Mother and daughter_(3)


I Suppose we have all done things we are not proud of, I like to think of myself as a gentleman, always accept no for an answer, never force myself on a woman. But I have let myself down on occasion.

It was about 1988, I was serving in the Royal Navy, we had been a long time at sea and looking forward to a break in Toronto, Canada. After a long slog up the Great St Lawrence Seaway we tied up alongside this beautiful city, the gangway went down and we were off like a crowd of randy alley cats.

To my surprised delight I scored in the first bar, a lovely local lass with tits bigger than our guns and legs as long as our masts. About the only fault I could find was she had no car, but no matter. She took me down to a beach, a real beach even though we were a long way from the sea. We spent half the night fucking up a storm, she was inexperienced but enthusiastic as hell, her screams and yelps bringing laughs from other couples nearby in the dark.

We took a taxi back to her place where I was very put out to be kissed and said goodnight too, I had assumed the main event was yet to come. Sulking I went back to my ship and an uncomfortable, narrow bunk instead of a decent bed and a naked Canuck to play with.

The next morning I got a call from her on the switchboard, she wanted to meet up, I truthfully told her I was stuck on board all day, in charge of opening the ship up to local visitors, and lied and said I could not make it that night, I intended to find someone up for an all nighter. By all accounts none of the crew had failed to score, the Toronto girls were very, very welcoming.

About midday this apparition came up the gangway with the steady stream of civilians coming to take the tour. The goddess was wearing what I later learned was a Blue Jay Cheer Leader outfit that left acres of bare leg glowing in the sun and the T shirt practically screamed the girl had no bra on under it.

She had the gob smacked attention of every man jack sailor but she ignored them and came up to me and hugged me, sending my stock through the roof and only then did I recognise her for the girl on the beach.

As we said our hellos an older woman came up to us and snapped “Lisa, stop making a spectacle of yourself!”

Lisa sulkily introduced Maria, her mother. Mom was a hottie too, if I had not scored her daughter she would have been in my sites, she was a more mature version of her leggie, busty daughter.

A brief row broke out, Lisa accusing her mother of spying on her. I broke it up by offering them a personal tour of the ship. There are a lot of what we call companion ways on a ship, but civilians call ladders and as was the custom I helped the ladies up each one, standing below in case they slipped. Hey, it’s a shit job, but the British Sailor is up for it!

Lisa’s tiny pleated skirt could not even begin to hide the matching blue thong that her bum was hugging to death and the sight of it and the memory of her warm wet pussy opening to me on the beach soon had me limping with a raging hard on. Mom was not helping, Maria had a denim mini skirt on that kept riding up and showing delicate lacy panties, I was having trouble breathing. Had I only been escorting one of them we would have broken the tour route to call into my bunk space where I would have demonstrated how to swing up into the bunk.

As it was I regretfully took them back to the gangway. Lisa kissed me long and deep and whispered if I could get free she would be waiting in the same bar tonight. She skipped off but mom hung around and gave me the third degree, what were my intentions, was I with her last night, why was she home so late. I seemed to be allying her fears with my smooth lies when she suddenly asked. “How old are you?”

I blinked, I had never been asked that before, they usually hit you with “Are you married?”. “Thirty five.”

She looked like I had just punched her. “I am the same!” She gasped. Given her outrage I was glad I had not told her the truth, I was thirty eight.

“Well that is a coincidence!” I said brightly, she seemed to be handing my lines, but I was spoken for it seemed.

“Thirty-five!” She repeated. “Do you think it is appropriate you are hanging around with a fifteen year old girl?”

I saw he wince in real pain as I grabbed her arm by the bicep and forced her into the shadow of towed array, out of sight of gawkers.

“Ow, you hurt me!” When stressed she had a definite French accent.

“Fifteen?” I hissed furiously. “She cannot be fifteen!”

“Yes yes!” Maria insisted. “My leetle girl, she is only fifteen, you are older than her father, curse him!”

I tried to compose myself, it was a nightmare, I would get chucked in prison here and then drummed out of the Navy, if they ever let me out alive.

“You must not see her again,” Maria wined, trying to get out of my grip. “She is lovely girl, I know, but it is not right.”

My mind was racing, all very well dumping Lisa, but suppose she decided to get revenge on me? “You will have to tell her she cannot see me,” I said, let her be mad at mom. “And tell her you have spoken to the Captain, that you do not want a sailor seeing your daughter, tell her that!”

