My First Love – Again Ch. 03

~ Hello everybody, before we get to the story I really wanted to thank you for your support and liking the story as much as you do! Sorry for the slight delay. So, here is Ch. 3 of My first love – agian. Enjoy! ~

My First love – again Ch. 3

“Don’t get mad for asking me this baby, but are you attracted to Nicki? I noticed that there is something going on between you two lately.” He said concerned in a serious voice worried about the fact he might be losing his girlfriend for his best friend girl.

Taylor froze, as panic washed over her body. She wanted to scream that she loved her, but of course she didn’t. As she tried to collect her thoughts, coming up with a reply, that would sound reasonable and believable to him. She smiled, trying to control the nervous shaking of her hands as she fidgeted on a lock of her long, curly brown hair. Before speaking, Taylor busted out laughing as she gave Jake surprised a look. This worked, since Jake lightened his facial muscles expression and smiled at her with a relaxed face. She took a deep breath and spoke as she noticed the seriousness from his face drop turning into confusion.

“Of course not, silly! She is my best friend and you know who we fool round for fun, nothing is going on. You should know better, I though you knew I loved you” she said after controlling her laughter and smiling at him. He was smiling too.

“Oh okay yeah,” he said as she breathed out. Getting out of the car and walking over to Taylor’s side he opened the door to let her out. She took his hand when he offered it and jumped down on the ground lightly on her feet. When she found her balance she leaned over and gave Jake a quick kiss on the lips, hoping this would draw away his attention from her and Nicki.

“I love you too, and sorry just had to make sure” Jake said and kissed her once again, holding the kiss longer and letting his lips linger against hers at the end of the kiss. This simple motion reminded Taylor of the way Nicki kissed her, those soft and kissable lips made her fade away into that kiss which occurred previously today. She shoved the thoughts along with the fantasy of kissing her again away from her mind and focused on Jake and his innocent smile and puppy eyes which she loved so much.

Dram, she had to take it easy from now on, Jake was suspecting something and if she wouldn’t pay a little more attention to him rather then to Nicki, Taylor knew it would get ugly. And she wouldn’t let that happen, because she loved Jake, and liked Nicki, that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? Not the other way around. Jake locked the car and as they started walking towards the building she noticed that the rain stopped. She smiled, Jake noticed that and lovingly kissed her forehead and squeezed her hand in his, knowing he had her attention fully now.

Lost in her thoughts and the sweet kiss Jake gave her, Taylor suddenly felt Jake put an arm around her shoulders and pull her closer to his body as they walked up the stairs towards the reception of the building, smiling politely a the receptionist who knew them well, since they have been living there nearly a year. Taylor smiled and breathed in his scent, knowing that it was Jake she wanted.

It was the right way, and she would keep it that way, for as long as she could keep her emotions for Nicki intact. She promised herself she would never tell Nicki who she really feels, everything they did together every touch or kiss was a joke, something they did for fun neither of them took it seriously. Taylor bet it was one of Nicki little game in the car before, seeing how far she could go before Taylor would give up. Yeah that’s what this was.

As they walked though the enormous lit hall towards the elevators, Taylor looked up at the beautifully painted ceiling, with Victorian art. The cream walls and old looking furniture really fitted the décor of the space especially at night with the light turned on or slightly dimed. When she heard the familiar sound of the elevator coming down on the floor she turned around and started walking, when suddenly out of nowhere Jake stopped her from moving forward. He put his hands around her neck as he pulled her closer into his body. He gave her a tender kiss on her lips then spoke in e velvet smooth voice that made her shiver.

“I’ve missed you sweetie. Kiss me and tell me you love me.” His words pierced through her heart and made her want to cry. He said that he missed her but Taylor knew Jake really wanted to ask why she spent so much time with Nicki instead of him. She knew he doubted her love for him and hated every second of it.

To prove her statement she placed her hands on her cheeks and kissed him back forcefully and passionate, like to show that she was only his and nobody else’s, this by the way was indeed, the truth. She was his and he was hers. Her passion and faint signs of lust made him press her harder against his hard muscular chest as the kiss lasted for what it seamed like an eternity bursa escort for them both. To her surprise the kiss didn’t remind her of Nicki, which was only a good thing. She told herself that what happened earlier today was only a one time thing and it would never ever happen again. She tried to convince not only Jake but also herself for that matter. Praying it would work, somehow.

