Mrs. Fletcher , Me Ch. 4


I put on the air conditioner, of Ellen’s car, as I drove us back to the hotel. The day had become hotter than predicted. They had said temperatures would be in the 80’s; it was definitely in the 90’s. Ellen had moved away from me, so that we could both stay cooler and so that I could drive more safely. I gazed at her and wondered if she could ever be completely satisfied. Her appetite for sex seemed insatiable. If she had a little, she wanted more. If she got more, she wanted more after that. Could I really make her happy in the next two days?

I left the city streets, and got onto the freeway, in order to reach her hotel more quickly. I watched, as she tilted her head back on the headrest and closed her eyes. Her breathing was long and deep. Her beautiful tits rose and fell with each breath. Her nipples were hard because of the cold air. She lifted her right leg slowly and put it gently on the dash, letting the cold air blow under her skirt and down to where her hot cunt was. She spread her legs as far as the tight leather skirt would allow and moaned softly with pleasure. I leaned forward, to try to see as far as I could up her skirt. I could just make out the top of her stockings. She must have sensed my effort and she opened her left eye and looked at me. She spoke softly.

“All you have to do is ask David and I’ll do whatever it is you want. I’m your hooker for now David. Did you forget? What would you like me to do?”

I looked to the front, feeling kind of embarrassed at being caught. “Would Ellen really do whatever I asked her to do?” I wondered. There was only one way to find out. I felt nervous again, just as I had when I first drove her after the rehearsal.

I licked my lips and asked, “Would you mind taking off your panties so I can smell them?”

“Of course David. Believe it or not, I can’t wait to get them out of my pussy. They’ve been up there a long time and I’m sure they’re soaking wet.”

She lifted her skirt and grabbed hold of her panties. She slid them off of her ass and slowly lowered them over her stockings’ tops and down her thighs. The material that was inside of her pussy stayed there as long as it could before it finally flew out. It reminded me of a guitar string being plucked. I could see the darker color of the panties that was wet from Ellen’s juices. The stain covered the entire crotch portion of the underwear. She took them off and placed them under my nose. I took a long deep breath, filling my sense of smell with the aroma of Ellen’s cunt.

“Take them in your mouth and taste me David,” she said softly. I opened my mouth and Ellen gently placed the wet portion of her panties in my mouth.

“Suck on it and taste me David,” she told me.

I sucked on the crotch of Ellen’s panties and was surprised at how overpowering her flavor was. I expected to taste more of the material, and not Ellen. I smiled as the taste reminded me of the previous evening, when I had my mouth buried deep inside of Ellen’s wet cunt. My over-stimulated cock was bending in my pants, trying its best to get out, and beginning to cause a bit of pain. Ellen sensed my discomfort, took her panties from my mouth and looked at the bulge in my pants.

“Do you want me to fix that?” she asked.

“Go right ahead,” I said.

Ellen shifted her body, sliding her ass towards her door and placing her head over my lap. Ellen unzipped the fly of my pants and took my hard cock out. The cold air, inside the car, hit my dick like a slap in the face. I felt Ellen’s warm hand hold my cock firmly. I thought that she was only going to reposition my dick, so that I would be comfortable. The next thing I knew, Ellen had my entire cock inside of her mouth. I looked down and could only see the top of Ellen’s head going up and down as she began to give me a blowjob as I drove. I thought of telling her to stop, but the feeling of her warm mouth sliding on my cock, stopped me.

Slowly, Ellen made love to my cock with her mouth. I could feel my shorts begin to become soaked with Ellen’s saliva. Her spit began to bathe my balls with a warm, slippery solution. It felt uncomfortable and very erotic at the same time. It was as if my cock and balls were inside of her mouth all at once. Ellen used her tongue as she always did. She explored my entire cock with it. She played with the hole of my cock, softly teasing it with the tip of her tongue. She brought her tongue to the underside of my cock, driving me crazy as she playfully tickled me there. I adjusted the front seat back, so that she would have more room, away from the steering wheel. I knew that if she kept this up I would cum.

I tapped Ellen on the head and said, “If you don’t stop this soon, I’m going to cum.” Ellen continued to suck on my dick, not paying any attention to me. I began to feel my cock preparing itself to let loose its load.

