My Girlfriends Sister and I

Hey this is my first story and I would love some feedback. Hope it is enjoyable.


I’m not sure what to do at this point I was just so sure that kiss a few weeks ago would have worked but I underestimated her will. Now I know she’s Leslie’s girlfriend but I’m very sure my sister didn’t deserve her. Yes I’m only nineteen but I’ll be twenty really soon and that would only make her 2 year older than me. Age shouldn’t serve as a huge factor, should it? Jessica is so sweet, amazing, and I wanted far more than just sex. I’m in love with her and it was magic from the time we met to that kiss. The way we met wasn’t on such a romantic term but I was sure she felt what I felt. My sisters, Keri, Roxy, Jamie, of course Leslie, and I always had these sibling dinners at one another’s houses.

Last month it was at Leslies and to make a boring story short my asshole sister Keri was being rude and homophobic, which is confusing and irritating for reasons I’ll probably explain later, and Leslie went ballistic on all of us including Jessica. Whatever Leslie did to Jessica sent her packing the same night as the dinner and she showed up at my parent’s café at midnight when I normally sneak and work. She didn’t give me much detail but a week later Leslie is at Jamie’s crying her eyes out telling us Jessica left her and a bunch of other bullshit we knew better than to believe. Apparently she forgot we knew her better than her friends and associates so she was out of luck with the sob story. I met with Jessica later that day and found out my sisters attitude didn’t change for anyone not even for her lovers.

After that brief lesson I decided to tell her some things about the Fillmore girls that she most likely had no clue about. First I explained everyone but Leslie was adopted which is one reason she acted the way she did, our father was a multi-millionaire who gave us, especially Leslie, whatever it is that we wanted or needed, and Leslie has always been a ticking time bomb waiting to blow all the time. The last part was for my benefit though it may seem immature and wrong I was determined, still am. I wanted her so bad that I would risk any and everything even my sisters “love” to be with her. With ever page I turned in the magazine I was skimming I grew more restless I kept thinking about the kiss and telling her how I felt that afternoon. I am very glad she just stood there silently instead of shooting me down instantly. After another failing five minutes of distracting myself I finally pushed the magazine away and spread out on my bed. I couldn’t stop myself from letting my knees fall apart and my hand slither down to my warm and sensitive center. I couldn’t have her yet but I did have myself and a memory that I wished so badly to become my reality. Our Reality.


I was so angry at Leslie I couldn’t even cry. I couldn’t believe she would do that to me.

Oh sorry about that before I explain how upset I am let me tell you why I’m so upset. My name is Jessica Moore. I’m not super gorgeous but I’m a brunette with deep blue eyes, a slim yet athletic build, 32C breast that sat up quite nicely, saved me a lot of bra shopping for summer, my skin was pale and smooth, and to top it all I was 5’8. Like I said not drop dead but I had enough for someone to do a few double takes. For the last 2 years I’ve been in a semi abusive relationship with a woman who is the definition of “looks can be deceiving”.

Leslie Fillmore was the love of my life for about a year and a half. Why just a year and a half and we’ve been together for 2 you ask, well that’s because she began to change dramatically. We were considered the perfect everything to all of our friends and her family. I didn’t have much of a family but that’s another story. We yelled and screamed, fussed and fought, well at least she did. I honestly didn’t put effort into it anymore it was pointless to argue with her. To make a long explanation short all we ever did was fight and it was killing me inside. I loved her but I couldn’t deal with her anymore. Today was the last straw for me and she proved she didn’t give a damn about me.

