Movie Star Gone Astray Pt. 05

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*Hello everyone! I am so sorry this has taken such a long time to post. I type from my phone and when I got a new phone I locked myself out of my account for a while. I am back to regular posting now. Hope you enjoy!*



The door of my Mazda pickup banged shut and I dug for my keys. I was almost going to be late for dinner at home. This had been another productive day with Dustin, working on our film script. All that was left now was to act out the ending to see how it fit and concluded the story as a whole, and then to find a film company or studio to try and sell it to.

If we could even find one. I suppose we should start looking at a phone book or on my parents old desktop. There were a couple of independent films shot in the state capitol, about two hours drive west of here. Maybe someone there could point us in the right direction.

We were finishing this project not a moment too soon. Fall term of college was exactly 30 days from now and there wouldn’t really be any time to finish it. It would also be way too expensive to film on our own, so this seemed like the way to go. I almost felt a bit sad to wrap this up, mostly because it meant I wouldn’t have as much time to spend with Dustin. Sure we were going to the same school, but I didn’t want to give up all the time we had together.

In spite of myself, I daydreamed a bit as I drove. About who I had become over the summer. I was beginning to feel more comfortable as a girl than as a man. There was just something so entrancing and comforting about this new persona: Natasha. I had settled on that name after “introducing” myself to Luis last week. It just felt right.

And then my mind inevitably wandered to the sex. It was such a big part of my discovery. Such a rush of different feelings. I had never been with a girl before, so that feeling of closeness was almost dizzying. Of course, I had never been with a guy either, and being wanted and desired was becoming an addictive feeling. I couldn’t stop thinking about his dick, how eager I was to please him. I was so used to feeling him inside me by now that I ached for him when he wasn’t there.

I felt so much better being a woman. Maybe it was just pretend, some vain attempt. I didn’t care anymore. I loved it. Feminine clothes and makeup of any kind instantly put me at ease and also turned me on. I had started wearing a sports bra and panties under my clothes all the time now, and when I was sure my parents were asleep I would wear a stolen pair of booty shorts and a girls’ tanktop to bed. No doubt I was pushing my luck. But my brain was being overridden by what was between my legs.

I parked behind mom’s sedan in the driveway and grabbed my bag of clothes. Trying my best to be silent, I went upstairs to my room at the left end of the hall to throw the bag in. I got down the stairs and turned to see mom standing at the entrance to the kitchen with her arms folded.

“Almost late, mister. I was about to call over and see if you wanted leftovers.”I started apologizing, but she cut me off.

“It’s only dinner. No big deal.” I followed her into the kitchen and sat down at the table in the small connected dining room where dad was scooping out casserole onto our plates.

While we ate and talked about the day, mom must have seen something odd because she kept giving me a look.

“Son, what happened to your eyebrows?”

Oh fuck. I was so sure I had removed all my makeup this morning, I almost forgot that Adreann plucked my brows yesterday. I was surprised she noticed it so fast.

“Oh, uh… Dustin’s sister and her friends waited until I fell asleep last night and then took a dig out of my eyebrow with tweezers. And then offered to fix it like this. Is it that easy to see?”

“You got pranked by a couple teenage girls?” Dad chuckled and I went a little red in the face. “Maybe you’re spending too much time over there. What have you been doing over there so much, anyway?”

“Writing a movie script. We actually finished it today, so now Dustin wants to find a film company to sell it to. Kinda figured after term started there wouldn’t be time to finish it.”

That much I could say without lying. I was definitely not telling them about the other stuff I’d been doing with Dustin. Dad was really a man’s man, working in a logging company for over 25 years. I think his head might explode if he found out his only son dressed up like a girl. I’d never heard him say anything bad about gay people, but he had a very old school idea of what a man was and what men do.

“Well, good on you for thinking of school first,” Dad replied. “I know you enjoy all that acting and movie stuff, but that education will get you farther right now. Lot of people in the moviemaking business have to work crap jobs until they get lucky, and that’s if someone even gives ’em the time of day. This way you can make a living first and then go after what you want.”

