Mr. Big – Prelude

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This is completely fictional, and a long time fantasy of mine. All characters are 18 and older. I hope you like it, and look forward to any and all constructive criticism! Thanks for reading!




“OMG! Theres no way you’re sticking that in me!” she exclaimed, shrinking back from my growing erection. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard that, making it the second time just this month.

“Oh, come on…” I tried to rally. “It’s not that big, and besides, we’ll make sure you’re ready for it, I’m not in a rush. I don’t wat to hurt you, I just want to take our time and make you feel good, baby!”

She took another step back and started to button her blouse back up. “Not that big? Its got to be the biggest one I’ve ever seen, and you’re not even all the way hard yet!” She said shaking her head, looking at my 9″ semi, “You’d ruin me for life with that thing, if you could even get it in! Nope, I don’t think so mister.”

I felt my anger and embarrassment flair up. “So, you enjoyed chatting me up, getting wined and dined, getting me all riled up,” I retorted waving a hand at my now fading erection. “And that’s it? Nice, thats just… Nice.” I said in exasperation, feeling the heat of shame flaring up in my cheeks.

“Look,” she said. “I feel bad. But I’m not a size queen, and you’re nice and all, but its not like we’re going to be getting married…” Finished buttoning her blouse she straightened her collar and smoothed her skirt over her (no longer) inviting hips.

“Mmmhmmm, yeah classy.” I replied shaking my head now.

“I would offer to blow you, but I don’t want to get a mouth cramp on that thing, I can jerk it for you if you’d like?” She offered. Obviously looking for a way out of the increasingly awkward situation.

“Just forget it.” I said resignedly “I don’t need a pity pull.” with that I did my best to fit my package back into my underwear, pulled my pants back on, straining the zipper over my bulge, and started looking for my coat.

“Look, you’re a nice guy, I’m sorry, don’t be that way,” she said half heartedly. “Can’t we just be friends?”

I looked over her 5′ 6″ frame, her delicate feet, sexy calves and thighs. The sexy swell of her hips through her tight pencil skirt, the narrow well toned abdomen. Her jutting 34B breasts straining against her form fitted and now rebuttoned blouse, up across her long slender very kissable neck, framed beautifully by her long blonde hair. To her beautiful all-American face and finally locked in at her pale blue eyes. “The friend zone, really? Yeah pass, I’m friends with enough women, thanks!”

“Fine.” She pouted, a look of relief giving itself away in her eyes.

“Yeah, whatever Carole!” I huffed as I slid out the door, hopefully before the tear in my eyes would give away my shame.

I made it to my sedan, fired it up and pulled off, heading home. This wasn’t all that unusual, it had been happening to me ever since high school, but it sure was frustrating.

Size matters they say, yeah right, too much size gets you nothing! It was supposed to be a desirable thing, but in reality, that only mattered for porn, normal women wanted nothing to do with me, once they saw what I was packing.

The last woman that actually wanted another encounter with me was a call girl, and I’m sure that was more about the money than any actual desire for me. I thought briefly of giving her a call, and then dropped it, paying for sex right now was the last thing I wanted to do.

I was feeling lonely and more than just a little bitter by that time so I decided to pop into the convenience store to grab a snack and some beer. At the check out counter the pimply cashier asked if I wanted to buy a ticket for the powerball draw tomorrow, I thought, well I might not be able to get lucky, but maybe I can be lucky? So I got the ticket, paid for my stuff and departed.

I finally made it home. Hung up my coat, and took off my shoes, put the beer in the fridge, reserving one for my immediate enjoyment, grabbed my snack and headed to the living room to watch some tv. Flipped through the channels for a bit, finished my snack and my beer.

Not being able to find anything I turned on some porn, catching a hot ffm and rubbed one out in shame, thinking that the guy in the film was much smaller than me as the actresses oohed and awed at ‘how big it was”

I finally came watching the actor trying to stuff his meat in one of the actresses’ tiny puckers, something I had never had the chance to do myself. The edge taken off, but still disappointed about my night, I washed up and headed to bed.


I awoke Saturday morning around 8am with my typical morning wood. 10 ½” of morning glory, proudly displaying itself to the world. Sadly, my world was currently limited to me, myself and I, so with a sigh, I headed to the shower to clean up and take care of my bloated appendage.

