My Drought is Over

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I would like to thank Tinkz for helping me with the editing of the story. Hope you enjoy and please rate it!


From the time I started dating, I almost always had a boyfriend until recently. While I did start going out with guys when I was young, I did not lose my virginity until I was almost 18 years old. From the first time I did have sex, I was hooked on it. I loved everything about it. I enjoyed the foreplay leading up to it, but it was the sex that I always craved. I loved going down on my boyfriends and sucking their cocks all the way into my mouth. Through much practice, on my vibrators and the real thing, I even learned how to deep throat so I could get as much dick into me as possible. I also loved it when my boyfriends would take charge and use me like I was their sex toy, fucking me however they wanted. Most of them seemed to like to ‘force’ me to take it up my butt rather than my vagina, but honestly, I would take it anywhere they would give it to me.

All was good up until about three months ago, when my boyfriend of two years and I broke up. Since then, I have not had any luck finding a replacement. I don’t consider myself bad looking at 26 years old. I am in great shape from running and swimming. I am 5 and a half feet tall with shoulder length brown hair, that is naturally wavy. I have a petite frame with a bit of a butt and a nicely shaped C cup breasts that are still perky. Up until about two weeks ago I have had been sex starved and had to rely on my vibrators and dildos to get me through.

A couple of Friday night’s ago, I was particularly horny, and the toys were not cutting it. I had masturbated to climax twice, but I was still craving sex. I needed the real thing and I needed it bad. I finally gave in and decided I would go to a club and try to get sex off my mind.

I washed up a bit and decided to put on one of my matching bra and panty sets just in case I got lucky. Plus, I always feel better about myself when I dress sexy. I put on a pair of jeans and a sparkly, low cut top, which was tight in just the right places to show off my figure. After touching up my makeup, I was headed out the door to a club that was close by, where I liked to go and relax with a few drinks.

I got to the club and headed straight to the bar for a rum and coke to sip on. I sat at the bar for a while, slowly sipping the drink and enjoying the music. As the drink was going, my thoughts would drift to sex more and more. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to make it before calling it quits and going home again. There were plenty of hot looking guys that appeared to be from 21 years old, up to their mid thirties.

Soon after I had finished my first drink, a cute young guy walked up to me and asked to buy me a drink. He could not have been more than 23 years old, but he was gorgeous. He was pretty built; about six feet tall and I would guess about 175 lbs of muscle.

Of course I accepted the drink after I got finished picturing him naked and on top of me. We made small talk while drinking our drinks about where we were from, what we did, and all the other boring stuff. It turned out his name was Jeff and he was there with three of his friends whom he was going to have to catch back up with.

“Just my luck.” I thought to myself. Thinking it would be another lonely night.

“Do you want to join us?” He asked after taking another drink from his beer. “We have a booth just off of the dance floor.”

I tried to not look to overly interested, but I am not sure how successful I was. I ordered another drink and followed him to their table. When we got to the table I felt like I was in heaven. Sitting in the booth was three more of the hottest guys I had seen in a while. Each was around six feet tall give or take a couple inches and in great shape. I felt my pussy get a little moist as I sat down at the table between two of them.

We chatted and I learned that they were each basketball players at the local community college. I eventually learned all of their names, and a little about all of them, but as the drinks kept coming to the table our topic became more ‘friendly’ as tekirdağ escort they boasted about their sexual adventures. My pussy was getting more and wet, as I listened to how Tony, Jeff, and Rodney all took turns with one girl. I was dying to be the girl in the middle of their hot bodies. I imagined having their dicks in my ass, pussy, and mouth all at the same time. While I have had my fair share of sex, I have only been with one guy at a time. The closest I have come to a threesome, was with a boyfriend and a dildo.

“So, have you ever been with three guys at once?” Brady boldly asked me. He had been kind of withdrawn from the conversation up until this point.

My heart pounded from being put in the spotlight, but the alcohol helped to keep me calm enough to answer. “I haven’t even been with two guys at once.” I embellished a little and added, “I am not sure I could handle it.” At that point I felt like I could take all four of them on and probably wear them out.

“Well, we can help you out with that if you would like.” Jeff added and laughed it off as a bit of a joke.

Again, I had to try to contain myself from telling them to finish their drinks and come back to my place. “We will see.” Was all I said in hopes that they would pursue the topic further. I could tell I had all of their interests at that point. Of course they took the lead and proceeded to question me further about what I had done in bed, what I liked, and what I disliked.