I nodded in agreement, but was only half listening. Pendik Türbanlı Escort He was right of course, but I’d heard this speech or something like it my whole life. I was glad he picked that subject instead of poking at why I was at Dustin’s house for nights on end.

Later that night, I was reading in my room as I usually did. Or trying to read, at least. I couldn’t concentrate. My thoughts kept drifting to yesterday. I had done my makeup and got dressed when Dustin found me twirling in front of the mirror in his parent’s room. He did just what I expected: hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and fucked me in the closet. We had to stop because his brother Johnny almost caught us. Thinking about that time we all got really drunk and fucked, maybe I wanted him to find us.

Don’t get me wrong. My relationship with Dustin was going great. He was my first real partner. I always felt comfortable and happy with him. And desired. But lately I had been feeling like I wanted more, physically. I was often wondering how it would feel to sleep with other men. My body couldn’t get enough.

I got out of bed and cracked open the door. The house was pitch black and quiet, which meant my parents must have turned in early. I clicked the door shut and went for the two duffle bags of clothes in my closet. After some digging, I settled on a simple and tight little white cotton thong and a hot pink bralette. I stripped and quickly put them on. Some more digging and I pulled out a bottle of lube and two dildoes, one of which was probably a foot long and (apparently) looked like a horse dick.

At this point, I wasn’t sure which was worse: how comfortable I was stealing clothes from a woman in her mid forties and her barely teenaged daughter, or how comfortable I was stealing her sex toys. I couldn’t help myself anymore. Even though I knew this wouldn’t match the real thing, I was becoming insatiable. If I didn’t touch my dick and get hard and cum that way, I could go for an hour or more. And that special spot down in my ass was so sensitive I could orgasm more times than I thought a person could. I was hopelessly addicted to that feeling.

I set both toys on the bed and squeezed some lube onto my hand. I pulled the back of the thong to the side of my ass and started rubbing my fingers on my hole. As I inserted a fingertip, a very hot feeling immediately spread through my body. I held the bottle up and read the words, “Warming sensation on contact”.

This stuff felt great, but as I worked one finger and then another inside me, the heat started to fade. I needed to take it further. I set the big dildo on the floor and stood it up, then began coating it from tip to base in lube. I bit my lower lip thinking about how it would fit inside me; my hand barely wrapped around the head.

For this to work, I was gonna have to relax. I started fingering myself again and stuck my other hand under my bralette to play with my nipple. I started to fantasize about finding a man in my room and giving it up to him. After a few seconds of this dream, I got up to my knees and moved the dildo underneath me. It was time for a real man to fuck me, this big muscular man in my fantasy.

Any worries I had about fitting this big dick in me went away almost as soon as they arrived. As I sat down hard, it went straight from the hole to bottoming out. I let out a gasp and then covered my mouth, hoping that wasn’t heard. The small pain I was feeling mixed with the heat of the lube as I sat there and tried to take it all in. My hand went to spread my ass and I could feel maybe an inch or more still between me and the base. I couldn’t take it all in. My knees were about to come off the ground, it was so big.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered.

Very carefully, I moved into a squat and started lifting up and down until I was in a rhythm. After a few minutes this didn’t seem to be doing it for me and I pulled it out.

I put more lube on the tip and got ready to sit on it while leaning back. I thought about my fantasy man again and squeezed my breast as I sat down. This felt way better between the hot lube and hitting me in just the right place. I imagined a deep voice talking dirty to me as I rode up and down. My dick started to drip as it flopped in time with his upward thrusts.

I pulled out and re-lubed again. Getting on all fours, I imagined him resting his huge cock in the crack of my ass. Telling me to beg for it. I tucked my own little dick between my legs and put them together to hold it in place. I could barely reach back far enough to grab the base and shove it back inside me again.

This time fucking myself hard and fast, my brain was being overwhelmed by all this heat. The lube, my own orgasm beginning, my warm cum drooling down my leg, the thought of a man filling my tight little hole as he claimed me. My other arm grew so tired that I stopped resting on it and instead lay my head down on the floor, ass in the air as I panted and began Pendik Otele Gelen Escort to melt. I imagined my lover cumming with me in several hard thrusts until at last he was satisfied and the dildo fell to the floor, with me right after it.