“I love you Jake, don’t you dare doubt that” Saying that in a commanding voice made even her convinced. Taylor panted breathlessly as the kiss ended. She stepped into the open elevator with Jake quickly following behind her. Jake hummed to the catchy song playing the elevator the Taylor wasn’t very found of. The ride was quick, since they lived at the third top floor, a couple of apartments away from Nicki and Vincent.

Since the building was owned privately, only high class buyers could afford a condo in this beautiful building complex. Both couples only afforded their apartments because Nicki’s mum worked in real estate; she was famous in the states because she mostly sold houses to rich rock star or alike. She gave bought out the two of the nicest apartments for the couples that they in reality could never dream of having. Every time Taylor asked Nicki about it, she would say,”she wants to buy my love, buying me things, these are an example of her love”. Taylor never understood or questioned it but she was grateful for Nicki’s mum to do so, regardless her real reasons.

When the arrived at their floor, Nicki and Jake were already, waiting on then in front of their apartment. Taylor felt like hugging Nicki but since Jake would wonder something weird again she would wait, until they were alone. When she unlocked the door the boys went in first, without taking off their shoes they where rushing for the TV and starting that stupid challenge they where fussing about earlier. Not paying attention to Nicki nor Taylor. Taylor went inside the apartment with Nicki close behind her.

She was about to go inside the living room when Nicki wrapped her arms around her waist from behind, holding her back from going anywhere, then pulling her back the few steps back to the door. Taylor was about to protest when Nicki put two fingers over her mouth, to prevent her from talking or protesting. Taylor didn’t know what overcame her but she opened her mouth ajar and let Nicki glide in one of her fingers, making Taylor lick and suck on it, Nicki moaned, Taylor was making her hot. By doing these little things, darn Nicki wanted her, and she wanted her now! The lust soon took over and she had to ask, knowing Taylor would say no. When Nicki put her wet finger lingering it along with Taylor’s lip, she sighed.

“Can I..” Nicki leaned closer whispering into Taylor’s ear in a sensual, silk smooth voice.

Taylor gasped pressing herself backwards against Nicki’s slim body, feeling her hands on her stomach pressing her harder against herself made warmth shoot through her body. Even not knowing what Nicki wanted Taylor would have said ‘yes’, closing her eyes she felt lost in the loving embrace. She felt Nicki’s warm moistened lips press up against her neck making her tilting her head giving Nicki more access to the porcelain skin. Nicki was licking and sucking the piece of skin which Taylor just revealed to her eager mouth. She then nipped at it making Taylor shiver and moan quietly, hoping only Nicki would hear her. Feeling Nicki’s lips leave her neck, instead her hot breath hit the same spot Nicki just attacked, made Taylor shiver with pleasure once again; Nicki words shook her back into reality. What Nicki really wanted to ask was ‘Can I make love to you?’ but somehow she changed these words before they left her mouth.

“Can I kiss you?” she asked in a smooth nearly pleading voice, a little disappointed at her own words.

Taylor tired to speak, just like before words didn’t seem to be willing to leave her mouth. She tiled her head a little further back levelling her eyes with Nicki’s. Instead of answering even nodding, she kissed her lightly. To her surprise Nicki wanted more then a quick kiss, she spun her around so Taylor was facing her. Taylor felt Nicki’s hands grasp her own and draw them slowly over her head, then pin them against the door behind them. Nicki moved forward, closing in on Taylor, pressing her against herself again never breaking the kiss while doing so. The brunette felt Nicki’s mouth open then groaned as her tongue slip into her mouth. She welcomed it in and massaged it slowly with her own and felt a rush of heat run through her, like so many times before when Nicki touched her. She wanted more of it, more of Nicki.

Out of nowhere the panic hit Taylor, making her legs go weak under her body, Nicki put her arm around her waist supporting her weight and holding her up from falling. Vincent and Jake where in the living room gaming, fortunately a wall blocked their view of the hall Nicki and Taylor where standing in. Taylor knew bursa escort bayan it wouldn’t take them long now, to notice their girlfriend’s absence. Taylor didn’t want the boys to notice, hard as it was she tried to speak. She leaned in close enough to whisper into her friend’s ear, “Nicki, c’mon, Honey. You don’t actually want this,” the girl murmured breathlessly despite her efforts the words came out blurry and the pleasure soon took over instead.