The next thing I know we have decided to leave the club and head back to my apartment. I am not sure if I gave the suggestion or not, but at that point I didn’t care. We shared a cab the short ride back and tried to keep the conversation as normal as possible on the ride. The five minute cab ride felt like an eternity with my pussy aching for attention.

Finally we made it to my house and I opened the door to let them all inside. I offered a very brief tour so they would know where everything was. Mainly, I wanted them to know where the bedroom, bathroom, and living room were because that was where I wanted them. I put some music on and got us all a round of drinks to let everyone settle in. I drank my drink partially and got up to dance a bit as the four of them watched me. I seductively danced while I caressed my body with my hands. My hands would linger over my clit and my nipples, rubbing them firmly.

I peeled my shirt off over my head to expose my perky breasts wrapped in my lacy black bra. My nipples were hard from the teasing and you could see them through the bra. I noticed all the guys shifting in their seats trying to hide the bulge in their pants for whatever reason. I decided to make them all the more comfortable and I danced my way over to Jeff sitting on the couch. With my jeans still on I bent forward and ran my hands down his strong body to the button on his pants. I opened his pants and reached inside his boxers to free his already semi hard cock. At eight inches long and fairly thick, his cock wasn’t the biggest I had seen, but it was close.

Once I got his cock free I dropped to my knees between his legs and began to lick up and down the shaft making it wet with my saliva. Then I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it while tracing the head with my tongue. I felt him shifting under me wanting more so I began to bob my head up and down his dick working more and more into my mouth. Soon I had his entire length in my mouth and throat.

I had gotten so caught up in sucking my first dick in three months, that I had not noticed the other guys pulling their pants off and stroking their now hard cocks. I stood back up and continued my dance to finish stripping down to my thong and bra. As I danced I surveyed my audience to see what I was in for.

It was all I could do to hold off long enough to tease them a bit as I admired their cocks. I quickly found out that Jeff was only average compared to these guys. As quiet as Brady was earlier, I realized it could not possibly be from lack of confidence. His dick was definitely the biggest and thickest of the group, and the biggest I had ever seen. He had to be nine inches long and two inches wide. My mouth watered, and my pussy leaked a bit of juice at just the thought of having that monster inside me. Tony was about the same size as Jeff, but a little bit thicker, and even though Rodney was the smallest he was by no definition small.

I finally turned away presenting them with a perfect view of the thong running perfectly between my ass cheeks. Keeping my legs locked I bent at the waist and wiggled my ass as I peeled my soaked panties from my body. As I looked through my legs I saw each one of the guys staring intently at my now exposed pussy and ass with open mouths. I stood back up and playfully threw my wet underwear at Tony with a giggle. He quickly lifted them up to his nose and breathed in deeply taking in my scent.

After watching that, I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed one of them inside me. I motioned to Jeff to come to me. Of course he didn’t waste any time moving from the couch to the center of the room where I was standing. Way past the foreplay, I all but ripped his clothes off so he was naked in front of me. I dropped to my knees and took his entire length into my mouth in one motion. I sucked hard made sure to leave him wet with my saliva before pulling away from him and getting on my hands and knees facing the other guys.

Next I knew I wanted Brady in my mouth, or at least I wanted to try to get him in there. Without saying a word I just looked at him and he knew what I wanted. As Brady was stripping down Jeff had made his way behind me and was starting to push the swollen head of his dick against my smoldering pussy. Feeling his hot dick begin to spread my lips was like throwing gas on a fire. I wanted it all! I lurched back and forced him to bury himself inside me. It felt so good having the real thing again, I had a mini orgasm just from the thrust.

With Jeff now inside me I returned my focus to Brady’s enormous cock that had made its way to within inches of my mouth. With a feeling of intimidation I began to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew, but that feeling was fleeing with each thrust from Jeff. I hesitantly opened my mouth as wide as I could and Brady pushed his dick into my waiting mouth. Surprisingly I was able to get a few inches of him into me before starting to choke. I supported myself with one arm and brought the other hand up to stroke his shaft and massage his heavy balls.

As I worked on Brady’s beautiful cock Jeff’s thrusts began to quicken and I could sense his quickly approaching orgasm. Before he had a chance to cum, I pulled away from him delaying his gratification. I ignored him for a moment and continued to lick and suck Brady while calling Rodney and Tony over to join us. Once they stripped, I took turns stroking two of their three dicks and sucking the remaining one.

