My Sister’s Hot Ass


Holy Fuck, what an ass.

Those were the first words I thought as my sister Kyla walked through the door. She was finishing her fourth year at college and she was finally coming home for the Holidays. The last time I saw her was 3 years ago when we happened to see each other at the gas station by chance. Hugs were exchanged, we stayed there for a bit to talk but she was just her normal self as usual. She always happened to be quite nerdy before she left, she wore thick rimmed glasses which gave her an eccentric yet cute look. She hadn’t really developed much before she left because she wasn’t really that athletic or sportsy when it came to anything. She excelled in her grades more than I did, not to say that I did terribly or anything, but when it came to smarts she was certainly the more gifted than me.

Now as I looked at her, I could definitely tell she had worked hard to change her appearance. She had gone to the gym and altered much of her diet to lose any sort of weight which was weighing her down. Now it seemed that most of the weight had travelled to one area and one area only. Her ass.

She was about 5’8 with a slimmer, yet more muscular tone than when she had left. She wore the long flowing blonde hair she had in two pig tails, a bit out of character for her but pretty nonetheless. She had also removed the thick rimmed glasses which she had worn for much of her teenage years. This allowed her vibrant blue eyes to be on full display for the whole world.

She had worked hard for what she had wanted to do with her body and it definitely showed. She had a body which would make most boy’s heads turn.

I had recently gone to the gym as well. I was always a bit more skinny than her and I had stretched out a lot during sophomore year. I joined the soccer team and even got a spot on varsity as the goalkeeper. It had boosted my confidence and I became well built. I was about 6’2 and quite lanky but still robust.

“What’s up Sis?” I asked. “How’s college?”

“Pretty good,” she smiled. ” Semester finals are always a bitch.”

“Tell me about it, I just barely scraped by with Calculus and I’m not looking forward to a whole other semester of it.”

She laughed as she walked towards the living room. I watched her asscheeks bounce up and down in the tight leggings which she was wearing as she walked by. The dark blue leggings barely held against the surplus of meat in her thighs. That, along with the crop top hoodie she wore, complimented her improved hourglass figure. Jesus, was I just ogling my sister?

“If you were struggling so much with it, then why didn’t you just call me about it little bro?” she said as she plopped herself down on the couch.

“I didn’t want to seem like a dumb ass going to my nerdy big sister for help.” I joked.

She scoffed and threw a pillow at me. “This nerdy sister got you through most of middle bursa escort school, you dick. Don’t ya remember?”

I chuckled and sat down next to her. “Yeah, I remember. So how’s life been? College must be fucking awesome.”

She sighed. “Well yes, and no. Partying all day until 2 in the morning during Holiday’s breaks are the fucking bomb. But staying up until 4 in the morning studying for a Geology final is definitely not fun at all.”

“Ouch” I said. “Parties must be wild though.”

“Oh yeah, no doubt about it” She exclaimed. “Those things are a blast, just chill, dance, drink, thats the life right there.”

By the stories I’d head from some buddies in college, I knew there must’ve been loads of sex mixed in there as well, but I wasn’t about to ask my sister about that. She probably wasn’t doing a lot of that anyway.

“It’s been a real bore around here, the past three years have been kinda lonely here without you.”

“Aw, did little bro miss his big sister?” she teased.

“Nahh, I held up pretty good without you” I joked.

She giggled and jabbed at my ribs for a little payback.

“No but seriously, Sis” I said earnestly “I fuckin missed you’re ass.”

“Aww, thanks Jack. I missed you too.”

We both leaned in for a hug and I embraced her lovingly. Her hair always smelled sweet. She pressed her chest against mine and I realized that her butt wasn’t her only valuable asset.

Just then my parents called me and my sister in the kitchen. My sister punched my arm playfully as she stood up. As she turned around I stood up and kneed her in the ass as she ran towards the kitchen laughing.

My parents were standing next to the counter with troubled looks as we walked in.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Well Jack,” my mom said. “Your father’s dad, he…”

“He had a heart attack” Said my father dejectedly. “This morning we got the phone call that Grandma found him on the couch, unresponsive and she called an ambulence.”

“He’s doing fine we should mention” my mom said quickly. “We just think we should go and check on him to be there in case anything else should happen, and well…”

“We were thinking of leaving the two of you here for the rest of Holiday break…” my dad said.

“We’re really sorry guys, we wouldn’t want to drag you guys out to middle of Tennessee in the middle of December, and tickets at this time are expensive as all hell” my mom said.

Me and Kyla looked at each other and silently agreed that this was for the best.

“It’s totally fine” I told them. “We understand, we would do the same for you.”

“Yeah,” Kyla nodded. “Take as long as you guys need, we’ll hold down the fort for you guys!”

My dad smiled “We know you will sweetie, we just wanted to make sure you were both okay with us leaving.”

“Absolutely,” I said. “We’ll be fine.”