I said to Ellen again, “You have to stop now or I’m going to cum in your mouth Ellen.” I leaned my head to see if she had heard me, and I thought I could see the form of a smile at the corner of her mouth. I squeezed jigolo escort gaziantep the steering wheel tightly because I knew what was going to happen next. I tried to hold my orgasm back as long as I could, but Ellen’s mouth was stronger than my will. She held her head still over my entire cock when she knew I was about to cum. I moaned and braced myself as the first wave went through my cock. A small explosion of cum was quickly, followed, by a larger, more active one. My ass came off of my seat, as my hips thrust up into the air. Ellen kept her head in my lap and rode out the storm. I began to feel my cum and Ellen’s saliva, ooze down my crotch, past my balls, and into the seat of my pants. Ellen might have been able to swallow my first load, but the second was too unexpected for her to handle in the position we were in. I sat back down into my cum, as Ellen once again began to go up and down on my cock with her warm mouth. The feeling I felt on my ass was soon replaced by the stimulation of Ellen’s oral massage. There was nothing I could do about the mess, so I might as well enjoy what Ellen was still doing to my cock. Ellen squeezed my cock in her hand and sucked the last bit of cum into her mouth. When she was finally done licking my cock as clean as she could, she took it from her mouth and sat up. Her lips and cheeks were smeared with my cum. There was even a drop on the tip of her nose. I pointed at her, smiled, and then began to laugh. She looked into the vanity mirror and began to laugh too.

“If you think you look bad,” I said, “you should see the insides of my shorts.”

“I am very sorry about that David,” she said, as she wiped my cum from her face with a tissue. “I tried to keep it all in my mouth, but I was kind of caught off guard by that second blast from nowhere. I hate to waste good cum.”

We both laughed again, and I tried to get comfortable as Ellen tucked my cock back inside of my pants. I shut the air off and opened the windows. If I was going to be uncomfortable, I would rather be hot than cold.

We finally made it to her hotel. I dared not move, not knowing what it would feel like. I sat frozen in 90 degree heat.

Ellen looked at me and smiled. “Now you know what a surprise period can be like for a woman.”

“I’m glad I’m a man,” I said.

“So am I David,” said Ellen. “There’s nothing you can really do David. I’ll get a couple of towels from the pool area and you can wrap it around yourself after you take your shorts off. How does that sound?”

“It sounds fine, but what do I do for clothes?” I asked. “I can’t walk around in my rented tux.”

Ellen pondered the problem for just a second, and then said, “We’ll send your clothes down to the laundry service, here at the hotel, to get cleaned. They also have a small gift shop downstairs. I’ve been in it and I remember seeing some shorts for sale. We can call down and see if they have some in your size. I’ll just put it on my room bill and have them sent up. In the mean time, you’ll be upstairs in my room with me. That’s where you were going to be anyways.”

Ellen leaned over and kissed me deeply. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and moaned softly. “I’ll be right back,” she said softly. “Don’t go anywhere.”

She smiled and quickly went to get me some towels. I watched her walk until I couldn’t see her anymore. In her short leather skirt and high heels, her legs looked much longer. The seams of her stockings were not as straight as they once were. I imagined how they still led up towards her round, firm ass. I thought how good she must look standing there with only her stockings and high heels on. I wished that I were in back of her, squeezing her ass in my hands, pushing my hand between her legs and feeling her wet cunt with my fingers. I could see her bend over in front of me, reaching behind her ass, and pulling the lips of her cunt as far apart as she could. I imagined myself kneeling down and licking her juices as they flowed from her cunt.

My cock began to harden as my mind worked, and the uncomfortable feeling that it brought, as my body and sticky clothes shifted, was more than enough to stop my dreams. I tried to concentrate on other things until I felt “comfortable” again.

In the heat, it was as if Ellen had been gone for an hour; it was only ten minutes. I finally spotted her coming back. I watched as she tried to run, in her heels and tight skirt, back to where we had parked. The sound of her heels hitting the sidewalk was much louder now. Her tits bounced up and down as each heel sent out its rapping noise.

“I hurried as fast as I could David,” she said panting.

The hair on her head had lost some of its body. Strands of it had mixed with her sweat that had collected on her brow, and was now stationary there. Her face was flushed. Beads of sweat were building on her chest and rolling down between her tits; her nipples were hard. She looked like sex. I gazed up at her not saying anything.

“David?” she asked. gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan

“Do you know you’re beautiful?” I said.

