More Than I Can Take


The knock at the door came at 20:31, an entire minute later than the appointment, but I didn’t mind too much. I’d finished my actual job at 19:00 and had spent the time since showering and cleaning, as it wouldn’t do anyone any good if I brought something home from the hospital and spread it to my clientele.

With a deep breath, I answered the door, greeting the gentleman who’d knocked with a smile.

“Good evening, Damian?” I inquired of the man, who seemed to shrink back as the door opened, despite his seemingly large frame, hidden by a large raincoat despite the calmness of the night, but eventually, he nodded in response. “Please, come on in.”

Entering, he shuffled in as I closed the door behind him, he looked around as if he expected some seedy dungeon, his expression showing surprise as he realised my abode looked like almost any other.

“We’ll head straight to the bedroom if that’s okay?” I spoke cheerfully, and politely, and gestured towards the door at the end of the corridor. “If you could please remove your shoes and coat first, that would be appreciated.”

Still silent, the man followed her instructions, still nervous, but not so much that he was going to leave without getting what he had come for. As he removed the coat, I could see that he was about my age, approximately six foot two and built without being fat, he wasn’t my usual clientele, which tended to lean to the ‘quirkier’ looking gentleman, whereas this guy was, well, he was rather easy on the eye.

“Follow me,” I spoke lightly before heading straight to my bedroom, him following behind like some sad puppy. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, I smiled as he shuffled in behind, closing the door gently and politely. “You’re not very talkative are you Damian?” I teased.

With a gulp, he cleared his throat. “I suppose you’re not quite who I expected,” the man stammered, and I rolled my eyes, familiar with the assumption.

“Why?” I spoke politely, tilting my head in mock concern. “Were you expecting some fat old crone, possibly looking like she’d smoked or snorted everything in her vicinity?”

“Pretty much,” he admitted, causing me to laugh and then do a twirl.

“Then I hope the actual me is more to your liking?” My twirl showed off my six-foot frame, stick thin and slim, barely perceptible breasts under my jumper, and an ass that whispered rather than shouted. It wasn’t large and curvy, hardly visible under my jeans but it wasn’t flat, just small. My hair wasn’t overly long, falling just below my neck, but it was thick and curly so helped display a more ‘feminine’ side of my body. I wasn’t upset about being called masculine, even if I was a good few inches taller than most of my clients who were all men, so why would you consider height masculine?

Anyway, Damian was looking at me as if I’d stripped naked, which, momentarily, I was planning to do.

“So, Damian,” I spoke more quietly, but loud enough for him to hear, “why do you want to fuck my ass?”

I’d been doing this for the last two and a bit years, selling my body to make ends meet, but as I wasn’t what most people considered a classic beauty, lacking the curves or petite build that was generally considered attractive, I’d needed a unique selling point, or USP as dickheads called it. There were plenty of women, and men, selling their bodies for straight sex, but what about fucking a virgin? That had made me stand out, and I’d immediately become incredibly busy.

Yep. A virgin. Technically. I’d had, ooh, what, close to eight hundred cocks in my ass. But my vagina? My pussy? My cunt? Apart from my fingers, it had felt plastic and plastic only. Yes, there had been a few men who’d tried to change that for me with an ‘accidental slip’, but this is why I wore a chastity belt, covering my virginity and making sure my USP remained intact.

The reason I knew I’d had so many cocks was that I’d organised this work around my real job as a registered nurse. I worked twelve-hour shifts, three days a week, from 07:00 to 19:00, but around that I could organise my life as I pleased. As a nurse, I earned barely thirty thousand pounds annually, but by doing this, I was adding a good seventy thousand pounds a year. I had paid off my student debt, my mortgage was well on the way to being completely paid off, and I could go on holiday whenever, and pretty much wherever, I liked. It was worth it, even if I paid out a ridiculous amount anally for lubrication. Sorry. I meant annually.

Damian stood there gaping like a goldfish, his face going bright red, and I considered the likely reasons behind (no joke intended) needing to visit a prostitute. Socially inept, a bet, a bad relationship, premature ejaculation problems, a tiny cock, I’d seen (and felt) it all before. Whatever, I still got paid, as the money needed to be in my account before I provided an address. Eventually, the fella managed to get up the courage to speak.

“I just… I’ve got a… sort of a, medical issue?”

