My Wife Has Two Sisters Ch. 03


The last night of the vacation was upon us and I don’t think anyone was quite ready to head home. I knew I wasn’t. I don’t think in my wildest dreams that I could possibly dream what had happened. I had been wanting to fuck my sisters in laws since I had first met them. Then to top that off, they had been wanting to fuck me too. Now that I knew that I could have their pussy almost anytime I wanted I was feeling slightly depressed. Pussy that isn’t a challenge wasn’t nearly as exciting as pussy one has to work for.

All I felt like doing that last day was lay around and sulk. When asked what the problem was I would simply say, “I just ain’t ready to go back to work.” I decided to do some serious beer drinking that day. I didn’t know or care at that time what the others were doing. Shit, the last thing I remembered before about one in the afternoon was someone saying “We’re going to the store, Steve has drank all the beer.”

I guess I came to around four that evening, buzzing like hell and wanting something to eat. I walked from my room in just my boxer briefs not giving a shit if anyone was there or not to see if anything was in the fridge that was consumable. Ann had left me a plate that she had made for me at breakfast with a note on it saying, “Here honey, microwave this if you get hungry before we get back, I know you’re starved.” she added, “Won’t be long, take a shower and you’ll feel better.”

I practically sucked the food off the plate and per Ann’s advice I hit the shower. I stood under the hot water and just relaxed. My buzz had lessened and my thoughts returned to the events of the past couple of days. My cock hardened and the pleasures of what a little soap in ones hand can bring to an erect cock soon had my full attention. While totally involved with soaping my cock I heard through the bathroom door a faint announcement, “We’re back, we got beer and pizza, hurry up.” I shut the water off and dried myself. I hadn’t thought to bring anything into the bathroom with me to put on so I just wrapped the towel around my waist and headed out to the adjoining bedroom. The cabin sounded empty.

I put on a loose fitting pair of gym shorts and a tank top and headed out to see where everyone had wandered off to. I found them all together in the Hot Tub. They had eaten a whole pizza and there were already about eighteen or twenty empty beer bottles sitting around. I opened a pizza box and grabbed a slice and a beer. I sat on the chair next to the tub and ate and sipped my beer. I think the beer must have set off the ones in me that I drank earlier and I almost immediately felt quite tipsy again. I inhaled the beer and pizza and opened another beer. I heard a lot of laughing but couldn’t really make out what they were laughing about.

After having my fill of pizza and sucking down a total of five beers I had a really good buzz going. Willie said loudly, “Come on mother fucker and get in the tub!” It was a pretty big tub actually so there seemed to be ample room. The seating arrangement hadn’t registered with me earlier but when I was about to climb in I saw the oddity of it all. The three sisters were all sitting to one side and the two men were on the other. “You Porno guys fucking fighting?” I asked sarcastically.

Ann responded, “NO, we’ve been moving around feeling the different jets in the different places.” and then she laughed. “But I like those right there the best.” she added as she moved in between Willie and John.

“Oh, then where do I get in?” I asked.

Regina and Angela answered immediately and in unison, “Right here.” as they pointed to the area between them and slid slightly farther apart to make room for me.

I stripped my shirt off, sat a six pack on the tub rail and climbed over the side and into the water.

We sat and drank beer and made small talk for several minutes, each one stating how one of us just had to invest in a large hot tub. Wasn’t long everyone was loose and laughing whether anything really funny had been said or not. I could tell by the look in my wife’s eyes that she was horny. She had that far away glare in her eyes. I started to notice all the foot play going on beneath the surface of the water and my dick started to react. It may have been innocent contact but it sure was arousing to me. I decided to test the water so to speak. Being cautious I started rubbing my foot against Ann’s leg. An immediate smile came to her face. I felt her foot slide up my leg a little in response. Now having made it with both of her sisters I decided to feel Angela’s thigh beneath the water with my hand. My other hand was holding my beer above the surface of the water. Everyone else had sat their beer on the rail and were submerged to their necks in the hot water, so I did the same. This freed my hand up to be able to caress Regina’s thigh with my other hand.

It had gotten cool and somewhat dark by this time and everyone was in the same position to stay below the cool evening air. All the small talk and giggling continued. I felt a hand slide over to my lap and give my cock a squeeze. Regina had a firm grip on me. I felt Angela’s hand join her sisters. My cock was throbbing. My wife was staring at me with lust in her eyes. I just knew at that time that she had a cock in each hand and maybe two hands working her pussy over.

Willie, who was the most open of the group said, “Fuck this shit, I’m going inside!” and stood to exit the tub.

When he stood I saw that he had no shorts on and his cock was sticking out what looked to be seven or eight rock hard inches. All the others agreed and stood to leave. All were bottomless but me. No wonder they were laughing earlier when I got in with shorts on. They all darted quickly into the cabin to dry off and escape the cool night air. I just sat a moment with my mouth open. I was wishing I had known about this earlier. I got up, skinned my shorts off and casually walked inside.

Inside the girls had removed their tops and all were drying each other. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Dumbfounded I just looked at the group and asked, “We going to have an orgy?”

Ann just looked in my direction and reached over and with each hand grabbed a brother in laws cock and answered, “Wouldn’t you like to?”

