My Awakening: Spring Break Ch. 02


This is a continuation of my previous series. So it will be helpful to have read the previous stories beforehand. If you haven’t read them, they involved Hailey’s sexual awakening at the hands of her sister. It ended with a lesbian orgy with her sister’s friends. This series will be a continuation of Hailey exploring her sexuality. These experiences will be different than before and, thus, in different categories. It will not involve her sister, Kaitlin, since she is back at school in California. However, Hailey and Kaitlin’s story is not over, so fans of my previous series fret not there will be more coming. Hope you all enjoy it.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


Not a lot went on the following days. Mostly, it was spent alone at my house. I tried to occupy myself as best as I could. I was still waiting for word from three more universities. I had heard back from a few others already, like Oregon and Oregon State, but I didn’t really want to go there. Not that they were bad schools, but why go out of state just because? The out-of-state schools I had chosen to really strive for had merits, to me, to do so.

Brown was just a great school I thought I would really love, but sadly my application was denied. Stanford and Duke were highly touted schools. Duke I wasn’t too concerned with and only applied to appease my counselor, who happened to have graduated from there. Stanford, though, was one I’d like. I would be roughly halfway between my sister and my parents, but there was no immediate answer there having been wait-listed. At the start of this semester, I had seven schools that were really in my mind to attend even though I sent out over a dozen admission applications. So far, I only have one definitive answer, but I still had three more to hear from.

By Wednesday, I was glad to be out of the house. The mailman stopped bringing the mail to the mailbox and started hand delivering them to me. I think he was just trying not to get mobbed by me at when I rushed to the mailbox. I did tell him earlier that day that I wouldn’t be home so he can deliver the mail to the mailbox without fear of bodily harm. He chuckled and wished me luck.

I took my car up to Cheney and found the restaurant that Marissa and Olivia worked at. Marissa had been working there since her freshman year, whereas Olivia started this year. So Marissa was able to take a server position when one opened up and Olivia took Marissa’s old position. Olivia, upon seeing me for the first time, hugged me and led me to a booth with a menu. She let me know she was off in half an hour and Marissa would be off an hour after that. I decided I could wait to eat until we were all in the booth.

I was watching them both work. Mindlessly, I fiddled with my phone. I saw Olivia talking and giggling with another one of the hostesses. I saw her head track Marissa whenever she came into view and, when Marissa saw her, shared a smile with each other. Olivia was maybe a couple inches taller than me. She had olive skin with dark hair. What really struck me was, from a certain angle, she kind of looked like my sister would with a tan, but darker hair. At one point, during my people watching, Marissa came over and told me, “She’s taken.” Startled, I jumped in my seat. She got a good laugh. She sat down in the booth for just a bit. “Sometimes, and she knows it, I fantasize about her being your sister. She knows I love her, but I just never got the relationship I wanted from Kaitlin. I don’t want anyone else but Olivia, but I still wonder what it would have been like with Kaitlin.” She was watching Olivia, surreptitiously. “While she might look like an altered Kaitlin, you were noticing that weren’t you?” I nodded. “She has more of your personality. Well, its altered too. She’s not as shy any more, but working in a place like this and dating, well, me probably brought her out of her shell. What really strikes me, though, is the way she is with electronics, especially computers.” She got up from the table and winked at me. Did she come over just to give me something to talk to her girlfriend, I wondered.

As Marissa walked away, I had to admire her looks. She did kind of resemble me. She was definitely taller, but she was thin with small breasts and had light brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail. Something I noticed, though, was she had a graceful walk. I guessed it was from athletics. She was a runner and hurdler. I don’t know, maybe, that was a reason.

Interrupting my thoughts, Olivia sat down in the booth facing me. I noticed the time, then, and saw I still had an hour before Marissa got off. She glanced at the table, “Haven’t eaten yet?” I shook my head. “It’s sweet to have waited, but you could have you know.” I nodded. She smiled, “You don’t speak much, huh? Marissa told me you might be a little shy. Well, I am hungry. Would you like to share an appetizer? I don’t think I can wait on Marissa to get off before I eat.”

“Sure.” She beamed when I finally said a word. We Bycasino ordered the sampler appetizer. We talked a lot about school and interests. I realized we did have a lot in common. She was a gamer chick as well, but she opted for more sci-fi over fantasy based games. She also didn’t really get into MMOs since she didn’t have the time to justify the subscription fees. We exchanged Steam account names so we could get together for some Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands 2. I just had to go buy those games, but they shouldn’t be too much now.

