My Best Friend’s Mom

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Mark rang the doorbell. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. With nothing to do, he decided to go to his best friends house, Ian. Ian and him were friends since kids, growing up in the same neighborhood a few houses away. They also went to the same school and did almost everything together. They were closer than brothers.

While waiting, he looked at his watch: it was 4 in the afternoon. A little while later, the door was opened and his cock nearly jumped from its hiding place from what he saw.

Mrs. Keats, Ian’s mother had opened the door. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, shorts and had her long brown hair pony tailed with a lock of hair falling down over her left eye.

Mark stared at her for a few seconds before managing to stammer a question. “Hi Mrs. Keats. Is Ian home?”

“No. I sent him on an errand but he’ll be back later. Come in and wait for him.”

As he entered, he noticed that Mrs. Keats had a glass of wine on her hand and was a little tipsy. He sat at the sofa she pointed and sat down.

“Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“No thanks Mrs. Keats. I’ll just wait for Ian.”

“Are you sure? It’s going to be awhile.”

“No thanks Mrs. Keats. I don’t need anything right now.”

She sat on a chair facing him, cross-legged, sipping from her glass of wine. Mrs. Keats was 36 years and divorced. She had Ian when she was 18 and married young. Despite the years, she managed to maintain her trim figure and was still beautiful.

Growing up, Mark developed a crush on her. Much like a schoolboy develops a crush on his teacher. He never told Ian about it, unsure of what his reaction might be. Although he had outgrown his crush on her, in his eyes she was still as ravishing as ever.

Minutes ticked away as Mrs. Keats continued sipping from her glass, concentrating more on her drink than on him. She was deep in thought, looking away.

Mark could not help staring at her from time to time. She just looked amazing. From the corner of her eye, Mrs. Keats caught him staring at her.

“Do you need anything?” she asked

“Nothing Mrs. Keats.”

“Why are you staring at me then?”

Mark turned red. He had been caught and had no explanation.

“Well I…..”

She stared at him for a full minute making him uncomfortable, all the while running her fingers on her glass before a wicked grin escaped from her lips. “I think I know what you need.” She stood up, placed her glass at the small table and suddenly grabbed his arm. She was obviously drunk by now since he didn’t know how long she had been drinking before he came.

“What are you going to do? Please Mrs. Keats, I’ll go home. I won’t stare at you sivas escort again.”

She half-dragged him to her bedroom, he following weakly, afraid what would happen if he struggled. She pushed him inside the room then locked the door.

“I see that you’ve grown up to be a handsome man Mark.” She said

“Thank you Mrs. Keats.” He mumbled.

“Please call me Alice.” This was the first time he ever heard her ask him to call her by her first name.

He was still unsure what she was planning. His beating heart felt like it was going to explode from the tension. Suddenly she took off her shirt and threw it on the floor before gracefully unhooking her bra and throwing it at his face, giggling like a schoolgirl.

“You like what you see?” she asked while approaching and placing a hand on his shoulder.

He was too stunned for words. He stood there clutching her bra in his hand before she kissed his lips, making him drop it. He relished her sweet smell mixed with alcohol, taking it in large doses.

Playfully, she pushed him on the bed then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling it down in quick motion along with his underwear to reveal his erect member. She quickly lunged and put it in her mouth.

He groaned as she rolled her tongue on his cock head for what seemed like an eternity, making him squirm. The quivering of his loins told him he could stand it no longer. Sensing this, Mrs. Keats withdrew the pulsating rod from her mouth and wagged a finger at Mark.

“Ah, Ah. Not yet. I don’t want you coming too quickly. Relax. Take a deep breath. Don’t be all red now or should I say…green. Stud!” She laughed as she said this and began a little dance, turning her body around several times, giggling all the time, her breasts heaving at every breath and motion.

“I’m so free…and drunk. Do you know that life’s a bitch. One minute you’re up so high, enjoying the view then it all comes crashing down.” She made a face as she said it, then .. “What the hell!” She leaned over and murmured in his ear. “You’re still young. You’ll find out when you reach my age. I won’t trouble you with my sob stories anymore.”

She suddenly stood up and began shouting. “Yes! Let’s fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” sweeping her hands as she said this. “Fucking is good cleansing for the soul.”

Mark became afraid that someone might hear her wild rantings . It was then that something registered in his brain. Shit! Ian! What if he came home and caught them. He immediately turned pale as images of Ian coming home catching his best friend on top of his mother flooded his mind.

“Mrs. Keats! I mean Alice. What about Ian? What if he catches me here? Oh God! How could I have forgotten?”