“Yes yes!” She managed to break free with a mewl of pain, rubbed her arm, bruised from my fingers. It might have all ended there, nice and peaceful, but she added. “I will do anything you want!”

My grand stand views up her skirt flashed back at me, my hand went back on her, but gently this time, at her breast, my thumb found the nub of nipple beneath the soft fabric of her blouse, traced the lace of her bra. She stared down at my hand, did not scream or run or even flinch.

“Your daughter is lovely,” I breathed. “I know I should not see her, but I have been at sea so long.”

“I understand,” he voice shook. “But not her,” she licked her lips, looked right in my eyes. “But not her, please!”

“Then who?” I breathed, my other hand rested on the silk smooth skin of her thigh, slid up her skirt to cup one soft bum cheek dressed with lace. I moved my face close to hers, she sort of scrunched up her face but did not turn it, I pressed my lips to hers, they were stiff, unresponsive, I waited, touching them with the tip of my tongue, slowly caressing her breast and bum. Her lips parted slightly and very briefly her tongue tapped mine, then she firmly pushed me away. “I need someone tonight,” I told her softly.

I had pushed her back against the big drum of the cable feed, she straightened up, standing a little unsteady on her escort gaziantep olgun bayan feet which she looked down at, not meeting my eyes. “You can see me tonight,” she paused. “If you must, only promise not my Lisa.”

“I promise,” I agreed. “What is your address?”

I passed the rest of the day in a dream state, when we done I showered and changed, jogged off the ship to flag a taxi, on the scrap of paper with her address she had written 6pm and underlined it twice.

The taxi took me to a quiet suburb with colonial houses that had been converted to apartments. Checking the number I buzzed flat 3, then again after a long pause. There was no reply, I checked my watch, bank on 18:00, irritated I pressed and held the buzzer.

“Oui?” A nervous voice squeaked from the speaker.

“Ici Michelle!” I retorted. There was another long pause. I was not put out, this was not my first rodeo as they say on this side of the pond, people characterise older women as confident, self-assured, but I knew from experience it was often the exact opposite, widows and divorces that had been off the market for a long time made hard work of getting back out there.

Finally she realised I was not going and the door chunked, I pushed it open and vaulted up the steps, in a high state of excitement.

The flat door was locked, I knocked loudly, she would not want the neighbours getting interested.

Sure enough a chain rattled and the door popped open, Maria peered out, looking anxiously up and down to see if anyone was watching, she seemed a lot smaller without her heels and was nervously clutching a thick bathrobe about her that did nothing for her, she looked at least ten years older than me rather than three younger.

“You came!” She whispered, accusingly, as if our deal had been I would not.

“Lisa is waiting if you prefer?” I said.

Maria glared at me, shuffled her bare feet. “I have spoken to her, she will not see you now! She will be safe.”

In the bar near the dock I had found her in, with three hundred horny matelots on the prowl? I doubted that.

“Okay, I will say hi if I see her, au-revoir Madam!” I turned to leave.

“Wait!” I was going nowhere. “You are bad man,” Maria whispered, which hurt me, it was true, but still… “You should be ashamed, to use a mother’s love against her!”

I reached and flipped open the knotted belt of her bath robe, it fell open, exposing her naked golden skin and the broadest nipple aurora I had ever seen, like saucers. She gasped and pulled the robe back shut.

I placed my hands on her shoulders, physically pushed her back in the door, heeled it shut behind me, she glanced over my shoulder as if debating making a run for it. My hands gripped the folds of her robe at the shoulders, pushed it down to her waist and wrists, imprisoning her arms, fascinated I stroked the nipples, traced the brown circles that took up so much of the firm breasts, she breathed shudderingly and her nipples reacted, firming up, the brown area crinkled and became more prominent.

“Take it off,” I told her.

Her hands made a couple of tentative moves to the knot, stopped each time, then with a resigned jerk the knot was gone, the robe flopped down to her feet. I put my arms around her, her head came to my chest, my hand in her hair found a big clip thing which I tugged free, stroked down her light brown hair to a glowing fan at her back. She was breathing hard, shaking, I let her calm a little then said. “Take us to your bedroom.”

That was me being as fair as I could be given my heightened state, if she refused I would leave, no more games, take my chances down town Toronto.

Her head stayed at my chest for a long minute, then she pulled back, her small hand found one of my shovel sized hands and timidly she led the way, walking nude into her bedroom, taking me with her.

The room had a window, firmly curtained shut, a double bed, made up fresh, ironed sheets, two pristine pillow cases each side. I just knew it had been made up for me.