We were eating and talking and laughing. I found we were fast friends, like Marissa had told me we would be. She was double-majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Systems. She confided in me that, while she didn’t have a lot of time with her course load, she took this job to be closer to Marissa.

“So how did you two meet?”

“We were assigned each other as roommates freshman year. First day, we introduced ourselves and before we even chose which beds we wanted, she told me she was a lesbian. She explained that she just didn’t want me to be surprised later on and now, if I was uncomfortable I could make a change in room assignments.”

“Did you think about it?”

“I did, but at the time I was also struggling with my own sexuality. Her confidence in her own sexuality, ultimately led me to stay in that dorm. Maybe I could learn from her what I wanted in a relationship, even if it wasn’t that I was a lesbian. She never hit on me. I would see little glances, but they were brief and never lingering.”

“How did the two of you get together?”

“One night, drunk from some frat party, I staggered into our dorm. She didn’t do the party scene, so she was at her desk. I remember hitting on her, or at least I was trying but I was slurring my words. I’d had the idea I would drink some alcohol to give me the courage to do what I set out to do, but the drinks had hit me too hard. She took me to my bed and lay me down. She never took advantage of me. The frat boys had groped me as I was leaving, but not Marissa. It wasn’t until the next morning.”

“Afternoon actually,” Marissa said as she slid into the booth next to her girlfriend. “I placed our orders in already, hope you don’t mind Hailey.” I shook my head. I was hungry enough to eat anything and too invested in the story to care to ask what she ordered.

“So it was the next afternoon,” Olivia started again. “I had a headache, but when I looked over on my nightstand there were two Advils and a bottle of water, which I gulped down. That’s when I saw Marissa. She was sitting on her bed, watching me.”

“I’d been up for about an hour trying to figure out what had been going on in her mind last night. So it was a restless sleep I’d had. It wasn’t really fair that she got to sleep like the dead while I tossed and turned.”

“She asked me what had I wanted to happen. To which, I replied that I wanted to experiment. The alcohol was to get me to loosen up. She got up off her bed, walked to the door and told me that she knew what she wanted and wasn’t up for experimenting. Before she left, she said one last thing. She told me if I was really interested in her, rather than do some silly seduction attempt, to just slide into her bed one night.”

“And?” I know they had gotten together at some point, but I was still on pins and needles.

“We never crossed paths that day. Which for us, up until then, we would see each other quite regularly. It was almost as if, we were avoiding each other. My freshman year, I worked in the Computer Lab. So that night was my shift and when I got to our dorm, she had already laid down in her bed and was asleep. I changed, quietly, and looked at her sleeping form. I had been trying to decide all day what I wanted. I didn’t even have a clue when I was walking that night what I wanted, but that moment when I saw her in her bed I knew. I pulled the sheet back and slipped in behind her. She woke up. She tried to talk, but I just told her, ‘I just wanted you to know I am interested, but tonight I just want to sleep with you.’”

Marissa and Olivia were holding hands by the end of the story. “We later pushed our beds together and we haven’t slept apart since,” Marissa finished. We ate and talked some more. Once we were finished and Marissa paid the bill, we got into my car. The two of them had decided to walk to work since the day was so nice. Olivia got in the front seat while Marissa sat directly behind me. We were at their apartment pretty soon. Apparently, they lived halfway between campus and the restaurant.

We piled out of the car; Marissa grabbed my backpack with the overnight stuff in it. I was led into the apartment by Olivia and Marissa was behind me. She dropped the bag on the floor and locked the door. I didn’t have time to do much. Olivia turned around and planted a kiss on my lips.

“I’d been waiting to do that since you walked in the restaurant. I just didn’t want to cause a scene. Bycasino giriş Plus, everyone knows Marissa and I are a couple. I could just imagine the gossip, if I had done what I wanted.” She kissed me with a growing passion, which knocked me back a couple steps. Luckily, Marissa was behind me to keep me from falling over. “I’ve been imagining what to do since Marissa came back from New Year’s Eve. She told me everything. Every. Last. Detail.” She kissed me between each of the last three words.

