Mothers Know Best Ch. 07: Families


This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic incestuous relationships, which includes sexual intercourse and other taboo subjects. All characters are over 18 years of age.

Special thanks to kenjisato for editing this story.

Mothers Know Best: Ch. 7 Families

It all started with Stephanie, my mother-in-law. Following the death of her husband, she was ostracized from her church for refusing to marry her brother-in-law as his fourth sister-wife. She is a beautiful, vivacious, intelligent woman of forty-one years, brunette hair, vibrant-blue eyes, and a devastating smile. I had been visiting her once a week, for over a year to help her with odd jobs around her condo. But that was not quite true. I was actually having sex with her, with the consent and encouragement of her daughter, Judy, who is also my wife.

Judy is a beautiful adorable twenty-one-year-old woman. She was also a former member of the same church, who left with her mother. And like her mother, she remained god fearing. She might be described as being slightly chubby, which I find attractively pleasing. She is slightly shorter than her mother, same brunette hair and vibrant-blue eyes, and a captivating smile. My love for her is unshakable.

My mother-in-law, Stephanie, who I addressed as Mom, had since moved in with us to help Judy with Adam, our first born. The intimate time spent with her, increased for both Judy and myself, much to her mother’s delight. We began to realize that her mother had really become a second wife in our very complicated polyamorous family relationship, and was very much pregnant with my child.

Sam, my mother, and Pat, her wife, wanted to have children and asked me to be the donor. But she wanted me to impregnate Pat by having sexual intercourse with her. At first, I was incredulous and appalled at the suggestion and was reluctant to fulfill such a request. But I eventually agreed, with the full support of Judy and Stephanie. So here we are.

Part 1

Sam and Pat arrived at our house late Friday night. Pat looked nervous and anxious as they came inside, while Sam looked positively jubilant.

“Hello, Sam.” I greeted my mother with a broad smile.

“Hey, Andy!” Sam said boisterously, and offered her cheek to kiss, but suddenly turned her face to kiss me effusively on the mouth, before roughly embracing me. “I’m proud of ya, m’boy!”

Sam released me with a satisfied, smug look and went on to say hello to Judy and Stephanie. She gave each of them a kiss on the lips before embracing them warmly in her rough, butch way.

Pat stood woodenly in the doorway, looking uncomfortable. “Hi, Andrew…” she said awkwardly, as she looked away from my gaze.

“Hi, Pat. Please come in. Make yourself at home,” I said to her, as I reached out for her hand.

Pat was an enigma. She was a badass special-ops member of the Marine Corps who would enter hostile territory to perform impossible missions with the clear understanding that there was a real possibility of death, capture, torture and rape. But the idea of having sex with with me, seemed to terrify her which made me feel bad for her.

I hardly knew Pat, but I had begun to develop an affection toward her, partially because she was my mother’s wife, as well as being attractive. I cared for her and had no wish to hurt her.

As Pat took my hand I drew her closer to me and kissed her cheek. She looked at me shyly, but held my hand tightly as if for assurance. Sam noticed and gave Pat an affectionate smile.

We helped Pat and Sam get settled into the guest room. They closed the door so they could change and freshen up. I could hear Sam’s muffled voice giving Pat words of encouragement.

Pat and Sam returned looking refreshed. Pat did not seem as anxious or agitated as before. Actually she seemed relaxed. I wondered if she and Sam had had a quickie.

Judy and Mom had prepared snacks for both ourselves and our guests. I poured two glasses of merlot for Sam and Pat, a beer for myself, and sodas for Mom and Judy.

“Come, help yourselves. If there’s anything else I can get you just let me know,” Judy announced.

“No, honey. Whatcha got here is perfect, it all looks wonderful,” Sam answered, as she pinched Judy’s cheek. Judy looked pleased.

“How are ya doing, Steph. You look freaking gorgeous with that baby bump,” Sam said, as she caressed Mom’s tummy, much to Mom’s delight, and rewarded her with that devastating smile.

As a recipient of Mom’s many smiles, one could not help feeling richly rewarded, as if god had just smiled at you.

“Thank you, Sam, so nice of you to say,” Stephanie replied, as she lightly touched Sam’s arm.

“How about you, honey, are you okay? You look as beautiful as ever,” Sam said to Judy who smiled.

“I am good, Sam. Thanks for asking. It’s really good to see you and Pat,” Judy replied.

“Aww, honey, that’s so freaking nice of you to say,” Sam said, as she caressed Judy’s cheek. kahramanmaraş escort “Jiminy Crickets, I just love this girl to pieces,” Sam declared, which caused Judy to blush.

