My First Girl-On-Girl Experience


Lying in bed I feel someone crawling up my body. It’s my friend, Krista. Slowly, she licks her way up to my core. Then, she begins licking my clit with such passion that makes my eyes roll into the back of my head. She moves and positions herself so she can further drive me to the edge by fingering my pussy.

Now, I’ve sat up and pushed her back and started licking on her. With a wild fervor, my tongue and fingers find a rhythm; pumping into her making her legs tremble. Moments later I felt her tense up then her wetness all over my hand.

Now she has a vibrating strap-on. She has me lie back on the bed. I start playing with my clit but she grabs my hand and slaps a pair of handcuffs on me; again with the other hand she slaps on another pair and locks me to the bed.

She goes down and licks on my pussy again and fingers me a bit to get me ready for the big strap-on. She raises up and pushes the fake cock into my pussy and sounds hard. She drops her head Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort down and starts to nibble on my nipples, then, bites down on the side of my tit. Feeling the pain as she bites makes me wetter.

Now she takes the big dong off and grabs a smaller one. She lifts my legs up higher and licks on my ass. A very unexpected pleasure. With my ass really moist and relaxed she pushes the dildo into my ass and immediately I get yet again. She rubs a vibrating bullet on my clit and fingers my pussy while fucking me in the ass. In nearly no time at all, I am coming getting her, the bed and my thighs soaking yet.

Finally, she takes the handcuffs off. I get her back by pulling out a double penetration dildo. I run my tongue up and down her pussy to her ass. Making sure she’s good and wet, for the invasion she’s about to receive.

After discovering Krista is an anal virgin, I lay the double-headed dong on the bed so I can relax her and get her ready for the thrilling sense of being completely filled up.

I start by adding one finger in and out, slowly. Massaging her ass cheek with my other hand. Then, I pull my finger out moisten her asshole again, and this time, two of my fingers. Still, massaging and stretching her beautiful, plump ass I insert my fingers.

She gasps in surprise, “Oh, my God!”, she exclaims breathlessly, “I didn’t know that would feel so good.” while I finger her ass I lower my head and stick my tongue into her pussy and thrust in rhythm with my fingers. I slowly take my fingers out and replace my tongue with one one of the double phallus. Next, I pull my fingers, gently, out of her ass and replace them with the other end of the dong. Getting a good pace going then I give her swollen, throbbing clit some attention.

“Chel!” she screams my name as she comes all over my hand, my face. The bed.

“Mmmmmmm… Now me all worked up, again.” I tell her with a wicked grin on my face. I take the dildo out of her oh, so beautiful, tight holes. I straddle one leg over hers and the other underneath. We position ourselves so our clits are together. “Krista!” I say her name amid the panting. Oh, it feels so good, I’m going to come soon.”

“Me, too.” She tells me with a slightly raspy, hoarse voice. No doubt that way from the heavy breathing and screaming.

Grinding our clits together we came. Afterward, we lay sprawled out on the floor. The two of us completely spent and nearly unable to move from exhaustion.

Finally, after quite some time of trying to regain our composure we make or way to the shower. I reach over and turn on the water. Running a brush through my sex-tangled, waist length hair, I watch Krista as she same with her mid-back length brunette locks.

I turn and realize she is staring at me. “What?” I ask, pretending I don’t see what’s in her eyes.” I think you know.” she sees the same thing in my eyes as I stare at her.

“Then, join me in the shower and we can do it all over again.” I tell her. And she does.

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