Marissa wasn’t idle during this. I thought to myself it was a good thing I was wearing a button-up blouse. The reason, being, was Marissa was unbuttoning my blouse while her girlfriend feasted on my mouth. Soon my blouse was being eased off my arms and fluttering to the ground. With my skin bared, Marissa started kissing along my shoulder and up my neck as she unhooked my bra.

Olivia, meanwhile, kept her mouth glued to mine. But she was getting impatient with the jeans I had on. She had them unbuttoned and unzipped but she couldn’t reach down to pull them off. Growling in frustration, she vacated my mouth and kissed down my torso. By this time, Marissa had bared my breasts so when Olivia got to them she kissed and sucked on them and my nipples. She now had a little more reach with her arms and was tugging my pants down a bit closer to the ground.

Marissa, with my mouth free, pulled my head back and took Olivia’s spot at my mouth. Her hands, now that her task of getting me topless was over, were kneading my breasts. With the sensations flooding through my body, I could feel my panties getting moist from desire.

Olivia started kissing her way down south again. Her hands, still holding my jeans, were pushing my jeans further off my legs. She was finally on her knees, looking at my soaked panties. In confusion she looked down at the infernal pants that would not come off me. Then realization hit her. In her impatience, she forgot to remove my shoes which prevented my pants to be removed completely. Once she had one shoe off, she would lift my leg with her hand behind my knee and slip the pant leg off. She repeated the process with the other leg. She smiled at me in triumph. She had bested my pair of pants. She didn’t sit there gloating too long before I felt her tongue licking my pussy through my panties.

I was gasping into Marissa’s mouth. The ministrations that each girl was doing to me didn’t help my losing battle not to orgasm. Not that I didn’t want to cum, far from it. But I didn’t want to be shared, I wanted to participate. So standing there in the area in front of the front door in just my panties, Marissa’s hands kneading my breasts flicking and pinching my nipples and Olivia’s tongue on my panty-clad pussy her hands kneading my ass pressing my mound to her mouth, I came. Olivia stood up, licking her lips, and pulled her girlfriend’s lips from mine and gave her a kiss.

“You’re right,” she said breaking the kiss, “she does have a sweet pussy. No wonder you couldn’t wait to have her over.” She looked at me, “I hope this was alright. We kinda planned it, but you never said whether you wanted sex or not. So I just kinda assumed…” I cut her off with a kiss.

“I loved it, but I am the only one here without any clothes on. A problem I hope to soon rectify.” The problem with my dilemma was I had two women here needing to be de-clothed and their work clothes weren’t as easy as mine. I started tugging Olivia’s polo shirt over her head and got her bra off. I wanted so badly to replicate for her what she had done to me, but as soon as I had her pants off her hips she helped herself out of them. I must have looked disappointed, like it had ruined Christmas or something.

She ran her hands through my hair and said, “It’ll be better once we get to our bedroom.” I looked back and Marissa had already taken off her clothes kneeling at my ass. I was left in my panties and socks, Olivia had her socks on and Marissa was completely naked. Marissa grabbed my panties and slid them down my legs. As soon as the cool air hit my pussy, I felt Marissa’s tongue sliding over the slit. I placed my hands on Olivia’s shoulder to steady myself. She was back to sucking on my nipples. I lifted my legs, one at a time. Each time I lifted a leg, Marissa would also take off my sock on that foot and remove my panties from each leg. I was gasping again as these two sirens were exploring my body. But the fun was over before I could cum again. They each grabbed an arm and led me to their room.

I was deposited on the bed. Each girl took one side of me and kissed, licked and nibbled up my body starting with my foot before ending at my neck. They were mirroring each other in almost perfect unison. When their mouths reached my breasts, their hands glided up my legs and each girl added two fingers into my pussy. The only thing they didn’t mirror each other was finger fuck me. When one set of fingers pulled out to the tips, the other set pushed in. I was never without two Bycasino güncel giriş fingers in me. With the attention to my breasts by two sets of mouths and my pussy getting a nice steady fucking I was on the verge of another orgasm. I was panting. Their kisses trailed upwards to my neck. They would lick my ears. Neither girl kissed me. As I only had one mouth, they couldn’t duplicate that. Or maybe they wanted to hear me scream their names.

Marissa whispered in my ear, “Go on, Hailey. Cum for us.”

“We want you to,” Olivia responded.

“Let it out.”