Once the shower was up to temperature, I stepped under the massaging uşak escort shower head and washed my hair and threw in some conditioner. I put another large dollop of conditioner on my hands and started to rub them up and down my girthy length.

Recalling the video from last night and my less than satisfactory date, I started to imagine that it was me trying to put my massive tool in Carole’s tight little pucker.

I stroked faster with both hands visualizing her pitiful pleas and whimpering as I pushed harder against her slowly dilating pink sphincter. I felt my balls draw up tight and the feeling of an imminent orgasm hit me as I imagined pushing against her resistant and reluctant hole.

I came hard as imagined the shriek of surprise as I got the tip of my swollen glands past her resistance. and I let gush after gush of long thick goo flow down the drain and stood there just shaking for a minute, it was always such a rush to cum.

I recovered and finished up in the shower, finishing off my morning ritual with a shave and styling my hair. I grabbed a quick bite to eat, then out the door to take care of a few errands and hit up the gym.

The gym was busy when I arrived but with a bit of patience I was still able to get in the work out that I wanted. It was leg day, and I never skip leg day! One of many issues of packing a large unit was balance. I’m not massively muscled, but I do need to maintain a bit of bulk, if I didn’t my love missile would look that much bigger, and I certainly didn’t need any help in that dept.

The gym was full of the regular suspects, the beefcakes all trying to out do each other and acting all alpha male, the earnest but challenged regulars, and my favorites; the gym bunnies.

I would personally like to thank the creator of yoga pants and sports bras! Many fine women on display, but I tried not to ogle them too much, as I didn’t want to create any issues inside my sweatpants!

I finished up my reps and headed for the showers before the eye candy started getting to me too badly. I couldn’t help but notice in the showers again, just how much bigger I was than all the other men there, even the one black dude!

Was it weird to wonder why they offer breast reduction surgery, but not penis reduction? Yeah, maybe no…

Finished at the gym, I grabbed a pizza for supper, and headed home. Took the pizza to the kitchen, grabbed a couple of slices and a beer, and headed back to the living room to see if there was anything on tv.

I settled into my large overstuffed couch and flipped channels for a bit, till I came across the powerball lottery draw which was just about to start.

I found the ticket where I had left it last night and decided to check it against the numbers at they came up. “The first number is two!” announced the perky brunette. Look at my ticket, first number, two. Great I thought, only five more numbers to go.

Then the second and third numbers matched as well. Okay I thought, as I straightened up on the couch, now I have a free play for next time. “Fourth number is twenty-seven!” cheered on the persistently upbeat announcer. A quick glance at my ticket, yes twenty-seven!

Then I noticed that my fifth number was twenty-eight, and thought, well that was exciting while it lasted. “And the next number is… twenty… eight!” No way! Oh boy, I was up on the edge of my seat now! Say it, say it… “And the final number is fourty three!” I swooned, double checked my ticket, sure enough there it was, fourty three!

“And it seems that only one ticket with these winning numbers was printed! Congratulations whomever you are, you are the sole winner of the Seven hundred, forty seven million dollar jackpot! Thanks for tuning in everyone, make sure to… blah blah”

I stopped paying attention. I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe it! This was going to change my whole life and my head started spinning thinking of all the things I could do with this kind of money!

I knew this was a life changing event I just had no idea of how much my life would change! I made a mental note to call my lawyer first thing on Monday, well first thing for them anyways…

I got up and went to the kitchen to grab another beer. My head awash with all these contrasting thoughts. What kind of taxes does a person pay on that? How many people from my past where going to show up with their hands out? How was I going to deal with all the charities that would inevitably be tracking me down?

But most importantly, what should I do to celebrate right now? I decided to shelve the earlier questions till after I had talked to my lawyer, but I thought I had just the answer to last one! I was going to get laid!

I went and grabbed my phone, quickly looking up Chrissy’s info. I shot her a quick text. “Hey sexy, got any time for me tonight?” I didn’t have to wait long to get a response.

“Sure thing hot stuff, whatcha thinking?” came her reply. Just thinking of her and our last encounter started to fire me up! I felt my loins start to pulse with excitement.

“I was thinking you, and that friend of yours that you had mentioned, till we’re done, or till daylight, which ever comes first!” I heatedly responded. I’d never had a threesome and the thought of how erotic it would be, was almost overwhelming.