I lay there feeling like a wet mess for a few minutes. Even though I tucked between my legs I had cum through my panties. Weakly reaching around, all I could find to wipe myself up was the shirt I wore today. The bra, panties and toys went back in the bag and I found some gym shorts and a new shirt to wear. I then snuck down the hall to the bathroom to throw my old shirt in the laundry basket. I made sure to pee and then went back to my room and dropped into bed.

I woke up early the next morning to find the house already empty. Time to get ready. This was the last day before the script turn-in. As I hopped in the shower I grabbed a new razor and triple checked my body to be as smooth and hairless as possible. Then I scrubbed in a nice lavender wash that mom used. I dressed in some jeans and a shirt; no way was I leaving the house in girl’s clothes and without makeup. I threw my bags in the truck and made for Dustin’s.

As I pulled up on the curb in front of the house, there were no cars in the driveway. That didn’t seem right. Dustin should be here at least. I grabbed my bags and stepped to the door. If it was locked, should I go back home or wait? The handle turned easily and I walked in. Was anyone home? Even though I spent so much time here, it seemed weird to be alone.

“Dustin? You still here?” I called out. There were footsteps upstairs and after a minute Adreann came out, still in pajamas and rubbing her eyes.

“Oh, hey,” she said. “You’re here early. I think he went to work. I wasn’t really awake.”

Dustin’s summer job was on the golf course in town. I should have realized he might work the morning so he wouldn’t have to later.

She went into the kitchen and I heard her rummaging in the cabinets. I had the distinct feeling that maybe I should go home and come back later.

“Hey, Adreann, I think I’m gonna head home. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“No, wait!” She almost ran out to stop me. “I really need your help with something this morning.”

She pushed me down onto a stool at the kitchen island and took a few bites of breakfast.

“So, mom gave me money to go shopping for school clothes but she hasn’t had any time to go. And I start school next week. And I know you probably don’t want to, but I was hoping you’d take me to the mall so I can shop. And maybe, if you want, I could do your makeup so nobody knows you’re with me. We could even buy you some stuff too.”

Adreann said all this so fast I almost didn’t catch it.

“I-I… I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I stammered.

A thousand bad scenarios started playing out in my brain. The nearest mall was only a half hour from here, on the opposite end of town from where I’d be starting college in a month. It was the closest place people my age could go for trendy clothes, or just to bum around. No doubt I’d run into someone I went to school with.

When I told Adreann these things, she started to plead with me.

“Please, I really need to go! Johnny was supposed to take me, but then he went to work. I promise no one will see you. Besides, it’s a Friday morning. Everybody should be out working, not going to a mall. We’re gonna be alone.”

On the one hand, I still really didn’t like this idea. But she gave me puppy eyes and I started to feel like I’d be a dick if I said no. I guess it beat the alternative: an eighteen year old guy following a twelve year old girl around a mall and looking like a creep.

“Okay,” I sighed. ” I’ll take you.”

Her face lit up and she started showering me in thank yous and compliments. After finishing breakfast, she took me by the hand and pulled me upstairs as she had many times this summer.

She went to her closet and handed me first a deep red shirt and then a white pair of denim shorts and then left so I could change. I stripped down and put on the bralette from last night and and a small lace thong and then pulled on the shorts. Surprisingly they fit but they were very short. Nearly my entire hands stuck out past the bottoms when I let them rest at my sides. They buttoned just underneath my belly button and had a lace-up section on my right hip that showed off way more skin than I was comfortable with in public. As my hands felt around the back, I could distinctly feel the very bottom of my ass hanging out.

The top was something else too. It was also way too short, barely covering my ribs. Seeing the amount of belly this showed made me feel self-conscious and also grateful that I was so thin. The sleeves were made to hang off my shoulders and only went as far as my elbows. There were two shoestring pieces of fabric that tied around my neck to hold the otherwise open chest area to the sleeves and to keep the whole Pendik Ucuz Escort shirt from falling down my chest. The back dipped off my shoulders to just cover my bra clasp and ended the same length as the front.