Nicki shook her head, alternating between small kisses and little laps just beneath her ear. “Uh uh. This is exactly what I want. I want you.” Her voice was rough and rushed. She nuzzled her friend’s chin and mewled hungrily, eager for more kissing. When Taylor refused, Nicki attacked her neck again, nipping at the smooth porcelain skin in a way that made her shiver and moan at the same time. The feeling was unbearable and made Taylor crazy, she wanted to moan louder, but stopped herself remembering where they were.

Was Taylor wrong? All along she though this was a one time thing, like this morning, she would never dream of kissing much less make out with her. Nicki was stuck in her mind, not willing to go away. Apparently Taylor was wrong, this one time thing have turned into something else, something more. She was attracted to Nicki and she could no longer deny it to herself or anyone else, much less Nicki. She wondered what Nicki really felt towards her, maybe the ‘I want you’ was caused by hormones. Right now Taylor was too scared to ask. Then again, when the weekend would come around Taylor would find some opportunity to ask her about well… everything that was happening.

Taylor had to get some control of what was happening if they didn’t want to get caught, but Nicki’s absurdly talented mouth wasn’t making it any easy for her. The truth was that Taylor wanted this even more then Nicki, but she didn’t want to risk her relationship with Jake over Nicki, which left her in a dilemma. Deep down of course she knew what she wanted, seconds ago Nicki had told her what she wanted too. So what the hell was the problem here? Of course, the fact she had a beloved boyfriend who she loved very much. Taylor was hoping that her attraction to Nicki was only temporary. She pushed Nicki away hearing a whimper of disappointment from her as she looked at her beautiful eyes and full lips, feeling the lust creep up to the surface again.

“Nicki, please,” she begged her touching her arm tenderly and hoping she would understand. Nicki gave her another quick kiss then withdrew.

“Okay, I’ll stop…” Nicki said another kiss was planted on Taylor’s sweet lips, kissing Nicki back, Taylor knew she was under her spell again. Taylor moaned, loving what Nicki was doing to her. Making her kiss Nicki, only more eagerly; with even more passion then before. Alternating between the kisses she added, “… For now, but remember I’ll have you for a whole weekend to myself, and if you even think of denying my love for you then, I won’t take no for an answer, not even if you beg me” Nicki kissed Taylor one last time, held it still for a moment before letting go of her grip around her waist.

“Mm uh, I would never refuse you…” was all Taylor could manage to mumble as she stared at Nicki and her ass when she was walking away smiling at her from over her shoulder.

She snapped back into reality with a smile on her face, cursing herself that she let Nicki kiss her again making her forget about her boyfriend and her love for him. She made her feel so incredibly good, Nicki was an expert on kissing, and Nicki also knew how to push Taylor’s buttons. Besides from Taylor’s fantasies and dreams Nicki wasn’t only good at kissing. She put back a lovely smile on her face, forgetting about Nicki and becoming Jake’s girlfriend again as soon as she walked into the living room. Seeing Vincent and Jake playing their game, shoving each other and having fun, made her giggle.

Taylor walked past them and into the kitchen, deciding to make them some popcorn. As she took the bag of corn and put it into the microware Taylor felt something was changing inside of her, she wasn’t scared of the change, it was expected. Regardless she still felt an unpleasing feeling form inside her stomach. She was scared of what Jake will say when he would find out about these, forbidden feeling waiting to come up to the surface and showing themselves.

As Taylor was standing there waiting for the pop corn to finish, Nicki came in. Quietly she came over to Taylor, standing behind her Nicki leaning in she blew some air on Taylor’s exposed neck, now noticing a bite mark visible on the soft skin, she smiled to herself. Taylor jumped up into the air, surprised, with a high pitched squeal she turned around.

“Darn, what are you doing!? You want me to die of a heart attack or something? If you want my attention just say my name or kiss me or something!” Taylor nearly screamed at Nicki. Nicki bursa merkez escort was stunned by this, not excepting Taylor to react like that. Not really knowing what to say to her reaction she touched her arm brushing her fingertips lightly over it.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to scare you sweetie, next time I’ll just kiss you” Nicki said as she looked over at the microwave, the popcorn seemed to be still popping, so Nicki took advantage of this situation to get closer to Taylor. Her attention was focused on Taylor again as a slight smile appeared on her lips. Minutes passed in silence as neither of them spoke.