“Ok, give me a minute,” she responded. “Ok, Janice is otherwise occupied this evening,” she came back. “ButI do have a substitute named Lisa. She’s a new girl, and she’s definitely never seen anyone like you before, so you’ll have to promise to be gentle!” She admonished, “I’m also going to need $5000.”

I recalled my first time with Chrissy, and I was anything but gentle, but I was in desperate shape at the time. Well that’s how I justified it anyways.

“I will, I promise! The money won’t be an issue. What does Lisa look like?” I asked, while e-transferring her the money. The thought of being with two sexy women at the same time searing it’s self across my brain.

“Got the transfer. So you’ll see when we get there in 45 minutes!” she teased.

Fourty-five minutes! I’d better straighten up and put some fresh sheets on the bed! I also made sure to put the ticket in a safe place, because you never know, right?

It had only taken a few minutes to clean up and change the sheets and I was waiting impatiently on the couch when I heard a knock at the front door. I turned off the tv, hopped up and bounded to the door, swung it wide and saw two beautiful women waiting there for me!

“Hello Ladies!” I said as I let them inside, drinking up their incredible bodies with my eyes.

Chrissy stood about 5′ 7″ and was wearing strappy high heels and a tight little black dress. The shoes gave her calves a delicious looking curve which naturally lead the eye further up her entrancing frame. Her thighs flared up and out and giving her ass a cute bubble that seemed to defy gravity, what I like to call hang time. Narrowing out into a tight mid section and then flaring out again into large 38DD breasts which were pushed together and giving her a lot of tasty looking cleavage!

I leaned in closer to her, locked eyes, and passionately kissed her plump delicious candy tasting lips with a moan.

“Well hello yourself John!” giggled Chrissy “Allow me to introduce Lisa!” She moved around behind the petite Asian goddess running her hands up the outside of her narrow hips and reaching around front to cup and fondle her perky athletic breasts through her clothes.

Lisa was also wearing high heels, a tight little black leather mini skirt and a black see through blouse, which revealed her lacy black push up bra. They both looked good enough to eat, and it was time that dinner was served!

“Hi” said Lisa shyly with downcast eyes. I could tell she hadn’t been doing this long.

“Delighted to meet you Lisa” I said, leaning in for a kiss. Our mouths met without trepidation and she pushed her tongue into my mouth with a “Mmmmm”

I reached past Lisa to grab Chrissy’s ass, with both hands, pulling Lisa into me, and my growing bulge. Lisa looked up at me, her eyes wide with shock, then turned her head to Chrissy and said, “you said he was big, but…”

I silenced her with another kiss this time my tongue pushing into her mouth. It lasted just a brief moment then I pulled apart, running my hands over Lisa’s body and grabbing and kneading her scrumptious ass.

“Can I offer you ladies something to drink?” I enquired, “I’ve got red and white wine, or beer if you’d prefer.” Both women said that they would like some white wine so I headed to the kitchen to get their beverages.

I came back into the living room carrying the two glasses of wine and a beer for myself, and found that the ladies had stripped down to just their underwear and were making out on the couch.

Lisa sitting on Chrissy’s lap with her legs wrapped around her body, facing her. I set the two glasses of wine down on the table in front of them and then settled into a chair across from them. I sipped my beer as I watched them exploring each others’ bodies with their hands while they exchanged passionate kisses.

I reached down to adjust my steadily growing erection through my jeans to make it more comfortable. These sexy bitches were really getting me worked up!

As I looked back up, Chrissy had seen me and broke off her kiss with Lisa. “Like what you see stud?” She enquired, licking her lips “Mmmmmm” I nodded, maintaining eye contact.

She turned back to look at Lisa and reached around behind her to remove her bra and release her pert breasts. Chrissy lowered her mouth, and began sucking in one of Lisa’s chocolate chip coloured erect nipples.

“Ohhhh!” Moaned Lisa, “Mmmm that’s nice.” Then Lisa reached around Chrissy and removed her bra, freeing those delicious double d’s. Lisa moved her hands back in front of Chrissy, palming both breasts with her hands. Her hands looked small on Chrissy’s large fleshy orbs as she palmed, then pinched Chrissy’s nipples pulling them up and out before letting them slip from her fingers.