After I knew Jeff had enough time to cool down I relinquished my attention from the others and told Jeff to lie down on his back. I straddled him and sank my dripping wet pussy back down his cock. Laying forward I grabbed Rodney by his cock and pulled him around to my ass. Since he was a bit smaller than the rest, I wanted him first. Much to my surprise I did not feel him pushing against my ass. Instead, I felt his hands rest on each one of my cheeks and his hot breath on my tight, puckered hole. Then I felt him lick gently over my ass sending a completely new sensation running through my body.

With all the guys that had fucked me in the ass, I never had one lick me there. The feeling was incredible and I felt my next orgasm rush through my body as he continued to lick my ass. Right at the peak of my orgasm he darted his tongue into my hole making it that much more intense.

As I was coming down from my second orgasm Rodney began to work his rock hard cock into my ass hole. It felt amazing having both of these dicks inside me. I could feel the two of them rubbing together only separated by a thin layer of skin. They quickly got into a rhythm and were thrusting in and out at the same time allowing me to enjoy the ride and focus on Brady and Tony.

It didn’t take long for Jeff’s orgasm to return, and I urged him to keep pumping into me.

“Fuck me!” I demanded. “I want to feel your hot cum shooting deep into my pussy.”

As if on cue, Jeff stiffened and his dick began to spasm inside of me. I could feel his cum barreling out of his cock and into my womb. I guess Rodney could feel it too because his orgasm was next. He slammed into my ass another few hard thrusts before crying out, “I’m cumming!!”

Once Rodney was ready to move again, I pushed him out of my ass and stood up from Jeff. Feeling like I had tortured Tony and Brady enough I told Brady to lie down just like Jeff had been and told Tony he could take Rodney’s place. Both were more than happy with their positions and rushed to please me.

Brady’s cock towered over him, providing me with an idea of just how far into me he is going to go. As I started to squat down and lower myself onto his throbbing dick I felt Jeff’s and Rodney’s cum start to ooze out of me. I figured I would need every bit of lubricant I could, to get Brady inside me so I all but threw myself on top of him. In one swift motion I had taken nearly every inch of him, but I wanted it all. I began working my hips back and forth to stretch my sloppy cunt enough to let him slide the rest of the way in. When I felt his pelvis hit my clit my body instantly surged into another orgasm. As my pussy tried to spasm, it was met with the opposition of his rock hard member making my orgasm all that much more intense.

Once I had recovered enough I was ready to go again and proceeded to instruct the others on what I wanted. Looking over my shoulder at Tony I said, “I want your dick in my ass now!! And I want yours back in my mouth Jeff. I am not finished yet.”

I tried to relax enough to make it easier on Tony to bury his dick in me, but with one monster already inside of me there wasn’t much room left in my petite little frame. Tony was finally able to make his way inside of me after a bit of trying. Meanwhile, I had already begun to suck the mixture of cum off of Jeff’s now softening cock. The three of them very quickly found a rhythm that allowed them to all thrust in and out at the same time. I felt completely full of cock.

I worked hard to suck the life back into Jeff’s cock, as he fucked my throat with it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Rodney stroking his still hard dick as he watched me take about two feet of cock. I knew then that I wanted another load of cum from these two. I wanted to feel my pussy and ass receiving another load of semen while Jeff shot his wad in my mouth, and all over my face. Rodney was free to spray his hot load anywhere on my body that was available.

Having my goal in sight, I began to work harder to coax the loads out of all three dicks. I squeezed my pussy and ass as tight as I could, which caused them to thrust harder and faster. This pushed Jeff’s cock harder into my throat which caused his cock to begin to swell. I knew it would not be long before I had my reward.

What happened next was a cascade effect of orgasms, with mine mixed in with the four of theirs. Tony was the first to lose his control and I could feel his burning hot semen shooting deep into my ass, as his cock throbbed inside of me. His spasms sent Brady over the edge, and he buried every inch of his cock inside me before crying out with his orgasm. As I closed my eyes to enjoy all my pleasure, I felt Jeff pull out of my mouth and begin quickly stroking his cock inches from my face. At the same time I heard Rodney approaching our pile of bodies. I am not sure if he or Jeff came next, as I just opened my mouth to catch what they aimed on me, and the rest splattered across my face and into my hair.

I swallowed what I had managed to catch in my mouth and collapsed on top of Brady, feeling completely full, and yet completely drained. I laid there with my breath heaving, as I felt Tony’s softening cock being pulled out of my well fucked, and a bit sore, ass.

I must have passed out at that point either from exhaustion or the alcohol, because the next thing I remember it was the following morning. One of the guys was kind enough to carry me to my bed, where I awoke with the only evidence of the previous night’s activities being a puddle of cum in my sheets, a sore pussy and ass, and complete sexual gratification.

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