My Wife is Not My Boss

Big Dick

I had been married to my wife for 16 years. She was bisexual when we first met, but she had insisted at the start of our marriage that we only have sex with each other. She was the jealous type, that’s for sure. Jen was 41 now, and horny like a dog in heat. This was the night that I want to make all of all bliss come true.

My boss was a redheaded housewife with large tits. She hadn’t been happy with my work lately, but if only because of Jen’s silly rule.

“What’s the point of marriage if we can’t fuck around?”

I argued with her that night, not revealing the fact my boss was coming over to discuss my poor performance at work.


Jen struggled to say more. She was afraid I was losing sexual interest in her. This was far from the case. My boss was known for being loose, and she had texted me earlier. She said she wanted to call me. I went in the bathroom, and dialed her private cell.

“Are you ready to share some drinks, Mr. Varner?”

Mrs. Kaina made it perfectly clear. She wanted me, not my work performance.

“Yes, but my wife don’t drink.”

There was a pause, then,

“I can fix that. I’ll fire you if she don’t drink with us.”

“Yes Mrs. Kaina.”

There was a click, then gaziantep jigolo a knock. Jen had not changed. She was still in her bikini top and daisy dukes. She had just thrown them on after we last finished fucking. I got the door, and my boss was in a short black dress with no bra, holding a wine bottle against her bosom. Jen tried to put a shirt on, but my boss entered our flat, and hugged her, saying,

“it’s okay. This isn’t about business tonight. Just a cozy get together.”

Jen sat down, nervously, me sitting next to her, and my boss to my left on the couch. Jen saw the wine, and got us all glasses. I noticed Jen’s nipples were perky after my boss hugged her. licked my lips, and let my boss rub my cock through my slacks. As Jen came back, my boss stopped, leaving me with a huge boner. Now Jen noticed this, and asked,

“Honey, can I talk to you in the bedroom?”

My boss wasn’t pleased. She pulled her dress down, and stared at Jen, saying,

“You realize your husband is about to be fired?”

My bosses nipples were exposed, and her nipples perky and long. My boss reached in her dress, and rubbed herself, as Jen desperately drank from the wine bottle. My boss laughed, jigolo gaziantep and asked,

“Who’s going to fuck me first?’

Jen spit out the wine, and smiled. Jen unhooked her bra, revealing her already perky tits. My boss took off her dress, then I removed my clothes, with Jen’s help. My boss started to suck me off, with Jen kissing me. My boss reached up, grabbing Jen’s tits, making Jen drop her shorts. Jen’s crotchless panties were still on from before, and she was dripping wet. Jen got up on the couch, moaned, and sat on my face as my boss continued to suck me. I sped up my licks, and watched as Jen fumbled to get off of me. My boss then started to ride me, until Jen came back with her old black strapon from before we first met.

“I’ve been saving this all along. I knew it come in handy one day.”

My boss then got off of me, bending over the couch. I sat down next to her, and watched as my wife started to ram her 12 inch strapon deep into my sexy boss who was wearing only her heels and stockings. I held my boss down, and let Jenni please her good. Jen eventually let me have a turn, my boss have already coming loudly before, her pussy moist and dripping with her juices.

Jen gaziantep escort had me lay down in the bedroom, and my boss inserted my dick into her tight asshole. Then, Jen inserted the strapon into her plump pussy, and we began to dp my boss. I stuck my fingers in my bosses mouth, and fucked her ass deep. After Jen had made my boss come loudly again, she then let me fuck her pussy, as Jen rode her face. I gazed deep into Jen’s eyes, and kissed her, her whispering,

“You shouldn’t have….”

Jen had always still wanted to fuck women again, I knew it. She squirted on my boss, Mrs. Kaina licking up all of it. I came too, loudly, in my boss, creampieing her, and then watched as Jen gave my boss her strapon to use on her.

My boss fucked Jen, missionary, as fucked Jen’s mouth,. her gagging on my large member as I fucked her face slowly. My boss held Jen’s leg’s up, and fucked my wife quickly. Jen jizzed, squirting on the black strapon, and then I deposited a load deep down Jen’s throat.

my boss now laid down, Jen putting the dildo deep into her, and started to ride the dildo deep. I proceeded to fuck Jen’s mouth again, and she became excited and bounced hard. We switched again, both me and my boss fucking Jen while standing. I got Jen’s asshole, depositing my final load in Jen ass as my boss and Jen also got to come one more time together.

My boss never left after the next morning. She invites all the female employees to me and my wife’s flat. We even brought over a few guys. Our business is now the fasting growing company in the town.

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