Here are a few details so you won’t be too confused. I packed up and left about three weeks ago, sleeping in my car and in hotels, after spending a little over a grand I figured I would stay with a really great friend of mine in a nearby city about thirty minutes away. That entire week Leslie texted me, called me, left me voicemails, emails, any way of communication she used at least once a day until the last two days. Her final text begged me to come home and talk to her and she would give me time. I did some serious thinking and debating and finally decided I would hear her out. I wrote Jake a note telling him I would be out for a while, Jack went on a business trip, and these were my really great friends by the way. I drove the long way to the home we shared giving me more time to think. I went through a million and one scenarios before I thought to go inside. bursa escort

I prepped myself for whatever she would say or do, Leslie was a sneaky devil. As I made my way to the door I realized it was slightly ajar. I proceeded in with caution and high alarm hoping she just ran in to grab something she forgot, she did that often. I checked the den, the backyard, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The front of the house was empty. I headed down the hallway pushing in every door to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. I realized once I hit the end of the hallway that I didn’t quite prep myself well enough because I wasn’t ready for this. I stood on the other side of the source of the noise that shattered my heart and two years of whatever you want to call it.

Standing at the entrance to the bedroom that we would no longer share I cried silently as I slowly pushed the door further revealing a sight that created a deep burning rage within me. Tears streamed down my face as I watched him pump relentlessly into Leslie from behind. I couldn’t speak or breathe, my chest tightened, my tears dried as all my emotions shifted to anger. I listened to her scream in pleasure as he continued his assault while kissing the back of her neck with a tight grip on the long blonde mane that was once mine. He caressed and kissed her with such familiarity that I realized this was not the first time this had happened or that it only began recently. He pulled her up to him and his hands roamed her body continuing his shower of kisses.

“Thanks babe I needed that. It was amazing, you’re amazing.” Leslie said softly as she reached around and stroked him gently. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too babe.” He said in a deep raspy voice.

That voice sounded very familiar and that’s when I could shed no more tears and rage set in completely. My ex-boyfriend.

“Mark.” I couldn’t hide the anger in my voice.

He looked up at me and stood with a smirk on his face, as for Leslie nothing but shock and embarrassment.

“Jessica Moore. Well isn’t this embarrassing, for you at least.”

“Mark stop, now. Jessi it’s not what you think” She said to him.

“No it is not what I think it is what I see but Mark go to hell you’re just a guy with a big ego and average sex. You think you’ve accomplished something big well news flash she’s bisexual you dick. Just because we are together doesn’t make us lesbians you prick. Goodbye to you both you two deserve each other.” I said turning to walk away.

“Jessi wait please.” Leslie begged.

“You no longer have the privilege of calling me Jessi.” I spoke lightly and walked away.

I listened as their arguing and yelling after me faded but I ignored them and continued on to my car. I didn’t want to cry, I no longer wanted to hurt, and I didn’t want to go to Jacks. That left me the option that put a smirk like smile on my face. It was time to face my fears and except my desires. I sped from one end of town to the other. It was a long and nervous drive but the more the previous replayed in my head the more confidence I gained. I put more pressure on the gas and pushed 85. 90. 100. 110. “Treat it like Montana!” I thought to myself. I was so content with speeding down the highway I almost missed my exit. The moment you made it off the exit you thought you had entered a different world all together because nothing was small or average everything was extravagant. I drove passed all the markets and outlets until I hit a large gate. It was a huge circle of estates incased in a concrete wall about six or seven feet high. I finally made it to the gate where the security guard asked me for the password. I reached in my purse and read the code to him from the scrap of paper. He typed it in and once he was finished he stepped outside the booth handing me a card with an address on it. He gave me brief directions to the address giving me flirtatious gestures that I ignored. Pretty cool technology.

I thanked him and followed his directions until I came to this dark blue house with a spiraling driveway with two black cars, amazing models, and a motorcycle in between them. It was so beautiful that all I could do was stop and stare at it. The yard was so neat and simple with just a few decorations and a lemon tree with a bench beneath it. It looked like something out of a magazine or those southern postcards. I was so fixated on the décor I almost walked into the door which would have been quite painful. “So this is what she meant by I have no clue what Leslie was really about and who she was.” I thought to myself as I knocked on the oversized Alice in Wonderland type door. I was starting to see where Tim Burton got his ideas for oversized and dramatic personalities and objects. Thinking of Tim I got a silly idea to cover the peephole as I heard footsteps approaching the door. My silly side faded as I hoped there would be no more surprises I really needed her right now more than ever. bursa ucuz escort I wanted to face my fears and test my strength because I was really hurt and in severe pain. I felt bad at first but now I feel no remorse and today she would be mine.