Suddenly, Adam squealed in delight and then said, “Ma.. ma…!” As an affirmation before sputtering and gurgling and returning his attention to the toys spread out over an area rug on the hardwood floors.

All heads swung in his direction, as he had just uttered his first word. We all gathered around him. With a mischievous look, he cooed and gurgled then squealed in delight, as he unsuccessfully attempted to stand and dropped on his ass.

“Hello, little man, can you say mama?” Sam asked Adam, who was happy with all the attention and cooed and squealed contentedly.

Pat found herself standing next to me. She had her luxurious champagne-blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore a pair of snug fitting jeans which beautifully accentuated her shapely legs and ass, and wore a white t-shirt with the sleeves tucked in and tied at her belly button, which covered the bullet-like nipples of her pert, athletic breasts. Her piercing, grey eyes looked like a predatory hawk. The sharp, chiseled features of her cheekbones and jawlines, her nose straight and proud, and thin, determined lips, made up her face.

“He is a beautiful boy,” Pat said softly. I had a frisson of pride and smiled.

“I’m nervous,” she whispered.

“Me too,” I whispered back. “But I’m trying to ignore it.”

“Think of how you would feel if a man wanted to stick his dick in your ass or have you suck him off, without the option of kicking him in the balls or hating him with all your heart. Then you would understand how I feel,” she explained.

“Point taken. But I would, if it was for a righteous reason,” I countered.

She looked at me surprised. “You would?”

“Yeah, if it was necessary,” I said.

“Oh,” she said, as she seemed to mull over my answer.

“Besides, we are family, mom!” I teased. Her head snapped in my direction.

“Don’t you dare call me mom or mommy,” she seethed. “Especially while you’re fucking me because I will stick my hand into your chest cavity and rip your heart out!” she hissed.

Just then, Sam joined us. “She is one scary bitch ain’t she,” she laughed. “Truth is, she could probably do that kinda shit.”

Then Sam glared at Pat. “Don’t entertain any fucking thoughts about hurting my boy, or I’ll kick your skanky ass into next fucking weekend.”

“Chill, wifey,” Pat responded cooly. “I was just foolin’ with him.”

Sam gave her a disapproving look. “Better fucking be.” Then her looks softened.

“Geez, woman, you’re so uptight,” Pat chastised Sam. Sam reached up and caressed Pat’s face with a smile.

Judy put out additional late-night snacks as we sat in the living room. I sat across from Pat and Sam. Sam kept giving me lustful looks. I frowned at her.

“What! What!” she exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re the only dick in the house, why can’t I imagine taking it into my cunt and fucking it,” she said innocently.

“Sam!” I cried out in dismay, and abruptly stood up.

Judy tittered and Stephanie placed her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh, while Pat looked at me with surprise.

“Oh frig, I should’ve said penis and vagina? I beg ya freaking pardon.”

“Sam, we’ve gone through this before. Put a freaking filter on,” I said angrily, as I glared at her. “Or I’ll put ya over my knee and spank your freaking ass.”

Pat looked at me incredulously and moved to get up. “Keep it seated,” I said sternly to Pat.

Pat paused and opened her mouth to say something, but Sam stopped her by placing a gentle restraining hand on Pat’s thigh.

“Jiminy Cricket, Andy. I’m sorry, but lighten up, I don’t mean nuthin’ by it. And ya don’t need to get pissed at me to spank me, ya know,” she said coquettishly, with a wink. Everyone else laughed.

I sat down feeling a bit foolish for losing it.

“Sorry, Sam, you are right,” I apologized.

“It’s okay, Andy,” Sam said. “Don’t stress about it. I shoulda put a filter on it, as you said.” She looked at me for a moment. “So, stud, are ya gonna start with my girl, tonight?” she asked.

I looked at Pat, then Judy and Stephanie. “Nothing like the present,” I replied, feeling sexually excited, but I still felt troubled by Pat’s understandable reluctance.

“Ya want me to help ya? Pat will need some mouth action from me, and I can do the same for you if you need it. I still wouldn’t mind giving you some head,” Sam said, mischievously.

“Sam!” Pat said, embarrassed.

“What, what? They all know we eat each other’s pussies, excuse me, vaginas, and that I like my son’s dick, excuse me, penis.”

Pat clapped her hand over her face in exasperation. “Oh my god, Sam, enough already, you’re incorrigible!” Pat cried.

“Just sayin’.” Sam said with a broad smirk.

Judy and Stephanie giggled into their hands. While I rolled kahramanmaraş escort bayan my eyes in dismay.