She smiled at me, as she bent down to the open car window, and said softly, “So are you David.” She leaned in and gave me a very soft and yet passionate kiss.

Ellen held out the towels that she had brought and said, “Come on David. Let’s get you out of those shorts and up to my room.”

I took the towels from her and slowly tried to take my shorts off. The feeling was gross. “I” felt like a wet dream, only worse. Ellen watched and smiled as I wiggled my way to freedom. I wrapped one of the large pool towels around myself and got out of the car.

“We can use one of the side entrances to get in,” said Ellen. She wrapped my dirty clothes in the other towel she had brought, and we made our way inside. “Don’t let that towel slip,” she warned me, as we waited for an elevator.

“This won’t come off until we’re in your room,” I said smiling.

I felt a little uncomfortable standing there, but being with Ellen made it easier. I felt confident that she could handle any problem that might occur. Thankfully, we made it to her room without any more incidences. The maids had put the air conditioner on in her room full blast. I was freezing. Ellen quickly lowered it and turned to face me.

She slowly came over to me and said, “We need to get clean before we get dirty.”

She undid the towel that I had wrapped around myself. She reached down and took my cock in her hand. She watched as my cock grew and pointed at her pussy.

“I bet I know what you want,” she said talking to my dick.

I tightened my ass and made my cock jump in the air.

Ellen chuckled and looked at me saying, “I guess that means that he wants my pussy.”

I made my cock jump up a few more times.

Ellen laughed and said, “O.k. You win. After I clean you, I’m all yours.”

Ellen held onto my cock gently, and led me to her bathroom. I watched as she bent over and began to very, slowly, run a bath for the both of us. She poured in some bath soap and let the bubbles build.

“I haven’t had a bubble bath in I don’t know how long,” I said.

“Believe me David, you’ve never had a bubble bath like the one I’m going to give you,” she replied

She was going to take her shirt off when I said,”I’d like to do that for you Ellen.”

She smiled and replied, “I’d love to have you strip me naked David. It’s a wonderful idea. I wish I had thought of it first. I’m all yours.”

She stepped over to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I let her tongue slip into my mouth as I held her tightly. We continued to kiss as I felt for the bottom of her shirt. I slowly pulled it up until we had to separate our bodies and lips. She raised her arms up into the air as I took her tight shirt off. She kept her arms up as I gently rubbed her breasts. Her nipples were hard and the skin around them had puckered up. I softly placed my mouth over her nipples. I let my tongue explore their height. I felt the ridges that surrounded each one. I closed my lips over each and suckled as a baby would. Ellen arched her back with pleasure as her tits felt my tender touch. She moaned whenever I did something that made her feel good. She lowered her arms and put them around me and held me tight. I finally took my mouth from her tits and kissed her gently again. I held her hands, stepped back, and gazed at her body. Ellen smiled because she knew that she pleased me. I came close to her once more, and took the waistband of her skirt in my fingers. I slowly began to pull her skirt off. Ellen wiggled to help, as her skirt lowered and started to reveal her hips to me. Slowly, we inched her skirt down until it was free of her. I let it drop to the floor at her feet. I looked at the hair between her legs and gently let my fingers crawl through it. Ellen lifted one leg and took it out of the skirt. With the other foot, she kicked it out of the way. She spread her feet just enough to let my fingers search for the hole of her cunt without difficulty. Slowly, gently, I let my fingers touch the lips of her pussy. I could feel the warmth coming from within. I found the opening of her cunt and spread her lips apart, only enough to push one finger into her. Ellen moaned as I felt the wetness of her cunt. I pulled my finger from her cunt and began to rub her clit. Ellen spread her knees apart and squatted down a bit so that she could enjoy the pleasure she was feeling a little bit more. She moaned and began to rock her hips as she felt her body respond to my touch.

“Please David,” she said very softly.

“Not yet,” I said to her, and I took my fingers away from her clit. She continued to rock her hips until she regained control of her body.

“Turn around Ellen,” I told her. “I thought about doing this to you while I waited for you in the car. Turn around and bend over for me.”

“Anything you say David,” she said smiling.

As gaziantep escort masaj salonları Ellen turned around, her firm ass came into reach. I placed both of my hands on the cheeks of her ass and began to squeeze them. I put my thumbs where her ass met her thighs and spread my fingers over her butt. I kneaded them as if I were making bread. Lines of redness soon began to cover her ass where my fingers pressed. I spread her cheeks wide and saw the hole of her ass in front of me. “Maybe later?” I thought to myself. Right now I wanted to eat her pussy again.