Premature Ejaculation or Tiny Penis, the bets are in.

“Can you tell me about it?” I asked politely, all kindness and understanding emanating from my pours.

“Maybe,” he gulped, “I should just show you?”

Tiny penis, you may collect your winnings! The odds were definitely in your favour, so it’s not like you’ll be collecting much, no joke intended, but… Fuck.

His jeans unbuttoned and undone, his boxers pulled down with them, it turned out tiny penis didn’t clean up after all, and my brain took a few moments to rewire.

“That,” I spoke calmly, despite not feeling it, “is a big cock.”

I didn’t have a tape measure, but I’d have placed the length conservatively at about nine inches, which in itself would be a challenge, but then you had the girth. I mean, fuck, I watched porn sure, it was nice to have something to think of when ugly or unpleasant guys were fucking my ass, but this guy put probably ninety-nine percent of performers to shame. My ass clenched in concerned anticipation, especially as he still looked soft. Would he get bigger if he got harder?

“This is my problem,” Damian admitted, his face red, “there’s not many women who can comfortably take this without major discomfort.”

“And you thought going to an anal-only prostitute was the best decision did you?” I meant it jokingly, but I was a bit fixated on the monster before me, so it may have come out sarcastic, or panicked, but my hands were aching to touch it, even if my ass wasn’t too keen.

Going even more red, Damian looked embarrassed.

“You were recommended to me by a friend,” he spoke stiltedly, “he said your ass could take anything.”

“Well,” I murmured, “maybe not anything…”

“If it’s too much,” Damian blurted out, beginning to stuff his trouser anaconda back into his trousers, “I can go…”

Interrupting him, I gently placed a hand on his arm as I leaned forward on the bed, smiling in a way I didn’t feel.

“You’ve paid your fee Damian,” I informed him, increasingly nervous as I moved closer to it, “you at least get to try, although,” and I smiled to show I was joking, “I might have to charge you more if we go through a whole bottle of lube.”

My hand still on his arm, I gently tugged his arm, his actual one, not the thing the size of an arm, which caused him to move closer. If I’d been an average height for a woman, his cock would have been very close to mouth height, but being taller I avoided looking straight at it, not wanting to scare myself too much. I’m sure it was going to be fine, but whereas I usually gave my clients a bit of choice on position, I realised I was going to need to take full control.

“Why don’t you strip off?” I purred, “And I’ll do the same thing?”

Not waiting for a reply, I began removing my jumper, lifting my arms over my head to get it off, revealing my thin white t-shirt underneath. As my bra was also white, it didn’t reveal much, but at least it was enough for Damian to start doing his thing.

As my top came off, I tried not to watch too much, but when his top came off it was difficult not to notice the muscles underneath. Poor bloke, a slightly smaller cock and women would be all over him. What he had would likely be too intimidating for anyone in a casual setting, and likely put paid to possible longer relationships. You’d have to plan sex, and in a new relationship, well, sometimes even a condom gets forgotten, never mind accommodating for something that fucking size.

My trousers were thrown into a corner, leaving me in only a lacy bra and knickers set, white, as mentioned before. The bra didn’t contain much, but as I watched Damian removing his boxers, fully revealing his monster trunk, as well as two mandarin-sized balls, I was starting to feel flustered. Never mind his forearm-sized cock, he was incredibly fit, in both senses of the world, and I wanted him to find me as attractive as I did him, despite not being as classically attractive as he was. Although, saying that, when I revealed my small, round tits, his cock visibly twitched, so maybe there was something there.

“Come lie down on the bed,” I instructed him, and he immediately lay down in the middle of the bed. “Move over to one side a bit,” I told him, a smile on my face. He seemed confused, but there was no way I could sit on that fucking thing. Not straight away at least.

After he moved, I picked up a bottle of lube and handed it to him.

“Slick him up.” Basic instructions, but followed immediately, and as well as making his cock lubed, effectively wanking himself off also made got him closer to a complete erection.

As he did so, I removed the knickers, bending over directly in front of him so he could see what he was going to get, and as much as some of the blokes assume I’ll have an asshole looser than a politicians morals, I liked shocking them with a tight hole and a shaved, pink pussy. bursa eskort However, the view never lasts, as I picked up a different pair of underwear I’d had specially made, and effectively chained my cunt away, although my asshole remained in full view.

