Naked Embarrassed Tom Ch. 03: The Guys Skinny Dip

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Kevin pulled up in front of Tom’s house at 8:15am, late as usual. Tom was already waiting outside and jogged down to car, giving Kevin a hard time for being late as he jumped into the front seat. Kevin let Tom get it out of his system, asking if he was done, to which Tom replied only with a grin. Kevin then told Tom that today was a ‘NET’ day, and he was about to be exposed more publicly than ever before.

Tom pressed Kevin for more details, but Kevin refused, only saying that he’d have more to say after they picked up John. Tom was happy to see John, that was until Kevin told Tom to take off his shorts and boxers. Tom started stripping, unsure what could be happening next as he sat in the front seat of Kevin’s car, naked from the waist down, driving through the middle of town.

John took Tom’s clothes, leaving him with nothing but his particularly short t-shirt to cover himself with. Neither Kevin, nor John, wanted Tom to feel like he could cover up, so John pulled Tom’s t-shirt up, exposing his cock, while Kevin tugged on it until it stopped growing. The car was only a block from Zach’s house when John threw Tom his shorts, and only his shorts, having hidden his boxers and removed Tom’s belt.

Tom was still doing his shorts up as Zach walked to the car. Had Zach arrived five seconds earlier, he would have been treated to a full on view of Tom’s cock before 9:00am.

The boys caught up as they drove out of town, stopping to pick up some snacks and drinks for the hike that Tom was just made aware of. They arrived at the trailhead, surprised to see that it was closed due to the heat and dry conditions.

The boys decided that they would park on the road and jump the gate, but before they left the car, John proposed that they ditch their shirts, not needing them in this heat. Kevin and Zach instantly agreed, turning to Tom who could already feel that his shorts were riding low enough to reveal a significant amount of his pubes.

Not having a choice, Tom agreed, and watched as the other boys pulled their shirts over their heads, revealing their underwear choices of the day to Tom who took a quick look at each boy while their faces were covered by their shirts. Kevin wore a pair of light blue loose fitting plaid boxers, John a pair of dark grey boxer-briefs, while Zach wore a pair of white boxers which appeared to be too big for him, his waistband bunching up around his waist.

Once all three boys had thrown their shirts into the trunk of Kevin’s car, all attention turned to Tom. Not knowing what else to do, Tom pulled his t-shirt over his head, quickly throwing it in the trunk before looking for the reaction on Zach’s face.

Kevin and John looked proud of their setup as Kevin closed the trunk lid, locking away their shirts. Zach looked on confused and surprised, as he caught himself staring at Tom’s exposed pubes. Zach could do no more than point and mumble as Tom tried to claim that he’d run out of clean underwear, and that he’d be doing laundry when he got home that night.

Zach accepted Tom’s excuse, turning to head to the trail when a rapid movement caused him to turn around as Kevin pantsed Tom, his shorts dropping easily to the ground. Kevin put his foot on Tom’s shorts while he held Tom’s hands at his sides giving adana escort Zach a good view of Tom’s cock.

Kevin released Tom’s hands after a few seconds, allowing him to cover his cock while he reached for his shorts. As easily as they had been pulled down, Tom had a hard time getting his shorts back up. Tom was forced to use both hands to undo his fly, giving the other boys another good look at his cock.

With his shorts back on, and his pubes still exposed, Tom punched Kevin in the arm and asked if they could get going as he walked towards the trail head. The other boys quickly followed Tom, motivated by the inch of Tom’s ass that was exposed above the waistband of Tom’s shorts.

After an hour of hiking the boys broke out of the forest into a large clearing formed around a large blue lake. With the heat, humidity, and physical exertion from climbing their way up the trail, all of the boys wanted nothing more than to go for a dip in the lake. They all looked at each other, wondering who might propose a swim first, when John undid his shorts and stripped to his dark grey boxer-briefs. Zach and Kevin quickly followed suit, leaving Tom surprisingly the most dressed.

