My wifes first time Pt.1


Tell me what you think of this. It’s all true and I have more stories. Let me know. Please.
My wife likes to tell me stories about when she was younger and the things that she’s done. I thought that I’d been there and done it, but she’s done it all. She was sexual before she realized it. I can understand though. She grew up watching her mom, (although she’s fifty now, I’d still love to fuck her!)
She tells me stories about how she used to lay on the bed next to her mom and watch her get fucked by different men every night. At first she says that she didn’t understand but then she started to like it. By the time she was ten she wanted dick!
I ask her periodically about these experiences and she’s O.K. tellin’ me. She likes to tell me and although it seems taboo to some, I love it.
I’ll have to tell you about her first. She’s 100% Native American. She has long black hair down to her waist and brown skin so soft that you can’t help wanting to touch it.
Her tits aren’t that big but she has the most beautiful coned brown nipples that you ever saw! Her ass is a perfect round brown bubble and her legs are thin and long.
I guess that I should tell you about her first time. She was about eleven and had seen her mom fuck different Sex hikayeleri men many times before. Some of them were nice and some of them just left when they were done.
One night when her mom was done sucking this guy’s dick, she fell asleep. My wife laid there next to both of them and touched his cock. He told her to stop but she kept feeling it and he let her know that he liked it. She said that she lay still, so as not to wake her mom but that didn’t work. Her mom woke up and smiled. “It’s time to say hi to Joe”, she told her. She smiled at her and moved my wife’s little hand over Joe’s cock. She felt his hardness and felt her pussy get wet. Her mom told her that it was O.K. and that she was mom’s helper now. Then she told her that she was going to have to help mom rest. Joe and her should go in her room and get to know each other.
So Joe took her hand and picked her up. He laid her in the bed and started to kiss her. For whatever reason, her mom had come into the room and kneeled down next to Joe. She ran her hand down her back and started to kiss her neck. Slowly, she pulled her panties down and kissed her softly on the inside of her crack. By now she was soaking wet and wanted to suck on Joe like her mother had! She wanted Sikiş hikayeleri to put his cock inside of her and be a woman like mom. Slowly her mother kissed her on the lips. She felt her tongue in her mouth and her pussy started to twitch. Although she was new to this, she loved every second of it! Soon her mother was working her way down her soft stomach and kissing the side of her private parts. All the while she had her hand over hers, teaching her how to keep “Joe” hard. Eventually Joe let down his guard and succumbed to his long felt desires. He set his hand on her stomach and gently rubbed it. It was then that her mother whispered something in Joe’s ear, and then she walked to the bathroom.
While her mom did what she had to, she sat with Joe .His body was huge next to hers. She looked at his cock and stroked it up and down. Not because she knew what she was doing, but because she thought that was what she was supposed to do.
About that time, Joe started to run his hands down to her pussy. His fingers massaged her and wanted inside. They kissed. Her first kiss as Joe laid his tongue in hers and twisted it. She started too kiss him as she had seen her mother do. His smell and the sound of his breathing were making her feel things Erotik hikaye that she had never felt before but she knew were right. She wanted to steal Joe and make him all hers. She saw the way he had looked at her all along. He wanted her and she wanted him. His cock was like a steel rod and she could feel him get rougher.
About that time her mom had come out of the bathroom and had a look in her eye. “What’s this Joe?” she said. “I’m not woman enough for you?” “Or do we need to show you how us Indian girls do it?!”
Right then she grabbed her off of the bed and ran her hands down her back as she kissed her. They both stood naked in front of Joe and he started to jack on his cock. “Who sucks your cock better Joe?” she said. “Let me see!”, “Let me see if she’s my daughter!” “Can you handle 2 Indian girls Joe?”
It was then that she told me, without hesitating, she got down on her knees and took Joe’s massive cock in her mouth. Her mother’s hand on the back of her head guiding her, she sucked up and down until she could feel it start to swell. Her mother pushed harder and soon she felt a warm gush fill her mouth and she couldn’t breathe. She choked and pulled the massive rod out of her throat. Hot sticky cum shot all over her face and eyes as his dick continued to twitch.
“We’re not done Joe!” her mom taunted him. “What about us?!” “Are you going to finish what you started?!” “What about her?!” “Let’s see that big cock do some work!”

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