Part 2

That night after saying good night to Judy and Stephanie, who would be spending the night together in our room, I joined Pat and Sam in the guest room.

Sam was just removing her clothes as I entered the room. Pat was already under the covers. I could see only her shoulders which were unencumbered by clothing so I assumed she was naked.

Sam looked at me in all her naked glory. “Your turn,” she said to me.

I shyly removed my clothes. I lastly removed my boxer shorts and felt self-conscious, as my flaccid cock hung limply before the two women. It still felt a bit strange to see my mother naked, while I was naked before her, and stranger yet, having a witness.

Pat’s eyes went wide and swallowed deeply as she looked at my cock, while Sam licked her lips lustfully as she took a salacious glance at my cock.

“Gawd, I’ve missed your dick, Andy. I would love to feel you get hard in my mouth and then stick it in my cunt and fuck me,” she said, as she seductively moved towards me.

She dropped to her knees and looked at my flaccid cock with glee. She reached out and took my flesh into her hand and gently squeezed and massaged it as she looked up at me.

Then she did what no mother should do with her son. She lifted the tip of my cock towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and licked her lips before taking my simmering flesh into her hot mouth and began to suck it.

“Oh, Jesus,” Pat murmured, and pulled the blankets up to her chin as she watched Sam take my cock into her mouth and proceeded to licentiously suck it.

“Mmmm,” Sam moaned, as she applied suction to my rapidly-growing cock. She joyously sucked my cock sliding in and out from between her soft moist lips. It was astounding to see my naked mother on her knees sucking my cock. Damn, she was good. The pleasure she gave me was amazing. My cock was soon at full length and hard as a crowbar. Sam looked up at me triumphantly and reluctantly took my cock from her mouth.

“Your turn, love,” she said to Pat, as she placed a parting kiss on the tip of my cock before getting up to pull the covers off Pat, who looked self-conscious and vulnerable, as her body came into view. She had an astoundingly-beautiful body. While she had small pert breasts, they looked sexy on her trim, firm-looking body. A light patch of silken, blonde hair adorned her mound. She automatically attempted to cover her breasts with her arm and her pubic mound with her hand.

Sam climbed onto the bed on hands and knees. “My cunt is as wet and slick as an oil drum,” she said, as she reached between her legs and thrust her fingers through her wet gash and then took them to her mouth. “Mmhmm, and it tastes good,” she said, with a lustful look in her eyes.

My cock suddenly jerked upward at the notion of sticking my cock into her sopping box. “Fuck!” I whispered in dismay.

“Now open your legs, lovey,” Sam told Pat, who shyly complied as she raised her knees and spread her legs apart. Pat looked at me self-consciously, and bit her lower lip as Sam moved between her legs.

Then Sam placed her hands on Pat’s inner thighs and pushed them further apart as she lowered her head between them. Pat looked nervously at Sam, and then at me. She let out a whimper, as Sam made contact with the flesh between her legs.

I watched in fascination, as Sam dexterously pleasured her wife with her mouth. Pat moaned as Sam began to eat her out. Pat’s hips gyrated agitatedly from the pleasures she received from Sam. Pat reached down and pulled Sam’s head deeper between her legs. Sam shamelessly slurped and sucked on Pat’s wet vagina. It became immediately apparent that Sam knew her way around the female sex. She also seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

Sam raised her head. “Play with her titties, she likes to have her titties played with and sucked,” she said to me, before going back to orally gratifying her wife, who moaned at the physical attention.

Looking at Pat, I reached out to her breasts. She smiled sheepishly, before letting out a Sam-inspired gasp. I cupped her breast with my hand and squeezed it gently, before pinching her hardened nipple. I then leaned down and took a bullet-hard nipple into my mouth and softly suckled it. She bit her lower lip and mewed with pleasure from the attention she received from both me and Sam.

Suddenly Sam pushed off Pat and declared, “She’s ready! Now do your thing and stick your pipe in her and fuck her,” she said to me.

Pat looked up at me and Sam. She had a lustful look on her face. Sam left her vagina soaked which glistened in the light from the side-table lamps.

As Sam moved out from between Pat’s legs, I took her place and knelt between Pat’s legs. Pat looked nervously at my hard, swollen erection and then at my face. She looked as though she wanted to be anywhere but here.

“Oh god, escort kahramanmaraş he’s big,” she murmured.

“Don’t sweat it, love. I’ve shoved bigger shit up your hole, like that freaking zucchini,” Sam said, which caused Pat’s face to blanch with embarrassment.