“Who is it?” Her voice was light and sweet.

I didn’t say a word and withheld my giggles. She made a frustrated sound and began to unlock and open the door.

“That’s so not funny T….. Jessica, what are you doing here I was just thinking about you?”

“Oh you were, were you and what were you thinking about exactl……y” I trailed off when I realized what she was wearing. The only thing that covered her was a thin silk robe from her shoulders to her thighs and a pair of skimpy black panties. For a brief second I was speechless and motionless. “You answer the door like this?” The only thing I could find to say at that moment.

At first she was confused at why I had frozen in time until I made that comment. In a matter of moments Desari went from sweet and innocently confused to a smirk and a lustful look in her eyes that made me shiver.

“It’s mostly women out here but even that’s not a good excuse for it. Truth is though most of this block is my sisters and our parents’ friends. But just to let you know I may answer the door this way but I don’t like to flaunt so please come in will you.” She explained to me.

Desari grabbed my hand and led me inside her home. I was even more catatonic now that I could see her backside. I had never seen an ass like that on a girl her size and it was perfection. She spoke but I was barely listening as I studied her body from behind. I was disappointed yet on fire when she let go of my hand and made her way around the long island. When her ass finally was no longer in view I came back to reality when I heard a question.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Would you like something to drink?” She repeated.

“Sure that would help right now.”

“What would you like?”

“It doesn’t matter anything will do.”

“Well it’s a bit past four I was just about to have a glass of wine, would you like some?”

“Yeah that sounds great.”

“So what brings you here now, though I have been trying to get you here for weeks since I gave you my number and address?”

“I just really wanted to see you that is all. We haven’t really spent any time together since that day at the café except a few texts or you catching me having lunch. I figured it was time for a visit.” I said with a grin. I couldn’t believe I was here right now.


I couldn’t believe she was sitting in my kitchen with me. The girl I had dreamed and fantasized about since my sister brought her home to meet the family. I knew Leslie was a jerk but I thought she would at least be nice to the outside world. I thought she had up until about a few weeks ago when Jessica was at the café my parents owns, the one I also work at, at around twelve a.m. looking alone and sad. She explained the long and agonizing relationship between the two. In awe I listened to Jessica tell me things I was far too familiar with when I was younger.

Leslie was a mean spirited person and through the worst of tantrums when she didn’t get her way towards everyone including our parents. Thanks to her attitude I had the most beautiful woman I had ever met sitting in my kitchen. Her blue eyes captivated me in a way I couldn’t describe, her smile lit up my day, her lips made me shiver in suspense only because I was waiting patiently to find out what she could do with them, her body was amazing, and her hair was the most intimate part of my fantasy. Why her hair right well because I just want to run my fingers through it when we kiss or make love. That was my main goal I wanted to make love to her. What’s stopping me you ask, I’m Nineteen and she’s twenty-three. Not a huge gap but to some people care about those type of things.

I kissed her once and that was the day we met at the café when she first left home and I haven’t really seen or spoke to her since that day. I noticed how she was looking at me at the door and right now so I decided to take my chances in teasing and seducing her. I made another move by making my way around the island exposing more of my breasts and stomach to her. I sure as hell hoped this worked.


As she walked back around the island with our wine I couldn’t help but notice her robe had fell away some more showing me her smooth and flat stomach. Most importantly it revealed her beautiful plump breast. She was slightly larger than me by a cup sized or two so I’m guessing a 32D. Her nipples were a dark pink color and I longed to taste them as I watched them harden. I hurriedly sipped my wine, well I can’t call that sipping more like gulping, as she moved closer to me. I could barely contain myself but this wasn’t helping. I was losing control quickly and I felt my body heating especially between bursa elit escort my legs.