Then Nicki grinned. Leaning in she kissed Taylor who didn’t pull back, instead she found herself pressing her lips against Nicki’s and kissing her back. Kissing Nicki made the well hidden lust come up to the surface in Taylor’s eyes, she wrapped her arms around Nicki’s waist as the kiss slowly ended. Just after they pulled apart Nicki licked Taylor’s upper lip, feeling her breath quicken she pulled away, giving them both some space to breath.

“Wow, you gotta stop doing that sweetie, or I’ll go crazy soon” Taylor said as she touched Nicki’s forehead with hers. Nicki laughed.

“Good to know for the near future.” She said smiling, again focusing on Taylor’s bite mark which she must have left, but just in case she asked her about it.

“Hey, did you let Jake kiss your neck earlier today?” Nicki asked in a normal tone of voice.

“No, why?” Taylor said surprise touching her neck, nervously looking Nicki in the eyes, wondering why she asked.

“So it was my doing, darn I’m good” Nicki said as Taylor’s eyes widened.

“Relax sweetie, I left a bite mark on your neck, didn’t notice it until now, you can barely see it anyways”

“What?! Are you insane, what if Jake sees it!?” Taylor exclaimed louder then she meant to.

“Just cover it up, here,” Nicki said as she covered the little red mark with her fingers. Taylor sighed smiling and shook her head.

“Like that’s gonna help”

“Hey, I’ve tried.” Nicki said laughing letting go of her neck, with hesitation she traced small circles up and down the soft skin and red mark she made earlier.

“Mm, that’s nice…” Taylor purred, closing her eyes and leaning into Nicki again. She bit her lower lip then added, “Keep doing that and you might even get laid tonight” she said in a joking voice, of course partly wanting it, but Nicki didn’t seem to get that or had the same thoughts as her.

“Oh yeah baby, I’d like that” Taylor heard Nicki say in a seductive voice. Shocked at her reaction she opened her eyes and looked at her with fear and lust mixed together in her expression.

“You serious?” Taylor asked silently, leaning away from Nicki, slight vibrations in her voice.

“Weren’t you?” Nicki said confused looking up at Taylor, the expression was priceless. Fear mixed with lust, excitement and forbidden feelings. Nicki looked at her face a few seconds longer then decided it was better to make a joke out of it rather then get Taylor angry. She herself wanted the girl in front of her so badly, figuring it was a bad time for those kinds of thoughts she shook them off, then laughed uncontrollably. Taylor’s expression lightened up and instead she looked like she wanted to hit something or someone. Then she stared to laugh too.

“I though you were serious for a second there” Taylor said as she tried to get control over her laughter.

“Of course not sweetie, I just got into the character of a horny lesbian teenager, and look, it worked”

Nicki’s little joke made Taylor laugh even harder, she held the side of the kitchen counter for support. Touching her neck and remembering the bite mark she turned serious again.

“But let’s hope none of the boy’s sees it, or you’ll have to face the consequences young lady” Taylor spoke in a motherly demanding voice, which she knew Nicki didn’t like.

“Ahh, your no fun” Nicki whimpered in a disappointing voice.

Taylor blushed and looked away, noticing that the popcorn was ready she took out a bowl and opened the bag, pouring in the hot white corns. Nicki was great at flirting, she also knew that Taylor liked, like the kissing on the neck, Taylor could just melt if she’d kept doing that to her. Nicki knew what she liked, Jake didn’t he liked sex but only for his needs and pleasures, and never really cared for what she liked. Taylor sighted, he tried to be a loving boyfriend, but it wasn’t great at all levels, not like with Nicki. She handed the bowl to Nicki, she took it but looked at Taylor with a smile without moving.

“What?” she asked smiling at Nicki.

“You want me to carry this to the living room?”

“Yeah, what you go a problem with that?” Taylor asked.

“Yes I do, I I’ll carry this you gotta promise me something”

“What?” Taylor asked and raised an eye brow.

“This weekend, I want to make love to you, 48 hours of sweet and tender love and no protests, no buts and no I’m not going to do that”

With the teasing devil in front of her Taylor did not know how to respond, so she did the one thing she wanted to do for a long time..


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