I moved over her stoic body with my cock poised at her gash. Sam reached in and grabbed my cock and guided it to Pat’s opening. Pat stiffened as the tip of my cock made contact with her flesh. Slowly, I began to enter her.

“Oh shit, oh shit!” Pat cried, as she struggled with her natural instinct of fight or flight. The tense scowl on her face portrayed the conflict within herself.

Pat was very wet when I entered her. She was snug, yet non-resistive. On extended arms to either side of her, I began to fuck my stepmother. She then held my biceps as she looked up into my face. She was still tense.

Then she let go with a gasp. She opened her legs to me and let out a moan of pleasure.

“Yes, yes, fuck me,” she cried. “I love your dick, oh shit!” She panted and gasped in carnal joy and lust.

“Yes, fuck her, fuck her hard!” Sam called out from beside us.

I slammed into her and rammed my cock deep into her hole. She felt amazing and I was enjoying her as much as I could, under the circumstances. Sam laid on her side and absently fondled one of Pat’s breasts, while she watched me earnestly fuck Pat.

It felt uniquely special to be fucking Pat. She was my mother’s wife which made her my stepmother, although she never had a parental relationship with me. But here we are, and I am boning my stepmother with all my strength.

I was getting off on it. I was feeling so hot from the pleasures I felt. I continued to fuck her hard and deep, while Sam encouraged us. Pat began to let out repeated cries of sexual vocalizing of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, and gasps of pleasure.

She looked up at me. The worry and anxiety previously etched on her face was replaced by a blissful smile, as she totally let go of any of her previous misgivings. I lowered myself onto my elbows and closer to her body and continued to fuck her.

I could feel Pat’s hot breath against my skin as she held me around my neck. Her gasps and moans were clear in my ears. Her hips writhed and pushed up against me. It felt so sweet, so hot, so intimate to be fucking her.

Then I felt my rapture rise from the depths and come to a full boil. I growled as a powerful orgasm began to grip me. Pat looked at me with confusion, as she was brought to the brink of a momentous orgasm of her own.

Then suddenly, my rapture roared up through my body. With a sudden explosion, my semen gushed into her womb. There was no holding back as repetitive streams semen blasted into her body, and I let out a prolonged, guttural cry.

Pat’s fingers gripped tightly into my arms, and with a cry, she was beset by a powerful orgasm that shook her to the core. Her vagina clenched hard around my cock.

“Aaaaarg… fuck!!!!” she cried, as she locked her legs around my waist.

With spasmodic thrusts, I continued to drill into her. My cock burned with deep satisfaction as I inundated her womb with my seed. Then I came to a gradual stop, and groaned softly as I felt her vagina pulsate around my flesh and clench my spent cock. I lowered myself onto her body. Our hearts raced. I suddenly felt an urge to kiss her and did just that, to her surprise.

Pat started in surprise, as my lips touched hers. Then as she felt my tongue pushing against her lips she opened her mouth to let me in and was met by her more than eager tongue. Our tongues danced with each other, our lips locked together.

“That was freaking awesome,” Sam said.

Breaking our protracted kiss, I rolled off Pat and laid on my back. Sam quickly sat astride my cock and guided my sloppy wet, still-hard cock into herself, and began to ride me.

“Could… not pass… up a perfect… opportunity to get some,” she said, as she bounced up and down on my cock, her tits flounced to and fro.

“Sam, you are such a slut,” Pat said with a giggle, as she watched Sam fuck me.

“Yeah… I’m a slut… when… it’s my… boy’s dick… and it feels… freaking great,” she said with a grin, as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock with delight.

Unfortunately for Sam, I got soft all too soon for her to achieve an orgasm. She sat down on my withering cock deep inside her. She had a mischievous grin.

“A little bit of something is better than none at all!” she exclaimed, before she leaned down and kissed me. “Thank ya, my boy.”

Sam laid with Pat, and they began to sweetly kiss each other, while they fondled each other’s breasts. Then they were locked in a deep kiss.

I rested for a bit, while I watched Pat and Sam make sweet tender love to each other, before Pat and I tried again. The second session was not as hot as the first; but it did serve its purpose. Pat seemed more relaxed and was beginning to enjoy sex with me. We fucked all weekend before they left for home late Sunday morning.

It dawned on me that my life now revolved around all the mothers in my life.

Part 3

Judy and Stephanie were feeling particularly needy afterwards. They wanted me more often, even after making love to each other. I suppose it was in response to me having sex with Pat. It took all my stamina to keep up with their demands. But I was in my glee.

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