“Let us hear how much you want it.”

“How much you need to.”

“Go ahead and say it”

“Scream it.”

They alternated like this. Until, able to take no more, I was thrashing on their fingers. “MORE OH GOD MORE! YES! CUMMING! CUMMING SO HARD! PLEASE LICK MY NIPPLES!” Olivia moved to my nipple first, breaking the mirroring manipulations they had performed. My hand rested on her head. “OH GOD YES! OLIVIA! SUCKIT, BITE IT! FUCK ME, OLVIVIA!” Marissa soon was on my other breast duplicating her girlfriend. Both of their fingers were a blur of motion in my pussy. “OH FUCK ME, MARISSA! OH SHIT, YES! FUCK, YES!” I came crashing on their fingers. I was so out of it I didn’t even notice their mouths were off my breasts until I felt two tongues lapping up my juices.

They slowly moved up and nestled their head in my shoulder as if I was some kind of stuffed teddy bear they were sharing. I didn’t care, I was reveling in my recent orgasm. Soon I felt a stirring in my stomach. I looked down and the girls, having let me rest a bit, decided to restart the fun. Without me if they had to, but I wasn’t going to miss out on this. They were tracing circles around my belly button. But the circles started to grow in diameter. Before their fingers could get to my naughty bits, I groaned, “Can’t a girl just rest for a bit after an amazing orgasm?”

Olivia pouted at me, “But we let you rest. Why do you get all the fun and we get none?” Marissa giggled at this.

Trying to sound annoyed, I tapped into my inner Kaitlin but I think I failed miserably, I said, “Fine. I suppose I can help one of you out.” Olivia playfully clapped before she turned around and planted her delectable pussy over my mouth.

I started licking her pussy. After this past weekend with Naomi, I now had a very talented tongue, if I wasn’t being too modest. Marissa decided her time would come so she straddled my waist and, from the lack of sounds I heard, was kissing her girlfriend. At one point, Olivia, with her mouth free, “God, yes, Hailey! Your tongue feels sooooooo good in me. Keep pinching my nipples! Fuck yes. You two are driving me closer.” She pressed her pussy into my face, effectively smothering me. Her hands found purchase on my breasts when she latched onto tightly. I moaned in response which sent tremors through her body. She was gyrating on my tongue as she was writhing on top of me. “YES! HAILEY! YES, FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR TONGUE. OH SHIT, YES!” She collapsed forward. Her head landing on Marissa’s thigh and her pussy moving enough I could breathe again.

Olivia eventually moved off of me. Marissa, seeing my glistening face, proceeded to lick Olivia’s juice from my face. Once satisfied she got all she could, looked at me and said, “That seat my girlfriend had looked like a fun ride. Mind if I try it out?” I smiled at her and nodded. I was eager to have another juicy cunt to service. Rather than facing the footboard, she mounted my face and grabbed the headboard. She lowered her pussy to my face. I smelled her desire on her, but she wouldn’t move it closer. I was confused. She looked down at me, expectantly. Her scent was intoxicating, yet she didn’t move a muscle. Finally, not able to control myself, I grabbed her around the hips and pulled my mouth to her pussy. I was on fire. I had one task in mind. I was going to get this woman to scream my name too. My head slowly sank back to the pillows, but the pussy on my mouth stayed attached by my tongue. Marissa soon had her hands in my hair. If I didn’t know better, I thought she was trying to shove my head into her pussy.

I felt the bed shifting, then I felt a tongue on my slit. Olivia had gotten her breath back and she was ready for some more fun. Olivia was getting my juices churning again. So I decided to copy her licks and strokes on Marissa. Olivia, deciding she needed more, stopped licking and switched positions. I soon felt a leg cross one of my legs. She then raised my other leg over her other leg. It took me a moment to figure out what her intent was, and not being able to see due to her girlfriend’s body blocking my sight, it wasn’t until I felt her pussy lips on mine that I fully comprehended the situation.

Olivia started undulating her body against mine. My body started responding to her strokes. I felt Marissa’s hand slip from my head and then, as her body leaned back across mine, I could see a little what was going on. Olivia was scissoring me she had her hands strategically placed to help her move against me. Marissa was on her knees leaning backwards on her elbows. I was eagerly lapping her juices as they seeped out of her pussy. Her pussy lips were contracting around my tongue as she panted and gasped.

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