She stood uncertainly, my first instinct was to push her onto the bed, go to work on her with my mouth and hands, loosen her up, get her into the mood. But I was getting such a kick from her nervous indecision, from this sense of power over her, I wanted to milk it.

I undressed without ceremony, exposing my 7” rampant cock, pointing eagerly up at her, she looked down at it as if it were a rabid dog. I took it in my hand, brandished it. “Your daughter was going to get this tonight,” I said cruelly. “Now I am going to show you what she is missing!”

I stepped up to her, she stepped back, her legs hit the side of the bed and she automatically sat down. I straddled her legs, standing up, took a firm handful of her hair with my free hand and guided my prick to her mouth with the other.

She mumbled a shriek of protest as she realised what I intended, jerked her face aside, lips pressed tight together. I let it go, bent my knees, placed my prick between her breasts, let go of it and gathered her hair with both hands, stopped her from pulling back as I socked right up to her, my prick burying deep in her cleavage, the top of my thighs pressing against those huge nipples. She could keep her head turned all night if she wanted, this was find with me. I rocked my hips and knees gently, pacing myself, my prick pistoned up and down between her tits, it was a warm night and soon a light coating of sweat formed between us, making the movement silky and delicious, I moaned in appreciation, she kept her head turned, her mouth and eyes screwed tight shut.

When she stopped trying to pull back I eased my grip on her hair, combed it around with my fingers to form a little blanket over her breasts, hiding my shaft as it worked beneath. “You are going to get a spunk shampoo,” I promised her. “Going to shoot all in your hair and rub it in.”

“No!” She opened her eyes and mouth suddenly. “No please! I have just washed it!”

I laughed in delight. “S’okay, I will help you wash it again!”

“No time!” She wailed. “I go at seven, I have to go to my work.”

I paused my movement, bloody angry. One hour? That was all she was giving me? “Seven?” I hissed in fury. “I will piss in your hair as well, how will you like that? One hour is all your Lisa is worth, all I am worth?”

Her eyes looked scared but she was determined. “Not my hair!”

For answer I took her chin, turned her face to me and pulled her jaw escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan down, for a moment she clamped her mouth shut again, then with a resigned sigh let her mouth fall open.

She made no move to assist and my tip scraped against her motionless teeth, I hissed at the sharp pain, then got deeper into her mouth and her teeth raked the skin of my shaft with pleasant firmness. I groaned in deep pleasure, hugging her head, sliding up into her until she started to bite in panic and heave a little in her chest, I pulled back a little until she calmed, then nudged back and forth, just an inch each way, she made animal, guttural grunts and her hands reached up, pushed mine off her head, I let her do it, but ready to grab her again, when free she pulled back slightly and took a deep breath through her nose, one small hand tightly gripped the base of my prick, the other reached under and lightly grabbed my balls, but her nails gave a couple of warning twitches, I got the message, no shoving.

Her mouth went down my prick with a wet slurp, then up all the way, popping out, she breathed again and then spat several times on my shaft before descending on it with her mouth, working it fast, up and down, adding to the lubrication by swirling her tongue about the tip, then flattening it to swallow my shaft to the edge of her throat.

She was too good, too fast, I could not last like this, I tried to slow her down but her nails twitched at my balls when I tried to get a grip on her hair. Helplessly I had to let her draw me to an explosion but at the last possible second she stopped, pulled her mouth off me and the hand at the base of my prick tightened like a vice, cutting off circulation to my prick and slowly forcing back the rising explosion. She very slowly wanked me, looking from my eyes to my shaft, her expression one of concentration. Once the threat of coming had faded she sensed it and spat on my prick again, slowly worked the moisture over the shaft, then spat again and again until she had lined it with her slightly greasy saliva,

She then firmly forced me to take a step back, stood up, turned her back to me, knelt across the bed, dropping her head down she pulled a pillow under it and shoved her bum right up into the air. I started to kneel, intending to lick the inviting tunnel she had presented for me, but she murmured “non, entre!”

I stepped back up to the bed, she wiggled her raised bottom back toward me, I took her hips in my hands and slipped into the deliciously welcoming depths of her cunt. Muscles clenched at me, I pushed in smoothly, lubricated by her spit, until my thighs pressed against the back of hers.

My prick was in a heaven of undulating muscles and stiff ridges, as I slid in and out of her it was like sliding into a velvet tube surrounded by marbles, her cunt slurped as my motions drew down her juices, they flowed over and between us and popped and spat little spurts out of her as I fucked her deep and hard. Her bottom dropped down onto the bed with a long moan from her, I scrambled up onto her, my prick still in her, straddling her legs, by hands on her back, pushing with all my strength, the bed yielding then bouncing back up, generating a deep “Unh!” from her each time.