I had to readjust myself again, my pants were starting to get quite restrictive. Chrissy seeing me again ran her tongue over her luscious lips and said lasciviously to Lisa “Looks like someone needs some help!”

The girls untangled themselves and got up off the couch. They both picked up their wine glasses and enjoyed some of the wine. Then Chrissy took a sip and without swallowing kissed Lisa, pushing the liquid with her as she did. Lisa moaned around the fluid and swallowed. “That was hot!” she said, took a sip of hers and swapped it with Chrissy.

Witj hips swaying and unfettered breasts jiggling, they made their way over to where I was sitting in my chair and took up places on either side of me. I shared a kiss with Chrissy, who reached down a hand to my obscene bulge and then with Lisa whose hand had joined Chrissy’s on my package. “Someone definitely needs help” said Chrissy, Lisa nodding her agreement.

Chrissy moved her hand to the button on my jeans while Lisa wrestled the zipper down over my erection. Then as I lifted my hips, both women grabbed a side and slid down my pants and underwear, sliding them to the floor, at the same time sinking to their knees. My swollen member stood up, waving around in the air, now freed from its constraints, as I kicked my jeans off my feet.

Chrissy put her hand on it and was unable to grip it completely, eight inches is a lot of girth! Lisa could only look on in wonder, and maybe a little fear.

Chrissy moved her hand up to the tip, holding it up and leaned down, extending her tongue and licking it from the base all the way to the tip, swirling her tongue over the top of my glands collecting some of the pre-cum that had started leaking out. “Tasty!” She said, “Here you try” looking over at Lisa.

Lisa wrapped both hands on my pole and leaned down, kissing the tip and swirling her tongue. Looking up at me, she shot her eyebrows up, “Mmmmm it is tasty,” she said, and opening her mouth as wide as she could, started stretching over my raging hard on.

She pushed down with her mouth as much as she could and managed to suck the fat head in. Her cheeks we puffed out and her eyes widened, realizing that she had barely been able to accommodate that much and her mouth was already full. She tried moving her tongue around the under side of the head as much as she could with the limited space that she had.

To her credit, I barely felt her teeth. It took a lot of restraint not to grab Lisa’s head and try for more. Lisa pulled her head off to give her jaw a rest, and Chrissy took her place.

Chrissy made it a small way further down my pole and I could feel my head poke at the back of her mouth, there was no way either one of them was going to be able to deepthroat me, but I appreciated their efforts anyways. Chrissy pulled up and down the length that she could handle and put a hand down on my shaft to join the two that Lisa had just put on it.

Chrissy took her time bobbing up and down, while three hands did their best to jerk my cock. “So big!” she said, again all Lisa could do was nod in agreement.

The girls then leaned in and with my cock in the middle of them started kissing each other around its shaft, drooling up and down the length getting it nice and wet. They moved their lips up and down my shaft while Chrissy with one hand was smearing my drooling pre-cum over the tip.

They continued on like this for a while before Chrissy moved back up and took my bell end back in her mouth, tongue swirling as much as she could.

Lisa meanwhile had moved down and was gently sucking one then the other of my large nuts. She would wrap her lips around one egg sized nut, pull back until the sack wouldn’t stretch anymore, and then switch balls, making a loud “AH!” sound as she did.

Chrissy popped the tip out of her mouth for a second and spit on my cock. Using both of her hands now rubbing the spit coated shaft up and down, and put her mouth back on my pole.

She started jacking her hands up and down faster, and repeatedly taking the tip out of her mouth, swirling her tongue of the end and then stuffing it back in her mouth again. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls between the two girls efforts.

Down, up, “AH”, down, up, “AH”, pop, swirl, “Mmmmmm”, “AH”, the rhythm started picking up speed. My balls started pulling up tighter to my body and Chrissy pulled Lisa up closer to her again.

With a pant of breath, she said “He cums in buckets, so we’ll have to switch off, try not to miss any!” and with that she started back with her rhythm again.

One of Lisa’s hands joined with Chrissy on my meaty shaft, the other reached down and started fondling my ball sack. She started slowly dragging her fingernails over the wrinkled skin, pulling it tight as she did, and I groaned loudly.

“Here it comes!” I roared! Lisa leaned in closer and Chrissy moaned over my cock and was suddenly dealing with a mouthful of my cum as I started erupting.

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