I wanted so badly to taste her. She once told me she may be young but she knew what she wanted and right now I wanted to put that statement to the test. She was talking but I was far from listening yet I heard her body language loud and clear. Before she could finish her next sentence I was on my feet with my hands on her bare breast kissing her like I missed her and that I did. The kiss was intense yet sensual as our tongues intertwined with deep passion. I rolled her nipples between my fingers then pinched them with what I thought was too much pressure until she moaned into my mouth. I trailed my fingers down her body until I reached the rim of her underwear. I fingered the lace until I found the courage to slip inside them. Not to my surprise it was smooth and very wet which further turned me on fueling the fire inside. Now I was surprised at my strength and boldness when I lifted her onto the island and began sucking on her nipples one by one. First I sucked with ease but by the way she squirmed now wasn’t the time for soft and subtle. I released her nipple so I could slide her panties off. She looked into my eyes and I into hers as I completed my task. She bit her bottom lip while watching me intently, she was so beautiful.

I was so afraid at first but now I was in a world that made no real sense to me yet I liked it and was enjoying it. Her legs slid over my shoulders easing me lower into her hot centerfold. She smelled so delicious I could hardly stand just being inches away and not tasting the sweet nectar awaiting there. Desaris fingers stoked my hair lightly encouraging me and comforting the thought of this happening. I felt hesitation leave my body as my tongue ran over her clit making a moan emerge from her lips. I allowed my tongue to slide deep inside her, and it was all that I imagined and all she said it would be. The few time that I entertained her sext messages all her statements and promises hold very true. At this point I didn’t just want her I needed her and it may sound selfish but I needed everything she could give me. I licked and sucked on her clit with aggression and speed hoping she would come very soon because I wanted more. I didn’t want to stop. Ever.


I was in pure bliss as I watched Jessica masterfully bring me to an amazing and much needed orgasm. I had never felt anything like this before. I didn’t want her to stop but we had to I wanted a little more than this. It felt so good I wasn’t sure how to go about making her stop yet I’m not sure I want her to. I felt another orgasm approaching and I couldn’t bring myself to stop her now. I shivered uncontrollably at the feel of my orgasm consuming my body completely. I could no longer contain my moans nor could I keep myself from squirming on the cool marble beneath me.

“Jessica wait just a second please.” I said to her.

“Call me Jessi.” She said quickly then returning her tongue to my sensitive clit.

“Jessi baby please just give me a minute.”

She ignored my request and slid a finger inside me setting me on fire. I then felt a second finger enter me and that fire became an unexplainable blaze. I moaned in anticipation, waiting for her fingers to make a move.

“You’re so wet and tight.” She said to me in a sultry tone. “I could fuck you all night if you’d let me.”

I couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh at her words. I felt my body betray how I felt. I had never been so wet nor have I ever wanted to fuck someone this bad. My lust was growing and my patience was dwindling.


I let my fingers sit in her wetness for a while making her squirm and beg.

“Jessi please I can’t wait any longer.” Desire pleaded.

“Please what?” I asked.

“Please fuck me. I want you so bad.”

“Is that so, well I guess we better fix that?”

I plunged my fingers deep into her pussy making her gasp. I moved at a slow and steady pace. Gentle and slow I fucked her.

“Don’t tease me Jessi fuck me.”

Her demand turned me on beyond belief but I did as I was told. I went faster and harder letting my fingers slide in as far as they could go. I looked up at her wanting to see her eyes in their lustful glow. She was turning red and biting her lip to what looked like the point of pain. She looked as if she was trying to contain herself. I stopped and stared at her.

“Why did you stop?” She asked breathlessly.

“You looked like you’re having an issue up there.”

“It’s nothing really. I just don’t want to be vulgar or anything like that. I have actually lost partners because of my vulgarity.” She giggled at her last statement.

“Be as vulgar as you like I don’t mind. I would prefer you be yourself.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Very sure.”


She stared at me with caution and curiosity in her eyes as well as a little hesitation. I wasn’t sure what was about to take place but I waited patiently. I continued fucking her still waiting to see what herself is like. I stared starting to give up on seeing what she was like until she opened her eyes staring me down. The lust and fire in her eyes made me feel like I was in serious trouble and I couldn’t wait,

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