The tidal wave she had conquered came rushing back, up my thighs and into my stomach, then spiralling through my prick and I collapsed down on her, her face turned to mine and we stared at each other as the flood burst out of my and into her with long wet blasts that drew shudders out of me, I swear I saw her give a private little smile, as if she had got one over me and not the other way around.

She gave me about a minute then wriggled out from under me, I was a dead weight, drained and exhausted, my part erect prick came out with an audible plop and a small flood rushed out of her, staining the duvet with bright wetness.

Tsking to herself she tucked her hair into a shower bonnet, stepped out and I heard the rush of a shower, then she was back, dressing gown on, cap gone, like nothing had happened since I arrived at her door. She opened drawers and a wardrobe, dressed with economic movements, not like a girlfriend at all, aware of you watching, more like your mother. She put on a smart dark skirt and blazer, a plain blouse and low heels, added a few dabs of make up and was ready.

“Allors, vite!”

I laughed hollowly. “I am going nowhere yet, honey, you have drained me!”

She glanced at her watch, tsked again, looked me over with a critical eye, I doubted I cut much of a heroic figure, sprawled in my own cum. She pointed to the door, made a turning gesture. “Lock it, when you leave!”

I nodded, heard her let herself out, then nothing.

When I woke the apartment was in darkness, I managed to find the hallway light and then the living room, there were soft drinks in the fridge in the little kitchen, I helped myself to coke and drank if naked, sprawled on the couch, replaying the evening with a proud grin.

So just then there is a sort of scrabble of a key a pause then the apartment door is pushed open, Lisa, looking at the key in her hand and the door in puzzlement, then she saw me.

Apparently Canadians are okay with finding naked men in their lounge, she slipped the door too, walked in and got herself a coke. “You got my message, I see!” She cracked the can, leaned on the breakfast bar to stare at me, rather hungrily I thought, also a bit vaguely, she had obviously been drinking something harder than coke.

I sat up, trying to look cool with being nude, if I went to get my clothes she could not help but see me go to her mother’s room for them.

“How did you get in?” Frown. “Please tell me my mother was not here!”

“Door was unlocked,” I lied.

“She is hopeless, well you have made yourself at home, haven’t you?” She was still in the cheer leader outfit and the trainers strolled across to set her down on the couch next to me.

“I am sorry, I just…”

“Do I look like I mind?” she crooned, her free hand slid to my crotch and gave my semi rigid prick a little shake, how do you do? I was trapped, and I really needed an escape, because semi was starting to turn into hard. “I did not really expect to see you,” Lisa chattered on, examining her handiwork. “She told me she warned you off.” She took a long slug of coke, and before I could react ducked and took me into her mouth, surrounding my prick head with freezing, sparkling fluid.

“Hell otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan fire!” I gasped and dragged her head up, she dribbled coke on me and looked hurt.

“Don’t you like it?”

“Of course I like it!” I exploded. “But I do not want to get the next one from some nonce in the pedo wing!”

She mouthed my words, then blinked. “Pedo?”

“You are fifteen, your mother told me!”

She pulled away, sitting back against the arm of the couch, looking at me. “I am fifteen and fourteen months,” she said slowly. “But if you believed her why are you here?”

“I…” I got the math. That bitch! “I did not want to just not see you again.”

“It is a stupid rule,” she declared, how can it be illegal once side of midnight and fine the other?”

“Try telling it to the judge,” I muttered.

Her expression suddenly brightened and she leapt up, grabbed a photo off a shelf, brandished it at me. “I see! Clever you!”

Clever me, the photo was of a bunch of girls in their best, Lisa in the middle, in the back, a banner. “Happy Sixteenth Lisa!”

She put the photo back, toes off her trainers, sat back down and put her legs over mine, her toes caught and massaged my prick, expertly I thought. “Now where were we?”

Fucking your mother, I thought silently. “When does your mother get back?” I asked aloud.

Lisa’s eyes narrowed. “If you are hoping for a mother daughter threesome you are out of luck, sailor!” She warned.

I slipped a hand up her pleated mini skirt, hooked a finger into her thong and pulled it toward me, she lifted up her bum to oblige me. “Oh I don’t think I would survive you both,” I said aloud and added “together” silently.