Laying on the bed, I moved next to him and lay on my side facing away from him.

“Get that lube and start playing with my hole,” I spoke firmly, “that thing doesn’t go anywhere near it until you’ve got at least four fingers in.”

With a nervous giggle, he began squirting the lube onto his fingers, rubbing them gently against each other in an attempt to warm the lube, or at least prevent it from providing an icy chill to my guts. He began teasing my ass with one finger, not inserting but circling, teasing, and I was impressed by his ability.

The insertion of his finger made me gasp, from expected shock as well as pleasure. I liked anal, I came from anal, but sometimes, I did need a little bit more to get me relaxed enough, so as he gently flexed the finger inside me, I picked up a remote from under my pillow and pressed a button, a buzzing noise immediately emanating from my pussy.

“Hmmmm…” I sighed happily, although I did feel Damian stop what he was doing. “Built-in vibrator,” I explained, “keep going, you’re doing good.” The ‘vibrator’ was positioned directly over my clit, no penetration, it just gave me enough of that edge I needed.

A minute in I felt my hole stretch slightly wider. Two fingers now, curling in and out, touching my walls, then three, genuine pressure now.

“More lube,” I instructed, and as I awkwardly pumped lube with one hand while keeping his fingers within me, I felt my cunt growing hotter and wetter.

“Ooooh yeah,” I crooned, “that’s the stuff.”

I could feel three fingers up to the first knuckle, and I could feel pressure, but not from my ass, but my pussy starting to make demands.

“All the way in,” I demanded, “three fingers, fuck me.”

Silently, he did as I begged, and as I felt him penetrate as deeply as possible, that’s when my orgasm hit, causing me to bend further forwards as I lost control, the vibrations on my clit sending me over the edge. “Oh, Fuck!” My pussy tried to clamp down on a cock, but finding nothing my anus pulsed harder, and I couldn’t help but cry out.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Damian asked nervously, but with my free hand I held his arm before he could pull back.

“You just made me cum hard,” I meant to sound strong, but it came out as a gasp, “so lube up again, get those four fingers in there and then you can start fucking me.”

I didn’t have to tell him twice, but he needed to remove his hand to fit four fingers in fully, and the sudden blast of air almost went all the way to my small intestine. It was a relief when I felt that pressure again, and rather than four fingers, looking back I could see that was inserting his whole hand. He must have seen my look of uncertainty because he smiled naughtily before sliding it in further. Oh… yeah… I could hear myself groaning involuntarily, unable to stop myself from enjoying this. Fuck, that was better than being disgusted, but I was starting to crave for his cock, even though the pleasure was once more building up inside, I was desperate to be fucked rather than teased.

To my relief, Damian removed his fingers, and, almost immediately I felt lubrication being pumped into my gaping asshole, although I desperately wanted something else to pump in there soon…

“You ready for this?” Damian asked, as if he hadn’t just finger fucked my ass agape, currently pouring cold lube into my gaping anus.

“Put it in right fucking now.” All sense of restraint was gone, and thankfully the bastard didn’t try and make sure or ask any other questions. Instead, I felt the blessed relief of what felt like an arm press against my asshole, followed by a sensation I don’t think I can explain as the tip of him slipped in. I mean… Pain, pleasure, intensity, I was overloaded by everything, and as I felt him slowly bucking back and forth, I pushed my face into the pillow.

It felt nice, awful, and wonderful. One of the best but also the worst things I’d ever felt, and I’d had some goddamn awful cocks in me before. Damian was gentle about it, this pretty obviously wasn’t his first time, but god knows how far he’d slipped in when I felt him begin to pound me with a greater rhythm and intensity. Normally I could feel when a guy is ready to blow, but currently, all my senses were fixated on the feeling of fullness, of how much cock was currently filling my asshole. The vibrations from my homemade underwear were gentle against my clit, my pussy dripping, I could feel my body reach a reasonable conclusion.

“Oh god,” I moaned, “oh god I… Oh god… I… I… I… I…”

It was too much, as I came, as the pleasure filled my body, my mind went blank and I passed out.

Returning to consciousness, I could still feel Damian orhangazi escort in my ass, but he’d stopped fucking me, and was trying to talk to me.

“Miss? Miss? Are you okay?”