John was just about to propose that Tom could skinny dip, but Zach beat him to it. Zach made a convincing case that the trail was closed, so no one else would be there, and that everyone had already seen his cock that day. Kevin wanted to make sure that this train of thought continued in Zach’s mind, so he told Tom to turn around and drop his shorts, that way everyone could see his ass, and it would all be over.

Tom turned around, pausing, trying to build up the courage to expose himself. As he took a deep breath, Tom felt his shorts being pulled down and did nothing about it until his shorts were on the ground, when he stepped out of them, and did a slow spin for the other boys.

The other boys clapped, and grabbed Tom, throwing him in the lake before jumping in themselves. The boys wrestled in the water until they were all exhausted. Zach was the first one to walk up onto the beach, which gave the boys a good view of his ass, covered by the thin, and now see through, fabric of his white boxers which had sagged quite low in their water logged state. Zach’s boxers were stuck to his ass, making it difficult for him to pull his boxers up, leaving almost half of his ass exposed.

As Kevin and John walked up onto the beach, Tom refused to leave the water, his cock at full mast. The boys insisted he join them on the beach, with Zach, who now faced Tom with his boxers not leaving much to the imagination, leading the charge.

John and Kevin jumped Tom, holding him firmly and walking him into the shallow water and onto the beach. As Tom’s cock came into view, Zach put his hand on Tom’s chest, holding him in place. The other boys peeked around Tom’s naked body, seeing his hard cock on display once again.

Kevin pushed Tom to explain his hard-on, which left Tom speechless. Trying to help him along, John asked Tom if he was gay. Tom answered, “not exactly”.

John let that one fester in Zach’s mind while he asked Tom if he got off on being naked in public. Tom nodded yes.

Finally, John asked him if he was attracted to any of the afyon escort boys. Tom replied, “yes”, and with further prompting admitted to finding all of the boys incredibly attractive.

With all of this information on the table, the boys released Tom’s arms, and stood in front of him, waiting to see how Zach would react. Tom’s head was against his chest from shear embarrassment. Zach took a finger, and lifted Tom’s chin, saying that everything that had just happened wouldn’t hurt their friendship.

In fact, Zach said it would take it to another level, as he reached out and tugged gently on Tom’s cock. Tom moaned with the first tug, overcome by Zach’s reaction. Tom knew he could cum any second, and was disappointed as Kevin pulled Zach’s hand away, telling Zach that the longer he kept Tom hard, the more pleasurable it would be for him.

Zach told Tom to kneel down, and forced Tom’s face into his crotch, where Zach’s cock was growing harder by the second. Tom tried as best he could to suck Zach’s cock through his white boxers, but wasn’t making much progress.

Sensing Zach wasn’t impressed with Tom’s performance, Kevin, who was slowly jerking himself off, started spanking Tom hard on the ass, telling him he’d better learn quick, or he wouldn’t be cumming anytime soon.

Tom quickly started going after Zach’s cock again, but was pulled away by John, who proceeded to rip Zach’s boxers off, causing Zach’s cock to smack into Tom’s face. Tom lurched forward, taking as much of Zach’s cock as he could handle in his mouth. As Tom sucked Zach’s cock, John pulled Tom’s ass into air and thrust his cock deep inside.

Tom tried to match his sucking with John’s fucking as Tom felt his own cock being teased by Kevin’s tongue. John abruptly pulled his cock out of Tom’s ass, shooting his load all over Tom’s back and ass cheeks. Seeing this put Zach over the edge, and he came in Tom’s mouth, forcing him to swallow the large load of sweet tasting cum.

As Zach pulled his cock from Tom’s mouth, Tom felt two hands on his hips as Kevin expertly thrust his cock inside Tom’s hole. Bent over as he was, Tom didn’t know that John and Zach each sucked on one of Kevin nipples, and caressed one of his ass cheeks.

