slowly worked up the Queen’s leg, rubbing her calf, kissing her ankle, I felt him behind me, his tongue on my ass, tracing circles, smaller and smaller until his tongue penetrated me.

My hands rubbing her thigh, my lips sucking the back of her knee, her love exposed and his tongue in my ass. With both hands caressing the inner thighs, I began to lick them and suck them and nibble on them while his tongue moved deep inside me, in and out. Using my fingers I parted her lips, moving my tongue over the opening, tasting the wetness, savoring it, smelling it, then plunging my tongue deep inside her. Her hips moved, she was thrusting to me as I used my lips, tongue and fingers to probe her, stimulate her, excite her. He handed me a dildo and told me to fuck her, fuck her good. The tool slid in easily, she was so wet. It was thick and long and hard and I rammed it in and out as she bucked and begged for more. Faster and faster I fucked her, moving with her and I kissed her. My tongue riding along the cock, playing with the clit, using my teeth to bite the clit as I fucked her. Then she came, juices flowing, squirting, drenching me as I licked her, trying to take it in. Slowing the dildo, moving slower, I moved my lips and tongue with deliberation. As her breathing eased I moved up her belly, above her chest and kissed her. Deeply, passionately, a kiss of one lover to another. She breathed heavily, and I sighed in her arms.

And then I slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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