“Bend over Ellen.” I said.

Ellen placed her hands on her legs, spread her feet as far apart as she could, and slowly let her hands slide down until she was holding her ankles.

“Is this the position you want me to be in David?” she asked as she looked at me from between her legs.

I didn’t answer her but gazed at figure she presented to me. Her round ass was high in the air, the fishnet stocking that covered her legs seemed to go on and on. Her warm, wet cunt was bulging down from between her legs; her hairs making it look so soft. The lips of her pussy seemed to be reaching out to be touched, aching to be stimulated by my mouth. I took one finger and reached to touch her. I gently let my finger separate the lips of her pussy. She was very warm and very wet. Ellen let out a soft moan and hoped that I would push my finger in deeper. She tilted her pussy further back towards my finger, almost trying to grab hold of it with the lips of her cunt. I brought my hand away from her cunt and watched as her hips rocked back and forth slightly.

“Please don’t tease me David,” she begged.

“Open your pussy wide for me Ellen,” I told her. “Spread your lips with your fingers and let me eat you.”

Ellen let go of her ankles and brought her hands up between her legs. She reached to her pussy and grabbed the lips of her cunt. With her thumbs and forefingers, she pulled the lips of her pussy as far apart as she could. I watched as her shining, pink colored cunt was revealed to me. The hole of her cunt opened slightly; a resting place for my tongue. I brought my face between her legs and stretched my tongue out. I placed it in the hole and slowly began to lick Ellen’s soft cunt. I put my arms around Ellen’s thighs and pushed my face as far as I could into her. I buried my nose into the crack of her ass, as I let my mouth and tongue touch all that they could. Ellen was so wet and tasted so good. I felt Ellen push against me and begin to rock her hips as best as she could. She began to rub her clit with the finger of her right hand, and reached out for the side of the tub with her left, for support. I felt as if I were in a sauna. The heat and humidity of the running water, combined with the heat and wetness of Ellen’s pussy, made it difficult to breath. I hoped that I could bring her to orgasm soon.

My prayers were answered quickly. I felt Ellen’s crotch begin to convulse as she started to moan louder. Her breathing became deeper and faster. Her upper body started to pitch up and down as her orgasm neared. Her hips pumped onto my face and she rubbed her clit with increasing speed.

“Oh, yes David, yes,” she said as she started to cum.

Her hips rocked in a slow deliberate fashion as she came with my mouth between her legs. She pushed as hard as she could without losing her balance. She stopped rubbing her clit and reached out for the tub with her right hand too, so that she wouldn’t fall. She moaned with pleasure, shaking her head from side to side, as if she didn’t know it could feel this good. My mouth and tongue worked on her pussy until I knew that she was satisfied. I finally pulled my face from between her legs as her orgasm faded into her memory. She squatted down, resting her ass on her heels. I watched as her body heaved with each breath she took. Ellen finally sat on the floor, one leg folded under her ass, the other with her knee up, so that she could rest her chin upon it. She looked at me and took a long deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Baby of the family huh. What are you doing to me?” she said smiling.

“I’m taking a bath with you,” I said.

With that, I got up to check the water. The tub was just about filled and the temperature was perfect.

“Very nice job Ellen,” I said as I shook the water and suds from my hand.

“You did the nice job,” she replied as she lifted herself from the floor.

I gave her my hand and pulled her close to me when she was standing. I kissed her long and hard. She rubbed her body against my hard cock and said, “Don’t forget David, just ask and I’ll do anything for you.”

Ellen rolled her stockings down off of her legs and we both stepped into the tub, which was larger than most hotel tubs. I wondered if Ellen had somehow known to ask for this room on purpose, because of this. The water was warm and soothing. We sat facing each other, Ellen putting her legs inside of and on top of mine. My cock stayed as hard as ever, extending up through the surface of the water like a periscope. We stretched out as best we could, trying to relax our muscles. I closed my eyes and thought if I dare ask Ellen if she would let me fuck her up the ass. She did tell me that all I had to do was ask. She wanted to be my whore for the day. I wondered; if I asked, would I blow everything? Would she tell me to leave, or would she gladly do it with me? I decided to wait.

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