Zach and John took turns tugging on Tom’s cock, which had created a large pool of precum on the sand between Tom’s feet. Tom moaned with each of Kevin’s thrusts as the other boys jerked Tom off, keeping him on the verge of cumming. With one final hard thrust forward, Kevin blew his load inside Tom’s ass.

Had it not been for John and Zach, who twisted Tom’s cock, balls, and nipples, Tom would surely have cum at the same time as Kevin. Zach told Tom to stay where he was as the other boys took a quick dip to clean themselves off. When the boys returned to the beach, they handed their boxers to Tom and pulled their shorts back on.

Tom was disappointed that the boys were once again dressed, but as they were now commando, Tom could continue to see the tops of their asses, some of their pubes, and in John’s case, the base of his shaft. John handed Tom his shorts and told him that he’d be carrying all of the ‘extra’ clothes as they hiked back down the trail.

Tom’s cock tinged at the thought of hiking down the trail alanya escort naked as the other boys pushed him to start walking. Tom was kept hard during the hour long hike as the boys played with his cock and balls, and continuously made mention of the cum slowly dripping down Tom’s back and ass and from his recently filled hole.

It was also during this time that Kevin filled Zach in on Tom’s exploits, including the night at the strippers, his encounter with the young couple, and the naked week at the resort.

John then explained ‘NET’, including forcing Tom to give up his boxers and belt that morning in the car. Zach listened intently and once the other two boys were finished, he asked if they had anymore plans to get Tom naked and embarrassed.

Kevin, John, and Zach whispered to each other the rest of the way down the mountain, each of them laughing, or blurting out the occasional ‘that’ll be hot’, or ‘won’t he get in trouble’. All of this talk kept Tom rock hard despite the lack of physical attention he was getting.

As the boys reached the trail head, Tom stopped, hoping that the boys might finally let him cum, and then get dressed in the relative cover of the trail. However, as Kevin caught up to Tom, he grabbed Tom’s cock and pulled him through the gated parking lot and stood him in the middle of the road.

Tom had never felt at greater risk of being caught. Tom was forced to stand there naked as the other boys grabbed their towels out of the trunk of Kevin’s car, and put their shirts back on. The boys took all of the extra clothes from Tom and told him too lay down in the middle of the road. The three boys surrounded him, and sucked, tugged, twisted, and flicked every part of Tom’s body.

This continued as the boys edged Tom three more times, causing the pool of precum formed in his bellybutton to overflow onto the road beneath him. The three boys nodded to each other, stood up, and walked to stand together at Tom’s feet.

They let him stew for what seemed like a few minutes as his cock slowly softened, before giving him ten seconds to jerk himself off. If he couldn’t cum in the ten seconds he wouldn’t be allowed to cum until the next ‘NET’ game was played.

Zach started his watch and Tom furiously jerked his cock. At eight seconds Tom wasn’t fully hard, but as time was called, he shot his load all over his stomach and chest from his semi-hard cock.

Tom lay there in ecstasy, enjoying the moment, at least until Kevin dropped Tom’s dark blue t-shirt on top of him, covering it in cum. Tom was told to put it on, and climb in the front seat.

Tom rode home naked from the waist down while the boys played with his body. Kevin dropped off John first, who exited the car and opened Tom’s door as wide as it would go, and gave Tom a few gentle tugs, and a kiss on the cheek before closing the door and walking away.

Tom was the next to be dropped off, and as the car parked in front of his house, Tom expected to be given the opportunity to get dressed. However, Kevin told Tom to take off his t-shirt, and that he’d be running inside naked, carrying his remaining clothes.

Zach handed Tom his shorts, belt, and boxers, then changed his mind, and pulled the boxers off the pile, saying he would keep them as a memory of the day. With that, Kevin gave Tom a few final tugs, ensuring he was fully erect, and pushed him out of the car.

Tom ran for the front door, fumbling his key before finally making his way inside and collapsing on the floor from such a full day.

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