“Relax baby. He won’t be home awhile.” She soothed his fear with her hands, rubbing his shoulders. ” Now just shut up and kiss me.”

He took her by the hand and kissed her passionately like no woman before. All thoughts of Ian vanished and in it’s place images of him ravishing this beautiful woman took over. They fell on the bed, their hands wandering all over their bodies. He began caressing her thighs, letting his fingers glide along her smooth skin.

He began to unbutton her shorts then quickly pulled it off. At the sight of her trimmed bush peeking behind her white panties, his drooping cock came back to life. Unable to contain himself, he dove in and began planting kisses on the wet stain on her panties. She began to moan and grind her hips.

Quickly, he stripped her panties and threw it on the floor and furiously began to lick her slit. The wetness on his mouth and the smell of her pussy was driving him wild. When he began to concentrate on her clit she began to scream.

“Yesss! Yesss! There! Oh God, There! Ooooohhh….”

He wanted to drive her crazy. He wanted her to truly remember this moment. He slowly licked her clit, letting his tongue go in circles. This was unbearable for her.

“Oh please. Faster. Go Faster! Ahha!” she pleaded but in vain. His tongue continued it’s leisurely stroll around her clit until she tensed up and exploded in one giant climax.

After she relaxed, he continued licking her pussy, savoring every drop of her liquid cum. She grabbed him by the hair, urging him to explore her secret chambers. He obliged, pushing his tongue in and out of her vagina, rubbing her clit with his thumb until she raised her hips in mid-air, gave a load moan and exploded in another round of ecstasy.

He wanted to fuck her now. He got off from between her legs and fumbled for his wallet in his pants, looking for the condom he kept in his wallet for emergencies like this.

“Here let me.” Mrs. Keats said as she took the condom from his hands. She slipped it in his cock and gave it a little suck. She pulled him towards her and gave him another kiss. They plopped on the bed landing on their sides.

She rolled him over, she on top of him and gently began to introduce his cock inside her. He could feel her juices trickling down towards his balls as his cock head penetrated her walls. God! She was so wet! She let it in half-way then began rotating her hips.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned. “I haven’t felt like this in a long time. Please don’t come too quickly, I want to enjoy this.” She begged him.

She went a little quicker, giving five quick thrusts with her body before pausing to enjoy little orgasms that shook her body. After quieting down, she pushed his rod all the way in, withdrew it about ¾ of the way before slamming it back all in, doing this several times.

“Oooooo…..” She shut her eyes as another orgasm overtook her. Mark could stand this no longer. He rolled her over and got on top of her, nibbling on her nipples for a few seconds while grinding his hips.

He continued the rhythm she started, thrusting in and out slowly, allowing his cock to ease almost all the way out before pushing it back again. This made her wrap her legs around his butt.

“Ohhh Mark….you’re making me come again.” She gasped, sinking her nails on his back.

Mark grunted. He was oblivious of any sound by now except his breathing and her heavy panting and moaning. Even if Ian kicked the door down now he probably would not have heard him.

Slowly, he started to gain speed. He went quicker with every stroke until he was fucking her like a piston.

“I……COME…….” She yelled between breaths.

He gave a deep groan before squirting several times. It seemed like the force of his ejaculation would tear his cock off and it felt like a month’s supply of sperm had been used up. Exhausted, he rested his head on her breasts and closed his eyes.

After a few seconds, Mrs. Keats began to sob. Mark lifted his head from her breast and looked at her beautiful face now wet with sweat.

“Alice are you okay?”

“Please leave.” She said. “Ian might come home any minute.”

Mark was stunned. After what happened he could not believe the coldness of her voice. He was tempted to ask her what he did wrong but thought better of it. He got up and began to dress.

“Lock the bedroom door on your way out.” She said. “You can stay and sit on the sofa and wait for him if you like.”

“No thanks Mrs. Keats. I think I’ll go home. Can you please tell Ian that I dropped by?”

She gave a smile, a tear running down her cheeks. For a minute Mark regretted what they did and felt sorry for her.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” He asked, a worried look on his face.

“No thanks Mark. Now, please leave. I don’t want Ian to catch you here.”

Mark nodded and began to leave. As he was about to step out of the door, he lingered at the doorway for a few seconds and looked back. She was crying, her face buried in the bed sheets. He took one last look at her then turned around and closed the door.

Months passed and Mark and Mrs. Alice Keats never talked about what happened. Ian never suspected anything. And Mrs. Keats? She acted as if nothing happened and continued to be nice to him. Mark became convinced that she was too drunk to remember, although sometimes when they caught each other’s eye, Mark swore that there was a twinkle there that said she did.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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