My Bronze God

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It was 10am in the morning and that meant rent was due for my motel room. The place where I lived was in the seedy part of town next to railroad tracks, shuttered business’ and vacant lots. My neighbors were an eclectic mix of hookers, coke whores and less glamorous degenerates.

I went into the office and lazy-eyed Eddie was working behind the front desk, he buzzed me through the security door and I went to the apartment door behind the counter. I knocked twice and Lonnie answered; I followed him to the couch.

He sat next to me; our thighs touching, “Hey little sweetie, how are you today?” he asked softly as he took my hand and placed it on the bulge in his slacks.

I could feel the heat coming from his hard-on. My breath caught in my throat. My own penis twitched with excitement. My fingers curled around his hard penis and squeezed. His cock felt warm and firm through his slacks. He smiled at me.

He put his arm around my shoulders, “Why don’t you open my pants and take it out,” he said; it was more of a command than question.

I was breathing harder as I fumbled with his belt. My hands trembled as I unfastened his pants and pulled down the zipper. My own cock was now erect. I fumbled with his belt then unfastened his slacks. I hooked my fingers into the waistbands of his slacks and underwear and pulled them downward. He lifted his hips to help me. I pulled his slacks down to his knees. His hard cock sprang into view. It was uncircumcised, six inches long and slim; my small hand easily fit around it. My other hand cupped and rubbed his balls.

“Ohhh, that feels good…” he groaned.

I began to slowly stroke his cock. I am uncircumcised as well, so I know how to slide the foreskin and squeeze it against his smooth cockhead. I watched myself masturbate Lonnie’s cock one more time. It was fascinating. I stroked him slowly at first—just the way he liked it. When I saw small droplets of pre-cum ooze from his slit, I used my thumb to smooth it on his glans.

I moved my hand faster-and-faster. His hips began to thrust upward matching the rhythm of my stroking hand. His head rested against the couch, moving side-to-side. He was moaning and groaning and making small, animal-like noises. Listening to his pleasure excited me. I wanted to make him cum.

My hand became a blur on his cock. The idea of masturbating a man to orgasm thrilled me; pre-cum leaked from my cock-slit and stained my briefs. His cock felt wonderful in my hand; it seemed to shoot jolts of electricity up my arm and throughout my whole body. My own cock ached for release.

I worked furiously on his cock. Suddenly, I felt his balls contract in my hand and I quickly lowered my face and took his cockhead into my mouth. My tongue flattened against his cockhead and streams of foamy cum shot out from his slit. I lapped it up with my tongue and swallowed every drop. I was always amazed at the amount of semen he had in his balls. I continued stroking and sucking until he stopped me with his hand. I licked his cock clean while he gasped for air.

When he regained his composure he looked at me, smiled, and said, “Well, you paid your rent for another few hours—see you at 4.”

I know what you’re thinking: that I’m no better than the hookers and degenerates that live here, and you may be right, but a boy’s got to do what he can to survive in this cold, cruel world, doesn’t he?

It wasn’t my fault the factory where I worked shut down and I lost everything. It isn’t my fault we have the highest unemployment rate since The Great Depression and there aren’t any jobs to be had. It isn’t my fault that when Lonnie taught me how to sexually satisfy a man that I liked it, is it?

Marleen and Andrea, my neighbors, were out front when I returned to my room.

“Good morning, ladies, what are you doing up so early today?” I cheerfully greeted them. They were good people; I liked them.

“Well, hey little cutie,” Marleen smiled and checked her watch, “…only ten-twenty and Lonnie’s ‘break time’ is over already—you must be getting g-o-o-o-d!” we laughed; they were great gals but both were in need of serious dental work. “Ya know, Jamaal still wants you to work for him…at least you’d be paid with cash money!”

At that moment Jamaal drove up in his new lavender Escalade and the girls climbed into the backseat. Jamaal lowered his window and whistled at me: “Hey pretty boy, when are you going to get smart and let me hook you up with some classy gentlemen?”

I smiled and said, “Jamaal, I’m way too old for your chicken-hawk clientele—you’d starve to death if I worked for you.” He laughed and drove away.

I had to wait until eleven for lunch so I turned on the tv and stared at the snowy screen. I lowered my jeans and underpants and masturbated. Lonnie never touched my cock when I was with him so I took care of it myself afterwards.

