My Hairy Brother-in-Law, the Cop

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Although I’m way back in the closet, I like hairy, masculine men.

And my brother-in-law is fits my type to a “T”: tall, early 30’s, good looking, olive complexion, clean-shaven but with a dark heavy beard, black short hair with a slightly receding hairline, sexy brown twinkling eyes, an infectious laugh and a furry chest that makes my dick woody just thinking about it! As a bonus, he’s a cop in uniform. And I love a man in a uniform.

He’s also a man’s man, a cop’s cop and a bear’s bear. His chest has thick, dark furry hair on that goes over his shoulders and down his back. Ever since I met him, I’ve fantasized about running my tongue down his back and licking his ass. Then rolling him over and running my hands through the rug on his chest, sucking his dick and then fucking the daylights out of him.

But he and I are both married and he’s a real conservative, southerner type. I always assumed he was straight as an arrow, too, and that my fantasies were one-sided. Then one day he asked me help him fix a problem with his home PC and I got curious.

I know all red-blooded men surf porn. I knew that he and his wife worked staggered shifts, so what did this guy surf while the “cat was away”? Perhaps maybe his still waters ran deeper? When he went out of the room to get ready for his duty shift and I took the opportunity to check his browser history files — deleted. No recent documents. No uşak escort cookies. No temp files. No history in his Windows Media Player. Nothing. Suspiciously nothing, in fact. Now I was determined. Such a thorough cleanup only meant he was hiding a juicy secret or two.

I could hear him in the room down the hall rustling around getting in his uniform on. I only had a couple of minutes.

I undeleted some files from his hard drive using a utility program. Mostly boring stuff at first. News: shopping, humor, cop sites, military history sites… Then, paydirt: Porn galore! softcore redheads, older babes, big tits, Indian babes…. The voyeurism made my heart pound faster. Damn, it looked like he was straight after all.

There we still a few more files to check but unfortunately time was running out. I could hear him putting his gun on and checking the magazine clip for bullets. I undeleted a few more files and found some kinkier stuff. Cumshots. Double penetration. Bestiality. She-males. Mother/son incest stories. I had to keep going. Then, there it was — gay erotica: double paydirt! Pix of Big Dicks. Twinks. Men fucking men. Men cocksucking. Gay male stories. My heart started to pound hard and blood ran to my cheeks — and to my dick.

I could hear him coming down the hall. I started quickly closing windows on his PC but it was too late. He caught me in the act and, holy shit, was he mad.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doin’?!”

“I-I-I …,” I sputtered lamely.

He spun me around and then caught sight of the bulge in my pants.

“You’re under arrest,” he said, grabbed my arm and threw me down on the ground. Even though I was slightly bigger than him, I was so shocked at being caught red handed that I didn’t put up a fight.

He took some handcuffs off his belt, pulled my hands behind my back, sat on my and cuffed me face down. (In a weird way, I sort of enjoyed it.)

“Now we have to figure out a punishment,” He said.

I was puzzled. A punishment?

“OK, douchebag,” he continued. “Here’s what we’re gonna do.”

He rolled me over on my back and sat on my legs. He reached down and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and unzipped me. He pulled my pants down around my ankles. My cock was still hard bulging through my briefs. He put his hands on my balls and began to gently squeeze. Not too hard but enough pain to be exquisite. My dick pulsed. A small spot of pre-cum spread as it seeping through my underwear.

“Just checking,” he said. “So, you really are a gay prick,” he added.

He rolled me onto my stomach and pulled down my underwear.

“On your knees and bend over, dickhole,” he ordered.

The cuffs were hurting a bit and I obeyed.

He ran his masculine hands up the inside of my legs and until he felt my balls and rock hard cock. I then heard him form a wad of lubricating spit in his mouth and drip it onto my waiting ass. He rubbed the spit around my ass and unclipped the baton from his belt.

He mercilessly shoved it up my ass. I groaned.

“Hey! You’re not supposed be enjoying this, you faggoty cocksucker,” he exclaimed. “Maybe you need something that’ll really stretch you.”

I heard him unzip. More lubricating spit — this time he dripped it on his rock hard dick. He put his hands on my hips and I felt the head of his cock against my ass. I looked back. His crotch was very hairy and the head of his cock was huge — almost as round as a beer can. I tightened my hole as I braced for him to enter.

“Suit yourself,” he grinned. “That’s just the way I like it. Snug.”

He thrust hard and I felt him inside my poop shaft. His hard rod was wide and meaty. My hole stretched with pain. He began slowly — in and out — in and out. Then faster. And faster still. I felt his balls slapping against by legs. He reached around with one hand and gently squeezed my balls while grabbing my cock with his other hand. He began to hand pump my dick as he continued thrusting into me.

I started to cum. My load spurted all up my chest. As I came, my ass began to pulsate around his dick. He let out a groan and filled my chute with his juices.

He uncuffed me and we got dressed.

Now that we knew each other’s little secret, I knew this was just the beginning …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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