Weakly, I waved a hand, my body now pressed against the bed, my small but hard nipples rubbing against the soft cotton, I could feel the effect of my orgasm, but now my whole body was more sensitive Damian felt even bigger.

“I’m okay…” I spoke softly, “But I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”

“I’m so close,” he moaned, “if you can hold on, I’m almost there.”

I took a few deep breaths before nodding and moving onto my knees.

“Then get it in there and fill me.”

Almost immediately I felt him return to fucking me with greater intensity than before. I could feel what felt like an arm filling my ass, but still I endured, my asshole starting to feel raw.

It was about a minute later, but I was about to stop him when suddenly Damian called out,

“Fuck! I’m cumming!”

As he had increased his intensity to pound me incessantly, I believed him, but he was so deep I only knew he was cumming when I heard him cry out.


My asshole was so raw there was no way I could have felt him pulsing as he came, but I could feel his body pressing against mine as his orgasm hit and he lost full control over his body. It was when he began to pull out that I suddenly felt it, my ass gaping so much that I could finally feel the areas where the air couldn’t touch my skin, his cum covering my insides. If I hadn’t had my fill of intensity, I would have said that many inches leaving my gut was intense, but with the rest of what I’d experienced, it was probably one of the nicer things to happen.

As he left my body, I collapsed onto the bed. Pressed against the cool sheets, I could now feel something dribbling through my underwear, down my pussy and start to pool next to me.

“Oh, sorry,” I heard Damian speak, a mixture of breathlessness and guilt, “do you want me to get a towel?”

I waved him away, instead rolling onto my side and I fiddled with the underwear to turn off the now overly intense feeling on my clit, staring at him with a mix of pride and disbelief.

“I can clean up,” I managed to reply, my anus now beginning to feel sore, “but, fucking hell Damian. That was… I mean…”

With a dopey smile on his face, I could see his cock start to shrink, but even flaccid it was big.

“I need you to know,” I warned him, “that if you become a regular client, you’re going to need to start supplying the lube. And good stuff too, not supermarket own brand.”

“I can do that,” he beamed, cum still leaking out of the end of his flaccid but still gigantic cock.

Gesturing vaguely back to the corridor, I pointed out some hand towels.

“Before you go, wash your cock in the bathroom, first door on the left. Place any towels you’ve used straight into the washbasket.”

He only took a minute to wash it, I was sure that if I’d been doing it I could have spent all day stroking up and down, but upon his return he got dressed, watching out of the corner of his eye as I remained on the bed, gently flexing my legs and hips to ease some of the soreness. There was no way I could do this job if they were all Damian’s size.

“Well, thank you,” he said awkwardly, now fully dressed, “I had a lovely time…”

“No problem,” I smiled genuinely. It had been intense, but it was nice when I enjoyed a fuck as much as the client. “Remember, next time bring lube!”

Smiling and nodding, he left the bedroom, and moments later I heard the front door open and close. Right, time to clean up.

I stood, but slowly, my arsehole aching something fierce. Upon removing the pants, a glob of cum fell out, having got stuck there when his massive load slid out my ass. Despite my arse’s protestations, my pussy felt very left out, so after I’d stripped the sheets and replaced them with fresh new ones, I went to the shower to clean up and relax, taking one of my seven-inch, waterproof toys, placing it on the side as I turned the water on.

It took me a few minutes before the water stopped stinging, but my pussy remained keen, and standing up tall, which wasn’t hard for me, I turned on my toy and got busy on my pussy, enjoying the feeling of my cunt being filled, while perversely loving the sting of the water draining over my slowly-recovering asshole.

It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar sensation, and, my pussy was grateful it had something to clench onto, my orgasm felt more intense, and I cried out in blessed relief, bent over from the ecstasy. I stayed in that position as I came down from the orgasm, eventually turning off the shower and changing into underwear and a black t-shirt.

Exhausted from the exertion, I returned to bed, the fresh, clean sheets feeling amazing on my tired and relaxed body. As I lay there, my anus stinging, I ignored it as best as I could, instead running through my day in my mind, rushing over the work stuff to get to having my ass stuffed full as quickly as possible. And that’s how I fell to sleep, my fingers gently pressed against my clit as I nodded off, dreaming of Darren and his massive cock. Hopefully, he would be over again very soon…

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