My subbie


I arrived home late from work and sat down pretending not to notice her but as usual it’s so hard not to glance at her. She is in the classic position, looking down kneeling, naked with her hands upturned on her thighs in the centre of the room and she is smiling. That smile warmed my heart because I know she still loves me and wants me to be her Domme. Besides the white of her teeth, the lights catch the light of her body jewelry that adorn her labia, her navel, her nipples and her ears.

“Oh it’s been a long hard day today,” I said making my first acknowledgement of her existence. “It’s so nice to come home to see you looking so adorable darling.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

“Go fetch me a Gin and Tonic.”

When she returned, I’d walked over to stand by the blazing fire warming my stocking covered legs. With the glass in my hand, she retreated dutifully back into the submissive position. I looked down at her lovingly. So obedient, so attentive and she really needed a reward for all that.

I walked around her a few times with my tall spike heels making small indents in the wooden floor. Then I surprised her by grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to reveal her lipstick covered mouth. She was still smiling. I immediately kissed her, my own lipstick merging with hers and then sucked her tongue deep inside my mouth. She seemed to enjoy the lingering taste of my Gin and Tonic.

My left hand and forearm cradled her breasts and lifted them higher on her chest, while I used my other hand to pinch and pull on her nipple rings, and Gaziantep Oral Escort their connecting chains. She began to moan louder and louder and it was obvious she needed more than a kiss.

“Spread your legs wide for me, darling;” I said indicating my usual authority.

She spread her legs wide to reveal her freshly shaved vulva for me to see. Woe betide her if I’d seen a hair on her below her waist. I picked up a leather strap that I’d used the night before and tightened it hard over her breasts. Her breath quickened as the leather strap cut into her breasts.

“God you excite me darling,” I said, “My panties are soaking and you are too. It’s like we were meant for each other. I hope you never tire of me.”

“No Mistress,” she said her mouth open inviting another kiss.

As I kissed her, my hands wandered down to her shaved mound. My hands made her shiver as I lightly scraped her tummy with my long red nails. I scratched her tummy up and down for a while and her eyes closed. Her long lashes, her arched eyebrows tapered at the edges and finally her eye make-up reinforcing her look to make her incredibly beautiful.

Then I reached for her shaven mound, and it was smooth and wet, and obviously ready for me. She lowered her head down to see where my hand was invading. Then as I touched and then pulled on her clitoris chain I could sense her drop into total peace and tranquillity. Her body appeared heavy and sinking.

“How do you feel darling?” I asked her.

“I feel good Mistress, I can sense things around me. I’m aware that you’re there and feel a total trust with you,” she replied sleepily.

“Yes you trust me darling, because you love me,” I said.

“Mistress you allow me the freedom I need and crave to let go completely knowing I can trust in you! I know that you won’t hurt me but will be pushing me to the edge.”

“Yes you’re learning,” I replied pleased with her reply. “I won’t hurt you.”

“Yes Mistress,” she said slurring her words more.

“Time to let that pain out darling, let me release that pain inside, and feel it let go! Go to a place of surrender. Surrender to me.”

Then I kneeled behind her wiping away her tears but I surprised her by attaching a heavy silver ornament on her left nipple ring. I could see her shudder as the pain from her recently pierced ring bit deep into her tender flesh. She did well to stifle a cry.

“Feel that?” I asked and there is no doubt she could as the metal tugged at the nipple.

“Yes Mistress,” she said her voice soft and sultry. A tear rolled down her cheek and it’s obvious the pain is hard to bear. She cried harder and I felt her pain, so I stroked her long hair and kissed her neck lovingly,

I whispered in her small hair covered ear, “Give yourself up to Me. Give me what I want darling.”

All my actions have left her breathless but she managed, “Yes Mistress, I will.”

She has dropped deeper into that space, her head falling low with her closed feelings. She can feel every breath of mine, every touch of mine, even my perfume and above the love in my voice.

I hold her close, nibbling and biting her neck. “Listen to my voice, you can do this.”

“Yes Mistress,” she replied. “Guide me through sub space, I trust in you, love you.”

“That heaviness inside of you feels light, let yourself float,” I said as I bit her breast gently.

“Yes,” she said simply she was going deeper.

“Feel yourself let go, darling,” I repeated. “You do want to please me.”

I looked down and saw as I expected that she is soaking wet. It is slowly dripping down the sides of her legs. I inserted a long nailed finger inside her and pushed in deeper and deeper. Her head tilted back again leaning her whole body into mine.

I sucked on her ear lobe, and she shivered as she felt my breath on her neck.

“Give it up,” I said and then, “Come for me.”

Deep inside I could see her lose something. She’d reached her high point and she was going to lose control in a big way. She became drugged and lethargic as she dropped deeper into sub space as she came for me. Then her hips were moving and she came hard, convulsing, and screaming out for me.

I pulled on her nipple rings and twisted them hard so she came again, She looked spent and exhausted so I released her rings that gave her another surge of pain, she endured.

I helped her onto her feet and slipped them into her heels that she must always wear in my presence. We walked or rather hobbled towards the bedroom, where I wiped her clean between her legs and helped her slide in between the crisp sheets of my bed. I stripped off my office clothes and joined her in the bed where I held her close. My face was buried in her long hair and I caressed it in my hands until we were both asleep.

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