When I was finished, I started thinking about the old days when I had a great job, money and a nice car and freedom to do whatever I wanted. I had many fond kastamonu escort memories and every now and then I’d relive those days in my mind. It had only been a couple months but it seemed like years ago.

At eleven I went to the diner down the street. Mister J, the owner, was behind the register counting the breakfast receipts. He was from Pakistan, and everyone called him Mister J because no one could pronounce his last name. I struck a deal with him to clean the diner after they closed in exchange for lunch and dinner.

“Hi Mister J—business good today?” I asked.

He looked up and smiled, “Ah, my little bur—to answer your question—no, business is terrible!”

I laughed—he said the same thing every day. I never asked him what ‘bur’ meant. I sat at the counter and Renee brought me coffee and water.

“Hi sweetie,” she smiled, as she handed me the newspaper, “…what’s up today?”

“Hi, Renee…oh, the usual…working hard on my stock portfolio (she smiled)…guess I’ll have a burger and fries.”

I picked up the paper and read the ‘want-ads’ first. Each day there seemed to be fewer and fewer jobs listed, and I wasn’t qualified for any of them. I always wondered how out-of-work men with families to support were getting-by. I felt sorry for those families. I imagined my life was paradise compared to theirs.

I picked-up the news section and read about the usual wars in the usual places; the usual rioting of people who had been screwed-over by their governments; and of course, how our drones killed more members of Al-Qaeda. I always wondered how they knew the people they killed were Al-Qaeda. The paper never said ‘how we knew’ that they were members just that they were. I wondered if they carried Al-Qaeda membership cards like the NRA or AAA? How else would we know?

My food arrived and I moved to the business section. That took all of three minutes then I moved to the Sports section and ate my food. When I was done I left my customary one dollar tip. When I first ate there I left Renee two dollars, but she knew I was down on my luck and pushed it back at me. We haggled on the price and she agreed to accept one dollar. It was only right—she was trying to make a living, too.

She brought me a paper bag with Harry’s lunch in it. Harry owned the drugstore two blocks down the street. I would bring him his lunch and in exchange he allowed me to stand at his magazine rack and read the magazines. Sometimes I stood there reading for hours.

“Hi Harry,” I said as I handed him his food. “How’s Loretta’s back today?” Loretta was his wife who suffered with back problems.

“Hey sport,” he answered, and took the bag of food, “She’s still bitching about it; doctor gave her some pain pills and she feels pretty good for awhile, but…you know…”

I stood at the magazine rack until two o’clock. I love reading—it’s a pleasant escape. I found interesting articles in four-five magazines then I noticed the new ‘Playboy’ was out, and I saw one of my favorite authors had a story in the new issue. I read the story, and yes, I looked at the girls, too.

It was hot and the sun blinded me when I went outside. I crossed the street and went inside the Salvation Army. Anita was working.

She smiled when she saw me, “Hi cutie…anything exciting happen on your walk today?”

“Well, a guy stopped me and handed me a brown paper bag filled with hundred dollar bills, and—Oh–I think, I just may have solved the Kennedy assassination,” I said with a smile.

She laughed and said, “Oh, I set aside a shirt for you—I think you’ll look adorable in it!”

She gave me a bag with the shirt then I asked, “Need anything done today?”

She thought for a moment and answered, “Uhhh…no, I don’t think so. We’ll have a truck come in Saturday morning at six, though.”

“Okay,” I smiled, “I’ll be here…see you tomorrow.”

“Bye-bye, sweetie.”

Whenever a truck came in I helped unload it, and sometimes the women would give me clothes in return.

I walked slowly back to the motel. I really couldn’t complain about my life. I had everything I needed, and I met nice people every day. Sure, I would like to work at something more challenging, but for the time being, I was contented.

After I took a shower I climbed into bed naked and waited for Lonnie. He came over every day at four o’clock for, what Marleen and Andrea called, ‘Happy Hour’.

I drifted off to sleep but woke immediately when I heard Lonnie’s key in the door. His hair was still damp from the shower he had taken. He stripped off his clothes and joined me in bed.

I wondered which way he wanted me to suck him today. If he climbed on top of me, after he had enough kissing, he would straddle my chest and I would suck his cock that way. If he wanted me on top, after the kissing, I would gradually work my way down his body until I was kneeling between his legs.

He climbed on top of me and I spread my legs to accommodate his size.

I had to admit he was a good kisser. He used kissing as foreplay and his cock never failed to rise—neither did my own. Our lips melded together in perfect harmony. I stroked his back and sides as he held my head in his hands and our lips and tongues greedily intertwined with one another.