We bursa escort bayan all exchanged hugs and talked to each other for a bit before my mom told us that they would be leaving tonight for the plane in Portland. We were a bit taken aback at the suddenness of it all but we knew how important it must’ve been for them. My sister was told she’d be sleeping on the spare bed in my room, we did have a small house after all.

Me and Kyla walked back to the living room to continue chatting when I realized that we would have two weeks alone in the house. Two weeks alone with my sister’s hot ass.


After talking with my sister I walked back to my room to finish putting away my laundry.

I was just beginning to put my socks away when I heard the house phone ring. I walked over to the phone in my room and reached for it when Kyla yelled from the living room, “I got it I got it!”

I had already picked up the phone and clicked the answer button, but I hadn’t said anything yet. I looked at the number. It was the neighbor’s daughter, Anna. She was Kyla’s best friend back in high school and even had a few classes at college with her for some time.

Out of curiosity, I left the phone on speaker.

Anna and Kyla talked for a while with just the usual banter about grades. They were both equally nerdy but Anna was a bit more darker in her personality. She was a stereotypical emo girl. She wore her hair in a way that it cover half her face and wore lots of MCR clothes. Unfortunately for her, she was blessed with particularly large breasts, which guys at school would constantly hit on her for. She was a bit quiet whenever she came to our house, but she liked me because each of us weren’t very talkative.

After I finished the laundry, I laid down on my bed and covered myself in my sheets to watch a little tv. I gave up listening for a little bit and I was about to turn off the phone when I heard something Anna said which caught me off guard.

“So did you fuck Charlie?” she asked.

What the fuck, I thought.

“Of course I did” my sister replied. “You think I would let a big cock like his just leave the party without a little fuck?”

“Jeez, Kyla!” Anna laughed. “Isn’t this like the fifth guy this month?”

My sister laughed. “No… maybe.”

“Oh my god I don’t know how you manage it. You’re at the top of our class, about to graduate without any debt, and you can fuck almost any guy that you want!” said Anna.

“It’s easy” She said. “Leggings never fail.”

My dick perked up. Was this really my sister talking?

” When you’re dancing you just gotta grind on their lap a little bit and they’re helpless. They’re all horny so it’s easy” she laughed.

My sister? My 4.0 GPA sister? The same sister which had helped me tirelessly through every algebra test in 8th grade, was getting laid every escort bursa other night?

I reached over for my laptop and opened up Instagram and found my sister’s page. I scanned and found her in pictures with a different guy in almost every picture. I kept scrolling down. Yep, same case for almost every other photo as well. I guess all of them were more than just her “friend”.

“Did you blow him?” Anna asked.

“Yep” my sister said proudly.

My dick began to grow in size.

“Was he big?”

“Fucking enormous.”

My dick continued to pitch a large tent in my underwear.

“How was he?”

“Good, he spent a lot of time with my ass.”

Oh, god. My sister’s perfect booty. My dick strained through the fabric of my boxers.

“He carried me to the dorm.”

Oh fuck.

“Laid me down on his bed.”

Holy shit.

“Turn me over onto my stomach.”

My dick pressed hard against the front in my underwear, searching for an opening.

“He used his hand to spread my ass apart. He bent down ever so gently. He kneeled down, his face inches away from my ass. And finally…”

Oh my fucking god. I felt dizzy.

“He reached his tongue out, and he sucked on my —”

Fuck! I hung up the phone abruptly and the motion caused my dick to push through the opening of my boxers.

I shifted to make myself more comfortable in bed and as I did, the tip of my dick rubbed against the sheets. I moaned softly.

This was sick, I was getting a hard on. A hard on over my sister. Was it so wrong though?

I mean there was no denying she had matured a lot and she was a bit older than me. But she was my sister for fuck’s sake.

I’m just horny, that’s all, I thought to myself. I looked over at my laptop and eyed it. A picture of my sister caught my eye. A picture of her in Santa Cruz in swim suit. A very revealing swimsuit albeit. It was a neon green bikini and bottom, quite a nice color in fact. She was facing away with her head twisted towards the camera and her lips were pursed.

Then, on display in front of me, was the most glorious ass I’d ever seen. The Neon bikini which rode high on her waist disappeared between two gorgeous orbs of meat which showed off a nice summer tan.

I shouldn’t do this, I thought. I reached forward to pick up the laptop and close the tab, but my dick rubbed against the cool sheets yet again. Fuck.

It was too much for me, I needed to cum.

I pulled down the sheets and grasped my dick.

Right now my sister was probably downstairs talking about how her boyfriend had fucked her ass in the dorm that night. Goddamit, I shouldn’t do this.

I began furiously pumping away at my dick to relieve myself of the cum in my system. My mind was on one thing and one thing only: my sister’s hot ass.

I looked at the bikini photo of Kyla as I stroked madly. Precum began to lubricate my cock, allowing my hand to glide up and down my shaft. I bucked my hips upwards as cum splattered all over my waist and underwear. Fuck that was good, I thought.

Then it hit me. I had just jerked off to my sister.

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