This was way too much. Adreann came in as I was trying to pull the shorts lower on my legs.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t think I can wear these outside. Where did you even get these clothes?”

Maybe she sensed I was chickening out, or maybe she really thought it. She started laying the compliments out thick.

“No way, you look sooooo cute in that! It’s way better than the office look you keep stealing from mom. You wear that crop top better than me right now. This is what girls our age wear now,” she said with a giggle. “Trust me, you’ll look so good with makeup.”

There was something in the way she said ‘girls our age’ that really stuck with me as we both put foundation on. I still needed her help with contouring, but this time I helped put hers on so that I could see where to go. Adreann picked out a very dark eyeshadow for me to try out over a glitzy pink base on my upper eyelids. We took turns with a brow pencil, and then I put on my own liquid eyeliner and mascara, going for big flashy wings off the corners of my eyes. Last came a pale pink lip gloss for me and a deeper red one for her. We looked in her small mirror and admired our handiwork.

“Wow. You look really hot,” Adreann said as she played with my short hair in the mirror. She and Dustin had a real way of soothing my nerves with their compliments, but as I looked at myself this time I started to feel some genuine confidence. This wasn’t the same thing as I felt around Dustin when we were alone, the sort of sexy primal confidence that took over when we were making love.

This felt like I had the guts to be me in front of God and everyone.

“Uh, thanks. So do you,” I said, switching to the femme voice I had been working on all summer.

“Not yet, I don’t,” she giggled again. “I’m still in pajamas.”

With that, she hustled me out the door so she could change. I went down the hall to the half bathroom and started looking myself up and down in the bigger mirror. I couldn’t contain a small smile as I twirled around. What I saw standing in this room was a pretty (and pretty sexy) young girl. She was long legs and dark eyes and smooth creamy pale skin. She was sure to catch a few looks but also to blend in with other girls. I had seen classmates dressed like this outside of school all season, so I was now sure nobody would see through me.

“You ready to go?” Adreann was standing in the door. She was wearing similar shorts to mine, minus the lace-up side, and a cute little flowery halter top. Not to sound like a creep, but she was very pretty for a twelve year old.

I nodded and she handed me a pair of black flats to try on. These fit me snugly.

“All this stuff was from Johnny’s last girlfriend. I don’t know how she left it all here, but if it fits you, you can have it. You just need one change.”

Adreann stood behind me and showed how to remove the straps from this bralette and then turned me around.

“You’re probably wearing mom’s clothes mostly, right?” I blushed and agreed with her.

“We should probably go buy you a couple outfits and your own makeup. Just enough so you don’t have to sneak around and borrow anymore. What do you think?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that someone else would figure out what I’d been wearing. Buying my own clothes would probably keep me out of trouble while I’m here, at least. The thought of having my own clothes and not having to sneak around so much was nice, but then I remembered all the lingerie I had been borrowing from downstairs. Maybe I’d play along for now.

It was already hot and sunny as we walked out to my truck. Adreann found a pop music station as we turned at the end of the street. It only took a few minutes to cross town and get onto the freeway.

I was barely up to speed when Adreann asked me, “So do you wanna be a girl, like, all the time?”

As per usual when someone was so upfront with me, I could only stutter a response.

“I uh… I don’t know. Before this summer I never would have thought about it. It almost feels like I’m two people. And like… one of them, the guy, isn’t the real me anymore. I have to pretend to be him until I come over to your place. I haven’t told anybody but you and Dustin.”

“Are you guys dating? You guys spend a lot of time together now. And I’ve seen how he looks at you.” She was really putting the screws to me here.

“…Kinda? I’m not sure what to call it. You probably both already know and don’t want to know, but we fool around a lot when we get to be alone. But I don’t think we really committed or anything.”

Maybe I was fibbing to her on this part. After last night I had to admit that I was starting to want more than just Dustin could give me. I was going to keep these thoughts to myself for now and hope I could find a way to meet someone new.

That sounded like such an awful attitude to have. Was I really thinking about jumping from guy to guy like some slave to my urges? I remembered my fantasy and felt conflicting shame and desire. I had to stop my hand from going to my crotch.

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