I felt his erection between my legs and I knew he could feel mine. Soon his knees were on either side of my chest and he moved his body forward until the tip of his cock was pressing against my lips.

He towered above and looked down at me, “Kiss it,” he ordered.

I knew what he wanted. I cradled his balls in my right hand while my left grasped the base of his shaft. With my eyes admiring his cock, my lips kissed his cockhead and slowly kissed their way down his shaft. When I reached the base, he lifted up on his knees to give me easier access to kiss his balls. I kissed his cock and balls until I’d kissed every inch of them.

“Lick it,” he said, his breathing was becoming labored.

I repeated the process and my tongue glided up-and-down his smooth flesh. I licked his cock and balls until he raised himself and dangled his balls above my mouth.

“Suck my balls,” he commanded.

He lowered his scrotum between my wide open lips and I was able to take his entire ball sac into my mouth. My tongue lathered his balls and the soft flesh of his scrotum; he groaned with delight. He grunted and shifted his weight on the bed; he was ready for the main event.

He aimed his turgid cock at my waiting mouth and pushed forward. My precum-slick lips slid over his cockhead; my tongue worked over the sensitive skin of his cock. I stroked his shaft and massaged his balls while my mouth sucked his cock. He moaned and pushed his cock further into my mouth. I concentrated on deep breathing through my nose so I didn’t gag when his cock hit my throat.

He pushed and pulled his cock in-and-out of my loudly slurping mouth. I sucked his cock like a man possessed—I knew my frantic sucking motions drove him wild with desire. He grunted and groaned; I tenderly rolled his balls in my hand. My other hand stroked him faster-and-faster. His cock pistoned in-and-out of my mouth. Suddenly, I felt his balls contract in my hand at the same time his cock expanded and widened my lips. I flattened my tongue on his cock-slit as his cum shot ferociously out of his balls and into my swallowing mouth. My tongue lapped up his cum and my throat swallowed all of his tasty jizz.

He collapsed in a heap beside me on the bed. I lay my head on his rapidly rising and falling chest; my ear was against his pounding heart; it thrilled me that I could make a man feel this way. My own cock was hard, and I knew he’d never touch it, but we were only half way finished and I’d get my pleasure in round two.

When his breathing returned to normal, and we’d lie still for several minutes, I began kissing and nipping at his nipples. My hand gently stroked his cock and balls. I kissed my way down his body until I was kneeling between his legs. He instinctively pulled his legs back and spread them apart and my mouth found his anus and perineum. I kissed and licked him down there for some time then I curled my tongue and pushed it against his anus. I pushed it through the opening and into his asshole. My tongue licked the tender flesh of his asshole while I caressed his penis into another erection.

“OOhhhh, baby you’re good!” he exclaimed.

When his cock was rock-hard I became impatient waiting for his command so I rose up, straddled his cock with my back to his face, and slowly lowered my hips until I felt his cockhead against my anus. I took a deep breath and pushed downward; his cockhead popped through my opening; I waited until my asshole became used to it then I pushed steadily downward until I could feel his pubic hairs rub my bottom-cheeks. I had his cock all the way inside my asshole.

It was uncomfortable at first, it always was, so I concentrated on loosening my sphincter. When the pain subsided, I slowly rose up until just his cockhead was inside me then gently lowered myself on his entire cock once again. I fucked him like this for a few minutes then my own lust seized control of me. Faster-and-faster I rose up then rammed my hips downward and impaled myself on his wonderfully rigid cock.

I felt his cock throb in my rectum; my own cock throbbed in my hand as I stroked it in time with our fucking. When I pushed down on his cock harder-and-harder it bumped against my prostate and I filled the room with screams of joy. I began to babble incoherently, my head rolled from side-to-side—I was overcome with a raging inferno of lust and the need to release my cum from my aching balls.

I wildly pumped my hips up-and-down on his cock—nothing mattered anymore except to reach my orgasm. I could have been fucking a plastic dildo for all I knew or cared; my whole being was centered on the delicious pounding of my asshole. My hand stroked my cock faster-and-faster; I rose up-and-down his stiff prick like a mad man; suddenly, Lonnie’s hips bucked and jerked wildly and I felt his scalding cum burning the tender flesh inside my asshole. My own orgasm started deep in my balls and shot-out of my cock like a geyser.