Lisa kicked away the thong, I finger tips stroked the trimmed fluff of her pussy. “I saw you looking up my mother’s skirt, your dirty bastard!” She gasped as I slid a finger over the lips of her vagina.

“I was looking up yours too,” I pointed out reasonably.

“Did you get a good eyeful?”

“Not as good as I am now.”

She caught my hand, pressed it harder to her pussy, trying to get me to slip into her, I resisted. “I meant of my mother’s cunt!”

I thought of Maria on her hands and knees, on the bed, showing me all. “Oh yes, I saw pretty much everything.”

She was panting now, scrabbling at my teasing fingers. “Which one did you like the best?”

I took a leg in each hand, twisted her over onto her front, pushed her knees under her and flipped the skirt out of the way, getting the same grand stand view of her pussy, she rested on her elbows, the can fallen unnoticed to the floor, I sucked my fore and middle finger, slid them up her pussy. Her head snapped back and she bared her teeth. “Well?” She hissed.

I worked my moist fingers into her. “I need to give it more thought,” I replied, shifting onto my knees.

“Oh God!” she wailed as I pulled my fingers hard out.

“Bet your mummy would love it like this!” I hissed into her ear, she snarled wordlessly and I went in hard, all the way, her resisting cunt caught on my shaft and she was driven off her elbows, her upper body collapsing over the couch arm, the rest pinned by me, my prick drilling on all the way while she wildly shook her head, mouth wide, screaming silently.

I was very rough on her, each hard thrust sending her flopping to the floor, then pulling her back by her legs so I could drive in again and again, at some point I timed it wrong and she catapulted off the couch, landing full on the floor, but she was up at once, swarming onto me, making me sit up, feet on the floor, she sat over me and with a couple of winces got me inside her, began to gyrate, her tits deliciously stroking my chest.

“Tell me more!” She demanded in a hoarse croak. When I was silent, baffled she hissed in frustration. “Tell me about fucking my mother, tell me how I do better!”

This was kind of weird, but I am okay with weird, there was little in the way of sanity in her face, just lust and greed.

“You are doing better,” I told her. “Your mother just lay there and let me do all the work.”

Lisa groaned, her eyes rolled, her cunt was gripping me like a pair of pliers. “More! Tell me more!” She gasped.

“Her cunt is nice and juicy,” I breathed in her ear. “But it is a bit loose, not like you, you have a cunt like a steel trap.”

“Am I as juicy as her?” She demanded.

“Let’s see!” I got my hands under her arms, lifted her up off me with a tearing sensation and put her on her feet, standing on the couch, my head buried in her burning hot, soaking pussy, I licked deep. “Oh God yes, you are much juicier, and you taste fantastic!”

She bent her knees, pushing her crotch harder to my face, I swirled my tongue as deep up her as I could, unable to talk, but it did not stop her.

“I want her to watch us, want her to see how much better I am than her, when she gets back, we will tie her up, make her watch me being fucked by you, you will have to make me scream for mercy, can you do that?”

She was rubbing furiously at herself as I licked her, I could feel her climax rising, heard it in the strain in her voice. “Can you humiliate her?” She demanded of me. “Can you?”

I pulled my mouth free of her, watched her bringing herself to completion just an inch away, one of my hands flayed at my prick, the other held her legs, she was jerking so wildly I was afraid she would fall again.

“When I am about to cum in you, I will pull out and shoot it into her hair!” I promised.

“Christ, yes!” She screamed. “Show me, show me!” I slipped out from in front of her, turned her to sit her on the couch, still plunging her fingers into herself, I stood up and shot into her silky hair, strong, fluid bursts of sticky cream cum, plastering her hair, dripping down her breasts. Her fingers stopped with a last fierce thrust and she shook all over.

“Oh that is disgusting, stop, please stop, how can you do that to me?” She moaned. I combed my fingers through her hair, spreading it, “I hate you, I hate you!” She gasped.

As we showered together a bit later, me carefully washing her hair which she seemed to delight in, I voiced my concern. “Are you sure she will not be back while two?”

“Positive,” she replied dreamily. “Later, the club she works in does not shut until two.”

I rinsed her carefully then cupped some conditioner. “Hope you do not mind me saying, but you have some sort of issue with your mother, don’t you?”

She stiffened, but relaxed as I stroked her hair. “She fucked my boyfriend, right here, in the apartment, in the bedroom next to mine, I had to listen to it all, both of them, comparing me to her, how much better she was, so much more experienced..” She hugged me suddenly. “Don’t worry, I know you did not really fuck her.” I stroked her back. “I would kill you if I thought you had!”


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