My response wasn’t verbal, I just walked over Altyazılı Porno and while she still had a cock in each hand I gave her a passionate kiss almost choking her with my tongue. I gently pushed her to her knees and slipped my cock in her mouth. I plunged in and out a couple of time to assure her that my answer was yes.

“Hey!” I heard one of her sisters say, “What about us?”

With that I just pulled away and said, “Y’all decide and I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Wait there and we’ll be right back.” Angela said.

Very quickly they returned with every comforter they could find and spread them out on the floor. They turned the lights off and said, “Everyone on the floor.”

Now when I say it was dark, I mean it was so dark that you couldn’t see past your nose. We were bumping into each other trying to get situated on the floor. I was feeling for soft feminine flesh trying to guess who was who. I felt hands on me as we kept looking for a good position. We were very close together and once in a while I could feel a hard cock poke against me. If they didn’t care then why should I. It wasn’t long until I felt a warm mouth wrap around my cock and start sucking. I heard a lot of sucking and slurping going on. I was feeling tits and asses. I even took the liberty of stroking a cock with my hand if one ended up there. We were squirming around in a pile like night crawlers in a bait can.

I felt one of the girls manage to straddle my thighs and lower herself onto my cock. The way she rammed down I could tell it was Angela. Next a pussy lowered onto my face and through familiarity I could tell it was my wife. I sucked and licked her until she had to crawl off due to her legs tightening up on her. My eyes never seemed to adjust to the darkness so I figured no one else’s had either. Keeping contact with Angela I rolled her to her back and started driving my dick into her soaked pussy with all my force. I leaned down to kiss her and was blocked by a cock entering her mouth. “What the fuck!” I thought to myself just before sucking the cock between my lips. I licked the cock not caring that it was just that, a cock. That mother fucker tasted good, so hard but yet so soft. The moans coming from the owner gave me a feel of control. I sucked some more, savoring the first cock in my mouth. I let it go and climbed over a couple of more bodies before finding a spot to park my cock. I felt some soft and juicy lips wrap around my shaft so I turned to the sixty-nine position. I buried my face into what I thought was Regina’s pussy. I licked up and down her slit and she bobbed up and down my cock. I could have stayed that way all night.

The heat and intensity in the room was such that we were all sweating profusely. We were sliding against each other and having a hard time actually keeping a grip on whomever we may have grabbed onto. I know at one point or another my cock had penetrated each pussy at least once. I had been in an asshole or two or more. I had sucked on some cock and had my cock sucked on a number of times. None of us had yet to cum. We were working feverishly trying to achieve orgasm but also trying not to have an orgasm all Brazzers at the same time. I did get close a time or two but I exerted a great deal of effort to prevent it.

My mind was set that I was not going to be the first to cum. I wanted to keep going all fucking night if I could.

I was really slowing my pace, I was in a pussy that I was sure was my wife’s, and then it happened. She let loose of the cock that was in her mouth and I felt it slap against my cheek. Immediately I engulfed it and started to suck. Someone had to cum first and I was taking it as a personal challenge to get someone off before me. My wife’s mouth soon joined me on the hard cock and we licked and sucked in unison. I felt it start to grow harder in my mouth and his knees started to feel as though he was losing his balance. The cock erupted in my mouth and stream after stream of cum jetted onto my tongue. I swallowed as much as I could and what ran out of the corner of my mouth my wife gobbled down. My wife couldn’t take any more so she escaped from beneath me and my cock exited her. I felt her pussy replaced by someone’s mouth and start sucking. My dick erupted and my cum gushed from me in globs into the mouth that was sucking feverishly for it’s reward. I was feeling spent but the mouth kept working on me.

Beside of me I could here someone else cumming and a female grunting and gagging and I knew that the third and final cock had exploded into a waiting mouth. My cock started to rise again and I wondered if the cycle was about to start over . I knew that if it started again this night that it would be in the waning hours of the morning before anyone would be ready to stop. The mouth started sucking harder and more wantonly. The mouth was very experienced and artful. All the way to the base and the head of my cock would hit the back of the attacking throat. Back to the tip and the tongue would probe the slit and work around under my foreskin and then back to the base. It would gently chew my foreskin and then dive back to the base. I felt myself being rolled so I could fuck downward into the throat of my assailant. I started driving into the throat as if it were a hot pussy. I felt a set of hands grasp my ass and spread my ass cheeks apart. Something was probing at my asshole so I stuffed my cock into the mouth around it and held steady. A cock penetrated my ass and started a rhythmic stroking . I would withdraw from the mouth and the cock would go deeper into my ass. I would push into the mouth and the cock would withdraw until just the head stayed inside. Over and over the process would repeat itself until my cum boiled out in spurts into the swallowing throat below. Hot cum gushed into my ass from the masterful cock that was so gently yet forcefully attacking it. I was exhausted and fell asleep where I lay.

Early the next morning the warming of the sun through the window caused us to stir and slowly awake. I looked around at the sexy cluster of bodies all entwined. My wonderful wife and her gorgeous sisters. The two brother in laws, they were all hugged together in a group. But who the fuck was hugging me? I looked down and saw my mother in law with her face still nuzzled near my cock and over my shoulder was my father in law hugged up to my back with his limp cock resting against my ass. I wonder when the fuck they got here and decided to join the party?

One thing is for certain, I must have married into the most awesome family on the planet.

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