Our bodies flailed about insanely as we came and came and came…

When I caught my breath I rushed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. His cum poured out of my asshole and into the bowl. I wet a wash cloth and cleaned the cum off my stomach and thighs. Lonnie came into the bathroom and I wiped his cock clean, as well.

He patted my head and exclaimed, “Wow, boy! What got into you today?—that was fantastic!”

His words of praise felt almost as good as my orgasm…well, not quite.

After Lonnie left, I took my third shower of the day then I watched the snowy tv screen until seven. I walked to the diner for dinner; it was a simply beautiful evening.

The meatloaf special was excellent! I was on my third cup of coffee when the diner closed at eight. I waited until the stragglers were gone then assembled my supplies and cleaned the restaurant, kitchen, bathrooms and Mister J’s office. I was home and in bed by eleven.

I slept until nine. When I rolled out of bed I had difficulty standing; my bottom-hole was bruised and sore from last night’s fucking. I took a lortab and a shower. I went to the motel office early to have a cup of coffee. I gingerly sat and waited until ten. Eddie buzzed me behind the counter and I knocked on Lonnie’s door. I had a hard time believing Lonnie would be ready for this after last night.

To my surprise, not only was he ready, but he was wearing a robe and he was naked underneath and his cock was already hard. He wanted a blow-job this morning, fine enough, he sat on the couch and I nestled between his open thighs and worked his cock with my mouth and hands.

I had swallowed his cum and was cleaning his cock with my lips and tongue when he began speaking: “OOhh, that was another good one champ…” he said, then hesitated. I could tell he wanted to say something.

“What is it Lonnie?” I asked. I sat beside him on the couch.

“Well, ah…Mr. Punjabi called me yesterday morning…he, ah…he wanted to know why I wasn’t getting any money for your room….”

I felt my heart sink. “What did you tell him?”

“I…ah, I said you were doing work around here…I said you earned your room,” he said, his eyes averting mine.

“And—what did Mr. Punjabi say?” I asked.

“Well, champ…he said that’s why me and Eddie are here—to do the work, that is…he said you either pay or get out.”

Damn, I thought. I didn’t think it would go forever, but it hurts when you actually hear it.

“And you knew this when, Lonnie? Yesterday morning?” I demanded.

“Well, ah…yeah….”

“So you knew you were kicking me out of here before last night’s fuck session, and this morning? ” I demanded he answer.

“Well, ah, yeah—I hope this doesn’t affect our relationship—you can still come here and see me, can’t you?”

I smiled and slowly shook my head. “You’re scum, Lonnie,” I said and walked out.

I packed the few things I owned into my blue nylon duffle bag and walked to the diner. My mind was lost in a fog. I had never felt so alone and nervous in my life.

Mister J was at the counter. He saw my duffle bag and he frowned, “What’s up with that?”

“Oh… I lost my room at the motel…” I said, and sat at the counter.

He sat beside me and asked, “Are you all right? What are you going to do?”

I fought hard to control my emotions, “I don’t know…I don’t have anywhere to go…”

He said, “Eat your lunch—let me think about this…”

I ate in silence. Renee refilled my coffee three times. I remembered Harry wouldn’t be at the drugstore today—that would save me a trip there.

Mister J stood beside me and said, “Little bur, come back to my office and let’s talk.”

I left Renee a dollar and followed Mister J to his office. I cleaned his office every night and knew it was the nicest place in the whole building. He had a big oak desk, a long leather couch, a few chairs, a tv and a bathroom with a shower. It was a lot nicer than the motel room. I felt a ray of sunshine.

Maybe, just maybe he would say I could sleep there for awhile, I hoped.

Once inside his office I set my bag on the floor beside the couch. We stood in the middle of the room.

“I normally wouldn’t do this,” he started; I liked the sound of where this was going, “…but you are a special boy…you can stay here for as long as you need, okay?”

I broke out in a huge smile, “Mister J—thank you—thank you…is there anything I can do to repay you?”

“Well…” he said and smiled shyly; I knew then I had ‘stepped in it’. “…there are some things my wife will not do for me—and you are such a pretty boy—if you know what I mean…”

Of course I knew what he meant; I maintained my composure. I noticed the bulge in the front of his trousers—it was more like a little lump.

I smiled sweetly at him, moved closer and placed my hand against his ‘bulge’. He seemed relieved I didn’t punch him. He blushed but didn’t say anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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