My Coworker Will Seduce Me

I’m pretty sure my coworker plans to seduce me at an upcoming conference, and I’ve decided I’m okay with that.

Since I have a wife who most decidedly would not be, and try to keep my real life friends and acquaintances thinking I’m not a dirt bag, there’s no one in real life I can tell about the funny development today, so I thought I’d at least share it in the taboo forum here. Please forgive me if it’s not as juicy as a fictional story might be, but I swear it’s 100% true.

So I just turned 40, and my coworker is the cute 18 year old secretary / personal assistant to the boss. I’m not a creeper, so I don’t go around coming on to her, but through subtleties I’d started to suspect she might fancy me — always ending up working with me, lots of smiles and eye contact; and she’s mentioned to me that she likes a challenge and I know she’s not an innocent girl, so it adds up to a possibility.

She booked our accommodation for this upcoming conference, at which she and I are the only ones going from our company. It’s multiple days at a far away city and I just had this feeling that she’d have “accidentally” Hd Porno booked us one room. That seemed like maybe a wildly bold thing for her to do, and maybe my fantasies were getting the better of me, but I just had this feeling.

Then at a previous conference two weeks ago, I was staying at a different hotel from her and the boss. The moment I got back to my room after the conference in the evening she texted me asking if I could bring her tampons because she forgot them and she had rode up in the boss’ car and she didn’t want to involve him in getting her tampons. Sure this is all innocent enough. I kind of expected to just hand them off but she invited me in to her room and we lay on her bed chatting until 1am. Now, even if she was allegedly on the time of the month, this would be enough of an opening that if I was single and/or there wasn’t such an age gap I’d probably have put a move on her, but I want to steer as clear as I possibly can of being a creep or seeming overly willing to cheat on my wife. Plus I knew the upcoming conference would be a better opportunity. So I left saying “well Türkçe Altyazılı Porno I can’t fall asleep here, if the boss finds me at your hotel in the morning he’s going to jump to some conclusions.”

Anyway so today she comes up to me at work when no one else is around and says “oh my gosh I think I accidentally booked us only one room for the upcoming conference, but I can’t find the booking” and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing because it was just exactly what I’d secretly suspected she had “accidentally” done. I told her not to worry and not to panic until she found the booking. She said it was an airbnb so I said, without really thinking “maybe there’ll be two rooms or two beds” which I think was an unintentionally smooth way to say I didn’t really object to sharing a room.

Also, note she said she thought she had booked us one room but can’t find the booking. That means she didn’t like look at the booking and realize the mistake, but she already knew there was one room and only now was deciding to bring it up.

Anyway, I was kind Brazzers of disappointed she’d told me. I was fully mentally prepared to find out on arrival but her telling me now made me at first think she’d gotten cold feet about it and decided to blow up the plan. But not too disappointed because there’s still always just ending up in the same room like last time or heck worst case scenario she doesn’t seduce me and I can continue being proud of not cheating on my wife.

But then I got to thinking, she’s wicked smart and competent, if this was truly a mistake she regretted, she’d have absolutely fixed the error before telling me or without telling me. So I think she was just forewarning me / sounding me out to make sure I wasn’t going to cause a drama myself if I wasn’t really down when we arrived there and found we only had one room if I was having none of it (after all I’ve never overtly indicated to her I’m down). This way if I insisted she fixed it there would have been time, and being as my reaction was pretty whatever, now there’s no possibility for awkwardness when we arrive. I wonder if there’ll just be one bed ahaha.

So that’s where we’re at now. Sorry this isn’t that steamy but I think the whole situation is kind of exciting. She doesn’t seem at all like the clingy or drama causing type so I’m confident we an keep it at a coworkers-with-benefits / only-at-conferences kind of situation.

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